Steam: eBook Preview

January 3, 2016

The seventh, and final volume of Muscle Ranch finds me and Sami in the steamroom after a long workout, having a long workout. Talk about losing body fluids! The final days of Muscle Ranch are coming up, and the first annual contest is being put together. While waiting during rehearsal, I tell Sami about Hugh, a massage guy from Chicago who was as big as Dick from the ranch. Rehearsal segues into the actual contest, with a big surprise ending, which we should have known all along. The prizewinner gets gold, in a special way, and after all the time being good for others at the ranch, I spend an evening devoted entirely to my own insatiable appetites. Packing, up, saying goodbye, and off back home, waiting for another Muscle Ranch, another year.

I’m texbearjoe, and Austin’s a short drive from my hometown, but it’s a million miles away from ordinary life. This is the second year of the private, invite-only retreat for bodybuilders – mostly offseason – enjoying days of nothing but food, working out, and the company of other men, no women allowed. Most of the guys gave up on shaving, clothing, and inhibitions – you’d be surprised at what guys get into when they can get away with it. It’s stocked full of big male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros amateurs, and some powerlifters getting back to nature by giving up clothes and any semblance of worry about bi/gay/straight as they pursue the body beautiful.

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The excerpt below provides a taste of the contents.

Chapter 1

Sami and I woke up in Muscle Ranch with piss hardons again, glued to each other with my cum. “OW!” he said, pulling back, the hairs on his belly and crotch pulled slightly. We lay there apart on the bed for a moment, kind of still overwhelmed with the amazing sex from the prior night, unexpected Sami was much more of a bottom, and I rarely got fucked, but the emotional connection was what amazed me, completely tuned to each other and exploring. My prostate felt back to normal, and I hopped out of bed to piss, looking at my balls. Normally when you take juice (test and other stuff), your balls shrink slightly, but my balls looked bigger than ever, and swollen. Sami came in and pissed with me, crossing our piss streams and playing a bit as our hardons went down, and I looked at his balls they were huge anyway, low-hangers, but I asked, “Do your balls seem bigger?”

Sami stared at me. “I had been wondering!” he said, “They aren’t usually big globes but well,” he said, pulling them up, and squeezing his scrotum so you could see the outline. They were usually kind of bean shaped with a soft mass on one side, about as big as a cockhead, but in Sami’s case, his cockhead was so big And his testicles were just as big, and we gasped. I pulled on my scrotum too, and squeezing to see my testicles, well! They were even slightly bigger than my cockhead, and my ball sack felt bigger too, maybe it was just all the fucking. “I wonder. I’m going to ask Doc.” We cleaned up for a bit together in the bathroom, somehow making the one sink and shower work, and I thought about the old idea that using a bathroom with someone kills sex but to be honest, watching furry Sami, I could barely keep my hands off him, and he me.

We knew each other for more than a decade, and this week at Muscle Ranch was driving us crazy, getting hotter and hotter for each other. Today was a big day. Tonight was Friday, the Muscle Ranch contest, and we weren’t using the gym tonight so this would be a mega-workout morning, so we’d have to get going. I was undoing the ropes by the bed with Doc came in for our morning “exam”, and I asked him point blank. “I know we’re getting all sorts of performance enhancers so to speak, but are you juicing us with HCG also?” I said, and Doc smiled. “You bet, that’s part of your daily mix.” I laughed. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin was usually a post-juice treatment, to kick-start the balls for testosterone after you cut off artificial sources.

Sami went in for his “exam”, and I told him that we were both having enormously artificially enhanced balls, which is why they were big and swollen, “And mine hurt fast if I don’t cum enough.” Sami laughed and shook his head, “I was feeling that too, like yesterday, fuck they were swollen and ready to cum ALL DAY.” We looked at our balls again I wondered if they would stay big and swollen for a while, it looked hot, especially like Sami in his shorts yesterday. I had to, and crouched, pulling one of Sami’s big balls into my mouth and licking it, tasting a bit of the fresh soapy taste after he washed, then licked and sucked the other one, getting Sami to grunt and moan a bit, cock starting to harden a lot. I slapped his hairy ass, and we walked off to breakfast, half-hard cocks bouncing around and everyone from the Ranch was at early breakfast, a bit crowded.

Sami was surprised at my “Son” Mike at how much he looked like me, and I introduced him to, or pointed out all the people from the last weeks Dragon, Tim and Barry from a few days ago, Dad and Denver of course, Butch, Earl, Cody and Chad, Terry and Justin, Don and Owen, Santos, gosh so many names – and more than two dozen other guys who were pretty always friendly, but pretty straight, didn’t seem to play around much. “You just meet everyone,” Sami said, “I couldn’t do that to save my life!” I laughed at him, “Sami, you met more than I did at the contest.” Sami was quiet for a moment. “You were comfortable that night, big bodybuilder. That’s when you meet and greet and don’t even think about it.” Bro-hugs all the way around and half the guys were very pleased to meet Sami, and amazed at his huge shoulders.

More than a few guys were envious of his fur, but then half the guys asked how often he shaved his body outside the Ranch, how did he shave his back. It was going to be crazy at the gym with all the guys at once, and more than a few headed out directly after breakfast. I looked at Sami “I just can’t workout on a full stomach,” and he agreed, so we walked to the Pool area, which was full, and then decided to go to the hammocks for a bit, which I remembered from an earlier walk. They were hammocks, though you could easily use them as slings Sami decided, and we hopped in a wide one together, though I was worried it wouldn’t hold a quarter-ton of muscle. Not a problem, and we cuddled, talking. “I don’t know where the powerlifters are,” I said. “At Ojai, they had a big workout area to their own, huge bulky guys, I only saw a handful here.”

We chatted for a while about powerlifting (few repetitions, heavy weight sets) workouts versus bodybuilding (high reps, lower weights) workouts, as I stroked his furry chest. “We’re doing chest today. I want to see these babies hard as a rock and sticking out,” and I tweaked his nipples. That provoked tickling, and a few minutes later we fell out of the hammock, dusted ourselves off, and headed to the gym. It was crazy, and fortunately the two of us could kind of “stake out” a territory. Aziz was going crazy along with the three other trainers trying to help guys, but it was just a bit too crowded. I convinced Sami to do a German volume training with me, and made him do slow (4-second) reps, at around 50% his normal weight for pec inclines.

He laughed, and told me it would do nothing, but at the 6th set (10 sets of 10 reps), he was sweating hard, I could smell it, and his chest was burning, pumped up huge, nipples actually stretched out. He stared at my chest, big, round, and white fur, and egged me on, but I was burning too. We did one fucking exercise, and both of us were burned, and Sami stared at me wide-eyed, “Fuck, it’s like I never worked out before!” We continued on with our mega-set, barely getting through declines, then cable flys. It worked out ok we took several minutes between exercises to rest up, and allowed us to stake out equipment easily even though it was crowded. I felt Sami’s chest at the next-to-last-exercise, and it was rock-hard, and hot to the touch. We flexed together in the mirror, side-chest and then most-muscular, and a few of the leaner guys stared.

We were massive, and I toyed with the idea of couples posing sometime I’ve seen men and women do it, but not two guys. We finished up, Sami complaining that he could barely move, and wanting to wash up, we couldn’t too many guys, and we headed to the steamroom for a moment. I don’t really have any body smell when I sweat, but Sami does, and so did several guys in the steamroom it was amazing, like being buried in a work crew out building a highway in Texas sun. Sami and I sat, and I couldn’t get my arms comfortable, my chest kept burning and pulling, Sami was the same. “Awesome,” I heard a guy say next to me, staring at my chest. “Feel it,” I grinned, feeling frisky in the smelly steamroom. He leaned, and his pale hand squeezed my pec, so I flexed and made them bounce back and forth, which instantly didn’t feel good.”

“Fuuuuuuck,” he whispered under his breath, and I noticed a few guys watching me bounce my pecs. The guy then, without asking, reached over and felt Sami’s chest too, and Sami laughed, bouncing his pecs then instantly regretting it like I did. Guys I hadn’t seen before sidled over to us, asking us about volume training, our stack, and I brought up testosterone release. I could practically hear Sami rolling his eyes. “I know that,” one guy said, and another agreed and I recognized Shaun in the fog, “It’s fantastic feeling, your balls shooting all that testosterone.” Sami groaned, and I reached over, and pulled on his brown nipples, feeling them harden under my touch. “Most guys can’t take it,” I said, “You have to get deep.” That spawned an entirely different conversation, with Shaun describing how you have to back onto the cock carefully to get it straight in, then you can release when you need.

The smell was intensifying to me in the room, like pure testosterone floating around, “It gives you an edge,” Shaun said. I stroked Sami again, and then pulled his legs apart, and stroked his cockhead. “Quiet,” I whispered in his ear. His cock started thickening, and everyone got quiet. “He’s wearing something,” I heard someone say, “That’s not real.” For some reason, that tickled Sami, and he shook with silent laughter, his cock starting to rise up, the big brown fat head plumping. I leaned back, my own cock getting hard with the talk and the smell, and Shaun, ever organized, said, “Let me show,” He stood up, cock still soft, and turned around, then bent over, starting to sit on Sami’s cock. He spit in his hand, and rubbed it over the cockhead, and I thought, “This is never going to work.”

He surprised me though, and holding Sami’s huge shaft, managed to push half the head in his ass. He gasped and at least two guys said, “It’s too fucking big Shaun,” but Shaun kept pushing down, groaning, then gave up. I said, “Shaun, sit on mine first, to stretch it open, then you can release on Sami.” Shaun stared at my cock, long but a nice size for fucking, and then backed up to me, and spitting in his hand again, started to sit on my cock. He was tight, not as tight though as the other rainy night, and was able to push the head in. “GNRRRUUUHHH” he sort of howled, bouncing up and down gently on my cockhead, and the pushed and slid my cock deep into his gut until it was all the way in. I put my arm around his waist, holding him on my cock, and reached down and felt his footlong cock, jutting up hard.

I was drooling, and shoving him down on my cock now, as he bounced up and down freely loosening up nicely. I looked over and a few guys were jacking off staring, and Sami had a few hands on his cock, stroking it, trying to measure pinky to thumb, to see how big it was. I was enjoying the semi-dry fuck with Shaun his cock was so responsive and active, squeezing my cock on the down-glide, then letting go on the up-stroke, it was like being sucked. I loved popping in and out of his gut, he didn’t even twitch that was a well-trained ass. “You’re not releasing,” one of the guys said, amazed at the scene in front of him. Shaun then pulled up, pulling off my cock, and shivered slightly. “Jesus Shaun, you’re HUNG!” someone said, the big meat bobbing as he squeezed his ass.

Shaun then went back over to Sami, and squatting, grabbed hold of his ass and pulled the muscle cheeks apart. Another guy came up to me scruffy brown hair on his body, balding, cute plump modest cock, and asked if he could try. “HELL YES!” I said, and he turned around, holding his ass cheeks. I looked over at Sami, and Shaun was trying hard to get the fistlike cockhead in his ass, breathing hard, and bouncing as I gradually saw his asshole open and more and more of Sami sliding in. Scruffy was fragrant, I could smell his sweat, and he squatted down, then turned, “Can I hold your cock?” I said “Yes” again, and he turned, fumbling with my cock, and staring at Shaun’s meat. He pushed down on my cockhead, and to my surprise, relaxed without prompting and I slid right in the tight hole.

I heard him say “Damn” through gritted teeth, and I looked at his arm, which were now pulling his ass wide, military tattoos to go with his jarhead haircut. I slid in partway as he groaned out loud, then he simply sat down hard, my cock ramming up into his guts in one go. He yelled, then shut is mouth, still yelling, then paused. I felt his short plump cock, rock hard and dripping. Shaun managed to get Sami’s cockhead in his rectum, and also tried the “shove down” approach, but it was hard, Sami’s shaft was still pretty thick driving up into Shaun, and he only got halfway. More guys crowded up around us, and Scruffy shuddered, and suddenly he hissed “Fuck,” and my hand was full of cum, oozing in huge globs out of his cock, “I’m fucking releasing, I FEEL the test, OH GOD!” he said, bouncing up lightly on my cock, then suddenly standing up, trembling.

Now the room reeked of cum along with the rank sweat. I saw the door open, and a guy walked, in, said “what the fuck, sniffing,” and turned and walked right back out. Shaun pulled off of Sami’s cock, “I uh, need a break,” he said, and sat on the bench, for a moment, head bowed. A very lean guy, heavy muscles and huge ass came over to me quietly. I knew we had all been eating like crazy, but he didn’t seem to have any fat under his deep carmel-brown skin, or any hair, anywhere, beautiful lean cock also but soft. He looked completely prepped for the contest, dripping with sweat, almost acrid. He turned around, not saying anything, and fumbling for my cock, pushed it between his very hard asscheeks. It was my turn to groan.

Just pushing up between his asscheeks was amazing, gliding across the slick sweaty globe, and when I hit his asshole, he paused. Putting hands on his knees, he leaned forward, arching his back, then kind of twerked or humped up and down on my cockhead, which popped in. “MAN!” he said, then thrust some more, looking more like a stripper dancing than a bodybuilder suddenly. He looked over at Sami’s cock, then bounced once on my cock to the base, and stood right up. We all watched as he started moving his hips, and began a sleazy lapdance on Sami’s cock. He held the cock for a moment, then put a foot up on the bench, and squatted down. Again, whatever he did, the slimy head popped right in his asshole like it was made for him.

He grunted, then shuddered, and put his foot back on the floor. Leaning over, he again put hands on his knees, and moving his ass up and down, slid it on Sami’s cock, finally lowering himself completely on it, shuddering. Shaun was openly jacking off to the spectacle of the huge cock in the guys ass, Sami’s white shaft flashing down and then as it slid in the brown hole. “You OK Sami,” I whispered, and he groaned and nodded, happy to be the fucktoy for these guys. Another guy walked up to me, and nodded wordlessly. He was also completely shaved (what happened to Muscle Ranch not shaving I thought), very tan, amazing abs and ass, narrow clavicles, but small waist. He was tall it’s hard to build muscle at that size He didn’t touch anything, but backed up slowly, bent over and touching the floor until my cock touched his ass.

He adjusted, wiggling his ass, until my cockhead was at his hole, then he backed up more, my cock bending slightly as he pushed it against his ass. Nothing happened, and he was clearly reluctant to grab my cock. I held his ass, and aimed my cock at his hole, but it was so tight “PUSH,” I said, and he raised his head, still quiet. “Push like you’re taking a shit.” He lowered his head, and a second later, his ass began to open up a little bit, my cockhead sliding in his anal canal. He yelped, and held still. Strip was still dancing on Sami’s cock working his hips back and forth as he bounced up and down, and both of them were clearly enjoying Strip leaned back and felt Sami’s furry hard chest on his back, while Sami was jacking off the beautiful big straight perfect cock.

Shaver started to back onto my cock more, but I just grabbed his hips and shoved him down to get it going. He yelped, but I held him in place, and watched Shaun who was clearly excited watching his buddies get “released”, jacking his cock. Strip was going faster and faster by me, brushing against me now and then when he gasped, and I saw a jet of cum shoot up halfway across the steamroom. And another. And another as he groaned out loud, then shakily standing and pulling off of Sami’s cock. Shaver was now bouncing up and down carefully on my cock, and I took a hand and put it on his hard cock, and said, “You gotta release, not get stimulated.” He took the nice-sized cock and started stroking jerkily, as I watched Shaun stand back up, frowning.

I was sure he was mad that Strip could handle Sami but he couldn’t. He turned around, and to my side, a guy asked if I could help him too, he didn’t have much time. He had a light Irish accent, black curly fur on his front and crotch, and a thick beard crawling down his neck very sexy. He didn’t say more, but turned on his hands and knees on the tile bench, and bared his ass to me, pulling on one cheek. I saw his pink hole buried in the fur, and as Shaver continued to peg on my cock, I licked a finger and pushed into Irish. He grunted, and I twisted my finger around, digging in and out of the hole not worrying about prepping or how delicate they were. Shaun yelped and I saw that he managed to get Sami’s cockhead in his ass again, now jacking off that huge swinging cock as more guys crowded around.

I pushed two fingers into Irish as he cried out, arching his back and pulling away slightly, but that did nothing, I just twisted and pushed in further. I know it’s a generalization, but I’ve always found that straight guys like a bit of roughness when their asses are played with, so there you go. Shaver was bouncing hard as I saw the door open and a few guys exit, and Shaun finally grunted, and I saw that he was completely sitting on Sami’s lap, penetrated fully. He was so short, I had the feeling that Sami’s cock must be up around his lungs. He put his hands down, and pushed up gently, sliding up as Sami sighed, and bracing his feet on the floor, thrust up abruptly, shocking the breath out of Shaun. I was now completely occupied with Shaver and Irish, who was jacking off like a machine, now used to the twisting and pushing in his hairy hole.

Shaver, Shaver surprised me jacking off but clearly enjoying pegging on my cock he didn’t feel anywhere near shooting, and was enjoying the anal. My balls were hurting, and I was hot we’d been in the steamroom for maybe 45 minutes, with non-stop sex at that point. I remembered the HCG I had, and wondered how much cum my balls were churning out. I felt Irish’s balls, which were tight but loose, and big, and then felt Shaver’s balls smooth hairless sack, thick almost athletic feeling balls. I had to cum. I braced my feet against the floor, and instead of the leisurely fuck Shaver was taking I bounced up hard into his ass, then began pummeling him, hot strokes of his asshole along my cockshaft. I have to admit, playing with Irish’s hole was also exciting, and I began to push and twist even more aggressively, as he bent over further, jacking and whispering for “More.”

Sami was slamming into Shaun with me, and I felt cum from somewhere shoot on my chest, there were so many guys crowded around us, I didn’t know where it came from. Some hit my mouth, and I licked it, and that was that, I’m so easy. I slammed up into Shaver hard, and reached around pulling his balls, squeezing and rolling them in my fingers to get him to shoot, because I was now primed. I pulled hard, and Shaver gasped and groaned. I felt him start unloading on the floor, splashes on the tiles as I felt more cum on my back from somewhere. Irish started squeezing my fingers, and I felt pulses from his asshole and prostate as he grunted and came all over the tile, shuddering against my hand, when suddenly Shaver stood up, and turned.

His cock was still dripping cum, I leaned forward to lick it but he stepped back quickly, and grunted a “Thanks bro, and exited the steamroom with a couple more guys.” Irish edged forward, pulling off my hand, and sat, looking very sweaty, his body hair in lank curls, and caught his breath. I didn’t cum! My cock was still hard and glistening, when I heard a double-smack as Sami slammed into Shaun, then hit the tile with his big ass, and Shaun quietly started shooting cum all over himself, the floor, Sami’s legs, my legs. He whipped that big cock around as it oozed load after load, until he stood straight up, shivering. We all were motionless for a second, steam jets from the other end of the room expelling a fog of hot wet air again, and I noticed the room smelled less of man, more of cum at that moment.

Shaun efficiently got a hose from the end of the room, and rinsed off with cold water, gasping as it his asshole and cock, then washed the floor off where he and other guys came. Irish got up and high-tailed it out of the steamroom, and Shaun exited wordlessly leaving me and Sami together. I looked at him, his fur completely soaked and flat against his skin. “I gotta cum,” I said, “But I’m about to die from heat exhaustion.” Sami laughed and nodded his head, eyes closed, stroking his wet cock. I slid off the bench, kneeling in front of him and lifted each foot, putting them on the bench I got him sitting at the V angle where to benches came together and then began licking his hole, rimming him as I jacked myself with one hand, him with the other.

My fingers glided over the fat cockhead, rubbing the up and down the shaft as I saw Sami reach and pinch his nipples, when I was able to push my tongue up in his sweaty hole, rolling it around to taste all his juices. Sami was very relaxed, and as I continued to jack, I let his cock go, and started pushing and twisting my fingers in his hole. Sami gasped, “That’s it Joe!” he said, wrapping his hand around his cock and jacking it. I pushd four fingers in his hole, ramming in and out, then pressing against his prostate as I stroked my cock almost in a blur, balls screaming to shoot. I was also battering Sami’s sensitive balls as they hung down over my hand in the hot steamy environment, but Sami loved it, reaching down to tap them himself. I remembered Corpus Christi, and pulled one to his hole, and tried to stuff it inside, but it was all too wet, and Sami cried “Ouch!”

I continued working his hole now, when Sami shifted on the bench, and said, “I want to feed you Uncle Joe,” and he held my chin as his whole body jiggled while he jacked off. I was close again, “I’m ready boy, feed your uncle!” I said, and Sami stared at me, those big liquid brown-black eyes, and pursed his lips, breathing hard as he stroked frantically. “Here,” he said, his eyes flashing wide almost with fright, “Here it comes, ” he said, looking at his cock almost incredulously. I clamped my mouth over the fat head as he continued to stroke the shaft, whining now then suddenly I tasted the spurt of his acrid, bitter cum. I shot. I shot and shot on the floor, frantically sucking and swallowing his cum as he milked his cock in my mouth, both of us moaning and groaning like we were being killed.

My balls kept emptying on the floor, and I caught some cum in my hand making a wet slick lube to keep jerking my shaft I felt so excited with all that cum Sami was churning out, I felt a brief second wave of orgasm hit me as I churned out more spunk on the floor. Sami paused the cumming in my mouth, and I leaned forward, his thick cockhead scraping all the cum from my tongue, sides, and roof of my mouth as he burrowed into my throat, an old friend pushing and stretching its way in. I held him there, sucking the last bit of juices as I continued jacking off, no more cum but just waves of pleasure going through me. I finally slowed, and pulled back from his cock, popping out of my tight-pressed lips as we both panted for a moment.

“Let’s get OUT of here!” I said, standing back up, and we practically ran to the door, and were relieved in the mostly-empty shower, cold water washing the cum and sweat from the steamroom and the gym off of us. Sami looked at me and laughed, “We are RELEASED!” he shouted, and a couple of guys looked over as we broke out laughing. We walked outside dripping, the hot summer air drying us fairly quickly as we stood by the pool shaking our arms, still no free chairs. We stood there slurping the smoothie down, and I told Sami that at the first muscle ranch, I told the straight guys that what you had to do to get big was drink a lot of cum. Sami stared, “And they believed you.” I smiled, and he said “Don’t give me that. So you told them here it was important to get their prostate massaged for a ‘release’.” I said “Well, Doc helped me promote that.”

Then Sami said, “Well, you’ve got your work cut out for you.” “What?” I said as Sami continued slurping the last of his smoothie. “The next Muscle Ranch. What’s the new bodybuilder secret.” That got me pondering, and grinning. We stared again at all the men around the pool, the bodybuilders, so relaxed. We leapt at two vacated chairs, and sat talking incessantly until lunch, which we delayed going to to avoid the big wave of guys, and Sami squawked, realizing he had been sitting in the sun. “You look sexy,” I said, his skin pinking up a bit, “Blooming with health.” We headed to lunch and I wondered how the contest was going to be organized that evening as we chatted with all the nervous guys