Buddy: eBook Preview

January 3, 2016

The fourth volume of Muscle Ranch brings me ‘round back to Eddy – who I helped achieve a kind of “Peak” he’d not felt in some time. Eddy and Jerry – Jerry, who was surrounded suddenly by hairy naked muscle Dads. Chad decides that I’m the man to break in his son Cody – while he watches. Dragon brings a new kind of pumping to the Muscle Ranch steamroom, and I begin to meet more of the Muscle Ranch staff. Doc continues his use of me as an example, with a Nurses training. That’s followed by a very special “XXXL” sized men party in the Hills above Austin – who could say no?

I’m texbearjoe, and Austin’s a short drive from my hometown, but it’s a million miles away from ordinary life. This is the second year of the private, invite-only retreat for bodybuilders – mostly offseason – enjoying days of nothing but food, working out, and the company of other men, no women allowed. Most of the guys gave up on shaving, clothing, and inhibitions – you’d be surprised at what guys get into when they can get away with it. It’s stocked full of big male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros amateurs, and some powerlifters getting back to nature by giving up clothes and any semblance of worry about bi/gay/straight as they pursue the body beautiful.

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The excerpt below gives a taste of the book’s contents.

Chapter 3

I headed to the gym that afternoon at Muscle Ranch, not sure I wanted a full workout after the lack of sleep that day, but my long fuck session with Eddy and Jerry motivated me strangely. I decided to do an easy back workout, back and tri since I hadn’t done my morning session. My L4/5 disc was not acting up that day, but I didn’t want to risk bent-over rows or something putting stress on my lower back, so did a lot of machine back reps, but with heavy weight with my wrist strap. When I got to triceps, a vein was bulging out on my left tricep, which looked a tad strange, I hadn’t seen other men with that vein. I was getting very pumped, and noticed a pair watching me, and talking now and then.

One was an incredibly handsome master bodybuilder, probably 40’s, at the age when your body starts losing fat under the skin easily, and he had a glowing tan. He was about 5’9″, and scruffy hair not a full beard, dark hair. He had a wonderful sort of round head, which with his amazing bodybuilt physique, made him look very, well, Cro-magnon. He “worked in” with my training, and I asked him if he could spot me doing French Press. Chad was a big help, though when I heard his name I mentally “Chad. That’s a porn name.” I finished French Press with him, and we paused and chatted as we rested 2-3 minutes before the next exercise. This was his second time at muscle ranch, and he was very pleased to meet me, his friends told him about me. I always feel odd when people tell me the talk about me when I’m not there.

“I hope it was good!” I said brightly, and Chad nodded, grinning. A moment later, his younger twin came over, the guy I saw earlier. I’m always amazed at how alike father and son can be. His son was more filled out, not as lean, maybe a tad taller, also massively muscled, round head, scruffy, not full beard. And his name was “Cody”, which I had to suppress a giggle, thinking “They all have porn names in this family.” “What’s your guys last names?” I said, and it was “Stone”. “Chad and Cody Stone.” I took a deep breath, thinking about “Dirk Diggler” for a moment. Cody sat talking with us while I finished with his Dad, and I noticed Cody was practically boring holes in me. We all finished and went to take a shower together. I hadn’t seen a Dad and Son take a shower in a long time, and I have to say, thought it was completely innocent (so far) it was very sexy.

Chad washed his son’s back, but sort of distractedly, and I got Cody to wash mine, which as pumped as I was, wasn’t an easy reach. I tried not to get hard, Cody was really staring at my crotch as he washed his. Both looked like they had nice average cocks, but who can tell soft. Chad continued talking to me while showering, and washing his crotch, which was very distracting. No matter, we dried off, and getting a post-workout smoothie walked to the pool to relax with the other guys after working out. I don’t how we got into it, but Chad and I started reminiscing about 80’s music, everything from “Psychedelic Furs” to “Tears for Fears”, and Cody lay there rolling his eyes, looking at me like I was dinner.

Eddy and Jerry came by and said Hi again, surprising me, Eddy informing me that Doc had given him a prescription for “Clo”, laughing. Cody stared at Eddy, the big mature Daddy, and they walked off a few minutes later. The afternoon wore on, and Cody fell asleep as Chad and I talked, when Chad opened a little bag, and took out a joint. I had gone from no pot, to twice in two days, but paced myself with a single puff, as did Chad. As they say, “The best pot is someone else’s”, and a moment later a few other big monster guys also sat with us and passed the doobie around. It’s very hard to drink alcohol and work out, but guys like to relax a bit, and frankly the appetite boost was always nice. I felt very relaxed as did Chad, when Cody sort of came to, with all the big guys around us, and took a puff.

“How old are you?” I asked him, and he was 22, just finishing College in “Communcations.” “What is that exactly,” and Chad laughed, “That’s what I said when he went in.” Cody patiently explained how he was going into HR, and as Chad and I blissed out a little, Cody went on and on about “interpersonal relations” and “top talent.” I noticed the sun going down, and we all headed to dinner together, the other bodybuilders peeling away. I stumbled slightly putting on my swimsuit to sit down, but Cody put a hand on my shoulder and hip as I leaned and pulled it on. Chad and Cody bookended me at a table, and we continued to hear about “Recruiting”. Cody had to go back to their cabin after dinner, and I walked with Chad talking some more, when Chad offered me another puff.

Just one, and we sat out on the platform by the river, just enjoying the evening when Chad startled me. “Joe,” he began, “I’ve gotta come clean.” I looked at him. “I want to ask if you’d do a favor for me.” I said “Sure buddy, what’s the matter.” Chad leaned forward. “I think Cody’s gay.” I didn’t say anything, but thought, “Like father like son.” “Yeah, that’s not a problem nowadays.” “No, not like that.” He said, sighing. “Cody’s had pictures of you on his computer since he was, I don’t know, thirteen or fourteen, when he came out to his mom and me.” I shuddered, thinking as I always did hearing this, “How long have my pictures been circulating?” I grinned. Chad continued, “His Mom and I were cool, I mean like we’re from Portland, its not a biggie.”

He looked down, and then up at me in the eyes. “When Cody saw you here, he like freaked, it’s like all he’s talked about at the cabin since we came.” I blushed, “I’m sorry! Jeez!” Chad laughed, “I knew you’d be so modest about it, I’ve been reading your memoirs for some time.” My ears pricked up a little bit. “What did you think of them.” Chad looked at me again, now looking like Cody, eyes looking deep in me. “If I wasn’t straight, I’d fucking drop a load everytime I went through one. I did drop a load reading about you and Dad and Denver with that girl.” I thought to myself, “That was last year. I’ve not told anyone.” This was getting interesting. “You mean you met Dad and Denver.” “Yeah, yeah,” Chad said, looking confused, leaning back on the bench.

His cock looked fatter than in the shower. “I read about you and that hairy boy and his dad from the gym. How old was he really?” I stuttered, “I think he was, 18, I hope, uh.” “Did you really do it in front of, you know, his Dad like that?” I felt slightly dizzy, this conversation was getting stranger and stranger, and the pot wasn’t helping, I felt helpless. “Uh, yeah. It happens.” Cody kept staring at me, his eyes looked so black suddenly, in the twilight. I saw his cock was getting harder. Noises came and went around us guys walking around, I suddenly felt like maybe I needed a walk, I was getting hard. Why did it feel so awkward! “How did it feel, a straight Dad watching?” he asked, and I saw him stroke his lightly furry leg, as though he couldn’t control his hand. I thought carefully. “Like. A. Big. Favor.” I said.

Chad was rubbing his thick quads with both hands now, framing his cock which was getting harder and thicker. “Fuck, yeah, a favor to Dad.” Chad was slightly agitated, and I thought I’d go all in. “Not every Dad gets to pick who fucks and sucks his boy.” Chad gasped slightly as I became more graphic. “Holding his son down while his cherry gets popped.” Chad sprang a boner, rubbing his legs harder now, rocking slightly. I could smell him. “When the hair dad pulled his boy’s ass cheeks open, so I could push my cock in, his Son whining and squealing from the big dick.” Chad was staring at my cock, and I saw some drool drip out of his open mouth. “Watching his son cum the first time from man sex, ropy sperm, you know how boys are.”

Chad’s hands were dangerously close to his cock, rubbing up and down along his inner thigh. “Big muscle Dad, so big above his son, covering him up forcing him to take cock up the ass. Big gay son.” Chad was now openly drooling, sweating, and swiping his hand over his cock, like he wanted to jack off but couldn’t. “On top, forcing cock in that ass, his boy arching up to take it, begging Dad for more. Looking at his boy’s asslips pulled out over big cock. Watching his son kiss a man with cock up his ass the first time. Then there’s the hot spot.” I leaned over, Chad was wiping both hands over his cock, and held the shaft, wiping one hand over the head. “Hot, sssss—-pot” Chad said unsteadily, “Yeah, watching his son climb on a big bodybuilder, that boy body on top of the huge one, his long boy cock sliding in that Dad hole, on his knees watching. Thinking. A Big favor.”

Chad was opening jacking off as I talked to him, grunting. “First time for everything Dad.” Chad barked out “Fuck Cody Joe.” And at that, a huge fountain of cum sprang out and slapped down on the boards of the deck. Chad kept jacking off, “Please Joe, Fuck Cody. I want my boy fucked happy.” Chad kept jisming on the boards, staring at my cock that was now hard. “Hurt him with that big cock, oh Fuck, look at that monster.” Chad kept jacking off, no more sperm coming out, until he sort of lay his head back on the rail behind him hands splayed out, cock bobbing and going soft. He looked over at me, those black eyes in the twilight, “Please?” “I’d be honored.” Chad cleared his throat. “Come with me to the Cabin.” He said, slowly getting up, a stream of cum dripping out his cock on his leg hairs. I got up with him, smelling his body, his excitement.

We walked side by side, and suddenly, Chad put his arm on my shoulders. “Thanks, Joe, I really mean it,” he said, “I was the one that showed Cody your pictures you know.” I slight freeze, fear but excitement came over me, the story kept changing ever so slightly. “Thanks man, you’re a good father.” “I will leave you with Cody, I’ll be in the bedroom, I will watch to make sure it’s OK. That cool?” Chad asked, “That’s cool.” I said, and I felt him relax slightly. “Don’t hurt him with that dick man.” We were nearing the cabin, and walking up, Cody had been playing a video game. He looked up, startled, and “Hey Dad, hey Joe!” he said, and stared at my half-hard cock swaying around. Chad said, “I uh, thought you guys might want to talk, I’m gonna get some air.”

At that, he walked abruptly back out of the cabin, and I sat, Cody showing me the first person shooter game on his iPad. “I understand your Dad showed you pictures of me.” I said, breaking the ice with a sledgehammer. Cody stuttered, and blushed, “Yeah, Daddy Joe, uh, I can’t really believe you’re here.” “But you were what, fourteen?” Cody cleared his throat, “Uh, I don’t know,” being slightly cagey. I felt bold. “Do I still look ok?” I asked, standing in front of him. My cock was about a foot from his face. Cody was staring at it, then up, and to my surprise, like his Dad, he started rubbing his quads. Genetics. And Cody started sweating, I smelled it too. “Joe, you’re better.” Cody finally said, rubbing his legs nervously. I saw all the muscles in his shoulders and arms flexing under the skin, and he looked up, dead white suddenly.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he said, “I feel kind of scared actually.” I sat down with him and clapped an arm on his back. “Hey, don’t worry. I heard you.” Cody kind of melted against me when I had my arm on his back, and he was wet with sweat. I spread my legs, leaning back, and pulling Cody closer to me. His cock popped up average size, like Dad, thickish, and then he put both hands over it. “God, I’m sorry,” he said, pitch of his voice getting higher. “No problem Cody, look I’m hard too.” I spread my legs, my cock flopping up over my leg at that point. “Feel how hard it is.” I knew Cody’s mind was freezing, time slowing down. A hesitant hand, that had been nervously rubbing the sides of his legs, crept over to my leg.

It was all happening very fast, which kept him from thinking too hard. His hand was about to touch my cock, I could feel how hot it was, and it settled against the shaft, Cody gasping. He tightened his grip almost infinitesimally, pulling the weight of the cock up slightly along my leg, as though it was going to explode with any sudden motion. “It’s not a nuclear bomb, son.” I said, laughing. Cody squeezed it a little harder, awkwardly sliding his sweaty hand up and down. “Lick your hand.” Cody tried to, “I’m, I’m so scared, shit. I don’t have any spit.” I took his hand, and gave it a big wet lick and put it back on my cock, and looked out the front of the Cabin. Chad was there, peering in the window carefully in the dark, and looked like he was smoking furiously, shaking slightly, he must be jacking off with a joint in his mouth.

Cody grasped my cock more firmly with the wet hand, stroking it now. “That’s good, stroke Daddy Joe’s cock son, it feels good. Always wanted to do that I bet Cody. Make it feel real good, jack it now.” Cody’s right hand was on my cock, his left hand now stroking his cock gently, and he was sweating, rank man scent pouring off him. I put my hand behind his head, at his neck, and slowly started pulling his head down to my crotch, ever so gently. “Taste it a little Cody, it tastes good. I know you’ve not had much cock. Lot of pussy I bet, that big fucking body, huh?” Cody nodded, and resisting slightly, his face drew down to my crotch, and I batted his hand away, taking my cock and pointing it at his mouth. His lips touched it, and his mouth opened naturally, and I squeezed a bit of precum and rubbed on his lips.

Cody shuddered, and grunted, then I pushed the head in his mouth, almost forcing him. I let go of his neck and he bobbed up violently, but then bent down himself and put his mouth on my cockhead. “Don’t mouth it, suck it.” I said, and I heard a groan from outside. Cody heard it too, and tried to pull back. I held his mouth on my cock, and nodded to Chad to get in the room. Chad darted around the door, cock bouncing around Cody became very frightened, “Oh Shit!” he said, pulling back hard, 250lbs of muscle, “My Dad is here!” He jerked away from he hard, my cock bouncing for a second as he bowed his head, one hand over his cock, rubbing his leg and rocking. “Oh shit, ohshitohshitoshit” he rattled off, not looking up. Chad was open-mouthed, excited, and dripping with sweat. “Cody, it’s OK. Joe’s for YOU.” He said, and Cody looked up, still nervously rubbing his legs, bent over his cock.

“Daaaaad,” he groaned, embarrassed. “I’m, UH,” and he looked down, now bent entirely over his cock. Like any teenage boy caught jacking off, he was dead embarrassed, doubly so perhaps. I put my hand on his shoulder, pulling him back, “Cody, your Dad arranged for me to come. ” Cody bent up reluctantly, staring at his Dad’s rampant cock. Chad stepped back to the doorway, and I pulled Cody’s head back down to my cock, and he was shaking violently. The entire room reeked of man smell, It was like poppers to me. “Mmff,” he said, as I pushed his face down hard on my cock,” “Mrrrr!!” he gagged, and I squeezed his neck, forcing him hard down on my cock. Chad rubbed down over cock, hand over hand, eyes bugging out at the scene.

I pushed Cody hard off the couch, and he slid down in front of me, falling on the floor, but I held his head. I grabbed his head between my legs, and kept him sucking on me, and he slowly relaxed, starting to get excited by the crazy scene. “See,” I said, “You just have to force him a little the first time.” Chad relaxed more, almost giving up against me, gagging and retching. I held his face further out, so my cock didn’t hit his throat, and help him suck, cooing at him “Daddy Joe loves that, now suck harder, Suck Cody!” Chad was frantically jacking off, and walked forward to look closer at his son sucking. I leaned back, whispering to Cody “Show your Dad my cock going in your mouth,” and holding his head, did just that. I noticed one of Cody’s hands leaving the couch, as he grabbed his own cock.

Chad kneeled down, face inches away from my cock sliding in and out of Cody’s wet mouth. “Chad, he’s got a real cocksucker mouth. Wet and juicy, naturally. It was dry at first, he was so scared, but I think he’s over that now.” I wiped Cody’s face, and quickly, before he could react, wiped it on Chad’s mouth. “Taste your boy’s spit, and my precum.” Chad froze, and Cody whimpered, but I slowly let his head go as he bobbed in front of me, choking himself on my cock obediently. “He can’t take it all, I’m over 8″, that’s too much for his throat.” I ruffled Cody’s hair, “He’s a handsome boy, isn’t he.” Cody was now jacking off hard, but I pulled his arm back, “I don’t want you to cum yet. That’s for when I’m in your ass. Cody reared up, face wet, mouth swollen. “You’re too big, I can’t, I’ve not” “Not taken cock in the ass yet.” Cody stared at me eyes burning. “That’s what your Dad is here for, to help,” I said.

Chad reeled back, all his fur visibly dripping, mouth open still, panting. I stood up suddenly, “Chad sit on your boy’s back.” Chad and Cody just froze like deer in headlights. I grabbed Chad’s hand, got him to stop jacking off, “Sit here, then, and hold his shoulders down.” Cody was on his hands and knees in front of his Dad, and Chad pushed his shoulders down. “He’s as wet and scared as you! Feel his fur!” Chad wiped his hand over his son’s gleaming wet back. “Feel his ass now, pull it open for me.” I crouched down, and Chad pulled Cody’s huge muscle ass open, showing me the pink hole. I looked at Chad, and bent down, hands and knees, and started licking and sucking Cody’s hole. It was very tight, nervous, and hairy, just perfect for me.

I pushed my tongue in gently to gauge how he felt, tight but wide, easy to open. I sucked on the edges until the lips were swollen, Cody moaning and whimpering the whole time, shaking now and then like a scared puppy, and I broke of rimming and sucking to push a finger in and move it around. His hole was wet from my slobber, but he was super tight, it was going to hurt. “Chad, put your feet on his back, and jack off. Your balls must be hurting Dad.” Chad shook his head no, completely freaking out as I moved up to Cody’s asshole, cock rampant, and dripping as I spit on it. “Come on Dad, then lean over, watch the cock go in your son’s hole. You’ve been waiting years for this.” Chad was shaking, hands moving down Cody’s back again, and he braced himself, watching. I rubbed my pink cockhead around Cody’s hole, then spit on it again.

“Spit Dad,” I said holding my hand under Chad’s mouth. He tried, but his mouth was almost completely dry. I started pushing my cockhead in Cody’s hole, he resisted hard, so I pushed a finger in and rotated around abruptly. “Push Cody, it’ll be easier.” I put my cockhead down again, and grinned at Chad, who was staring, bloodshot eyes, trembling with excitement. “Want me to push it in Dad,” I asked “Now?” Chad nodded, and for dry-mouth, he certainly drooled suddenly. I grabbed the drool, and wiped it on my cock, then pushed the head in. “It’s gonna hurt Cody, you a big boy?” I asked, then putting a hand on Chad, shoved my cock in to the base. Cody wailed and howled from the pain, jerking underneath me as Chad, eyes glittering held him down.

I was holding onto Cody’s ass, Chad on his back, and 500lbs was enough in his position to keep him there. “Now now, son, hold still, it’ll feel Real Good!” I said, sitting still. Cody flailed around, but no matter how strong his back was, he wasn’t going to get up. Then, the magic of course hit, and he relaxed, then it felt good. I pulled back, sliding my cock out a tiny bit, and felt Cody wince and he grunted, gasping, but I stopped, then pulled back a little more. Chad got up, and to my astonishment, staggered in his room, and instantly, as I was sliding back, came out with some sort of jelly lube in a huge bottle. I hate the stuff, but Cody needed it, so I pulled out, grabbed the bottle, gave him a lube enema, and then shoved back in in 15 second motion.

Chad squatted back down on Cody, his cock tight up against his belly, and I started slowly pushing, and pulling back out of Cody, rubbing his asshole and whispering things to him about Daddy Joe. Cody stopped struggling after about 15 minutes, and started arching and thrusting his ass against my cock. “See Dad, your son loves sucking, and how he loves assfucking. Broke him in.” Chad flushed, “Cody, your Dad wanted to see you assfucked by Daddy Joe, isn’t that sweet! He really loves you.” I kept on fucking Cody, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, fascinated by the scene. Cody got his hands under his torso, and started pushing up, and Chad jumped up woozily, and sat on the couch, trying to put his hands on Cody’s hairy massive shoulders.

I watched Cody’s hole now practically chewing my cock as he arched up and down on it, and I heard a hiss, “Cody NO!” and looking up, Cody was trying to shove his face in his Dad’s crotch, Chad pushing back. Chad actually climbed up on the back of the couch, pushing Cody away as I fucked him, and then climbed back off the couch, standing beside us, rubbing the palm of his hand over his cock again. Cody rested his shoulders on the couch now, grunting with satisfaction as I fucked him. I said sharply, “Dad, HERE.” Chad dropped his hands and walked near me, and I grabbed his cock and balls, hand making a cockring around them and pulled him to my face. I gave his cock a big juicy suck as I slammed into Cody, and Chad grunted, pushing me away half-heartedly as I slurped more of the head in, then to the base.

He wasn’t big enough to deepthroat, perfect for a starter suck for his boy. I pulled out of Cody, then squeezing Chad’s balls painfully, pulled him back to a sitting position on the couch, as he cursed me, then I pushed Cody’s head (well, tugged for a second), and Cody clamped his mouth on his Dad’s cock. Chad started cursing up a storm, threatening me, but Cody was eagerly sucking the fat cock, and as Chad stopped struggling, I stopped squeezing his cock and balls. Finally, he leaned back, closing his eyes to the unacceptable scene, and I got my cock back in Cody fucking him hard. Cody was slurping on his Dad’s cock with gusto now, then Chad opened his eyes staring at me. “You can thank me later,” I said, grinning. Chad stared at Cody sucking him uncomprehendingly, and I decided that I needed to help Cody.

I popped out of his ass as he gasped, and then walked on my knees over to him, and started licking his Dad’s shaft while he sucked. Chad was gasping at this point, rubbing his hands down his sides since his quads were unavailable. “Oh OHHHH!” he started yelling, bucking his hips, then he screamed “CODY” and started shooting a huge load in his son’s mouth. Cody sputtered and gagged, pulling back, spitting out the cum, so I capped Dad’s cock with my mouth, and sucked out the flow he was a heavy shooter. I backed off after a five shots, and then hand on Cody’s neck, put him back on his Dad’s cock. He resisted of course, but gave up, getting his mouth washed out with cum, while his Dad just rolled his head going crazy. “Cody, I can’t believe, Co-Co, uh, Cody” Finally his utterances gave way to a whisper.

I pulled Cody up, and backed him to the couch, sat him down, then grabbed his ankles, and pulled him around. He stared at me, those eyes eating me up like the first time, grinning like a fool. I leaned forward, aiming my cock at his hole, but I couldn’t quite get it back in. Cody reached around, and held the shaft, pushing my cock back in his hole. I glanced over at Chad, who was still leaking cum, staring now at his son impaling himself on my cock. Chad was about as stoned as you can get and still be awake. He sat drooling and watching, hands listlessly moving over his own body, rubbing his quads, then his abs, while I fucked Cody. Cody was in pig heaven, and staring at me, took his cock with one hand, and balls with the other, pulling them and stroking himself, gritting his teeth each time I went deep, “Fuck me Daddy Joe, Fuck Harder, make it HURT!” he yelled at me.

Chad stood up again woozily, and licking his lips, started jacking his cock again, soft, just a little bit, looking around. He got some of the watery lube and squelched it on his cock, jacking off more earnestly now, then dropped his hands. Cody grabbed the bottle and gooed up his cock, and started jacking hard, almost whacking his balls with each stroke. “You like that cock in your ass Cody,” I asked, fucking harder to match his strokes. “I like YOUR cock in my ass Joe,” he hissed staring straight at me, his whole body shaking with the effort of his jacking. It was a beautiful fuck, and because he was so tight, I wasn’t about to cum, so I just kept up the hard slams at an easy beat, moving my cock around to hit all of his insides. Slow then fast, deep then shallow, popping the head of my cock in and out of his hole for a while.

We both heard a squelch, and looked to see Chad with a big hardon, leaning over mouth open watching his son getting fucked, staring at his son’s cock and hole. “Chad, come here,” I said pulling out. Chad shook his head no unsteadily. “COME HERE.” I commanded. Chad reluctantly stumbled over, and I positioned him by Cody’s ass. An amazing look came over Cody, staring at his father, and I pushed his father’s hips, positioning his fat cock at Cody’s hole, and pushed it right in. Chad stared, his automatic fucking instinct taking over, “Dad, fuck me,” Cody started whispering, jacking off. I was jacking off now, watching the very hot scene, how the two men simply merged into each other. I got behind Chad, and the way he spread his legs and fucked, I realized I had to see his asshole.

I got back down on the floor, watching his thick shaft dig into the swollen asslips of Cody, and reached up, wetting my finger, and started tracing the edge of his asshole. Chad barked out “UNH” and continued fucking, looking around to see what was happening. I licked my finger more, and pushed a pinky into his tight hole. “What the fuck!” he grunted, slamming harder into Cody. I lubed my forefinger, and directly under his gyrating hips, pushed it up into his asshole in one go, rubbing on his perfect nut. He was too stoned to stop fucking and see what was going on, and like with Cody, it was going too fast and feeling too good, when I started ramming against his nut, seeing if that would push him over the edge. “CODY!” Chad said again, and I felt him lose his fucking rhythm.

“CODY DADDY!” he said, and then some incoherent things when Cody started with a sound like exhaling, then groaning, then a deep yell as he screamed “CUMMING DADDY”, when I doubled down on Chad. Suddenly his asshole grasped and pinched my finger and I felt pulsing as his yelling chorus blended with Cody’s and they started cumming together, father in Son. I wanted to jack off, but I couldn’t get in a good position, so I just continued to finger-fuck Chad, who unloaded what seemed like another river of cum I felt him pulse at least ten times. A moment later, he staggered, trying to get his feet together, pulling off my finger(s), and backed over me, unsure of what was happening. Cody let his legs down, gasping, and I got up, on the couch by him.

We both sat there, and I laughed. “So Cody, that what you imagined with old Daddy Joe.” Cody was staring at the ceiling like he was in a coma. “I’ve got a lot, to, uh, work in my mind. That was so incredibly hot.” He turned and practically dove into my arms while Chad walked around the room, dazed, then I heard water turn on behind us. I was all sticky from the water-based lube, and just relaxed and enjoyed the less tense vibe from the men, when Cody started necking with me, kissing all over my face, my neck then down my chest. I saw Chad stagger over, staring again, watching his son neck with a big bodybuilder. Minutes passed, and Cody grasped my cock, which was still hard. He bent down to suck it again, less hesitantly. He still couldn’t take it all in, but he gave it a good gagging go, and I reached over to feel his hard cock poking up. Like father like son!

“Cody,” I said, whispering to him, “Why don’t you fuck me, jack me off and make me cum.” My own sense of time distorted because Cody was in front of me faster than I realized, lifting my heavy legs, and bending me over, lowered his cock to my hole. I was about to say “Whoa” when he got my hole all wet, pushing fingers in uncomfortably. I was about to complain when he jammed his cock right in me. It was shock ok, it was thick. Cody started ramming in me like a jackhammer, faster and harder than I did, grunting and gasping “Daddy Joe” the whole time. Chad was still wandering around in his own time zone, rubbing his hand down over his cock over and over again, then headed back to watch his son fuck me. He was mesmerized, standing there, rubbing his cock staring at my hole.

He reached out and felt Cody’s cock, and then continued rubbing himself. Cody took my cock with both hands, and started jacking me. It wasn’t a very subtle or fun fuck, so I just decided to get myself off, squeezing his cock with my ass, and then tensing my muscles in my groin. Chad just stood there jacking off, when, after a few minutes, I was ready to shoot. “Cody, go for the head!” I said, and he licked his hand, sliding it over my cockhead and squeezing it. Electric bolts went through me, and a huge thunderclap of orgasm hit my cock and balls, inside me, and I gasped as a fountain of cum shot through Cody’s fingers all over my belly.

To my surprise, Chad grunted, and he started shooting white hot cum all over my belly and face, generous with his direction. Cody stared at his dad, and Chad leaned down to kiss Cody as I felt my orgasm subside, and I was getting distinctly uncomfortable. I pushed back on Cody, who continued kissing Dad, and Dad started jacking Cody off. It wasn’t but a minute later, Cody entirely turned on by having his Dad jack him, that I got an addition of his cum to my chest, completely coated in white spunk at that point. Chad wandered off again, and Cody kind of dropped my legs, backing away, then apologizing as my feet slammed to the floor.

It was late, and we had been fucking for a few hours at that point, and I thought if I kept sitting on the couch, with my slight buzz, I would sleep there the night. I got up, and felt lightheaded, but walked back and got some water like Chad had done. Chad walked out the front door, then back in aimlessly, and sat down in a chair, closing his poor stoned eyes. I whispered to Cody “I gotta go back to my cabin”, and Cody kissed me. I walked out, still wet with cum into the night forest, but two minutes later Cody ran after me. “I want to stay with you, I hate it when Dad gets stoned. He wanders around the whole night. Keeps me awake.” I nodded, and that evening, I had a hot young bodybuilder cuddling with me, wrapped in my arms, kissing me to sleep. What a nice arrangement.