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January 3, 2016

The second volume of Muscle Ranch brings me back into the arms of Aziz, the big hairy trainer, and what he does to my body – we’re talking muscles right? I also get re-acquainted with Doc, the all-purpose candyman for the bodybuilders at the ranch. Aziz has turned a corner on what he likes to do with men, and I help him explore more deeply sexually. Doc really takes a liking to me, and helps with a special massage class he has set up to help men get relaxed. Well, from special examination class to posing, to a great shaving session, I finally end up with Denver and his Dad, from the first Muscle Ranch series. Click image to read an excerpt…

I’m texbearjoe, and Austin’s a short drive from my hometown, but it’s a million miles away from ordinary life. This is the second year of the private, invite-only retreat for bodybuilders – mostly offseason – enjoying days of nothing but food, working out, and the company of other men, no women allowed. Most of the guys gave up on shaving, clothing, and inhibitions – you’d be surprised at what guys get into when they can get away with it. It’s stocked full of big male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros amateurs, and some powerlifters getting back to nature by giving up clothes and any semblance of worry about bi/gay/straight as they pursue the body beautiful.

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Read the excerpt below for a taste of the book’s contents.

Chapter 5

I was ravenous at lunch at Muscle Ranch, and found myself sitting with a bunch of Muscle Otters. At Muscle Ranch, mostly for bodybuilders who are not dieting off season they call it they let go, no shaving, no body shaving, and enjoying all the food they can pack in. Some guys are hard gainers, and with their bodies starting to fill in with fur, and their physiques, you’d have to call them otters. My mind was still rattled by Dick and his cock for the moment, and his Dad who was bigger, but we all got involved in talk about posing my weak spot. A couple of the guys volunteered to have a posing class the next day, which I looked forward to. I felt a tiny bit sunburnt, and headed back to my cabin for a mid-afternoon nap before my workout, looking around realizing it was really pretty there.

I think most of the guys who were going to be at Muscle Ranch had arrived, some newcomers still shy about going commando around the camp, you’d see them walking in shorts, but I think within a day they didn’t give a shit. I got being body-shy burned out of me when I lived in Europe, there’s something about being in a gym locker room with an old lady cleaning it up while your naked, or being in a sauna with naked men and women day after day you finally don’t really pay attention anymore. I shifted gears, and decided to sit on a wide bench on a shady wooden platform by the river nearby before my cabin, and was slowly mesmerized by the sparkling, moving water.

Playing a game with myself, I tried to follow a sparkle with my eye, as it flowed and disappeared, another coming further at the corner of my eye, a kind of riverine Jacob’s ladder. I suddenly wondered why the aural illusion of a Shepard tone wasn’t called a Jacob’s ladder, and my mind folded in on itself and I was literally lost in thoughts. I was distracted by a massive guy out of the corner of my eye, new guy, still in short on a walking trail. He came up on the platform, and I nodded “Hi,” and he looked startled for a second that I was stark naked. He walked away, but then probably two minutes later, walked back on the platform, and sat at an angle where he could look at the river, and look at me too. Beautiful body, around 5’8″ I guessed, 240lbs, skin a little pale, almost translucent, very low body fat. Buzz-cut black hair, he looked like he just came out of a city gym somewhere, not a lot of time outdoors.

My mind drifted away again looking at the river, but I noticed his eyes glancing at my crotch now and then, casually, as though accidentally. I couldn’t help it, but spread my legs slightly, my cock puffing up a bit, and laying down on the seat. Buzz turned his head briefly, and then quickly turned back to the river, and I put my hands in my lap, thumb and forefinger straight out, framing my cock slightly. I casually pulled on my cockhead, stretching it slightly, stroking it, then scratched my legs, as though it was all very natural. Buzz was looking more often now. I put my hand on my cock palm-down, and slowly, almost imperceptibly stroked the shaft with tiny motions, driving myself crazy with the feeling on my exposed, and now shiny-hard cockhead.

Buzz could see I was doing something, but not quite sure what. I put my hand back on my quad, and my cock bounced up a little bit, almost full-length, and I looked away from him, flexing my muscles to make my cock bounce. Buzz pinked-up a bit, flushed, and looked away again, his eyes straining to watch me. I cupped my cock now, not stroking it, but squeezing the shaft, then squeezing the cockhead in a circle with my thumb and forefinger, plumping it more and making it slightly purple. Buzz stood up, pants tenting, and walked towards me, staring at my cock, and sat on the bench I was on, at the far end. I let my cock simply stand now, licked by hot summer breezes, and now and then rubbed the tip with my thumb. Buzz was staring openly, mouth slightly agape, and I scooted my hips forward, leaning back more and making my cock more prominent as thought it needed it.

I worked my mouth, collecting spit, and leaning forward, chest and abs contracting, spit a wad on my cock, then rubbed it along the top of my shaft with my forefinger, playing with the wet cockhead rim, and tracing along the prominent vein. Buzz was now squeezing his crotch, breathing hard watching this Dad bodybuilder slowly playing with his long meat, and he slid towards me a little bit. I looked at him, and said, “Why don’t you take those shorts off?” Buzz looked startled, and surprised me by getting up and walking off the platform again. I grinned, licked my hand, and alone again, stroked my cock shaft, enjoying the solitary pleasure of nature, the river, breezes, and my hard cock. I took one finger and traced it just under the tip of my cock, and counted 120 slow strokes as it edged and made my cock plump even more, the incredibly focused sensation on my cockhead driving me slowly crazy.

When a blob of precum oozed out, making my finger sticky and then giving too much friction to the slow stroke, I stopped. I licked my hand, and open-palm stroked the underside of my wet shaft, pushing up until my cock was against my belly, enjoying the friction. I slowly rotated my palm in circles on my cockhead, squeezing it against my body, and I heard a clomp clomp clomp as Buzz walked back on the platform. He was naked, and had a beautiful, very hard shorter cock poking out of a delicately trimmed bush. He sat down somewhat hard on the bench, looking at my crotch as I let my cock free from my belly, and stared unabashedly as he wrapped his hand around his cock and started jacking off. I took my cock in hand, squeezing it with my hand at the base, half of it still was exposed and began stroking the full length now, an easy afternoon jack off.

Buzz watched, stroking his cock harder, looking down at it, then at me, over and over. I reached out with both hands, and palm-to-palm, rolled my cock lightly, then stroked up and down, palms together, getting some very nice sensations. I stopped for a moment at my cockhead, and rotating my hands in opposite directions, really worked the exposed head, and grunted with the fantastic feeling. I held the base of my cock in my left hand, and with my right, forefinger and thumb in a circle, twisted my hand around the shaft and cockhead in a corkscrew, making my hips twitch slightly with the intensity. I then just jacked with the thumb-forefinger, base to tip in rapid motion, closing my eyes and grunting, or moaning slightly with the intensity. I felt suddenly I was going to cum, so stopped, letting my cock wave in the breeze again, throbbing visibly.

I waved at Buzz with my right hand to come over, expecting him to run away again. To my surprise, he looked around, and slid over closer to me, stopping just short of next to me. Then he slid the rest of the way, and I reached down and felt his hard, rubbery cock with my right hand. I spit in my hand, and holding his cock, squeezed it, popping it out of my hand like a watermelon seed, which got a gasp and a jump from Buzz. I slowly squeezed the base, stroking to the cut tip, then wrapping fingers around the shaft in a curve leaving my thumb along the length of his cock, rolled my thumb over the wet tip in circles. Precum juiced out of his cock on my hand, and he struggled to not make noises, hips twitching and his muscles flexing involuntarily.

I put his hand on my cock, and he clumsily stroked it, as though he had never jacked off. I put my hand on his, squeezing to just the right tension, then jacked his hand up and down my shaft, pulling on the skin, and sliding over the cockhead in a nice Adagio tempo. He was good now, and I reached for his cock and began jacking him as he did me, listening to a symphony of sighs from the big muscle guy. I felt him go slightly rigid, and realizing that he’s probably ready to cum after 2 minutes, stopped. “Wha, what?” he grunted. “It’s called edging, stud.” He started to jack with his right hand left on my cock but I grabbed his wrist, and held it. He grunted, and paused jacking me. After a moment, I let his hand go, and stroked his thick quads, and deeply rippled abs.

His cock bobbed in reaction, so I reached down and began stroking him again. I leaned back, more relaxed with my own cock being serviced, and enjoyed the situation, when again, after only a minute or two, Buzz tensed up again. I let his cock go, and he made a sound like whimpering. I suddenly felt like I was going to cum, and put my hand on his, stopping him for a moment, just as I began stroking him. This time, I’d do two or three strokes, very slowly, then pause. I licked my fingers, and traced under the rim of his cockhead, then his piss-slit. He began jacking me again while I cock-teased him. If he moaned, I’d instantly stop. This went on for minutes, and I could tell that Buzz was gradually going ape-shit crazy, twitching whenever I touched his cock, and with a few strokes, his legs shook slightly.

I felt more and more electric feelings in my cock, waves washing over my groin and legs, my balls pulling tighter as Buzz stroked, and stopped whenever I did. Buzz finally did whimper, “Fuck man, I, I can’t take it much more. Get me off buddy” I told Buzz to stand on the bench and lean on the railing, which he did, crouching slightly and looking around. We were still alone on the hundred-acre area. He spread his legs, his dripping cock at my face level and I started stroking him very lightly, jacking myself off shivering thinking of the huge load of cum I was going to get. His balls started pulling up tight, but I stopped jacking him, and stroked his asshole for a second, which made him jump and bark out “Fuck!” and jerk against the railing. I started stroking him again harder, then paused to pull on his balls, scooting closer and closer to his cock.

At the base of his cock, I squeezed wrapped my hand around it,  balls pushed out against his cockshaft and pulled down gently, triggering huge moans, and then worked a finger up along the hairy trail to his asshole again. I leaned forward, smelling his precum as everything slowed down, and I noticed he was shaking his quads bulging and flexed, abs flexing involuntarily, his whole body flushed. I took his cock and stroked very lightly at the base, then to his shock, leaned forward, and licked the precum-foamed tip. “Unhh, OH!” he hissed, and at that I pushed his cock in my mouth, suck-jacking him intensely. He lifted one foot for some strange reason, hips shuddering forward literally uncontrollably thrusting at my mouth as he put one hand over his mouth, yelling at the top of his lungs.

He shook harder as I got a big vacuum in my mouth, and running my tongue around and around his cockhead, then the gusher broke. He grabbed the railing suddenly with both hands, stomping his feet and shaking hard while a huge gush of cum filled my mouth, which I immediately swallowed. “Mmmm, MMM!” he whined with his mouth closed, shaking and thrusting harder, all his muscles flexing and cramping, another gush of cum in my mouth. A wave of cum sensation washed over my cock and crotch, and at that, as I tasted his sweetish cum, I busted a load all over the wooden platform, landing wetly. He shot a third huge wash of cum in my mouth as I continued sucking, and I continued shooting on the platform, mind completely focused on his cock, his cum, my cock and cum, and the sensations washing over me from more than an hour of edging by myself and with him.

I had the rising sensation I needed to breathe, but Buzz shot another load, his whole body shaking uncontrollably now with the over-sensitive cock being worked over by my mouth. More of my cum shot, and I felt the intensity of the orgasm suddenly peak over me, washing over my whole body with pure pleasure. I sucked Buzz even harder now, struggling to swallow his cum as I felt the need to gasp, and as he exploded a few more times in my mouth I inhaled through my nose, desperate for air and not wanting to lose a drop of his cum.  I felt him start to sag, the shaking stopping and continuing to suck and swallow, I only got a little bit more cum from him as he started to straighten up, panting suddenly. He had been holding his breath. I gulped the last cum down, and wiped my mouth on my arm, looking at his shiny saliva-and cum-covered cock, then licked it off carefully as he slid down slowly, feet on the bench, cock shrinking.

His hair-rimmed asshole looked very exposed as he gazed out at the river, gasping and panting, eyes-closed. Fuck he was sexy, I wish I had one like him all day long. Buzz opened his eyes, and looked at my cock again, “Man, you’re so big.” I didn’t know what to say. Visually, big cocks gets me excited, just like if I’m looking at a very big tall guy or a really furry guy.  But they are more of a challenge to suck – cocks smaller than mine usually are more comfortable and fun, and I can suck for some time without my throat getting raw. “Yeah, hope you enjoyed pulling on it.” Buzz sat, a bit dazed for a moment, and I patted him on the back. He got his shorts back on, then stood there, looking around, then took them off, and whispered, “Thanks, Man!” and walked off.

I relaxed a moment more, then walked back to my cabin for some gym shorts, heading to my workout, and I passed and was passed by some wonderfully hairy muscle guys on the way. Today’s workout was Pecs, and I did my diligent German Volume training, and had to up the weights quite a bit. All the eating, juice, sex, and rest was priming my body, and at a certain point, I put my chin down, and could feel my pecs easily, bloated huge slabs. I loved it! I had the suspicion that the volume training was really getting more size than strength, but was OK with that, and a couple of guys did ask me about the routine. It was especially easy on my shoulder joint with low weights, high reps. Aziz stared at me smiling, and now was the time. “Aziz,” I said, “Can you come over after dinner, I have a present for you.”

Aziz grinned, “Another Toy Habibi?” “No, a man I’m not sure even you can handle.” Aziz looked startled for a second, and flushed, and I saw his hair stand up slightly. “Really,” He whispered, “Bodybuilder big?” “No, big somewhere else. Bigger than my toys.” Aziz’s face lit up. He really had turned into the sexiest and most shameless furry bottom this past year. “What time Joe,” and I told him about an hour after dinner. I finished my massive pump workout, and after a quick shower, headed back to my cabin to clean up and get ready for two guys tonight. I almost had to jack off again imagining Aziz trying to handle Dick’s big meat in his hairy hole, but I heard Idris next door, and came by to see how he was doing, hadn’t really seen him since our session.

We talked, and went off to dinner together enjoying Steak night along with the other guys. I was amazed at how much some of the bigger guys could down, I’m stuffed with 8oz of steak! Denver and Dad came and introduced me to some of their friends, and kind of hinted at going off to the woods to a clearing they found, but I took a rain check and headed back to the cabin. Dick was already waiting out on the porch, and wasn’t wearing anything, not that folding jockstrap. He came in with me and we talked for a while, when I heard Aziz knock. Aziz always wears shorts, and came in, giving me a big hug and a kiss as I introduced Dick. Aziz’s black eyes glittered as he looked at Dick’s soft cock it was probably hanging 8″ and I told Aziz to take off his shorts and get comfortable.

Dick was looking back and forth at me and Aziz, and I could tell he was trying to figure out who to grab first. I poured all of us some water, we were sweating in the evening warmth, and Aziz became a bit shy, pulling his shorts off, facing away from us. That had the perverse effect of making both me and Dick salivate there’s really nothing like a hairy muscle ass. I wanted to pounce on him, when I heard Dick grunt slightly, and turned to me. “You were right!” he said, staring at Aziz, “Hotter than fuck.” I steered Aziz to sit next to Dick on the couch, and I myself sat on the coffee table in front of them, and Dick’s cock started getting hard. Aziz was completely hypnotized, and I was getting off on watching his mind get blown.

Mr. Big Dick leaned back slightly, and took a drink of water, his cock slowly pulsing as it lengthened and hardened, stretching out over the couch cushion and hanging down. It got harder, and the base was thickening up it was immense at the bottom as you recall as Aziz gasped, and put his hands over his crotch to hide his rock-hard cock. I grinned at Dick, and Aziz made a little “Unh Unh” sound watching Dick’s cock start to rear up. I was rock hard myself, and went to the bedroom, and brought out the 10″ dildo, and Dick laughed. I held it up beside his cock, and it was both shorter, and much less wide. I tossed it in a chair, and sat back down. Finally Dick’s cock kind of reared up even more, up to around his nipples, and settled down on his muscled chest. Aziz’s mind was blown, mouth open and panting, “Is not REAL!” was all he could say, and Dick held his cock forward lightly, and it slapped back against his chest.

It was extraordinary, his Ugly Hot looks only making it worse as he laughed in his deep voice. He pulled his cock forward again, and I saw the precum streaming a little bit, he clearly enjoyed showing off his thick foot-long dong. He let it go, and it slapped on his chest, spattering me and Aziz with precum, smelling deeply of fuckjuice. Finally Dick pulled it forward, and skinning the foreskin back, a big load of precum juiced out, and he leaned forward and sucked it up loudly, then opening his mouth wide, looking at us, pushed it in and bobbed his head gently, self-sucking a tiny bit, effortlessly. Aziz shocked me, with a loud sound he leaned back and shot cum all over his hairy legs and the wooden floor, looking at Dick’s cock in erotic horror, too excited to think or function. “Aziz,” I said, laughing, “You know how that will feel don’t you.”

Aziz looked at me, his face a grimace of fear and pleasure, “Oh, Joe, Oh oh” and then back at Dick as he tried to get his breathing under control. I leaned forward, taking the immense meat, and popped the head in my own mouth, stretching wide to get it in. The neck was narrow just after the cockhead, which was like a small lemon pronounced pointed tip. Once I could get it in my mouth again, like I had that morning, it was a little more comfortable, and I realized if Dick was soft, I could probably get him in my throat comfortably but shuddered to imagine what it would feel like as he got hard. I sucked and slurped around his cockhead, enjoying the taste and sensation, Dick looking like the cat that ate the canary pure cock worship by two bodybuilders.

Aziz reached out with his furry paws, and stroked the shaft as I sucked on the head, and moaned, leaning forward and running his furry mouth over it, delicately at first, but his big pink tongue gradually going wild licking and tasting all that cockmeat. I felt down at Dick’s huge nuts, stroking and pulling on them in their loose bag, then reaching up under, teased his hole a little bit. He opened right up letting my finger slide in, and I knew I had to fuck him again, but this time with Aziz cramming his hairy asshole down on that cock to the base. I pulled Dick’s cockhead out of my mouth, Aziz gliding up to lick in the wide foreskin opening. “Aziz,” I said, “Stand up on the couch.” Aziz stepped up on the couch, his cock, just having shot, still drooling precum.

I got him to stand in front of Dick, and he bent over, putting hands on the back of the couch, rubbing his hole on the immense meat. I took my bottle of lube and put the tip IN Aziz’s ass, and squeezed, giving him sort of a lube enema. He’d need all the help he could get. The hairy ass in front of me, and the huge meat, I started rubbing the head against Aziz’s hole, and Aziz cried out, begging me for it. Dick leaned forward and started sucking Aziz’s cock, but Aziz jerked back, “NO, I cum AGAIN!” he yelled, and Dick laughed, settling back again. I spread Aziz’s hard ass cheeks, and holding his hips, started aiming the cockhead at his little hole, wondering how the hell he would get it in without a lot of pre-stretching.

Aziz was so excited, he grunted and squeezed and his asshole opened slightly, cascading lube on the huge shaft. I shoved three fingers in his ass, twisting as I jacked Dick off, then put Dick’s head right at Aziz’s hole. Aziz started instinctively to lower himself down, whimpering and moaning as the enormous head stretched the asslips beyond what my fingers had. He was stretched more and more, the diameter of the head itself a problem. I grabbed Aziz’s hips, and said “Are you ready?” Aziz nodded. I pushed down and he screamed out but with a bit pop, the huge head jumped into his ass, stretching his anal canal painfully, but briefly. That huge head was now crammed against his prostate, pushing more precum out of his beautiful furry cock. Aziz trembled slightly, probably uncomfortable in that crouching position, the almost fist-sized cockhead in his asshole or maybe the excitement was simply taking him to a new high.

Dick groaned loudly “Fuck Aziz, that’s a tight hole, but I can’t believe you got it in!” Aziz said something in a whisper, and Dick pushed up a tiny bit, a millimeter, and Aziz whimpered more. I was jacking off now, and helpless to resist, leaned forward an licked Aziz’s hairy hole, licking the massive cockshaft pushing in, and playing with the stretched-to-ripping asslips. It was incredible, feeling the turgid intensity of the fuck and it was just starting. I had to stop jacking off, it was all too startling, too intense for the moment, and looking down, saw that Dick was slowly trying to get his feet up on the couch, spreading his legs more, and exposing his asshole. I lubed some fingers up feeling his shaft, then pushed a finger gently into Dick’s asshole, hooking it gently to touch his prostate. Strangely, Aziz cried out, and I noticed that Dick had flexed his cock, and it grew slightly thicker as I massaged his nut.

Aziz shifted slightly, and tried to slide down Dick’s shaft, and both of them groaned loudly, the pitch of Aziz’s voice getting higher and higher as another inch or two of Dick’s cock tunneled into his ass. I felt around, and Aziz’s cock was drooling almost continuously, and I realized his prostate must have been mashed as flat as a potato chip from that head jammed against it. He squatted more, the thick head pushing now clearly up into his guts, and the thinner shaft for now giving his stretched asshole some respite. “Fuck Daddy,” I heard Dick beg, like this morning, “Fuckmyasshole” he yelled while Aziz squatted and lifted on that massive cock. I sidled forward, my face now practically in Aziz’s back, feeling him shake and struggle to take the massive cock into his abdomen, when I began rubbing my cockhead on Dick’s hole.

Big Dick practically opened up and chewed it, flexing his hole on my cockhead while at the same time it flexed his cock deep in Aziz. Something changed. Aziz was not whimpering and groaning now, and with determined movements, slid down further on Dick’s rod, probably 8″ up in his ass, but he was hitting another problem. Not only was Dick sliding past his inner sphincter, but Aziz was starting to reach the thick base of Dick’s cock, the one I couldn’t get a hand around that morning. It was really of a wide diameter, reminding me of a road cone almost. Aziz shuddered hard, and I pushed my cockhead into dick, holding onto the front of the couch for balance as Aziz’s hairy back rubbed my face. I thought I was going to cum, but my legs almost started to cramp from the crouched position.

Dick was milking my cock with his asshole, it was amazing very tight muscles, and I knew Aziz must have been white from pain from every flex of that huge pole. Aziz bounced up, almost standing, and then sat down again hard, but he couldn’t get more than 9″ of that cock in his ass he just stopped, literally suspended on Dick’s cock. Aziz felt down, and realized he had a good couple of inches to go and tried sitting harder, shoving that cock in, but nothing happened. I was fucking Dick now freely, his loose asshole alternately flexing on my shaft, and letting it glide out. “Joe,” Aziz hissed, “Joe, Poppers? Please Joe, I can’t take all.” I paused, not wanting to stop fucking Dick, but Aziz continued to implore, trying desperately to cram all of Dick’s cock in his hole, but it was simply physically impossible.

I almost wished I hadn’t introduced them Aziz would go crazy now, like any bodybuilder, finding a limit then wanting to push beyond. I slowly pulled out of Dick’s asshole, which almost made me came, he squeezed down hard, and it felt like a velvet glove on my cock, pulling and sliding along the shaft. I popped out, and Dick sighed, then in the bedroom I found a fresh brown bottle, and, pausing, I did get a washcloth, not knowing if Aziz could handle it. I looked in the main room, and Aziz was still bouncing on Dick’s cock, a massive short hairy bodybuilder desperate to get fucked out of his mind, but simply not able to get it in. I put some poppers in the washcloth corner, and tested to make sure they weren’t too strong, putting it over my mouth to breathe in. I felt immediately dizzy, so Aziz wouldn’t get more than one huff from me.

I staggered into the main room again, and standing behind Dick, I held the washcloth up to Aziz who looked uncomprehendingly. I put it again over my mouth, waves of poppers and sex feeling already washing over me, and stupidly inhaled deeply, then put it over Aziz’s mouth. My skin was crawling now with fuck feeling, Aziz gasped and coughed at the intense poppers sensation, and dropping the rag on the side of the couch, immediately I moved around behind him, and aggressively grabbed Dick’s legs, lifting, and cramming my cock into his hole in one go. Dick grabbed the washcloth and stared huffing at it himself, squeezing his asshole around my cock while his balls draped on either side of the shaft, “FUCK JOE,” I heard him say, “SHIT, THESE ARRRRRRR” and at that he stopped talking, just groaning and yelling as I fucked his hole like a jackhammer.

My mind focused down to a point, Aziz’s asshole right in front of me plunging up and down on Dick’s shaft as hard as he could, his hairy muscled back in my face, Dick’s asshole grabbing at my cock. I was going to cum, no way to control it, and as I heard Aziz cry out for MORE  MORE, but not able to get Dick in him, I began spewing cum into Dick’s wide-open hole. I gushed and spouted hard, completely taken body and soul by the fuck and orgasm, feeling Dick’s huge cock occasionally against my belly as Aziz pulled up. Dick was vibrating and thrusting hard now against Aziz, desperate to get to the depth in his guts, and I wanted to make Dick cum like a firehose, all I could think of. I grabbed the 10″ dildo beside me, still zooming on poppers, and without thinking, popped the head in Dick’s asshole, and shoved it in, slamming my hand on the base to send insane vibrations through his groin.

Dick and Aziz were frantically passing the poppers cloth back and forth now, grunting incoherently, Aziz bouncing but never fully impaled when Dick simply reared up, feet back on the floor, Aziz now pushed up by his asshole and suspended with his hands on the back of the couch, when dick chortled and yelled, and began visibly pumping cum into Aziz. His cock was throbbing, Aziz whimpering with each pulsation, Dick’s balls pulled up tight and also moving in a rhythmic punch, when Dick reached down and sucked on Aziz’s cock. Aziz lost it. He let go of the couch, suspended momentarily entirely on Dick’s cock, the mouth on his cock holding him stable as he began spewing and pumping cream into Dick, who gagged slightly, letting the cum drool down into his lap.

I don’t know if it was the poppers, or me, or Dick, or Aziz, but the cum kept streaming into his mouth, looking like half a cup or more when I realized that on the upstroke, Aziz’s hole was so big cum leaked out mixing with Dick’s on his lap. I started to pull the log-like dildo out of the spasming asshole in front of me, when Aziz stood up finally, pulling himself off of Dick’s cock, gasping. He actually lifted Dick by his own cock, his asshole having cramped and clamped down just behind the cockhead, not letting go, not wanting more stretching. Dick yelled out, unnerved by the tension stretching his already too-big cock, and Aziz took a final hit of poppers, and with a mighty pop, stood completely up, cum gushing out of his hole as he stood shaking.

He hopped lightly off the couch, desperately trying to get a cramp out of his leg now, as Dick’s huge schlong fell wetly on his belly and chest, completely drained. Aziz kind of fell back on the couch, eyes looking up at the ceiling, mouth open to breathe in deeply, “I couldn’t take it!” he said, whispering over and over. “Too big.” Dick’s eyes were closed, looking completely drained and exhausted, and I sat in the chair, my head back, feeling very warm and content. We all three were snoring away moments later, when I awoke to Idris closing the door, “Oh my GOD!” and a burst of laughter. We all three struggled to figure out where we were after that fuck blowout, and Idris stood there laughing, “I’ve never seen three guys so fucked out! Phew, and those poppers!”

I quickly introduced Idris to Dick, he knew Aziz, and Idris immediately reached down and picked up Dick’s meat, “Fuck, and it’s soft!” Dick grinned, his cock getting attention again. “I could no take it all,” Aziz said, looking quite pissed off, and Idris stroked the still-wet snake, pulling the skin back and pulling on Dick’s hairy balls. “Oh, I could take that I think” Idris said, starting to jack cock, he was getting hard instantly wondering what it would feel like I’m sure. Dick moved around on the couch, reclining a bit now, legs in Aziz’s lap, and his cock starting to stick straight up again. Idris’s huge cock was hard, and Dick was staring at it, and a thin bit of drool came out of his mouth. But Idris didn’t want to fuck, didn’t want to get sucked, he wanted one thing.

He grabbed the bottle of lube off the floor, and worked a big handful into his asshole as Dick stroked Idris’s meat lovingly. Idris came over to the couch, and as quickly as possible, hopped up I half expected the couch to collapse and started squatting down on Dick’s cock. “Oh OOH!” he screamed after a second, “Yeah,” I said, “That cockhead is huge. Idris looked at me, then at Dick and squatted down more, and Aziz sucked his breath in, he was facing Idris’s brown hole sliding down the cock he couldn’t take. Idris got stuck almost at the end, just like Aziz, but he must have had 50lbs more on Aziz, and at that, he grabbed the popper cloth, but it was evaporated. I handed him the brown bottle, and he simply took six hits, one after the other, handed me the bottle, and leaning over Dick started working his ass up and down, twerking really, eating the cockhead with his hole, his rectum, then finally after a moment, got more upright, and forced all his weight on his asshole.

He slid, and slammed right down on Dick’s meat, to the base, letting out a stifled groan as Aziz cried out in amazement. Dick’s eyes were closed as he savored the full-cock fuck he was able to have here, while Idris was jabbering away, talking about the big white meat he was able to suck into his hole, fucking up and down like he was riding a tiny popsicle. Aziz crawled out from under Dick’s feet, watching in astonishment as Idris’s ass simply ate the huge dong, while Idris finally came to, and began jacking himself. “Whoah!” He immediately yelled, and simply sliding up and down, he let his cock slap and wave around, until with a few hard “whap” noises on Dick’s smooth belly, “Oh MAN, I’m CUMMING!” Idris yelled, and jets of white sperm flooded all over Dick’s already wet belly and chest.

Idris held onto Dick’s shoulders, milking that cock all he could with his ass while he continued to spew cum, smaller and smaller spurts, until finally, with a huge motion, simply stood up, and with a big “POP” got off the huge meat. I don’t’ know why but everyone looked at me, “I’m not going to get fucked tonight!” I laughed, stroking my hard cock, looking at Dick. Idris collapsed in a chair, and Aziz came and sat on the floor between my legs, and we chatted for a bit, while Dick absent-mindedly stroked his huge shaft. There was a tension, of something unfinished. I stood up, and pulled dick around on the couch, pulling his legs up until his loose asshole was up, and I knelt, his hole in my face. Dick’s cock was almost in his mouth, all he had to do was lean forward slightly, and he did sucking the head.

I was rimming and eating his hole, tasting my own bitter cum as I jacked off,  and watching him self-suck so easily, I squeezed my groin muscles to will my self to cum again hard, wanting to finish the evening. Dick’s eyes were closed as he slurped away, as Idris and Aziz milked their cocks, watching the spectacle. I watched Dick’s meaty balls pull up close, then relax, up close, and relax over and over, so he had to be doing something special with his mouth. Finally, I began feeling close, and standing up, aimed my cock at his hole. He looked up at the change, and watched as I pushed in his well-stretched hole, sliding until my groin was flat against him, and began fucking, slamming into him hard with a hard “whack” sound, and he grunted, slurping his cock again more forcefully, until I grabbed his shaft, feeling the huge fat rod and crying out, began spunking in his hole.

I was pounding cum deep into his gut, then slowly pulling out as he squeezed my shaft, filled his rectum with a few spurts, then he squeezed hard, looking at me intensely as he grunted, and I saw sperm pumping up his urethra into his open mouth, splashing out onto his chest, dripping out of his mouth as four or five more spurts kept pumping more and more cum into his open maw. Carefully, I pulled back, resting his legs back down while he wiped his face, and seeing Idris and Aziz now at full mast, I realized this could go on all night, four of us milking someone, fucking someone, getting fucked by someone in a circle over and over, my hypnotized by Aziz’s fur and muscle, Aziz and Idris by Dick’s cock, Dick by everyone’s muscle, like an endless erotic nightmare.

But, I had to sleep, and at that endless realization, I stood up, and went to my bathroom, getting a towel, and wiped Dick down, and as well Aziz and Idris, while everyone laughed, the ‘horny spell’ being taken off. We all sat back for a minute taking a breather, and Idris apologized but wanted to get up for his workout early, and left. Aziz said “I too must go”, and standing, gave me a huge kiss, and Dick, then said to me, “You are too good to me Joe. But my eyes are bigger than my” then he trailed off, thinking, “My appetite.” Dick got up, stretching his lean body, that huge cock bouncing slightly. “I’ve gotta go, I’m up early, and out of here, back to Vegas.”

I kissed him, and wondered as I saw he had a wedding band space on his finger, a faint white mark in the tan. Who was the lucky spouse “Night Dick, thanks for helping out with my buddy.” Dick laughed. “Hey, as long as my ass gets fed, whoever wants to worship the meat, that’s just a plus. Thanks Daddy Joe!” and at that he gave me a long, surprisingly affectionate kiss. “You got a notepad?” I gave him my gym workout book. “If you’re ever in Vegas” and wrote down his contact information. We still send each other filthy pictures, and I’ll have to tell about the night I met him and the husband. Bit of a surprise!