Timberfell Stories 1: Look Inside

January 1, 2016

From Hot Rods to campfire stories, the “Evil Dead” to American Castles, who knew this corner of the South had so much going on, in so many directions, with so many men. This collection and recollection of stories at and around the famous campground is guaranteed to not leave any mysteries about what bears, dads, cubs, sons, bodybuilders, chunks, hunks, twinks, friends and strangers do in the woods, in the shower, by the pool, on the picnic table, at the gym, in the bar…

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

Chapter 5
Rest Area

When I woke up, Dino was gone but I had a wonderful note from him, covering a few sheets of paper, rambling, but how wonderful I was to him, and how he hoped he could see me again next trip. He really deserved a wonderful man. I sighed, and went out to breakfast, it was around 8am, and I decided that this was the day to go to Biltmore House, in Asheville. There was a slightly new crew for breakfast, and everyone was talking through the day’s agenda – pool, and spa, or spa, then pool, and where to get lunch. I declared that I was going to go off to Biltmore House, and I got two guys to come along with me – Smith and Nolan. Nicely dressed guys, shorter side of tall, and very funny, Nolan was dry as toast, while Smith told terrible jokes, and they played well off each other. Probably late 40’s, great shape. Smith’s looks were hard to put a finger on, olive sort of skin, buzz-cut hair, very southern kind of rangy guy.

Nolan was about as white-red-blond as you could get, practically German, both handsome, and short trim beards. Smith casually asked what the best route was, and I talked about going up to the main highway over the mountain, he grinned, and said “absolutely.” Well, it seemed faster, and I knew the way. It looked like we could have a couple of hours and lunch at the estate, and then get back later in the afternoon, and I could get pool relaxing, and a workout in before dinner – try out the little gym Timberfell had in a barn. We piled into my car, and with the top down, headed off, and I got the guy’s life story until we hit the big highway, when I couldn’t hear anything. We got up into the mountain pass, which was beautiful in the summer, really spectacular greenery, and started heading back down into Asheville, when a sign for a Rest Area flew by and Smith became quite agitated.

“I need to go!” He declared, and a kind of run down Rest Area came up (rebuilt since I last saw it), and we got out of the car and stretched. It was completely empty except for a few trucks, and when I saw guys standing in the parking lot, my alarm bells went off. No wonder Smith was so excited. Noland and I walked to the bathroom, and Smith was there at the urinal, looking devilish. The whole next sequence was quite a dance. It was clear Smith was jacking off at the urinal, and a couple of the guys standing there were trying to figure out Nolan and me. I just pulled my cock out before I got to the urinal, and Nolan looked a little nervous. Smith was really going at it, head bobbing a little, arm really cranking and he looked around, a twinkle in his eye, and one of the truckers there was getting hot and bothered. He was a bit older, silver-haired, and very blue-eyed, plaid shirt, heavy build.

Smith stepped back. Even I was surprised – Smith’s cock looked like a fat missile – BIG. I think everyone was speechless. The closer trucker guy’s mouth was wide open, and he said “Christ Almighty”. Smith put his hand around his cock – he couldn’t get his hand around it – and did a quick underhand stroke, like he was tossing something. He then slapped it on top, making it bounce luridly, and then stroked it a little bit more. I walked over, jacking myself off, and Nolan then cautiously went to the door of the bathroom, and waited outside from what I could see. This was an old routine. Smith unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down under his bloated balls, showing us the entire package. One of the other truckers – black curly beard, long face, thickset, walked up, and grabbed Smith’s cock and squeezed it. Curly was silent and backed off, but Silver wasn’t, began cursing “Goddam fucking horsecock!”, and we all stood around Smith, who loved the attention.

He jacked it off more, spreading his legs and bending his knees, swaying his hips so the cock flopped around a bit, and Smith said, “My Buddy’s watching the door.” Silver immediately kneeled, and licking his lips, took hold of Smith’s cock at the base, and pushed, looking intently at the cock. Curly said “Gaylen, I don’t think you can take it.” Gaylen said “I’m sucking that fucking cock if I have to die and go to hell trying, don’t tell me what I’m gonna do buddy, god DAMN!” and at that, he pursed his lips and licked the tip, and began pushing it into his throat. Curly unzipped his trousers, and pulled his cock out, it was a beauty in its own right, he was wearing a cockring, was kind of trimmed – his balls were shaved smooth – and his cock was long and had a bulbous head, uncut. He spat on it and started stroking, and nodded at me to come over.

Gaylen was forcing Smith’s cock in his mouth, halfway in and gagging while Smith laughed, “Too much Daddy?” he said, and Gaylen said “Goddam you motherfucker!” and spat on the cock and milked it quickly. He fumbled around in one pocket, and took out a small squeeze bottle of some sort of lube and squirted it on Smith’s cock, then with both hands slicked it up, squeezing it while Smith grunted and swayed his hips more, pulling his polo shirt up slightly showing us more fur. I stood beside Curly, and he reached out, and in a soft voice said, “Can I suck you big guy?” I squeezed his arm and said “sure”, and with that, he kneeled down. Like Gaylen, who was still struggling, Curly gazed closely at my cock, squeezing it, and looking up to me with big brown eyes, the down, stroking my cock, just kind of feeling and worshiping it. Gaylen was practically unhinged by that big donkey dick, desperately trying to get it all in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Smith patted him on the head, and he reached up and put Smith’s hand behind his head and made a motion to push. Smith put both hands on Gaylen, and then thrusting his hips forward, pushed down hard on Gaylen. Just at that moment, Curly licked the tip of my cock, and squeezed it, stroking it slightly to milk whatever precum I had, which he sucked out of the tip. Now this was a cocksucker, he flicked his tongue around the tip, slurping it, and letting his teeth grate very, very gently on the sensitive underside of my head while he flicked the tongue over the top. Fuck, it was perfect, and I was grateful for him sucking me so I could watch Smith and Gaylen go at it. Smith started shoving – hard, almost painfully – down on Gaylen, trying to cram his cock into Gaylen’s throat, and Gaylen choked and retched, but the cock was going in.

Suddenly Smith gave a whoop, and Gaylen’s mouth was stretched open wide, and I saw his eyes glaze over as Smith slid into his throat – fuck, I knew that feeling too. Curly had his eye closed, and was jacking his cock gently, now bobbing his pursed lips over my cockhead, pausing to pull off and run his lips over the side back and forth while he held the base, then back on the cockhead, then the other side. It was an awesome suck, and I undid my trousers, to give him more access, which he immediately took sucking the head in hard while he pulled on my balls gently. “So, good, mister,” he murmured, staring at my cock up close, licking the head like a lollipop while he shook gently from jacking off. Gaylen meanwhile was gagging and retching, Smith now just fucking Gaylen’s mouth on his cock like it was a fuck toy. Nolan looked in, and grinned, then he popped back out of the bathroom.

Curly looked up at me, his tongue sticking out, and slid my cock into his mouth over his tongue, until I pressed against his throat, and his tongue was on my balls. At that, I heard him go “Ahhh,” and it deepened slightly, and he actually opened his throat up wide for my cock to glide in. He closed his eyes with a deep “Mmmm….”, then with his free hand clasped my cock, and twisted it slightly as he pulled back, then twisting down, he pushed his hand flat against my groin, deepthroating me again. I felt him swallowing my cockhead, pausing to simply massage it, then he pulled back, speaking softly, “I hope that feels good.” I said, “Baby, you’re an expert. You’re going to get a bit load from me like that!” And Curly nodded his head, black beard bobbing and continued sucking me, up and down the shaft in a deepthroat suck-jack that was amazing.

Pausing again at the tip of my cock, he looked up, and again let his lower teeth grate ever so gently along the lower rim of my cockhead, then immediately sucked it back in, slurping it all. He took both hands now, and I looked down to see the foamy tip of his cock, all the precum whisked by his hand, and using all four fingers and thumb of each hand, he stroked the sides with his fingertips, and the thick blood-filled cavities on either side of my pisstube with his thumb, sending little spirals of amazing hot sex sensation through my cock while he continued bobbing on the cockhead. He began sucking harder now, pressing more fully with his hands along the cock shaft, and after a few minutes, paused to look at it again, holding it up and admiring it, then hand-over-hand stroking the shaft tip to base, then base to tip.

He reached over to Gaylen, and crammed his hand in his pocket, and got the little squeeze bottle, and put some slick oily lube on my cock. At that, he put both his hands on my cock, my head sticking out the end, and started squeezing and shaking the tube he made around my shaft, causing me to actually gasp with the sensation. Then he twisted his hands in opposite directions, slowly pulling off the shaft, then grasped my cock in a fist, squeezing the head out, then with the palm of his other hand, crushed my cock head flat as he twisted his hand causing me to roll my eyes back in my head and start shaking – it was too intense. He broke off instantly, suck-jacking the staff, back to jerking himself off, and I whispered, “You’re amazing.”

He grinned, a tooth or two missing, and then continued to suck me, deepthroating over and over, really getting deeper and deeper into the suck. I reached over and felt the thick base of Smith’s cock, somewhat surprised – it looked bigger than it felt, and I realized it was because Smith was pretty skinny, a bit on the small side overall. Gaylen was really going to town now, bobbing on the cock like a maniac, slurping and swallowing it, his entire shiny wet from his spit and gagging. Finally, he fell back on his ass, hands behind him, gasping. Smith stroked his cock, “Come on,” he begged as Gaylen caught his breath watching Curly expertly bring me to the brink of a huge cum. “Honey, let’s switch, I know you can take that goddam horsedick better than my godawful throat can.” Gaylen said, tugging on Curly’s arm.

Curly, passively let me go, and stared at Smith’s cock, in a ritual, while Gaylen scrambled over to me. “Oh lord,” he said, licking the cockhead, and forcefully slid it in his mouth, looking up, until it slid in his throat – I literally felt no tightness at all. He held my hips bobbing, as Curly slid very slowly and carefully along Smith’s cock, feeling every inch, and how it fit in his mouth. He paused to adjust the tilt of his head a few times, jacking his cock, and at that, the door opened and two more guys walked in. We all almost fell over each other to try to hide behind the urinal partition, but the bigger of the two said, “Oh Hell guys, don’t stop for us,” and he went over to the urinal to start pissing, and his buddy went into the toilet. Smith stood back again, and Curly went to work on his cock when the big guy looked over, and whistled at Smith. “Jake, you gotta see this.”

Then he looked at me with Gaylen gagging, “Oh. My. God.” He muttered under his breath, “Wheeeel! We got donkey dick!” and at that he pulled back. Biggie was handsome, and hand the kind of strut that men have when they know they’re looked at. Kind of reminded me of Smokey and the Bandit, kind of Burt Reynolds. He had a nice average cock, and a fat cut head that he shook, unconcerned that piss flew over as he began jacking off, standing beside Curly. “Let me at him, son!” and with that, pulled Smith’s cock over and licked it, and I realized he had a big head – he opened his mouth wide and slid the cock right in, and pausing, deepthroated it all the way to the base. Curly patiently sat there, jacking a little bit, looking around. I heard the toilet flush, and suddenly Biggie said, “Wipe it but don’t pull up, I want to see you sit on this big old donkey Stan”, and then the door creaked open.

Stan, kind of built like Smith, walked over holding his trousers. Like it was all a setup, he turned around, dropped his pants and put his hands one of the urinals, his ass sticking out. Biggie spat on his hands and rubbed his asshole, then pulled Smith over, and rubbed his fat cockhead against Stan’s asshole. Gaylen and Curly looked a little troubled at how the entire scene was taken over suddenly, but Smith continued to love the attention, and stepped forward, while Biggie pulled Stan’s hips back, impaling him on Smith. Smith grunted – the asshole was almost dry – and it can’t have felt good. Biggie was jacking off now, crouching down and watching Smith fuck his buddy, just slamming away as best he could, bouncing at the knees a little bit.

Gaylen and Curly were working on my cock together, trading back and forth and talking. Biggie walked over to me and pulled me away from the two, telling me I was gonna fuck Stan, but I had to object, and laughed, mirthlessly, and took his hand off my cock, walking back to Gaylen and Curly, who looked grateful. Biggie started jacking Stan off, whose cock I didn’t see, and feeling Smith’s cock, stroking it. I heard Stan mumble “Hold on honey,” while Biggie jacked him off harder, and suddenly Stan was rocking and whimpering, “OhhhhHHHH!” and it was clear to all of us he was cumming in the urinal. Biggie wiped his hands on Stan’s leg, and standing up, dropped his trousers, “Fuck me stud,” and showing us a hairy ass, he spit in his hand and wiped on his hole.

Smith hesitated, and Biggie grabbed his cock and pulled it to him as he leaned over another urinal, and started shoving it against his ass, “AHHH, OOUHHHH!” He started burbling, and Smith was slowly pushing into him, “Careful, careful stud!” He begged, “Pull it out.” He turned around and squeezed it, and then leaned back over, ass in the air, “Slower.” Smith pushed against his ass again, and Biggie, groaning, took it for a minute, then backed off, jumping away, “Oh, I don’t know if I can take that.” His cock was pointing out, and he jacked it for a minute watching us, then leaned back over, “Fuck it good, make me feel it.” Smith started fucking him again, and Biggie started jacking himself off, groaning very operatically while Stan washed his hands.

He and tried to wipe his ass a little bit with paper towels, when Biggie, started gasping, “I’m CUMMING, I’m CUMMING!” and with that, two minutes into the fuck, he twisted and bucked against Smith, then pulled off abruptly. “Betcha liked that ass!” He grinned, and walking over by Stan, washed his hands and tried to pat his asshole with towels, “Woooo!” and then both of them closed their trousers, not looking back, and walked out, startling Nolan. Smith shook his head, “Fucking asshole!” he said, and came back over, after rinsing his cock a little bit. Some of the hot and heavy atmosphere was dead, but Gaylen unzipped, and pulled his cock out – a beauty. It looked meaty, and was uncut, big pinkish-white head poking out of the top.

He skinned it back, and the smell of his precum bloomed up, and Smith said “Oh, Oh yeah,” And Gaylen laughed, “Motherfucking hot jizz smell, I ain’t cum yet studfucker!” and the four of us started jacking each other off. Smith had me, I had Gaylen, Gaylen hand Curly, Curly had Smith, and Gaylen pulled his shirt up a little bit, showing us his furry belly as he unbuckled his trousers. “I have to try,” I said, and kneeled down, and first slurped Curly. Beautiful cock, and I gave him the same thorough treat he gave me, slurping on the tip, nibbling on the head and licking the shaft, rotating hands jacking him off though he was a bit shorter than me. Gaylen and Smith were jacking each other off watching me, and I started swallowing and massaging Curly’s cock with my throat, enjoying every inch with my eyes closed.

“Ahhh,” Curly said, whispering, “You know how it works.” I started pulling on his balls, and he held my face, “I’m going to cum like that.” I winked, and said, “I’d love your cum.” Gaylen erupted “Sheeit, Big Dick likes cum! You too honey?” he said, his voice cracking, looking at Smith. Smith grinned, “I like to feed.” I continued sucking on Curly and reached up holding on to Gaylen and Smith. I heard Nolan’s voice “Ain’t you guys done?” and at that, Gaylen started talking again, “Come on honey, give him that fucking baby juice, look at muscle man there, he wants it so bad!” And Curly sighed, spreading his legs, and at that, I felt a spurt of cum in my mouth. “OOOHHH YEAHHH!” Gaylen urged, jacking himself insistently, “Feed that goddam big man all that baby batter, a river of hot spunk for him honey, fuuuuuuckkk!” and I sucked Curly deeper and deeper in my throat, feeling him squirting as I pushed him into my throathole.

He paused, gasping and looking down, then stroking my head, slowly pulled, out whispering “Sensitive.” Gaylen pushed my head over to Smith, who was jacking off himself now, and “Take that goddam cock buddy, fucking chow down – I wanna see you choke on that fucker.” He pushed me closer, and Smith nodded, dropping his hands to his sides. I reached up, and grabbed his ass, and was shocked – it was a furry matt. I turned him sideways, and pulling his pants down to his knees, he looked like a forest faun – shaggy, hairy legs and a very hairy ass, wonderful. “Suck him, don’t feel him, c’mon man!” Gaylen said, and I opened my moth wide for Smith, but like I thought – it was huge looking but not something you couldn’t take.

I slid him to the back of my mouth, then licked the shaft going back out, really pausing, like Gaylen and Curly had, to look at the shaft, the heft and veins. His balls were beautiful, it all looked like a porn drawing of a cock, all on his small stature. Gaylen took hold of my traps, and snatched it back like his hand was burned, “Shit! He’s a huge motherfucker!” I popped Smith into my throat, he wasn’t rock hard so it slid comfortable in at an angle, and I had goose pimples – the sensation of my mouth and throat completely filled, just stretching and holding him in place and Gaylen pulled Curly around, “Lick his tokus honey,” cooing at his friend. I felt Curly push against Smith, and both men sighed, Curly working his head around to get as close as he could to Smith’s asshole.

Gaylen stood, jacking off his meaty prick, watching me Bob and suck on Smith, “Don’t you goddam cum, I want your juice big man!” He said, and I slurped and continued working Smith – Smith must have been going crazy slowly, three cocksuckers and two fucks, not having cum yet. His balls were getting tight in my hand, and Curly reached around, digging deeper into the hairy ass with his bearded face, “Do you want to cum?” Smith nodded no, “It takes the edge off me; I’ll take it last. I stood up, breathing hard from all the sucking I had done, and Gaylen immediately crouched down, holding Smith’s missile, and began slurping and sucking my cock, gagging on the way down – it was a wonderful show. “Motherfucker, feed me!” He said, pausing, then slurping on my with a wide-open mouth, making crazy slurping and smacking sounds that echoed in the bathroom, he went to town, jacking off, and stroking my balls.

I tensed the muscles in my groin, squeezing a bit to force a cum. We needed to get moving – had been in the bath maybe an hour at this point. I squeezed my asshole hard, and all my internal muscles, making my cock rock hard, and at that, I felt the tickle of my orgasm. It grew, slowly, then spread down the length of my cock, “Here it goes you cocksucker,” and a moment later, I felt a tingle, then a spurt of cum. Gaylen coughed and gagged, gulping the cum I squirted in his mouth, wave after wave. He coughed again, cum shooting on his beard, “You are a goddam fountain, you know that fucker?” and licked the sperm off his beard, sucking on my cock which triggered the last few squirts. He continued sucking me, until he felt me shiver and shake, and I relaxed my ass and groin muscles.

He pushed me away, and started sucking Smith again, and Curly moved around with him, mouthing Smith’s cock. The two of them devoured him, Gaylen now and then shoving the cock deep in his throat to gag and retch. Then, the last time he did it, a high whine erupted from him as he pulled out, then plunged back on Smith’s cock, choking his voice. A thick plop sound came on the floor, then more as Gaylen came, thick transparent goo pooling in the floor in front of him, almost a never-ending stream it seemed, of juice. Gaylen and Curly stood up again, panting a little bit, and looking at each other, moved to the sink to wash their cocks, while I squeezed Smith’s meat. “Don’t you want to cum?” I asked, and Smith started jacking off more furiously, when Gaylen and Curly walked out.

A moment later, Nolan walked in, “Those guys are keeping an eye on the door,” and he saw Smith jacking off thrusting his cock forward, holding it momentarily and shaking it. I was standing there, my cock dangling slightly soft, and Nolan, undid his belt. He dropped his pants and he had what I expected – a wide very fat cock, and at the base, his balls were very tight – it was like one continuous piece of meat, tennis-ball wide at the bottom to a very narrow tip. Almost no hair. In contrast to Smith, whose cock looked bigger than it was, the soft whiteness of Nolan made his cock look smaller than it was, and when I held the base for a second – now THAT was wide. He looked at me, winking, “You have to hit the button to make him cum!” and at that, he came behind Smith and pulled him backward until Nolan’s soft ass was against the sink, cock sticking up.

He felt in Smith’s pockets, and pulled out a small plastic thing, and ripping the top off, and I heard squishy sounds of him lubing up his big conical cock. He then took Smith’s hips, and pulled the hairy ass onto his cock, and Smith almost protested, but Nolan pulled him down abruptly on his cock. Smith shivered and gritted his teeth, suddenly less cocky, and Nolan started jerking him down against his crotch, impaling the small guy on that big pole. Smith’s cock bobbed as he reached around to hold onto Nolan, and he looked at me, and looked down at his cock. I came over and began jacking him off, feeling the rubbery shaft in my hand, stroking from base to tip. I wetted my fingertip and ran it, and the nail, very gently around under the rim of the head.

“Oh man,” Smith said, and I saw all the hair on his arms and legs stand on end. I squatted down, and stroking my cock for a second, licked under Smith’s cockhead, really beginning to enjoy it without the strutting and drama. I sucked the thick head in, and worked my tongue around it, and around the rim, then I realized it felt odd. Pulled back, and held his cock in my hand, and licked the head and looked carefully at it while Smith was bouncing on Nolan, and I realized the reason he looked so huge but felt ok was he was wide, but his cock was very flat. The cockhead itself was very flat and broad, and the two sides of the shaft were huge tubes, but otherwise it was just quite wide, and visually striking. I sucked the head in, and felt that was as wide as the roof of my mouth, and I let him rub against it, until the edges of the head pushed together in front of my throat.

I pulled on his balls, then stroked them with my fingertips while I deepthroated him, and felt my throat stretch slightly, but comfortably. I let him go, and then putting my fingertips together, pushed his cockhead through them, then my fingers down his shaft. Nolan had his arms around his buddy, up under his shirt, and I saw him thrusting very gently, Smith grunting and whining with his asshole being royally stretched out. “Smith buddy,” I whispered, and he looked down at me. “Ever heard of BigAss and the three bears?” Smith’s eyes flew open, and he looked shocked, and surprised, “No, what, UH!” he said, Nolan shoving him down harder on his cock – I felt up and realized Nolan wasn’t even all the way in with that ass-stretcher. “BigAss was robbing the bears’ house,” I said, taking both my thumbs and rubbing up under the two edges of that fat fucker.

“And the bears walked in on him.” Nolan looked around, with a quizzical expression, but in the heat of passion fucking his buddy. It was all getting mixed up. “The bears said, BigAss, you can’t rob our house. We are going to punish you.” Nolan laughed, then grunted, feeling Smith’s beard, and I started taking long strokes up and down Smith’s wide shaft, stopping to pull down his nuts. “So first Baby Bear started fucking BigAss.” I put my thumb and forefinger around Smith’s wide cockhead, and rotated them around the groove under the head. He was groaning and shivering, so I squeezed the head hard. “Baby Bear’s cock was too small.” I slapped Smith’s balls a little bit, and pulled on his thighs, shoving Nolan’s cock further up in him. I heard a “Damn” from the door, Gaylen was watching Smith get fucked.

“Daddy bears shoved his cock up BigAss, but he couldn’t get it all the way in, it was too big.” Nolan flexed his hips, and I spit on Smith’s cock, then with both hands, started squeezing and turning in opposite directions, and he started jerking hard, impaling himself on Nolan, and crying out. “Then Hubby Bear fucked BigAss, and he was just a little bit too big.” With that, I sucked Smiths cock down into my throat in a single stroke, and Smith and Nolan started laughing, but that spasm turned suddenly into a cum, and Smith started bucking on Nolan, “Oh fuck baby, it’s too much,” but he began spewing hot sperm in my throat, and I felt some spurts go into my stomach. I pressed my lips over my teeth tightly, then clenched my jaws pulling back as Smith screamed, shooting thick strings of cum in my mouth while I pulled back and back, pressing my jaws together tighter until I had compressed his cockhead.

I heard a plop sound on the floor, and looking down, I saw a splotch of spooge. Nolan was washing his guts with cum while I got my second late morning load. Smith’s cum was very thick, he’d been saving up I thought – that and an hour of play without cumming. I continued to suck and play with that beautiful big shiny cockhead, but Smith couldn’t take anymore, and I backed off him as Nolan continued to push into his ass. I felt up, and Nolan’s cock had completely stretched Smith open, his asshole dripping cum. Nolan lifted Smith up and off, and I looked at his big cone cock again, amazed. Gaylen came back in, and Smith was bent over the sink, catching his breath while Nolan washed, Gaylen started chatting away, “Where you fuckers from?” We all laughed, I was from Houston, Noland and Smith from Arkansas. “What the hell you doing here in the mid’l uh nowhere?” he grinned, and we talked about Timberfell.

“Hell, we know about that beau-ti-ful place!” Gaylen said, “Going there after we see if we can play with a few more guys.” Smith pulled his pants up, his fat cock normal-looking, and he went over to Nolan, and whispered for a moment. Nolan grinned, “Sure Honey, but check with Joe.” Smith walked over, “Joe Daddy, would you be offended if I spent a few more hours here. He looked down, then at me and winked. “I just love, you know, hanging out, and maybe I could get the guys to take me back to the lodge.” I gave him a big kiss on his forehead, “No problem. I know you’ll have a great time!” and with that, Nolan and I walked out, and Gaylen was squeezing Smith’s crotch “Motherfucking goddammit all to hell!” Curly –never got his name – was sitting outside, smoking what looked like either a joint or a hand-rolled cigarette, “Day boys,” he drawled, and another trucked rolled up. Nolan and I looked at each other, and hopped in the car – only 30 minute delay – and sped off on to Biltmore House.