Begin Again: Excerpt

January 3, 2016

I’m texbearjoe, and Austin’s a short drive from my hometown, but it’s a million miles away from ordinary life. This is the second year of the private, invite-only retreat for bodybuilders – mostly offseason – enjoying days of nothing but food, working out, and the company of other men, no women allowed. Most of the guys gave up on shaving, clothing, and inhibitions – you’d be surprised at what guys get into when they can get away with it. It’s stocked full of big male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros amateurs, and some powerlifters getting back to nature by giving up clothes and any semblance of worry about bi/gay/straight as they pursue the body beautiful.

In the first book I meet Idris my huge roommate during “black pack” weekend. Idris gets me involved in a DILF party that just doesn’t seem to end. Afterwards I spend quality time with several guys, and teach them a new way to get “testosterone release”, super-important to their massive supplement-bloated frames. I end up with a huge furball of a man, part of a father-son pair at the ranch, who had a very unusual upbringing.

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Read the excerpt below for a taste of the contents.

Chapter 6

I actually rested after lunch, though my balls were sore from all the sex without cumming that morning. I was happy for Eddy, who hummed and talked a mile a minute through lunch, and then disappeared off with the other muscle Dads as I walked through Muscle Ranch to my room. I was going to clean up a bit, but the barracks cabin was already cleaned up and a new supply of towels set out. I tried out some mandatory poses, wondering how much I should practice them to get the transitions smooth and normal looking, but I felt pretty inept. It’s that walking and chewing gum problem I guess. I sat down to catch up on some reading and well you know how reading with your eyes closed works! I woke up in the afternoon, and decided it was abs afternoon, and got my kit and walked back to the gym, high-fiving buddies along the way.

It was only a few days into Muscle Ranch, and guys were already sprouting hair all over their faces and bodies, not having to keep everything shaved. Abs are one muscle you can work and work and work, so I did my German Volume training, and practiced front poses to get my sort-of-sixpack to pop out. One of the Masters muscle Dad competitors came by and said hi, and I felt kind of like Eddy. I just stared and stared at him, he was not only big very offseason but also a complete mass of fur. Not something I’d seen often in muscle. He was also doing abs and doing abs poses, but the fur was so thick, I didn’t see how he could see anything. “You know”, Terry said with a very profound Australian accent, “That guy you called Mini, He’s my son Justin.” “Nice guy,” I said, making a mental note, “That’s a porn name”.  “He thought I was a sponsor here.” “No,” Terry said, “He thought you were ‘The’ Sponsor.” “Oh no!” I laughed, and then got quiet, wondering if Terry knew I fucked the hell out of him.

I was just riveted by Terry’s furry abs, and just couldn’t think. Aziz saved the day, coming by and giving his “Wahsh” (Arabic for beast) a big hug and a kiss, and asked when “He see me”. We sat and talked for a bit, and I asked him about his own father, and Aziz said his Dad may come by for Father’s weekend later on at the Ranch, and I practically got a boner there thinking about the session we had in Malibu. We decided to meet in the next day for an early session for Deltoids. Terry had gone away, and I sat down for afternoon protein drink, when re-appeared and we sat talking shop. Terry got quiet. “I know,” he began haltingly, “I know Justin probably seduced you.” I was startled for a second, wondering who seduced whom. “He learned to use sex to get what he wanted early on.”

Terry looked down at his protein drink quietly. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, but this furry Dad sighed, and we both sat slurping our drinks. “I’ve been working out since I was a teenager, Joe” Terry began. He had a beard at age 12, and was much bigger and stronger than other kids, and always got put into athletic programs. He loved it, but was a loner bodybuilding was more his style, and temperament, and the wrestling coach at his high school, who also supervised bodybuilding, kind of got him juicing in the 80’s when all that was just starting Terry was around 40 I guessed. The thing is, the juice triggered him to grow a lot of hair. His family background was Greek, and the men were already pretty hairy to begin with, but with him, it was like fertilizer. “The Coach did more than juice me too,” he grinned, and it was like a weekly cycle at school.

He’d get his Monday injection of juice, and then pump up with coach after school. Coach would make sure he got a massage after the workout, just couldn’t keep his hand off all that hairy teen muscle. “I loved it, to be honest,” Terry went on. A typical session would be him on a massage table, nude, and the pale blond coach working his chest, and shoulders, then down over his abs, thighs and legs, then inner groin. Terry got a massive hardon then, and Coach would milk him to make sure there was no ball pressure, and more often than not, the Coach would just suck him off and swallow every drop. Some days he was on his belly, deep back massage along with traps and glutes, and coach would lick and suckle his ass ’til he practically shot on the table. Coach had a big blond cock long, big head- and occasionally he’d let Terry suck him off.

Unfortunately Terry went to school in the US, oceanography, and hadn’t seen Coach for a while. “Looked a lot like you, actually Joe.” I must have blushed. “Are you the sponsor?” He asked, looking frank. “If I were, I think I’d know!” I laughed, not sure where this damn swirling rumor came from. “That’s not really an answer,” Terry said, grinning. “Can I do something,” I asked, and then reached out and touched Terry’s thick curly Greek fur. It was magnificent, I have to report. “That’s how it started.” Terry said, grinning. His fur was springy and curly, thick, and felt alive in my hand. I brushed his nipple, and Terry got quiet, looking around the dining area. He leaned over and started telling me about Justin. He was a good son, and Terry knew he always looked up to him, and tried to set a good example, since he was a single father due to a tragedy in the family.

One day Justin approached him quite unexpectedly, in his bedroom after he had showered. Terry had been a little surprised sitting there, nude, with his son, but it was no big deal, but Justin was hypnotized at Terry’s hairy big muscle body. He begged his dad to feel his muscles, and Terry flexed his arms and Terry felt them, trying but not able to get his hands around the big bulbous muscles. He didn’t take his hands away quickly, and felt his father’s chest hair briefly, which surprised Terry. He wanted to know if he was going to be as hairy as his dad, and took his shirt off. Justin had a lot of chest hair, and was tall, looking much older than his age, but not nearly as hairy as his dad. Terry felt a little odd sitting there naked in front of his son, who was taking off his clothes sort of, to compare with Dad.

Justin then reached out, and felt his Dad’s chest, rubbing all over it, and then down his stomach, when Terry grabbed Justin’s hand just before he rubbed on his Dad’s furry pubes. Then Justin leaned over, and kissed his Dad on the lips, hard. Terry was more surprised, and pulled back a little bit, but Justin just stared at him, looking at him from top to bottom. Terry realized this wasn’t going the right direction, and smiled at Justin, and told him now to go, Dad had to finish dressing. The next day, going to the gym, Justin begged to go along with him, and squeezed his Dad’s biceps again, and then shoulders. Again, that night, Justin appeared in the bedroom, and asked Dad to show him what he did at the gym that day. Terry flexed, and showed him side-pectoral, and Justin felt the fur, squeezing the huge slabs of meat, and then slid over Terry’s belly again, and up over his hairy shoulders and back.

Terry realized he was starting to get a hardon, and that wouldn’t do. The next day, to his surprise, Justin showed up at the gym, waiting when his Dad walked in. Terry convinced the gym owner to let Justin hang out, and work out with him, and putting on an extra pair of his Dad’s shorts and a tank-top, Justin worked out with him a little bit, struggling with the weights. They headed together for the locker room, and the two of them undressed and headed to the shower, a large open square room. Justin could barely function, looking at his furry Dad soap up, pumped from his shoulder exercise, and then looked at a few of the other bodybuilders soaping up and rinsing. Justin got a massive hardon, and Terry had a hard time knowing where to look, as he himself started getting hard seeing his son so excited around the other bodybuilders.

They grinned at Terry, looking at Justin who didn’t know what to do, and finally, soaping up his cock lightly, struggled to shoot his cum against the shower wall in front of all the other guys, pretending he wasn’t. I was getting very interested in the story at this point, and so was Terry I could smell him sweating as he talked, getting more excited. That evening, Justin walked in his Dad’s room again, this time wearing shorts, and told his Dad, “I want you to make me big.” He grabbed Terry again, and kissed him, on the lips, hard, and brushed very, very gently against Terry’s cock. He ran off, but that evening, Terry woke up as Justin crawled in bed. Terry was groggy, and rolled over, ignoring his son. But Terry slept nude, and that night, he woke to Justin curled up against him, hands in his fur. He told his son the next morning that “It wasn’t right,” to sleep like that, but to be honest, it was nice to have someone up against him after years of being alone.

Justin kept begging him to make him big like his father. They started going to the gym together regularly, and while nothing happened further sexually, Justin kept sleeping with his Dad naked, and it began to become normal, and normal for them to be naked around the house. Then, one weekend afternoon, Justin caught his Dad juicing up, which shocked both of them. Justin immediately asked for some too, but his Dad was very cautious, and careful. He talked to friends, and promised Justin he’d make a decision, but the decision was already made by Justin, who badgered him. Then the crazy time started. Terry gave his son some juice. He was already big from years of working out with his dad at the gym, and was quite tall, and furry at this point. But the juice pushed him over the edge, and within days, Justin was in the bathroom on and off all day long, jacking off from the unending horniness of the juice.

Of course, his Dad also jacked off a few times a day, but he just now realized that. Terry moved from sleeping with his dad to interrupting him “accidentally” a few times a day trying to see him jacking off. I stared at Terry, whose eyes were shining and I thought, It’s usually me that tells a story. “Terry, why don’t we take a walk, I’m getting hard, and want to get my cock out of my shorts.” I asked. Terry laughed, and we walked away from dining, shorts off a moment later. Terry had a beautiful uncut fat Greek cock, and it stuck straight out. He was fascinated by my cut cock, and in a clearing by the river, we sat down and Terry continued about how pushy his son was. Justin finally burst in on his Dad one afternoon, just as his Dad was about to shoot, lying in his bed. Terry, was too horny to be pissed, and just gave up and sat and jacked himself and shot a huge load of cum all over his belly and chest, Justin watching, naked, his own cock getting hard and slowly bouncing as his heart beat, sticking out.

Terry just looked at Justin, and then took his cumtowel and wiped himself down, “Well, there now you’ve seen it, happy?” Terry said, and Justin kind of just stood there, stunned. Though he was 18, and about to graduate high school, he was around 6’5″, bigger than Dad, and juicing had gotten him up over the 200 mark. And hairy, like Dad. That’s the juice. Terry stared at his son’s cock, which was also gearing up to be another big fat Greek cock like his. Then they had the conversation, about jacking off. Justin jacked off a few times a day at school, as did Terry at work, and first thing when he got home from School. Dad did when he got home later from the office, which was what Justin walked in on. Justin liked to jack off then after dinner, and then before he got in bed with Dad, and then first thing in the morning after he woke up.

Terry kept staring at the cock he hadn’t seen many hard cocks, a lot at the gym over his 20 years of working out, but this was different, his own son, and as big as he was. Maybe bigger. “Dad, stand up for me?” Justin asked, then whined about, and Terry stood up as his giant stood by him, and slid his cock against his Dad’s, which immediately firmed up. “Can you make it bigger?” He said, with the cocks side-by-side. His was not as big as Dad, and Terry laughed. “If I knew that, I’d be a millionaire.” He patted his boy on the back, and told him to get ready for gym, and the two headed off, and talked about running a gym together, getting big, eating all day, and going to contests. It was a great workout, and Terry, for some reason, was less conscious about being naked in front of his son that day in the shower, and Justin was hard, as usual, and to Terry’s surprise, Jacked off a little in the shower, to one side, visible only to his Dad.

Terry pulled his son’s hand away, surprising Justin, and then pulled him in the steamroom with him. Dad and Son sat side beside, and Justin scooted forward a little, curving his back, his cock standing straight up like a fireplug. Terry sat on the opposite side of the steamroom them, same position as his son, and took hold of his meaty pole, and started jacking off, enjoying the steam, and watching his son Jack off too. His boy, turned so hairy and thick, big quads under his thick cock, the fur crawling up his wide chest over his shoulders he still had some growing to do. Then a guy walked in. Another bodybuilder from the gym, short maybe 5’7″, wide, and Terry threw his towel over his lap quickly. Not Justin. The guy sat down, embarrassed a little, but eyeing Justin’s cock as he continued to stroke it like nobody was there.

Then the guy looked up, and his eyebrows raised  – he knew Terry was Justin’s Dad, they certainly had talked a bit over the last decade at the gym. And here he was nonchalantly watching his son jack off. “Hell,” the guy said, looking over at Justin, then leaned back, his own cock popping up. He wasn’t thick as either Justin or Terry, but he was long, maybe 8″, and Justin was riveted on his long pink cock that he jacked, in contrast to his fireplug thick body. Terry watched the two, and Justin scooted over, and grabbed the guys cock taking control, Terry laughed no self control. Justin jacked the guy hard, a little awkwardly as he jacked his own cock, and the poor guy just lost it, Dad and Son together and his getting jerked off it didn’t take more than a few minutes, and he blew his load on the floor. He ran out of the steamroom, and Justin continued to jerk himself off, as did Terry, and a moment later Justin and Terry added Father Son cum to the wet floor together.

Justin was silent as they dressed, and in the car he said “Dad, make me bigger. I’m not big enough.” Back at the ranch, Terry was stroking his thick cock as he told me about the sauna, and I realized he was describing me a bit in that guy not too tall, very wide and blond, long cock, not thick. He reached over and jacked me a little bit, looking around, and continued talking as he stroked my cock with his left hand, his own cock with his right. Justin pestered Terry, and got him to double his juice dosage, and that kicked Justin over some threshold along with food. Justin graduated high school, and Terry thought it a little odd, he only had a few friends, and they were more of the “google eyed” admiring type, not go-out-to-movie kind of friends. Justin spent his days at home eating all the time, playing video games, and jacking off. It didn’t seem healthy to Terry, who got Justin some work at the Hospital where Terry worked.

Justin worked only off and on, he found it better to stay home, eating, and jacking off, waiting for Dad to come home to jack off with him, and then go to the gym. He was getting huge. He hit the 220 mark, and a sort of plateau in size, but you’d think from the way he talked he was tiny. His cock got a little bit bigger and fatter his first year out of school, and he continued to go through jobs, one after another, that his Dad got him. Then he got a job at the gym. Something clicked, and Terry was relieved. Then he came home one day, and Justin was home, a strange sound coming from his bedroom (which was basically a spare bedroom at this point). He opened the door, and not even flinching, Justin was fucking a guy that Terry knew from the gym. No huggy-huggy, affection, just pure hard fucking into the guy’s ass, his thick potent cock drilling right into him.

Terry didn’t’ know what to do, standing there. The guy looked up, surprised, then Terry knew what to do. He took off his clothes, and stood in front of the guy, holding his face, and fed his cock into his hot mouth. Justin had his hands on his own hips, staring sideways in the mirror watching himself fuck and flex, then looking at his Dad, while they spitroasted the poor guy between them. Justin grunted for a moment, and then grabbed the guy’s ass, and Terry knew he was spewing cum deep in his hole, so he fed the guy his own load, too excited for words, and then both of them pulled out, staring at each other, and the guy scrambled to get out of there a bit surprised at Dad coming home. Justin stared at his father’s wet cock then, wiping his own off, and as they drove to the gym after the fuck, Justin started pestering him about buying a gym so they could run it.

That night, in bed naked, Terry stared at the ceiling wondering how he got in this situation, he felt somehow under the control of Justin. He woke Saturday morning to the bed shaking, Justin jacking off rubbing his muscles and fur, and Terry couldn’t help it, but started jacking off too. “Come on Dad, let’s get a gym!” Justin started whispering, jacking off harder, then Terry jerked as Justin rubbed his leg against his Dad’s. He reached over and stroked his Dad’s cock suddenly, and Terry felt paralyzed, but this all made sense. Justin jerked the two of them off. Terry was amazed Justin was quite expert at jacking off, just the right pressure on the shaft, and the stroke, squeezing the head inside his foreskin, then pushing down, pulling the skin to have the purple head pop out. His hand then squeezed the fat base of his Dad’s cock, stroking up again, going fast, then slow, creative.

He pushed fingers into his Dad’s foreskin to rub his wet cockhead, and lost it Justin shot cum all over his own hairy belly, the 19-year-old and his 43-year-old father like furry bloated muscle brothers side-by-side. That kind really the final Rubicon, because Justin jacked his father off morning, evening, and night from that point, and when he wasn’t jacking off or eating like a horse or getting juiced up, he was talking to his dad about bodybuilding, begging him to buy a gym, or was at the gym. Then Justin told his Dad a guy at the gym was getting him an apartment. I looked at Terry at this point, and he was looking at the river. I almost came when Justin finally got to playing with his Dad, but held back. I pulled Terry’s hand off me and leaned over, and licked the uncut tip of his cock, poking out wetly, and then sucked the head out of its sheath into my mouth.

Terry jerked back on the bench I knew he was super-sensitive. I pushed his cock into my mouth, peeling the foreskin back completely, pressing my face into his bushy, deeply-scented pubes, feeling his hard belly against my cheek as I sucked on his cock. Terry reached over me, and continued jacking my cock off, an even beat pulling my skin back and forth, stroking the shaft gently as I suckled his furry cock. I wanted him to cum, and I desperately wanted to cum after almost an hour of the story, edging and the workout. I took hold of his fat cock, licking the sides up and down, and pressing further south, got his medium-sized balls in my mouth both of them. Terry jumped and jerked on the bench, “Woah!” he hissed, and I held his balls with my lips and pulled my head lightly putting tension on them. “Ah AH!” Terry started barking more, and a moment later, he seeded my face and beard with a thick puddle of cum, completely unexpected!

I was so excited that I began cumming myself, all over his hand, as he bucked and jerked me, his balls in my mouth and his cock raking against my beard. I let his balls fall from my mouth, and sucked his cockhead again, slurping down the somewhat neutral cum, and cleaning out under his foreskin. He continued to jerk lightly as I finally let his cock go. Terry sighed, “Fuck Joe, I, that, well, that’s a surprise feeling!” he laughed, pushing his foreskin back completely over his cockhead. He flicked the cum off his hand on the ground, then wiped it in some leaves. “So Justin left home?” I asked, and Terry laughed. “He found his first Sponsor.” Justin came home everyday from working morning shift at the gym, and still jerked his Dad off, but after their evening gym, he went back to his apartment where Terry understood he fucked his sponsor.

Terry tried out a whole new set of juices from his sponsor, and gained another 30 pounds, approaching 250 now, a real monster at his height, eating all the time. But, he just was always a pound, or an inch away from being big, and his first contest, he placed 8th needing more definition, proportion, shaved smooth as a baby, and hating it, he still was basically a teenager in a man’s contest. But at that point, another “Sponsor” showed up, and he spent less time with his Dad. “So now you know,” Terry said, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, hands clasped, cock dangling down. “We got invited here, and Justin, well, this was his ticket to getting the right sponsor, the right juice, the right stuff to contests, his own gym, you know.” Terry looked at me. “I asked you earlier, are you ‘the number one’?” I had to try hard to keep from laughing, and I didn’t mention the TV show “The Prisoner”, it was probably too old for Terry.

“If I was, I couldn’t tell you.” I grinned, then I flashed “But, I will tell you, I’m probably more like number ‘Eight and a Half’.” I admired my own joke, but it backfired. Terry’s eyes glazed for a second, and an amazed expression came over his face, “Then I think I know who ‘the number two’ is.” It all was becoming surrealistic. I laughed and said, “I wouldn’t worry about it. You look like you’re about a ‘number six’ yourself.” Terry looked at me uncomprehendingly, and then patted me on the leg. “Hey, I’ve gotta go see my Son! Thanks buster!” and at that, he got up and walked away. I sat for a moment watching the sunlight play in the river water, trying to sort out who was doing what to whom in the conversation, then headed back to my Barracks Cabin, where I told my story to Idris before we went to dinner.

Idris wandered off, and I chatted with my Masters group again, and noticed a lot of cubs hanging around the Muscle Dads, but headed back to get some sleep when Justin appeared again, on the trail. “Daddy Joe,” He began, and hugged me again, arms wrapped around me and picking me up. “Can we go to your room?” I said, “Sure,” and walked along. “Justin, I met your Dad today,” and Justin grunted. “You guys are real close,” I continued. “You’ve been sleeping with him, that must be nice.” Justin said, “Oh yeah! I love Daddy.” I was quiet, then Justin added, “When we moved out of the house, I didn’t have my own room anyway.” My head was spinning for a second. “Wow, when was that?” I asked, then Justin said “Oh, just before I graduated high school. Daddy sold the house so we could start a gym.” Something didn’t click, but I didn’t want to touch this subject anymore, so I started talking about the Ranch, and on the main road to the cabins, to my surprise, Terry walked up to us.

“Hey Daddy,” Justin said, “I found Joe.” Terry started in, “Can I tag along buddy?” and I shivered. Dad and Son, huge Greek furry bodybuilders, this was interesting. We were at my cabin in no time, and no Idris, so we went in, and sat down, Justin talking about what he ate for dinner, and how much he was eating. Terry got up and sat down beside Justin, and said, “Son, get on your knees.” Jerry, the “Top” I met and fucked on the first day, he got up, turned around, and on his knees in front of the couch, bent over, arms folded. Terry, reached over and pulled his ass cheeks open, “Look at that Joe, look at that pink hole.” I did. Terry reached down and fingered it a little, then spitting on his fingers, crammed two right in the hole up to his hand, and jammed down harshly. Justin grunted as Terry slammed hard into his Son’s hairy hole. “Come here, Joe.” Terry said, and rubbing his son’s hole, he then said, “You can lick it.”

It was getting very complicated suddenly, and exciting, so I dove in. Leaning down, I stuck my tongue out and lapped up over Justin’s hole, slightly musky, and his fur stinking of sweat and roids like his Dad. It was intoxicating. I lapped at it again, those muscle cheeks more widely spread by Terry, and then clamping my mouth on the hairy hole, sucked at it. Justin relaxed, and I felt his asshole lips actually pull a little bit between my lips. Sucking and making obscene smacking sounds, I sat there with Justin’s ass in my face, in heaven. There’s nothing as good as a hairy ass, except for a hairy ass right in your mouth. Terry then pushed his fingers down Justin’s crack, and pushed fingers in again, with my mouth on the asshole. I looked up for a moment, Terry was standing there with a massive hardon, and literally drooling precum on the couch.

I didn’t want to be the one who had to clean all the couches the end of this Muscle Ranch trip. “Go on Joe,” Terry said, “You’ve fucked him. He’s ready again.” I sat looking at Justin’s ass for a second, as his father squeezed and massaged the cheeks, reaching around occasionally to jack Justin’s cock. I got up like a zombie, and in my bedroom got lube and poppers, and came back in by the couch. Terry was finger-fucking Justin’s muscle ass again. “No, no lube,” Terry said, eyes glittering, and slapped the lube and poppers onto the couch from my hand. “Spunk up his hole so I can fuck him with your lube.” He spat on his hand and rubbed at Justin’s hole again, which winked open for a second. He stood up, and stepped on the couch, Justin between his legs and sat on his broad back. Justin grunted. He continued fingering his Son’s asshole, waving me to come over, and I jacked my cock feeling shivers of what fear, excitement, something wrong and stood behind Justin.

Terry grabbed my cock roughly, and pulled it, then shoved it in his Son’s hole. It wasn’t nearly as tight as the first day, and gliding in, I hit the inner stop, then pushed through, bottoming out in one stroke. Terry felt my shaft for a second, and then looking down, “Like that Boy?” he asked, Justin just nodding his head. I pulled out gently, seeing his asslips bulging out as I pulled, then pushed slowly back in, it was fantastic. I don’t like dry fucks, but this was working. Terry was jacking off his fat cock at that point, and pulled my head down to it, while I was in his son. It pushed between my lips, fat spermy cockhead, pushing deeper into my mouth as I felt him reach back, and then rear his hips up slightly, fucking up into my mouth. I started fucking Justin at the same time, slowly sawing in and out of his hot hole, feeling the hair on his back as I balanced myself, getting face-fucked by his Dad.

I slid more and more slowly in and out, the sensation was just too much to take quickly, and Justin, as I almost pulled my cockhead out, squeezed the tip, then I pushed back in. Terry was too much his abs were huge in front of me as he slid in and out of my wide-open mouth, thick rolling strips of muscle, then further back his pecs flexing under their hairy mat. He bounced his ass off his son’s back as he continued fucking up, grunting with the effort, and I knew his ass must be like a rock with those thrusts. Fucking into Justin’s ass, I slowly felt a tingle, surprised at how quickly I was getting close to cumming. I pulled off of Terry’s cock for a second, and he looked at me, and hissed “Fuck his ass, I need my Son’s ass all cummy to fuck. Do IT!” and at that, he grabbed my head and pushed down on his thick cock again.

It pushed against the roof of my mouth, almost into my throat, then holding me, he fucked harder as I slammed into his son’s hole, the squeezing and milking sensation in the ass increasing with each stroke until I knew I didn’t have any resistance left. I shuddered, and Terry pushed hard on my head, hips still, as I squealed and whined, shoving and spurting cum into Justin’s ass, fucking hard enough suddenly to make a lurid smacking sound, then pausing, losing control of my hips as more and more cum erupted from me into the hole under us. Terry let my head go, and I backed off, cock popping out of Justin, and I gasped, and collapsed in a chair. Terry calmly stepped off the couch, and reached down for the poppers. He took a hit, then two, then three, nostrils back and forth, then crouching the tiniest bit, shoved his thick cock with a squelching sound into his son’s asshole.

Cum oozed around the edges, and he licked his finger, rubbing around the anal circle and wiped it on his son’s back, then took Justin’s hips, and slammed hard enough for Justin to grunt and sigh. That was a signal, and Terry, popper-crazed, started slam-fucking his son, pausing to pull his cock all the way out, staring and huffing at it, then slamming it back in the hole, machine-gun-like thrusts following. Over and over, hard slamming fucking sounds into his boy, then more poppers, then cock out, fingers squelching in the cum-filled hole and rectum, then slamming back in, gurgling sounds out of his throat as he came to climax in his spectacle of abuse. He looked at me, almost like a wolf, “Like that number eight?” He laughed, “More where that comes from!” which I really didn’t understand, and slamming into his son harder, huffing with effort, he started saying “Here. We. Go. Squeeze. That. Ass. Son.” through gritted teeth.

BAM! He slammed into Justin, and holding still, contracting every muscle in a grotesque pose, ass bulging out in a way I’d never seen, he stood on his tip-toes, slowly emitting a loud yell/scream, and then gasping, pulled away. A loud “slup!” sound came out of Justin’s hole as his shaft and head popped out like a cork, some cum dripping, and Terry crammed fingers in the hole, looking at the cum and wiping again on Justin’s back, looking at me with a big grin, and slapped Justin’s ass. “Sit normal, boy!” he said, and Justin turned and sat on the couch, his huge cock rock hard, so rigid and purple it seemed almost as though he had a cockring on. “Jack it, son! Like you do all day!” Terry said, and Justin grinned, the immediately grabbed his cock, hunched over and jacking it on the couch, staring forward.

“Cum quick or you’re gonna miss it boy!” Terry said, and then shook the bottle of poppers, “Here’s some brown bottle, baby boy,” and held it under Justin’s nostrils, and forced him to inhale it. Justin hunched his shoulders, his traps bulging and veiny through the fur, and his hand was a blur jacking as his face turned red. He was grunting and whispering, spittle dripping from his mouth as he suddenly threw himself back on the couch, and a fountain of cum shot up and over his belly, onto his chest. His lips pushed out into an “O”, he continued to stare forward, and shaking violently, more cum shot up, pooling in the deep fur. I realized he was holding his breath, turning redder and redder, when suddenly he sucked in a lungful of air, and dropped his arms, veins popping out everywhere with the intense exertion.

“Daddy,” he said finally, looking at Terry, panting, and Terry clapped him on the back, “You did well son!” My poor head was trying to piece together Terry’s story, Justin’s fragment and the aggressive Authoritative Dad I just saw. Terry Got up and got some water, and loving let Justin sip, rubbing his shoulders, and hands through Justin’s furry chest for a moment, and then said, “Hey, I know we’ve outstayed our welcome Joe” and at that, a kind of spell broke, and I thanked them for coming by, “No we have to thank you” and in five minutes the two guys were gone. I stood by the front window, feeling a summer breeze, and heard a few indistinct words and then “ sponsor?” and Terry said, “You did great ” and more mumbles. I headed to bed, deciding not to think more about the strange afternoon. I had Aziz for training in the morning, and I wanted to be rested, relaxed and ready.