eBook Preview: Cascade

January 20, 2016

The third part of my California Road Trip, I loop north-to-south as I enter the Casades, going as far North as I can easily, then back down along the coast. Love the lumberjacks, and love the sea, boat, captain, dad & uncle. Back into Bodybuilder and Bear country in Guerneville, introducing Felix to a beefy crew at a very stoned pool party. From an Oakland gym to a Half Moon Bay hotel, I end up finally in Santa Cruz, in the park, at night, enjoying the view.

Who am I? Texbearjoe. From travel a few years back, I took a few weeks to explore California I had come to know and love through the years. From a visit in Folsom Prison to hikes in Yosemite to a private party at Hearst Castle to my Caveman at the Madonna Inn, some of the oddest, most beautiful, and most entertaining days, afternoons, and evenings I’ve had on a vacation. My crew of new and old friends – lumberjacks, lawyers, musicians, prison inmates, gas station attendants, masseurs, rock collectors and university deans – and Aziz is back from Muscle Ranch, meet me at naked beaches, pool parties, movie-house orgies, hiking, luxury hotels, and bargain tents. You’ll never see California quite the same way again.

Chapter 1

I left with him instead of waiting at the house, and followed him back in the city and had a nice breakfast, again near the Capitol. Felix called me at breakfast, and we talked some more about my plans up North. I went on to the car rental place at the airport, and got a new car – a Mini cooper Convertible, which jumped when I touched the accelerator – I love my own Mini Roadster at home, but I wasn’t going to be able to rent one. Felix called me again, and thanked me for the evening, it wasn’t what he expected, and something he really wanted to try, that he never imagined that sex with a man could be like that. We talked for a bit as I drove up towards Redding, and I had the sense that he was nervous about what sex would be like when his girlfriend came back after a week. Eventually I told him I’d send some pictures of my friend’s California landscapes when I got down to Santa Rosa, and he sounded calmer.

I didn’t want to leave him in the lurch with some new feelings, and we spoke on and off through the rest of the trip. I loved the convertible, though it was noisy, and I couldn’t leave the top open indefinitely. The weather was classic California, slightly hot and sunny all the way up. I took the back road, not the main highway 5, and enjoyed the drive winding through little towns until I ended up in Redding. I found Redding crowded, actually, and wondered what was up. I ended up in a very campy restaurant – “Lumberjacks”, with a giant (14-foot) red-plaid statue of a lumberjack in jeans, big moustache, poised to throw an axe. You have to love restaurants that have giant statues out front. I think it should have it’s own float in a gay pride parade, complete with a crew singing the Monty Python “Lumberjack” song.

I had a big lunch, a giant “Redwood Burger”, and the waitresses told me that she “Hoped I did well that weekend!” I was mystified. I thought I had done pretty well with Felix already (grin). My butt – technically my poor anal canal – was still sore, and my voice was hoarse from the intense fucking. Another waitress said the same thing, and when I paid my bill, on the way out, the seating lady giggled, and asked if she could feel my arm. I flexed my bicep, and she squeezed me, wrapping two hand around it, barely touching, and said I would win! “Win what?” I asked, mystified. “The show tonight.” There was some big barbecue contest on over the weekend, and Friday night, they had a Lumberjack games contest. My god, what you end up getting into when you drive around.

I tried to figure out the timing, and ended up checking in at a hotel near Turtle Bay Park, with a wonderful white suspension bridge across the Sacramento river. I got more information on the Lumberjack thing, which was down south at the Shasta District Fairgrounds, so I decided to have a walk along the river nearby, go to the gym and get pumped, then go on to the Fairgrounds in full Texbearjoe, skintight teeshirt, suspenders, jeans, and lumberjack boots, and see what would happen. My only regret was I hadn’t had a haircut or shave in a while, so my beard was longer than usual, and my side-fade had grown in. Perhaps that was an advantage, I looked a little like Popeye’s “Pappy”.  No matter.

After the spectacular walk along the Sacramento river, I was at the gym, decided since there was something about Lumberjacks and arms, to have a big arm day. Xtreme fitness wasn’t really a gay gym, but as I went through my workout, the staring was intense. There were more than a few rough-looking guys too, in a good way – beards, faded teeshirts, and shorts my high school coaches would wear. One of the guys came over, and asked how old I was, “51” I announced. He asked if I minded if he took a photo with me to show his girlfriend. The guys at the gym were in great shape, but not bulky like me, and Shane started peppering me with questions about how I got so big. Shane himself was about 5’10”, slightly taller, maybe 190 – he looked like a Men’s Fitness model, great shape, but for his taste too skinny.

Shane had two buddies with him who were very shy about talking, Tony and Eli, who looked like carbon copies of Shane. They were doing biceps and chest, while I did biceps and triceps together, so we ended up going through workout machines together. My veins were bulging and arms huge towards the end of my workout, and I did a couple of test double-biceps poses, and side-chest to look at how they would be on stage, as though I competed. I ended up coaching Tony, Eli, and Shane together, which gave me the opportunity to hold their arms, and they to hold mine. They were eventually very friendly, and not shy, and Tony asked me if I took any special nutrients to get so big. I spoke before thinking, “Yeah, a lot of Cum.” I instantly regretted it, as Tony got the most blank expression on his face.

“You mean, like, semen?” He asked. “Well, uh,” I started. “I understand, you’re gay, that’s cool.” Shane said. There was absolutely no affect in him from joking about gay sex, which was curious to me. It was all… OK. I realized it was a non-issue. I finished up, and went back to the locker room, and went back to two rows of showers to clean off, and Tony and Eli were there. Could not have been more opposite from the gym the prior night, the guys were washing, and Tony worked carefully on his cock, pulling back he foreskin as I watched. He had a beautiful body, black-haired, and a light beard, average-sized. He noticed me watching and staring at him, and at that moment, he got soap, and started soaping his cock, stroking in the shower. Eli looked around the partition asking “What’s taking so long man,” and saw Eli stroking a big boner.

I didn’t know what to do, it was too much in the open. I had a big hardon starting, so I took my towel and headed towards the steamroom. Eli and Tony followed me, and I sat down in the empty room, Tony stroking again. Eli started stroking his cock – very beautiful short cock, brown fur and a lightly furred body but very lean, muscles prominent. Both of them watched me as I began stroking, and Tony started jacking harder, leaning forward to lube his cock again by spitting on the tip. I was amazed by how bold it all was, when Tony stood up, and walked over to me. “I’m ready to cum Joe, you want it?” he asked. I was really in shock, and leaned over as he held his cock up. The most reaction I got from him was a “Unhh”, and he began shooting cum in my mouth. I leaned over further, and sucked on the tip as he grunted a few more times, unloading a half-dozen shots of bitter cum.

He sighed, and then sat back down, his cock slowly getting softer as Eli continued stroking, looking at his buddy and me. Eli jumped up, walked over with a cocky walk, and said, “I got more of the same buddy!” and I squatted down on my heels as he pushed his cock in my mouth. Tony walked over to watch me suck Eli, who didn’t cum immediately. He had a perfect sucking cock, and I got the whole thing in my mouth as I stroked his balls. Eli coughed and grunted after a moment, when the door opened and Shane walked in. Eli and Tony had absolutely no reaction but to say “Heyyyyy,” and I continued sucking Eli. “You feeding Joe muscle juice,” he asked, sitting down and beginning to jack his cock too. Tony was jacking off again now, and I was really slurping down Eli – short cock, but thick, really filled my mouth beautifully.

“Jesus, he sucks better than my girlfriend!” Eli said, and then grunting, “Here it comes buddy!” Shane came over and watched as Eli shuddered, and I began sucking and swallowing another load, blander this time, feeling his cock pulsing on my tongue. He was more of an oozer than shooter, but much bigger load. Shane’s cock was the same size as mine, which I had dropped, holding onto Eli’s hips. “You looked like a lumberjack when you came in the gym, Joe, that what you’re here for?” Shane asked, stroking his cock. He was even lightly curved downward like me. I coughed for a second, trying to clear my mouth and throat out of all the sticky sperm. Shane stood up, “you can suck mine if you like?” he said, like Californians, with a question mark rising-pitch at the end. I stuck my tongue out, and tasted a little bit of his precum, and then pushed forward, feeling the hard shaft slid on my tongue. He pushed perfectly into my throat.

“Damn dude!” Shane said, as I swallowed him, deepthroating. “You got it deep.” Eli and Tony sat to either side, and I felt like I was in a surreal porn movie. “His throat’s bulging,” Tony said, squeezing his cock a little bit. Eli’s cock was soft again, almost disappeared in his brown fur. I started bobbing my head on Shane, jacking off again, feeling heat surging through me as his cock and my throat felt completely connected, no pressure from the angle he slid in. Shane held my head, and started thrusting into my throat, “Damn, that’s hot.” He said laconically. He pulled out for a second, leaving me gasping, and he jacked off very quickly. I felt really overheated at that point in the steamroom, and said hoarsely, “I gotta leave soon.” Shane jacked off faster, “Wait a minute big Joe, I gotta feed you too.” His hips started rocking, and he pulled on his balls, stepping forward and grunting, his face grimacing at the effort.

Suddenly he let out a huge “Aaaah,” and thrusting his hips forward, still jacking, he pushed his cockhead towards my mouth. I opened up, tongue out as he coated my beard first, then my tongue with his muscle cream, gushing and spurting deep in my mouth, then missing my mouth again as he jerked and shuddered. “MAN!” He said, flicking his hands to his sides, his bobbing cock letting one last driblet of cum drip off, as Tony and Eli clapped him on the back, and the three exited. I thought, “What the hell happened!” as I got back out, and washed the cum out of my beard. The guy were dressed when I got to the locker room, “Thanks buddy!” they each said in turn, walking out in a row. Amazing. Something’s really changed with guys and I wasn’t sure what it was. But, to be honest, I still hadn’t cum, and I needed one fluid more than anything – Water!

I grabbed a bottle at the front desk, and out to my car started driving down south a little to the Fairgrounds, slowly rehydrating. I paid the entrance, and walked on it, the place was buzzing with people. The person who took my ticket looked confused. “The, uh, entrance for the show is, uh, on the east side?” They said with the same California question. “Show?” I asked, and had to explain for the Nth time I wasn’t competing. I was starving, and once onto the fairgrounds, got a huge barbecue sandwich, pickles, onions, coleslaw, and sat on a community bench wolfing it all down. I had the usual audience after a while, 8-year-old boys, and their young dads who watched as I walked around the festival. I ended up at the “Lumberjack show”, where at that point they were throwing axes at a target set on the end of a huge log.

The guys  all looked like young movie-star-quality Dads except for a few bigger men, and there were also a half-dozen very fit women straight out of Lake Wobegon throwing axes. There was also a log-sawing contest. I didn’t know there were so many plaid shirt possibilities as the teams went through their paces. It looked like they put the plaid shirts on at the last minute, with teeshirts underneath – I have to say, it was about 85 degrees, so it was pretty warm as it was, even without a plaid shirt. Then a big rangy guy, had to be 6’6″ walked up to me, blue plaid shirt, and asked with an oddly mushy voice, “You goin’ tonight?” I grinned and said, “I wasn’t in the contest.” He grinned, and I realized he spoke with a Deaf accent, slightly slurred. “It’s the after-contest.” I looked blank. “I know who you are, bigmusclebears, can’t believe I actually meet you.”

Brian stared at my lips, but that was no help, my moustache was pretty big. I felt a chill run through me. “After-contest?” I asked, “Yeah, in the Blue Ox room, behind the cattle pavilion.” “Sure!” I said cheerfully, wondering what the hell this was about. “Damn!” he said, clapping his hands together, and then bowing down a little bit, turned and ran off. I wandered around through the rest of the event, and finally saw that the Lumberjack part was over, the Red team had won. I had a couple of guys take pictures with me as I walked through, and didn’t think more of it, trying to figure out where the Blue Ox room was. I found what looked like the “cattle pavilion”, but the areas behind it were locked. I stood there, and watched a pair of big bear guys walk up to it, and looking around, banged on the door.

It opened, and they walked in. I ran up to the door, and did the same, and when the guy behind the door saw me, he turned around and ran back. I saw him look distinctly at Brian and signed something and said simultaneously “Brian, he’s here!” The same big guy who talked to me ran up, very excited. I went down a darkish hall with him which had wiring and cables running along the side, and turning the corner, saw room partitions set up like from an exhibition, and a half-dozen couches and packing boxes set up as tables. There were a dozen guys drinking beer, all sizes shapes and beards. “Welcome to the unofficial Gay Lumberjacks” Brian said, “I’ll get you a beer!” I was dazed. From one Porn movie fantasy to another, but clothes were on here. The guys came up to me to shake hands, “I’ve seen all your videos” and “I’ve seen all your pictures for years!” and I had to laugh, it was almost embarrassing.

“You’re all much hotter than me!” I said, being honest, and they were. Brian gave me a beer, and the guys rustled around the couches, making room for me and Brian. “Fuck, you have all the luck!” one big guy said to Brian, punching his shoulder, and Brian kept looking at me, shaking his head and grinning. “I know I don’t have a chance with you, Joe” he said, “But Damn, you look good.” I was feeling awful that my reputation, as well as years of photos, were preceding me and making the guys nervous. “I’m out of your league, but…” Brian went on, and I grabbed his hand. “Be quiet,” I said smiling. “Isn’t it nice weather we’re having!” Brian shyly leaned over and kissed my neck, and pulled away. “I have to read your lips Joe. But your big moustache is not helping, it’s so sexy!” he said. “Go on, I like being kissed by sexy guys.” I replied pulling my moustache up. Brian blushed, “Aw, c’mon Joe, look at you!”

The rest of the guys were talking, and a couple walked off, and suddenly we were plunged into pitch blackness, then dimmer lights came on. “Whooooo!” they all yelled, “So ROMANTIC!” and a hot redhead handed me a beer. Brian looked at me, and said, “If you want me to go, I’m ok, I’m just happy to sit here!” I was about to die. “Please, sit here Brian, come on. I’m just a guy.” The picture session started, with guys wanting to stand with me and do selfies. “Can I take a picture with your shirt off,” Brian said, more boldly. I took my shirt off, grinning, as Brian looked at my thick swollen muscles. His eyes looked glazed, and leaned down to take the picture, but I pulled his face to me and said said “No no no!” and he looked stricken. “You have to take your shirt off also.” Music started up, some country-and-western, and Brian took his shirt off reluctantly.

He had a very muscular lean body, not a trace of hair, and a very light farmer’s tan. He held his camera up and hugging me, took the picture and not a moment later, a couple of the other guys had their shirts off too. There was a kind of selfie round as I pressed up against very sexy furry men, and eventually sat back down with Brian. He looked at me sheepishly, and then put a big arm around my shoulder. “Can I call you Daddy,” He asked, and I crooked my finger at him, to come closer. I gave him a big kiss, as the guys around us whooped again, and I whispered to him, “If I can call you my son.” Brian kissed me again, shyly flicking his tongue on my lips, and we were necking like teenagers a minute later. Brian stopped, and said “Can I ask another question Daddy?” I nodded, “That story – the hairy boy – was that true?” I grinned. “Names changed but sex is real.” Brian flushed.

I looked around, and several of the lumberjack guys were necking, hands on furry bodies. “I wish you were my Dad,” Brian said, and we kissed again. “That’s my husbear Trey,” he said, pointing at a dark-haired guy necking a balding sexy lumberjack. “Trey likes to watch,” Brian said as we kissed some more, and I felt his steel-hard muscles, and brushing his nipples, they visibly hardened and he gasped. I flicked my fingers across one again, and I saw a red flush on his chest, so I squeezed the tiny tip, and he squirmed. I didn’t want to hurt him, but I rubbed the small tip band and forth between my fingers, and then to my shock, I saw the head of his cock push up out of his jeans a little bit. It had a very bulbous head. I quietly licked my hand, and pressed down on it, rotating my palm a little bit over it as I continued to pinch his nipple. “Daddy, don’t stop!” Brian whispered, arching his back slightly.

Across the way, Trey had his hands down blackbeard’s jeans, and was stroking him. I looked around and a couple of the Lumberjacks had their pants off in addition to shirts, and were beginning to move beyond necking to jacking and sucking. The room was very warm and sexy, and seeing all these hairy, wiry men – the Lumberjacks were not big muscle guys like “Brawny” Towels. They were quietly strong, I guess you’d say. I undid the button’s on Brian’s trousers, and slowly his cock popped into view. It was a beauty, big collar around the head from his foreskin, very shiny bright red head, brownish-copper fur at the base, and slowly I saw his big balls. To my surprise, he wasn’t completely hard yet, but his cock was a nice size already. “Daddy Joe, can I clean your ass?” Brian asked, and before I could react, he pushed me back, and unbuttoned my jeans.

He struggled with my boots for a second, then slid the jeans off, and put the boots back on. I really felt small, though I probably outweighed Brian by 80lbs, he was really tall, and what they call big-boned. He stripped his pants off too, and put his black boots back on, and I saw the other guys were watching us. Brian stood by me, a stooped-over giant as he pulled my legs back on the couch, and sat down to lick my asshole. He was in pig heaven. He licked all over, pushing his thick tongue in my hole as I relaxed, pushing a fat finger in now and then to rotate around, then licked my hole more. He rubbed his face in my asscheeks, ’til his face was wet from his own spit, and he pulled Daddy Joe even wider open, sucking and chewing on my asshole. A couple of the guys came over, watching giant Lumberjack Brian over me.

He continued to suck and lick my hole, getting it very wet, and very sensitive, I loved him rubbing his beard on it. At a certain moment, he pressed my legs far back, until my west, open asshole was straight up. It had been really stretched by Felix last night, and I felt relaxed, and ready for Brian. Brian got on the rangy couch on his knees, and pressing his cock down, rubbed it on my hole, spitting on it. I heard a noise, and looked over at Trey being fucked by Blackbeard, who was behind him, dogging his hole and grunting. Two big guys were near my head, stroking each other’s cocks as Brian started to push his fist-thick head against my asshole. I was suddenly getting chills, when I saw what was happening. Brian’s cock looked proportional, nothing dramatic, but then he was 6’6″, and what was proportional meant big. I looked at my little pink hole, and his cockhead looked twice as wide.

He started pushing it in, and I felt a huge pull and tug on my ass. He stopped and started rubbing his cock against my hole some more, and I heard the sound of a paper back rustling, and one of the guys that had come over handed Brian some lube. He squirted it all over my cock, and I felt a couple of hands reach out and start to jack me, and Brian took the top off the lube, held it to my asshole, and squirted, filling me up with the greasy liquid. “Daddy, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for so long…” Brian said, rubbing his thick cockhead against my asshole again. “I’ve had your pictures since I was a teenager,” and he started pushing the big shiny red head now into me. It felt easier this time, I still tensed up from the width, but once the head stretched my anal canal to the maximum, it popped inside, and both Brian and I gasped, and sighed. “Daddy I’m in you,” he whispered, and the giant man started pushing deeper inside me.

One of the other hairy lumberjacks leaned over me, rubbing my chest, and rubbing his hard cock against my beard. He had dark black curly hair, a nice uncut cock, and I leaned over to lick the head which poked out, grateful for some distraction from my asshole. “You’re hole is so tight Dad!” Brian said, pushing more than halfway in now. I was REALLY glad Felix had fucked me with his snake, because Brian going in deep was very easy. I sucked Curly’s cockhead now, pushing the skin back over the slimy plum-shaped head, and getting it in my mouth, savoring the flavor. Brian pushed a bit more into me, and I saw more of the furry lumberguys come over to watch. “Fuck, that’s big Brian,” one guy said. “I don’t know how Daddy Joe got it in his hole!” Brian pushed more, and only had to look a little down to see more of his shaft slide in my.

Hands continued to stimulate my cock, stroking and squeezing the head, coming from the guys around me, and I continued sucking on Curly, getting his cock in my mouth – not long enough for deepthroating, but perfect for sucking. Brian bottomed out in me, after minutes of the slow entry, and started pulling back. It felt like I was being pulled inside-out, the fat cock having plugged me so thoroughly. I kept sucking the cock to one side, and started feeling hands around my asshole, feeling the fat cock pushing in and out gently, one finger trying to see how tight the seal was – very tight. Curly pulled his cock up for a moment, and let me lick and suck his dark wrinkled balls, and I felt someone put their cock in one of my hands. I was surrounded by all the furry guys, and in pig heaven. Brian was still fucking me gently, slow glides in and out, not pulling that big head back out.

“Daddy, are you ok?” Brian asked. He started fucking harder, long strokes in and out, and we both gasped as his head popped all the way out, then back in my hole. It was like a beer bottle pushing up inside me again, and Brian was moving around more with his cock as I got more into sucking Curly. I heard noises off to one side, grunts and gasps of ecstasy, and I felt that Trey had cum. Brian was really fucking me now, beautifully, watching his lean body strain as he got his fill of Dad hole from me. Curly pushed his cock back in my mouth, and I sucked on it intensely, enjoying the smell of his crotch and the taste of his cock which had a nice stream of precum going. Without warning, Curly started flooding my cock with cum, sighing as he filled my mouth to the brim as I started swallowing. “Oh Daddy, that’s beautiful!” Brian said. Curly slowly pulled away, leaving me watching Brian on my hole.

I let the cock I was stroking go, and felt around my hole, holding onto the base of Brian’s shaft for a moment, then pulling on my ass. “Daddy, are you ready?” he asked, and I looked at him, wondering what was I ready for. “Yes,” I whispered, questioningly. Brian frowned and looked down, and lurched back, and slammed his cock into my hole. I thought I was going to see stars as he started jackhammering into my asshole, attracting more guys around me as he got more and more intense with his fucking. “Daddy, do you love me?” Brian asked, his voice pitched higher, as he slammed harder and harder, more rapid. I saw Trey reach and pinch Brian’s nipples, as Brian started slamming harder. I felt his balls bouncing against me for a moment, as he grunted, looking at me slightly crazed. “Daddy, say you love your boy!” he asked, and I felt Trey start jerking my cock.

I stared into Brian, whose eyes bored into me. “Daddy I love you!” Brian yelled, and at that, slammed into me, holding still. I could feel the cum pumping in, then  Brian pulled back, slamming in a few more times as he frowned, a mask of not pain, but being overwhelmed come over him, and he gasped, “Fuck Daddy!” he began saying over, slamming in me, slowly pulling out, until I felt that big soft head slop out. A moment later, the big bear that had been fucking Trey walked over, another giant, juicy uncut cock he pushed into me the moment Brian was gone to one side. His cock was longer, but not as thick, and my asshole was sloppy now. My prostate was feeling the intensity of the fucking, and one of the Lumberjacks pushed a furry cock in my mouth, smaller than Curly but hairier. I sucked on it, watching Blackbeard slamming into my hole.

He was amazing-looking, lean like the other lumberjacks, bald, and a thin pelt of fur all over, reminding me of a trim gorilla. He was fucking as hard as Trey, really going at it as saw Brian reach down over the couch, and start stroking my cock. I was holding on to hairy legs around me, enjoying the fucking and not in a hurry to cum, but Brian’s expert stroking was not going to let me last long. He was using both hands now, gripping the base with one and sliding up, immediately the other hand grabbing the base before he was at the tip of my cock. I was getting over-sensitized, and the cock I was sucking pulled out of my mouth, and a hairy paw started stroking it, grunting and whining as a huge blast of cum went over my beard and partially in my mouth. Trey pushed down on my shoulders, massaging the muscle as I felt Blackbeard shaking.

He was fucking me erratically, and then with a few hard slams, I felt bursts of juice into my ass from him. Brian was about to make me cum, when Blackbeard left, and Curly came up. God he was handsome, huge brown moustache and all that curly hair, he looked a little like a lean Sami. He pushed his cock in my hole, and I squeezed down on it as he immediately started fucking. I was getting a little tired, and frankly ready to cum when Brian hit just the right spot on my cockhead, squeezing it hard, and I looked at him, mouth open, and he said “Cum for me Daddy!’ and at that, I jerked and started shooting cum all over his hands. I kept cumming and cumming as Curly fucked me, then slowly tapering off, Brian didn’t stop jerking me. I was getting very sensitive when Curly pulled out, and a very young looking skinny lumberjack got in place, and put a long limber cock in my hole and started fucking like a demon, really pummeling me.

My cock was getting way over-stimulated and I was jerking and twitching on the couch, barking out “I gotta stop soon,” but Trey was holding me down, and another furry guy stepped up beside me, boots on, and lowered his asshole to my mouth. I was completely squashed, sucking a wet hole as my ass continued to be slammed into. I was getting to be way beyond overstimulated, and I tried to push against people around me, but I couldn’t get leverage. I felt another cock slid in my ass as the lumberjack team went wild for fucking Daddy. The guy on my face lifted off gently, then spread his hairy cheeks and sat down further, and began stroking my cock again. I felt multiple hands push down on my legs as I struggled a little bit to push harder, but I was really getting group fucked by the entire team it seemed.

I felt sperm on my belly and chest as I was released from the sweaty, smelly but tasty asshole, and one of the more mature Lumberjacks stepped over me, and pushed his cock in my mouth, another cock sliding in my ass now. I was getting crazy, more hands stroking my cock which was getting half-hard again, and then I felt a huge pressure on my hole, “Daddy, I love you!” I heard Brian say as he began fucking me again, his huge meat now sliding easily in my wet hole, and I felt his hands, had to be, stroking my cock as he held his cock in my ass. I sucked Mature for a few minutes as he stroked my head. He started stroking as I sucked his cockhead intensely, wanting him to cum. He leaned forward, his hairy belly pressing on my face as he shoved his cock into my throat, then I felt a stream of fluid down my throat.

Trey’s hands left my shoulders, and fewer hands were on my legs. Mature slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I swallowed and coughed a little bit, and suddenly I felt my legs let go, as Brian reached up and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me up and hugging me as I sat on his cock now. My legs were like jelly, being held down so long, and looking around, looked like a few of the guys left. “My Dream Daddy!” Brian said, all problems of my being “out of his league” over, clearly. He was kissing me all over my face, licking some of the cum off which got him groaning and twisting. He pulled his cock out of my asshole, then pushed my legs back and started licking my hole, sucking cum out of it, washing what he could with his thick tongue.

“Brian” I heard Trey say and signed something, and Brian nodded as he continued eating my hole, then I looked over and Trey was dressed. He walked off, and I was left with Brian, who hugged me as we sat for a minute, and enjoyed being alone. “That was not what I expected,” I said, squeezing my hole shut, “but hot.” Brian kissed me, squeezing me all over now, and then slowly got up, and taking his boots off, got dressed. The music had long stopped, and I dressed too, Brian pulling my shirt on at the end. He was so sweet, the big Lumberjack. I followed him out to a somewhat empty fair, and slowly lost him as I headed to my car, my hotel, and bed. I was exhausted, and my legs were so sore from being held back for the better part of two hours!