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January 3, 2016

The third volume of Muscle Ranch sets me up again for a class “demo” for sexual health – never before has a “digital exam” had so many guys happy to participate. The ranch does allow some male guests of participants, and I end up meeting furry skinny Jewish Eban, along with his brother Eli – a schvitz will never be the same. I swing the other way to reminiscing about a huge guy I met, then begin to show more and more guys from the ranch a special way to get testosterone release – you’d never think straight guys could take so much. Finally, and more strangely, I accidentally meet the results of sperm donations from when I was in college. That’s a mind-blower!

I’m texbearjoe, and Austin’s a short drive from my hometown, but it’s a million miles away from ordinary life. This is the second year of the private, invite-only retreat for bodybuilders – mostly offseason – enjoying days of nothing but food, working out, and the company of other men, no women allowed. Most of the guys gave up on shaving, clothing, and inhibitions – you’d be surprised at what guys get into when they can get away with it. It’s stocked full of big male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros amateurs, and some powerlifters getting back to nature by giving up clothes and any semblance of worry about bi/gay/straight as they pursue the body beautiful.

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The excerpt below is a taste of the book contents.

Chapter 3

Early in the morning I heard an alarm, and a curse, and Doc got up and I felt a kiss as he left. It was still dark at Muscle Ranch I was used to people getting up early in Texas but this seemed Very early. I fell back asleep immediately, and as dawn light came in, I woke again, and smelled cum. Well, no surprise! I burped and smiled to myself, and cleaned up in the bathroom. It was Saturday, and I expected to see quite a few more people at breakfast that morning, it was Buddy Weekend after all. I looked in at Idris who was playing away on his keyboard that morning, in his own word with his headphones on. I tapped on the keyboard, and pointed at my wrist indicating time, and Idris nodded and said too loudly “I’ll come along soon Joe.” I walked out and along the trails to the main chow place, and sure enough, lots of guys.

More than a few guys walked along with me, asking if I was ok. “Absolutely” I said, but I did note my voice was deeper than usual. Abuse. I got a big breakfast tray, and sitting alone for a moment was surrounded by what I can only say are “young-uns” as my Grandma said a bunch of guys of all heights and colors, but the one thing in common was that, by Muscle Ranch standards, they were skinny, and probably early 20’s easily old enough to be my sons. That means for a guy 5’10”, he was only around 180lbs, so I have a peculiar standard of skinny perhaps, but being around massive guys 5’10” and 250-275 they were literally half the usual Muscle Ranch type.

I started talking with them wondering where their buddies were asleep naturally. Bodybuilders sleep a lot. They were all excited about Buddy weekend, and more than a few were staring at me the spectacle I made of myself the night before and one to my right, Deroy, asked quietly did cum really make me so big? I laughed, and told him “Absolutely. I’ve been a cocksucker for 35 years. That’s what did it. Not weightlifting. Deroy looked at me with big eyes, and his face then changed. “You’re funning me,” and he clapped me on the shoulder. Joachim asked me from across the table, “Do you think I can get as big as you?” He had broad shoulders, tiny waist, and good start at his chest.” “Joachim, you’ve got the right bones for it.” He slapped hands with the guy next to him, and I continued to cheer them all on. Anyone can get big if they eat enough, and work out.

“Food, that’s the problem.” I said. “You know, I’m eating around 5000 calories a day.” They looked startled. “And that Cuuuuum,” Deroy said. “You bet!” we continued talking then, and I told them to make sure they were at their cabin to no miss Doc and his juice. “What’s that do!” Deroy said. “It makes you big, and it makes you very horny.” They all got quiet. “I already jack off three times a day!” Deroy said. “Try ten then!” I responded and everyone laughed, Deroy looked a little embarrassed. We got up eventually from breakfast, and I could see they were quite lean I decided to not think “skinny” anymore and they ran to get back to their cabins. Joachim looked very nice with his shorts off, big balls, and a fat, really thick soft cock. The other guys had shy cocks; Deroy didn’t take his shorts off at all.

One of the guys, Eban, a small, skinny, very furry Jewish guy surprised me he had a fat cut cock that hung long when he was soft. I wondered what that would look like. I should have paid more attention last night! Doc showed up early at my cabin, he must have changed his schedule, and before he called Idris out for his shot, he gave me the biggest, deepest, most luxurious kiss, rubbing his cock against me in his shorts. “Ahh, Joe, I’ve been thinking about it all morning. You gave it all to me last night didn’t you. You didn’t give a shit anyone was around, you wanted me happy.” I grinned. “Doc, I did get something out of it too, you know.” He kissed me again, feeling my muscles. “You’re exactly my age too. Damn,” he said, shaking his head. “I gotta get busy. Too many guys.” He then knocked on Idris’s door and went in, then gave me a big kiss again on the way out.

After a while I headed to the gym for a volume chest workout, and met more of my lean men along the way. They watched my cock swing for a bit, “You like to, you know, get sucked too?” Eban asked? “Who wants to know!” I said, squeezing his arm. He turned bright red total catnip to me! I could tease someone. “Eban!” I said, “If I didn’t know better, you like cocksucking too!” I thought Eban was going to die, but I squeezed him again as we walked along, and hurried him to the gym. It was a madhouse, difficult to get a full training in quickly, but when I start German Volume is 10 sets of 10, and I do a 4 second pause at the peak I hold whatever I have for a while. Deroy, Eban, Joachim and few more guys came over and watched for a bit. I rotated with them, showing them volume training, and watching them pump and get a good lactic acid burn.

I wondered again why they didn’t have their buddy with them, but they really wanted to work more with me at the moment. What I thought would be a 45-minute training turned into almost two hours, and I had to break away to eat. The boys followed me into the shower, and I cleaned up, hoping I wasn’t too late for mid-morning food. As I thought, Eban’s cock was a real shower, and as he washed, looking at me shyly, it got a little hard, jumping a few inches longer. Deroy’s cock was a beauty, not too long, but a fat head wrapped in his foreskin, Joachim was the startling one it looked like a log between his legs as he washed, rubbery. He almost didn’t speak at all, and I exited for a quick steamroom, and they, yep, followed me right in. Eban tried to be nonchalant, and ended up sitting next to me “totally by accident”, and Joachim also. Deroy sat off to one side, carefully arranging a towel, not quite sure what the steamroom would be like clearly.

Eban and I started talking, and I asked him if he had a schvitz back home, and he blushed a tiny bit. “Yes,” he said, “My Rabbi used to take me in and talk to me.” I couldn’t resist raising an eyebrow. “Your Rabbi?” “Yes,” Eban said, “Nothing happened” “But you wanted it to, didn’t you.” Eban looked terribly guilty for a second, “Yes” he said with a small voice. “He was so handsome, short hairy, very short furry moustache, wonderful smile. He stared at my face. “He looked, well, a little like you.” “I look like everyone.” I laughed, “He was blond?” “No, no no, very dark and furry.” We continued along that vein for a moment, and my quickness to smile and laugh, and cheerfulness at talking, that’s what reminded him. “You don’t judge do you Joe,” Eban said. “Nope.” Deroy and Joachim were silently listening to us schmooze about handsome older men for a while.

I rubbed my shoulder against Eban, “Did you want him to do that?” Eban turned red again and stuttered. I loved feeling the crisp hard fur on his “lean” shoulder. He did have wide shoulders, he’d be a very sexy pocket bear when he got older and heavier. Eban’s cock also squirmed between his furry legs. I rubbed my leg against his. Eban said told me the Rabbi used to put his hand on his thigh, and he was deadly embarrassed  because he was afraid of getting hard. I of course immediately put my hand on Eban’s furry thigh, “Like that?” and Eban shivered in the heat. His cock stirred more, and the cut pink fatness started plumping up like it had a life of its own. Obscene. It just looked wrong since he was so diminutive. “OhhhhHHH” Eban said, looking down, and up at me. I stroked the wet steamy fur on his leg with one finger, tracing it up not towards his crotch, but along the outside of his leg, then along under his arm, and up to his hairy chest.

Eban’s cock immediately got very hard, and it was a fat juicy plug, beautiful, with a nice flange on the head. Eban was breathing hard, “Should we get out of the heat?” I asked, and he shook his head no. Joachim had leaned back, I noticed, and was stroking his enormous meat it was both long and thick, and Deroy was jacking off openly staring. I put my hand back on Eban’s furry thigh, and whispered to him, “Look, those guys are jacking off over you!” Eban shook his head, “No, over you.” My cock was hard, I admit, and chest enormously pumped veins bulging out across the top, near to my armpit. But it was too hot for me to continue in the steamroom. Not wanting to be a total cocktease, I told them I had to cool off in the shower for a moment. I got out, and under the shower I saw the three follow me. One second later they were beside me under the showers.

“Hey, let’s take a walk.” I headed out, letting the hot breeze dry me off as the boys scrambled to follow, hands over their hard cocks, mine waving a bit. I remembered seeing Butch go off with some guys near the river, and thought it might give us some privacy so I walked on the unfamiliar trail, and ended up near a boathouse. I looked inside and there were some rafts, and outside a couple of benches and a long deck to slide the rafts into the water. Not too sexy.  We continued on, and came across a building that I can only describe as a roof-only kind of barn, just poles and trusses, no walls. There were benches inside, and nearby a couple of barbecue pits, so it was an outdoors picnic area. I sat down on one of the benches in the middle, and was surrounded by the three guys.

Immediately, Deroy was jacking off again, along with Joachim, and Eban sat next to me, and I started stroking his furry leg again. He shuddered and sighed, and I let my hand go up to his cock, and stroked it for him. Eban didn’t know if he should collapse against me, or toughen up and grab my cock, or what to do it was clearly a huge fantasy for him to be in the situation, but he was still trying to see what this was all about. I heard him whisper “Aba’leh”, and I leaned over to him, “Yes, Daddy is stroking you, you love it don’t you.” Eban whimpered, but then grunted and groaned a bit leaning back. He was really beautifully furry, and had a nice six-pack under the soft brown curls. I rubbed my hand over his belly and chest he pumped up nicely, and more of those soft curls then spit in my hand and took hold of his big pink cock.

“Please,” he said, thrusting his hips forward more. “Aba’leh, I want your cock too,” he said, and reached over. He had very small hands with furry fingers, it was adorable. I leaned back and spread my legs, giving him full access to my hard cock. Eban stood up, and leaned over to start sucking my cock. Deroy and Joachim adjusted their positions to get nearer to watch him. He was a newbie. He put his lips on my cock, and kind of moved his head, sliding it in his mouth, but not sucking or anything further. “Suck, Son” I said, “You know the feeling.” Eban paused, and then started sucking, slurping my cock in his mouth over his teeth. “OW!” I said, grabbing his jaw. “Cover your teeth with your lips. Joachim and Deroy giggled. Eban stopped, and I put my hands on his balding head, and furry shoulders. He started again, sucking forcefully, teeth covered, and sliding my cock in his mouth he made tiny back and forth motions getting more into it as time went on.

I was just fascinated by the crisp curly fur over his shoulders and a bit on his back, he really was hairy, but so fine! I pulled him away, and said, “Let me show you.” I got him to sit on the table, and sitting on the bench in front of him, I put my hand against his furry crotch, squeezing his cock at the base, making it stick out. It was a fat fucker, this was going to be nice. I opened my mouth wide looking up at him, and then put my lips around the wide cockhead. I sucked just the smallest bit in my mouth until I felt the flange pass my lips, and then rolled my tongue around the head. “Ohhh!” Eban wailed a bit, and I pushed my tongue in his pisshole, then flicked back and forth. His hands shot to my head, stroking and holding it, “Papa Joe, that’s feels, so incredible!” he whispered, rocking slightly. I continued to suck the head and play with it, pushing forward slowly to let the head of his cock rake against the roof of my mouth while I worked the underside with my tongue.

It felt great in my mouth, not too big, not too small, enough I could work my tongue, but big enough I new it would stretch my throat. I paused, and Eban looked at me quizzically. “Now you try the same.” We switched, and Eban sat, my cock in his hand, and he opened his mouth carefully and popped the head in. He sucked, but not all of it in, and I felt his tongue fumbling around, then licking around the head in circles, which felt delightful. He tried to flick over my own pisshole, then pushed my cock further in his mouth, rubbing it against the roof. “Good Son! That’s the way!” Eban continued now to push my cock in and out of his mouth, then further in until I hit the back of his mouth, and he gagged, body convulsing. He stopped and gasped a little bit, but I could tell having such a long cock in his throat was exciting him a lot.

I stroked his head and beard, “Bubalah, you feel great! Keep going!” He started again, sucking my cock with more conviction, slowly sliding back to the back of his mouth, and gagging slightly, but not jerking my cock out. “The more you do it, the easier it gets.” “I want it in my throat like I saw you do last night!” he exclaimed, “I want my mouth fucked papa!” He crammed me back in, sucking fiercely and trying desperately to suppress his gagging, but I noticed as he started gagging, he began jacking himself off frantically, it must have been wonderful. I lifted my legs, putting them over his furry shoulders, and drawing him more closely until his face was engulfed in my huge quads and cock. I suddenly pressed him in, face buried against me, cock in his throat, and squeezed, my ankles crossed so he couldn’t get away and let him struggle for a few minutes.

I let him go, and he exploded backwards, gasping, red-faced and excited. “Uh!” was all he could say for a minute, and he leaned forward carefully, as I put my legs on his shoulders again. I squeezed his head this time with my quads without pushing his head down on my cock, and held him. Deroy started making grunting sounds, and suddenly he was shooting a stream of creamy jizz on the ground, shaking and jerking on the table. “Man!” He said, shivering, and staring at Eban who had voluntarily shoved my cock all the way to the root at this point. Deroy got up, and paused, walking off, leaving Joachim jacking off watching Eban. Eban was getting better at sucking, choking on my cock and jacking off as I squeezed his shoulders and traps, my hands enjoying his fur. He paused, gasping for a moment, raising up with a wet face, “Am I doing it right Papa?” I nodded and held his chin, then slid off the table kissing him.

He froze not been kissed by men much, and I pushed my tongue into his mouth as he hesitated. “I want to make you feel good Joe, please let me!” he said, hugging me, his furry lean body against mine. I pulled him over to Joachim, and told him to look at that big cock. Joachim put his hands back on the table, where he was sitting, and his cock simply pointed straight up in the air. “Think you can take that Eban?” I asked. “I want you?” he asked hesitating, “I want you to suck cock for me, be my suck boy.” He brightened up, and I realized I was setting him on a path he’d repeat over and over again first sexual encounters. I wanted it good. He stood in front of Joachim and took hold of his cock, and turned pink again he should never play poker. “He’s so big papa!” Eban said, nervous now. He opened his mouth and pulled the cock towards himself, and put the head in his mouth.

“Looks big, but now it’s not so big compared to mine, eh?” I asked, rubbing my hand over his lightly furry ass. He had a big muscular butt, slightly out of balance to his slimmer leaner torso. I wanted that butt on my face soon. Eban and Joachim were working together soon, Eban trying to suck Joachim’s cock, and making a few mistakes because of the size, gagging, but getting very excited. I pulled a bench up behind Eban, and sitting down, started massaging his ass, pulling the cheeks apart. He was small, maybe 5’4″ I realized and even though his ass looked big, I my hands could cover each cheek. I let my thumbs slide towards his asshole, and touched it to gauge his reaction, which was a grunt and shiver. Leaning forward, I pushed my mouth towards his hairy hole, and tongue out, licked it. Very furry, my tongue was digging through a forest for his hole.

Eban wailed slightly when I made contact, and penetrated with my tongue, but Joachim obligingly pushed his face back on his fat cock. In a moment, I was rolling my tongue in his hole, then as I got further in, sucking on it, making his asslips bloated and distended. It was delightful. I felt at that moment that I could just pick up Eban like a furry toy and jam him on my cock. I sat up for a moment, massaging his ass and reaching down under to feel his ball like his cock, disproportionate to his size, big ping-pong balls. Eban stopped jacking off for a moment, and with my left hand, I pushed my thumb in his ass, and with my right, I pulled his cock down almost uncomfortably and jacked him while he gagged and struggled with Joachim’s cock. I couldn’t resist now.

I simply put my arm around his middle, and picked him up he was all of 120lbs wet! He flailed his arms around, and I cradled him in my arms for a second, kissing him, and stroking his cock through his legs, and told him it was his turn to lick Daddy’s ass. I put his feet on the ground, and then leaned over to appraise Joachim’s cock. He grunted, and shoved his hips forward, muttering “Suck Papi Joe!” and at that, I licked from the base to the tip he was really hung. I mouthed one ball, almost too big to get in my mouth, then mouthed the other, sucking it in as he yelped. It was firm and rubbery, and I was drooling freely as I sucked and pulled on it. Eban was making delicate sensations on my ass, feeling the muscles, and  my legs, so I continued to focus on Joachim’s balls, now getting the other one in by itself to polish. I licked the cockshaft again, then rolling my tongue around the uncut tip, pushed it in and tasted all the accumulated juices.

Fuck, I started jacking off tasting him, when I felt Eban finally make contact with my asshole. His furry face was buried in my cheeks, and as with sucking, he began to get more and more excited licking my hole, and trying to get my tongue in it. I pulled Joachim’s cock skin, pulling his foreskin back over the head while it was in my mouth, the thick round head popping out finally, like something being given birth in my mouth. It was succulent, different from most of the cocks, a very hard cockhead, but round, almost spherical with a deep split. I made a canal from my tongue and roof of my mouth, and slid his cock in and out, hoping it wasn’t too wide, but my teeth were completely out of the way, and I slid back deeper and deeper in my mouth. I felt something so tiny at my asshole, I realized it had to be one of Eban’s fingers playing with me, and I felt it vibrating.

Eban was jacking his donkey cock going crazy over daddy ass. I fingered Joachim’s balls with my free hand, getting a big groan out of him, and I felt that he after what, an hour of edging was getting read to cum. I wanted him over the top, so I simply pushed hard, and felt his cock slide and abruptly pop into my throat I felt a zing of pain, he was big! I held him for a moment, then pulling out so just the head was in my throat, swallowed, and let my throat muscles knead the sensitive tissues. Joachim was going crazy, thrusting on the table, trying to push his cock back in my throat, feeling my shoulder muscles and traps, groaning like crazy, when I heard a yelp, and felt a huge pressure in my ass. I think Eban had put his hand in my hole! Shit! I was jacking as an enormous sensation of cum urgency came over me, and I tried my damndest to get Joachim to cum, but he kept grabbing hold of my head.

“I want ass Papi” he finally groaned. I don’t know how he did it, but Eban certainly had my ass stretched and ready. Fuck! I released Joachim, and reaching around yanked Eban’s hand out of my ass. “FUCK!” I yelled at the brief pain, “Eban careful!” and at that, turned and saw him looking at me with horror, that he had hurt me! “I’m fine, just surprised!” I said, and picked him up again, and told Joachim to sit on the bench. He scrambled off the table, and sat down, and leaning over, Eban furry slim body in my hands, I leaned over and backed up towards Joachim. I felt a wet hand on my asshole, and fingers pushed up inside quickly, then a solid object. Joachim’s cockhead. I had to think hard to control my asshole, opening it up, and I got mad that I hadn’t brought some lube, but I don’t anticipate getting fucked that often.

Eban was kissing me like crazy, and I was pulling on his furry balls, and pushing up in his asshole with my thumb again as I acrobatically lowered myself on Joachim’s cock. I felt it bow slightly, not pushing up in, and Joachim got a bit nervous, whispering “Papi, Papi” and pushing up on my hips. Then, with a slow, then sudden “POP”, his cockhead was in my asshole. I had to fight to not yell from the surprise and more than a little stretching pain, but once it was inside past my anal canal, it was tolerable. I lowered myself down further, then rearranged Eban in my arms, so he was facing away from me, my arms wrapped around him. I reached down with both hands, but it wasn’t going to work. I set him on my lap for a second, and then put my hands up under his ass, pulling the hairy cheeks apart. Lifting him, I put the tip of my cock at his asshole.

Eban got dead still, and very quiet, and I resumed sitting down on Joachim as I started forcing Eban down on my cock, like I wanted earlier. I didn’t care that it was going to hurt a little bit, or maybe more, I wanted to fuck that hairy little man, and fuck him hard. I popped into his rectum suddenly, and he yelled out, so I put one hand over his mouth, and shoved him down so my cock slid entirely up into his rectum. I didn’t force further, but sat down hard on Joachim, his brutal cock sliding to the base into me. It was too much, I felt like I was going to burst from inside, and started to get up, but the position was just impossible. I put my feet down, and then leaned over to pull up, but suddenly, the huge cock sliding in my asshole felt incredible, as I was also sliding Eban off my own cock. I let Eban’s mouth go, and felt down to his ginormous cock, and starting to jack him slowly.

I heard him grunt gutturally, and he stopped trying to push off me, and just became limp, my hairy fuck puppet. I wrapped my left hand around his chest, holding him impaled on my cock, and with my right hand continued to jack him, with no subtlety or rhythm, just rapid jamming to get the man to cum. Meanwhile, Joachim had figured out how to lever his hips up off the bench, and he was slamming into my asshole, driving sensations through me that mixed pain with electric cum sensations, prickles that moved all through my groin. I was so surprised at what I had gotten into here, fucked and being fucked a long long time since I had done that. I heard noises behind me that weren’t Joachim, and thought I heard “Here he is.” Then the voices went away as Joachim continued piledriving in my ass, and I kept slamming into Eban. Eban was groaning and begging for Papa to fuck him harder and harder, when I felt wet between my legs.

Joachim was silently cumming, gushing a hoseful of semen up in my ass! Then I heard “Oh my God!” and looking around, I froze. It looked like a funhouse mirror version of Eban, big & muscular, furry. His brother, his buddy! Cum was dripping out of my ass now, and Eban and Eli yelling at each other in Hebrew. I didn’t know what to do, so I calmly lifted a leg, and pulled off Joachim’s horsecock. I then lifted Eban up off my cock, and set him on the ground, and the three of us looked at Joachim for a moment, his huge cock still swaying slightly, dripping cum from the tip. It just looked unreal. Eban was defiant to Eli, in his tone of voice, and within an instant, Joachim had disappeared off to the trail. Thing was, Eli looked angry, but his cock was hard. And like Eban, he had a big pink cut cock.

Eban was maybe 5’4″, slender but big-shouldered, big ass, very furry, Eli was 5’9″, big shouldered, big ass, furry as Eban, but also wrapped in a layer of juiced-up muscle. My cock was dripping from Eban’s ass juices, and the three of us stood there silent, Eban and Eli both looking at my cock. Eban then became assertive, and jarred both Eli and me. He walked over to his brother, and took hold of his cock, squeezing it, and started jacking him off. Eli didn’t know what to do, what to say, where to look, just astonished. “Eban!” he stuttered, staggering backwards a little bit. Eban then pulled Eli’s cock, dragging him towards me. Eli and I looked at each other, and he stared at my beard, and my cock, and I heard a very soft “Aba’leh” from him too, and I knew, I could see the story, the Rabbi in the steamroom, the hand on the leg, Eli wanting but not able to ask, both boys crazy for Dads.

Eli reached out and played with my chest, then felt my beard, looking wonderingly at it. “You look like” he began, “Your Rabbi” I finished. He blushed, and then stroked my muscles and face while Eban jacked both our cocks, pulling us together, jacking us together. Eban may have been much smaller, but he was much more aggressive, and a moment later, I found myself on the bench, Eban sitting on my cock, and jacking and sucking his brother. It was sweet, but I wanted more. I pushed Eban off, and said sternly, “Come with me.” I led the brothers to my cabin, more than a few minutes walk, and Eli and Eban whispered violently at each other the entire time. Back at my cabin, in the bedroom, I got my bottle of lube, and standing the men in front of me, sat on the bed and covered their cocks with lube, and mine, and we all three began a circle jerk.

Eli and Eban’s cock were really identical genetics work it was just that Eban had a smaller furrier body. I couldn’t help it, I had to suck them both, and leaning down, crammed both cocks as best I could in my mouth, but they were big boys. I gave up after a second, and alternated between Eli and Eban, sucking both, fingering Eban’s asshole again. “Eli, on the bed,” I said after a minute, and he lay down, the big muscle man, cock sticking straight up. “Eban, facing the other direction.” Eban got up on the bed, and then I pulled both men together, closer and closer, Eli getting more and more nervous again, until their balls were squashed together, cocks against each other bottom-to-bottom, straight up. I covered the huge brother pole with lube, and started jacking it with both hands, getting them very stimulated until I realized that Eli was going to cum too fast.

I stopped, and then climbed on the bed. I stood over the two men, then carefully squatted down, both cocks poised at my asshole. Eban and Eli both became agitated at the thought of fucking Papa, and excited. I held their cocks together, and held the heads at my asshole. It felt like Joachim again, just a blunt probe against my anus, so I let their cocks go for a second, and holding my ass, pulled it, and pushed to open my cock as much as I could, then pushed against the blunt cockheads. Nothing happened for a moment, and both Eli and Eban were holding their breaths. I let my weight go down on the cocks, and with a slow pulling sensation, suddenly I felt them slipping in my hole. I froze. It was too much either of them was big, but this was too big. I wanted more, I wanted to cum, my balls were aching, but I thought I might destroy my asshole with these Jewish brothers what guilt they’d have!

I slowly, slowly became accommodated to their cockheads in my anal canal, so I pushed down more, and prickles, shivers, and waves of sex feeling pushed through me. I felt goosepimples all over as I managed to take the brothers in my asshole, sliding down a fraction of an inch with each moment, stretching and pushing, rearranging my insides. It felt like too much again, but I held still, shivering, then pushed more, groaning out loud and just letting my passions go. I was yelling at them, my asshole stretched to the limit, sliding still more cocks inside me until I felt even more pressure, and I began jacking off. My prostate was crushed flat, and I was balanced forward on my left hand, right hand jacking off heavily, my mind blown. I could only keep my eyes closed, and focus on the sensation in my asshole and entire groin, huge cocks sliding up in me on trembling men.

I went on fucking myself greedily on their cocks for some minutes, until I felt cum rising. But something didn’t work my prostate was too crushed, my asshole too stretched, I couldn’t fucking cum. A huge span of orgasm washed over me as I cried out, almost passing out, but not a drop of semen I was suspended in the middle of my orgasm, my ass pressure overpowering all of my nerve endings. This went on and on as the boys began thrusting up in my ass, when after some minutes, the orgasm began to wane, but my cock was still hard, and felt ready to burst with semen. I was surprised Eli didn’t cum, but as I lifted up, both cocks left my ass with an audible Pop, and Eban immediately got off the bed. “You lie down, Papa, I want you” Eban insisted, looking angry and red, his bobbing cock dripping juices. Eli was still too much in shock to react, and I got down on the table, still shaky from the un-orgasm.

Eban scrambled up on his brother, and facing away from him, squatted down, and pushed his brother’s cock in his hole, almost effortlessly now. “Papa, fuck me too, NOW!” he practically yelled, and I got up on the bed. I gently lowered Eban against his brother’s chest, so he was lying back giving me access to his hole. His thick cock flopped up on his belly, almost to his chest. Eli finally came out of his zombie state, and put his arms around his brother’s chest, and held him. I crouched in front of Eban, and aimed my still-hard cock to his angry red hole he was really kind of raw. I pushed forward, my cockhead simply stopping against his hole. “Push it in Papa, you’ve already hurt me, I want more!” I his aggression was hot, and I pushed, and pushed harder, finally feeling my cock slide in his little hole alongside his brother’s. Eban yelped and shook, and I simply laid on top of him, beginning to thrust in his hole, regardless of the discomfort.

His whimpers slowly turned into groans of lust, and I felt his cock pulsing against my belly at a certain moment. There was not much to the fuck his hole was so tight with his brother’s cock inside, I could barely move around, just back and forth. I reared back slightly, then in an ungraceful move, flipped my legs around go get under his brother’s legs, which popped my cock out from Eban. He gasped, and grabbed my cock again immediately, pushing himself up, and trying to stuff it back in. I finally pushed up against Eli, cock-to-cock, balls-to-balls, and I told Eban to squat down like I had. Eban got up a little bit, and facing me, reached down, and grabbed our cocks. “Fuck me Papa!” He begged, and started pushing down again on my cock. I reached forward, grabbing his small hips, and brutally pushed him down, our two cocks tearing into his asshole as Eban started jacking off.

All I heard for minutes was an “AhhhAAAAA” sound as he pushed his feet down, lifting up off our cocks, then dropping down onto them, our slick lubricated meat really doing damage. He got faster and faster, crowing louder and louder when suddenly, he stopped. A light burst of cum shot out, and I felt his asshole pulsing, trying to squeeze us. More cum shot, and Eban simply started leaning back on his hands, cock bouncing feely and shooting sprays of cum all over as he violently fucked down on the two cocks, taking all he could. “Goddam!” I heard Eli curse, and then liquid started running down over my cock Eli was cumming, flooding his brother’s asshole with cum, and I was surprised as he also reached forward, and jacking his brother, shoved his dick up as hard as he could into the hole, wailing along with him.

Something in my groin cramped, and then felt like a pop, or release, and a wave of warmth came over me. The un-orgasm I had, well it was coming back, and the three of us were now yelling, and finally a massive cum wave came over me as I started blasting hot sperm up in Eban’s tiny asshole along with his brother. I lost complete sense of time as I gushed up, shaking and thrusting, cum blasting back out of the tight rectum over both our cocks and balls, mixed with the never ending globs and stream from Eban. Eban collapsed like a rag again, back on the bed, both our cocks twisted sideways, still in his asshole. I didn’t want to move. Ever again. Warmth from the orgasm still washed over me, when I heard Eli grunt, “Oh. My. Fucking. God. Eban!”

Slowly our cocks went soft, and slipped out, and I picked up the little man Eban, kissing him and putting in the bed beside his brother. I got a cool washcloth, and cleaned off his asshole no damage, but pretty inflamed. We all three sat there. “Rebbe Joe” I heard Eban say, and Eli laughed. They were stroking each other’s cocks, nonchalantly there was more background here than met the eye. “It was our secret,” I finally heard Eli say, a light edge of disappointment in his voice. “It still is,” Eban said, reaching over to stroke my limp cock. “Eban”, I said, “You want to get big like Eli?” He grinned, “My cock’s as big as his already.”

I rolled around, and reached out to both their cocks, and there they were huge – only it looked crazy on Eban because he was so small. “No, your muscles.” Eban started to say something, and I interrupted. “NO NOT THAT ONE.” We all laughed, and I dragged them out of bed, so we could go get a mid-morning snack before resting. Though I felt like it was already lunchtime! I wash washing my cock, and then Eli’s, lost in thought. I decided that after lunch I’d have to explore Muscle Ranch some more, the building this morning was a surprise. How big was the place! “Motek” Eli said, kissing me finally, and taking my washcloth. “Come, come!” they both said, each holding a hand. Delicious!