Groundwork: Look Inside eBook

January 13, 2016

The second volume of the long awaited publication of the “Muscle Ranch Ojai” series, deepens the relationship with hairy trainer Aziz, an extra-special supplement he trains bodybuilders to enjoy, and as well an evening with a bisexual dad and son, and a guest…

Hot sunny days, the smell of resinous shrubs in the evenings, and the mouth-filling tastes of man sweat and more at night experienced in the hills of Ojai. This remarkable collection of stories document what happens over a few weeks at an invite-only retreat for offseason male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros, amateurs, and powerlifters, as they get back to nature by giving up clothes, shaving, and eventually inhibitions to pursue the body beautiful.

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

Chapter 5

I rarely sleep with anyone – I snore like a freight train at times, and am a very light sleeper, but generally to me sleeping together is one of the most intimate things…

I was back at the workout area which was on the way back from Dad & Denver, taking a shower after that evening’s session, feeling somewhat strange, but that was to be expected after a genuinely new sexual experience. Drying off, I was walking back to my room, when I saw Aziz had been waiting for me near my room. I gave him a big hug and a kiss, and hugged me very tight, and called me a wonderful friend. I felt slightly awkward as he grasped my hand to walk with me, a small bag in his other hand – normal in Saudi Arabia, but perhaps more intimate than I was used to. I light rain was actually starting to fall… As usual when he wanted to ask me a question, he stopped and looked at me gravely. “Habibi, I have a question.” “Yes Aziz, anything you want.”

Aziz smiled and said “Uncle Joe, can I sleep with you tonight?” I replied “Aziz, if you can sleep with me, you may sleep with me.” He paused a second, looked quizzical, then smiled. We walked into my shared room, but Tex was not there – goodness knows what he was up to, and Aziz shucked off his bathing suit, and jumped into bed, looking coy. I climbed into bed after opening the room’s sliding door – the temperature and weather here were absolutely wonderful. Aziz hugged and kissed me, and I looked at him carefully. What a man. Long black eyelashes, and those glittering black eyes – up close, they were dark brown, and looked at me carefully. His beard was so jet black, and I could see how carefully he trimmed his upper lip, bristly black hairs popping out, I had to kiss him suddenly. His lips were slightly too big for his face, making him look with that big beard, overripe and sexy.

His head had not been shaved recently, so it was a vast field of stubble… Close up, I could see his beautiful traps flexing slightly under the fat-free almost skin as he turned away from me and snuggled up against me. His upper backside was covered with tufts of curly, hard fur, which spread down his neck across his traps and split, part going down his back (a lawn covering his lats), and then more covering his delts. It felt wonderful, slightly scratchy against my own chest, and I flexed and bounced my muscles against his back involuntarily. Aziz had a gigantic ass, I have to say, solid muscle, and it fit into my groin like a ball in socket, hot, and I could feel the heat from the fur in is asscrack against my cock, which was coming to life. I was able to work my right arm under his thick neck to hug him closely as we locked very comfortably together.

His legs were covered with more of the thick, bristly hair that scratched my thighs, nestled against his hams, and as I got a full hardon, Aziz murmured “No Anal.” So romantic! Hugging him, my hands roamed over his bristly furry chest, feeling like deep pile carpet erupting from stone, his muscle was so hard, and sliding down gently, I counted each of the 8 abs also covered with the deep fur, tracing the outline with my left hand, very gently. Aziz shuddered slightly, since this seemed to tickle, and I felt him grasp my arm, and slide it down into the very full thick nest of fur in his crotch. His cock was rock hard, like the rest of his muscles, and I could feel a tiny drip of precum on the tip of his cock. “Habibi…” he sighed, and wiggled his ass at me. What a tease. I put my hand around the thick cylinder of his cock, not able to get around it easily and squeezed it gently, and then slid down to cup his fat full balls covered with even more of that thick fur.

He had not shaved his genitals, as he usually did, for some time – it really was wooly. He put my hand back up on his cock and moved it up and down a bit murmuring something, and then pausing, rolled around in my arms facing me again. He leaned forward, and kissed me deeply on the lips, just the tip of his tongue popping out to touch my lips, then winking at me, pushed further, and as one hand stroked his fat cock and got wet with precum, my other hand was now stroking the fur on his back and shoulders. He took my face, and kissed me deeply, stroking my cheeks and whispering things in Arabic, then put one leg over mine, what a heavily muscled leg! Pulling me closer, I was stroking and playing with him as I pushed my cock against his, stroking both together. We kissed for quite some time stroking, and I slowly moved down to feel his beard in my face.

I smelled a slightly resinous, fresh smell from the Creosote bushes nearby that had gotten wet, and as he lifted his arm around me, I could also smell his fresh sweat mixed together as I moved through the fur on his chest kissing, my eyes closed, enjoying the dark and sensations. I bit one nipple gently, then sucked, and I could feel it hardening as he gasped. We were slowly getting a bit twisted together, in a bad way, and we pulled apart for a second then Aziz sat on my hips. He reached back and pulled my cock up into the thick fur between his asscheeks, and the up under his balls. He started grinding back and forth on my cock, massaging my chest slowly, deeply actually – like he had done a few days before. Excellent at massage, but more of a coaching massage than erotic, but it felt wonderful as his huge muscle ass squeezed my cock.

I started fucking very gently up against him, then licking both my hands, clasped them together with his cock between and slowly, slowly jacked him up and down. A light wind came into the room with more of the fresh smell and he shivered slightly as it blew the sheet off us and I could look at him – rock hard muscle, covered with thick fur, the big beard, and the eyes glittering as he now flexed the muscles of his ass. I was slightly confused – ‘no anal’ he always said, but was now practically milking my ass. His thumbs now pushed hard into the point where my pectoral joined up near my shoulder girdle, unleashing a wonderful feeling that gave me goosebumps, and I closed my eyes and relaxed, fucking against him gently but enjoying the swirl of feeling over me.

Aziz now focused on my left deltoid, flexing his hips and glutes as I stroked his beautiful fat hairy cock, and as he started on my right deltoid, he whispered “Habibi” and pulled my hand off his cock, “I am close”. He continued to massage me with his hands and his ass, then standing up, “Habibi please…” he said, and squatted, asshole directly over my face. I reached up and pulled him closer as he began massaging my right quads, tickling my cock now with his beard. I had leaked precum into his ass fur, and then holding onto his ass, pulled the cheeks apart with my thumbs and licked the exposed hairy hole. I remembered for a second the cum I had just eaten out of another hole, then licked deeply and tasted the fresh clean man sweat, salty, and felt his muscles open his asshole and play with my mouth. I circled his asshole with my tongue as he squeezed and relaxed, then pushed my tongue in, circling his ass muscles with my lips and sucked a deep vacuum.

Aziz groaned and pushed against my face, flexing his glutes, and started on my left quads. Salty asshole taste, the smell of his sweat and the breeze, the deep massage of my muscles, and then feeling a thick honeyed drop of precum drop on my chest, I was in heaven. I sucked and licked his hole, completely lost to the moment when Aziz leaned and spit on my cock, and started to massage it. Long strokes from the base to the tip, then holding in a squeeze, squeezing my cockhead with his wet hand, and then squeezing spiral strokes up and down as he grunted and ground his ass further and further in my mouth. I actually could almost chew his asshole it was so relaxed and distended from my sucking, when Aziz, turning around, spoke “Habibi, careful…” as he positioned my cockhead against his hole.

He squatted, not penetrating, and holding onto my chest, opened and squeezed the tip of my cock with his asshole, as I lightly thrust my hips. “Habibi careful…” he kept saying, until the head of my cock was almost in his asshole, being squeezed and chewed by his powerful muscles. Poor Aziz, he was literally dripping precum now, as he very lightly bounced up and down on my cockhead, groaning as my head popped in and out of his asshole, balancing with a hand on my belly. Every time I tried to push slightly, he pulled back, admonishing me, then began again thrusting his asshole down on my cock. I guess I got it, as over a 10 minute period, he gasped and sighed, leaning down to kiss me, pulling his asscheeks apart, but all in all gradually sliding my spit-slick cock deeper and deeper into his anus, until it filled his rectum, and penetrated the final inner sphincter into his colon.

Aziz gasped and sat in place, opening his ass even more forcefully now, and began jacking himself off. He placed his hand under his shaft as I held his legs for balance, and cupping his cock stroked the thick column from underneath. For minutes now he squeezed and massaged my cock with his iron-like ass muscles, holding perfectly still, and shuddered as he stroked his cock head held back beard out. Faster and faster he began jerking now, and he lost his rhythm as he began gasping and a rapid “uh uh uh” that rose in pitch strikingly. His ass squeezed my cock so tight I thought I would go numb as he started shooting jets of hot cum all over my belly while he screamed out, and just as suddenly as it began, he gasped, released my cock with his ass, and tumbled forward onto me, gulping in air as he shuddered and squeezed me in his iron grip, 250lbs of hairy muscle squashing me into the bed. I loved it!

My poor cock was rock hard swaying in the air for minutes, waiting for a finish, while I had a warm living furry blanked, my arms around him stroking his furry back again, when I realized he was dead asleep, snurkling lightly in my arms. I closed my eyes and surrendered to the furry blanket, and suddenly opened again – 5 minutes, an hour later? I don’t know. Another flash of lightning in the distance woke me, and Aziz was beside me, arms still around me, snoring into my neck. I felt his cock hard against my ass, and lightly, every so quietly, released myself, and changed position. Under the sheet, I licked fat tip of his cock, it was so flat and bloated, and tasted the remnants of his last cum. I licked harder, in the dark now, smelling the musky smell of his crotch, sweat, and dried cum, and opening my mouth wide, sucked in his cockhead.

Aziz groaned as I sucked, and holding my head, lifted a massive leg and put his heel behind my neck. I felt him grab my cock and rub it against his beard and moustache, which was an unbearable sensation. I also lifted my leg up, and placed it my heel behind his neck, as he kissed the tip of my cock and tentatively sucked it. I put both hands around his cock, massaging the shaft and now more intensively sucking it as Aziz groaned, and he popped the head of my cock in his mouth and somehow rolled it around with his tongue and lips, a sensation that was like a hot electric fire on my entire cock, just unreal. I started my own grunting as he sucked intensively, and holding his cock like a baby bottle in the dark, suckled him under the sheets for my Aziz muscle milk feeding.

He pushed his heel harder and harder into my neck forcing more cock into my throat, head now resting on his other thigh as he pulled his legs up. I did the same, which he was not quite prepared for as he gagged on my long shaft, which only goaded me on. You have to imagine this crazy kind of tangle we were in and both struggling. I pressed in this crazy 69 wrestling hold, and as he forced his fat cock into my mouth as I sucked, I did the same until we were both locked, gagging and gasping on cock, sucking frantically. He began to struggle to get loose, so I relented slightly, and then flexing my leg pushed his face back onto my cock. We both were sucking and grunting and suddenly I realized I was ready to finish off what his fucking had begun, so I let loose slightly so he would do that magic on the head of my cock, and as he sucked and rolled it around again.

My glutes started flexing uncontrollably and I gargled “Aziz, I’m coming” to warn, and then began shooting gobs of hot cum in his mouth while he sucked. It galvanized him, he instantly tried to get my cock out of his mouth, but with his head in a lock, I held tight as he was forced to gulp my cum or choke, and suddenly he seized my head hard with his own headlock and becoming a battering ram, shot one of the biggest loads I had had into my mouth, faster than I could swallow, my tongue being squashed by his cock, until I was gasping and slurping his cum as it partially ran out of my mouth. Finally I felt him relax, both of us dropped our headlock, and with his furry head on my thigh and mine on his, I rested for just a moment, moving around until my nose was buried in the fur under his balls, and I could simply rest smelling him, head on his massive quads and hams.

I woke again to Aziz on top of me, holding onto the bed headboard, and squatting down his asshole to my mouth, and now fucking it against my mouth as with closed eyes I licked and sucked his hole while he jacked off, not sure if it was a dream as I felt my face enveloped in his massive furry ass, scratchy hair all over my cheeks and mouth. It seemed like a half hour I sucked his hole until he whispered “Uncle Joe, you eat…” and he leaned over, and milked his cock directly into my mouth, feeding me shot after shot of spicy hot bitter cum. I drifted back to sleep, mouth and throat coated with Aziz. We moved around more and more through the night, and I jacked Aziz off at least once and he did me until I woke, pale clear dawn light coming in the doors of the room. I had a big morning woodie, and Aziz was facing the door on the edge of the bed, facing away from me, and was slowly, again, lowering my spit-wet cock into his ass.

“No Anal” I remembered, “No Anal” unless under his complete control. Why argue with a good thing? He grunted and gasped and cursed, my long cock very slowly again penetrating his anus, rectum, then into his colon, and he pushed my legs together, holding now onto my massive calves and squeezing them, raising and lowering his ass on my cock. It was a lurid sight, my cock disappearing into his hairy asshole, his back muscles rippling down as he raised his ass, then relaxing as his gluteus flexed pressing his asshole back down on my cock, sinking to my pale blond crotch. Up and down he rode my cock, as I drifted in and out of sleep (if that’s possible, or just pleasure), while I felt him rub his fat meat against my massive thighs. Slowly, the pace of his fucking himself on my cock sped up, and he groaned and cursed again very gently, when without control, I was ready to cum, only my bladder was so full, I also wanted to piss.

Every time he landed against me on the downstroke, it sent a shockwave through my bladder, then on the upstroke a signal to cum, I was in agony. Faster and faster, and more and more awake I became, I wasn’t sure I could control anything and trembling, I gasped, and my cock thickened and hardened, and started pumping Aziz full of my morning load. He definitely felt it and called out “Joe! Joe!” and suddenly I felt his own cock dumping cum all over my legs as he struggled, losing rhythm again, to keep humping on my cock. Finally, he lifted his ass, up and off my cock, and in a crouch, he literally shot all my cum out his ass, dripping down my cockshaft covering my crotch and balls with hot liquid, as he then stood up, facing me with his lightly deflating meat, held his had out “Uncle Joe, come, come…”

He took me to the shower, and patiently and beautifully, washed me head to toe with his hands and soap, and I said, “Aziz, please, I must go…” he grinned, and holding my cock, aimed it at the shower drain, and looked at me with a glittering eye. I crouched slightly, and warm hot piss flowed as he washed my cock, feeling my asshole with a soapy thumb, and draining me completely, squeezed and milked my shaft dry. He turned now in the shower, soap in my hand, and I had the joy of washing his immense hairy body, just luxuriating in the soapy fur, and turning him around, held his fat cock, “Aziz, now…” and a hot stream of piss fell into the shower drain as I soaped his cock and played with his ass. Finally we both stepped out, and drying each other off, pulled the sheet on the bed back up over the wet spermy mess and jumped back in, warm and clean, and Aziz, peppered me with kisses as we nodded off back to sleep, whispering “Habibi…”

Suddenly the alarm clock went off, and it was really time to get up, and Aziz was already wide awake looking at me fondly. Now the mysterious bag. He took a box out, and said “Joe, please, I give this to you.” He opened it, and inside was a thick gold cockring. I was shocked, to be honest, and not sure what to do. I picked it up, and it weighed a ton. From the weight in comparison to the size, it was not plated gold instead of plated chrome. It was gold. “Aziz, I’m not sure, can I accept this?” Aziz looked at me gravely. “Uncle Joe, you are my bed husband now.” I felt like Ishmael at the beginning of “Moby Dick”. “Please?” I looked at him, and kissed Aziz, “Aziz, nothing would give me more pleasure.” Aziz then, on his belly, suddenly moved around and focused on my cock. He licked his hands to lubricate it, and popping my balls through the ring, squeezed my cock (painfully, I might add) and then looped it through the ring.

He sucked on my cock gently, with a deep vacuum and I immediately hardened. The ring was tight, nicely so, and my cock thickened and became slightly more purple-red than normal, hard as steel as Aziz stroked it. “Beautiful Habibi.” He then manipulated my cock back out of the ring, then my balls, and put it in the box, and then this 250lb furry muscle man grabbed me, and wrestled me on top of him, hugging and squeezing me, legs wrapped around me, and said “Joe you and I have to EAT. Muscle to grow!” and with that he got up, put back on his tiny bathing suit, and we walked off to first breakfast.