eBook Preview: Beach

January 20, 2016

The fifth part of my California Road Trip, ever south now, I meet up with more musicans, or bikers, or both in Santa Barbara, then fall into a huge Carnival and wrestlers in Ventura (don’t ask about the strawberries). I meet Aziz again in his Dad’s Malibu house, then in a feat of time engineering get him and Felix together for a special weekend on Catalina Island, in the Wrigley Mansion. I leave Felix in Aziz’s huge arms heading on further south, to explore a Father’s Day invite into Camp Pendleton, where Marine’s do their duty.

Who am I? Texbearjoe. From travel a few years back, I took a few weeks to explore California I had come to know and love through the years. From a visit in Folsom Prison to hikes in Yosemite to a private party at Hearst Castle to my Caveman at the Madonna Inn, some of the oddest, most beautiful, and most entertaining days, afternoons, and evenings I’ve had on a vacation. My crew of new and old friends – lumberjacks, lawyers, musicians, prison inmates, gas station attendants, masseurs, rock collectors and university deans – and Aziz is back from Muscle Ranch, meet me at naked beaches, pool parties, movie-house orgies, hiking, luxury hotels, and bargain tents. You’ll never see California quite the same way again.

Chapter 2

I began the hour drive from Santa Barbara to Ventura, enjoying the beautiful California coastline along the way, and trying to talk with Felix, his normal morning call, in a convertible. I stopped in Carpinteria, and chatted, Felix wanted to know what my cultural insight of the day was. “Well,” I began “You know the phrase ‘All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music’?” “Sure, from Pater, the art critic,” Felix answered. “You know you look a little like him,” I said, seeing what response I’d get. “I’ll have to get back to you on that one!” Felix laughed. “Well, if art is the expression of all human thought…” I continued, pausing. Felix said, “Ok, I’m where this is going…”. I continued: “And music is the food of love…” Felix responded instantly, “You’ve proven that all we think about is sex.” I laughed, and said “I love talking to a quick study.” And at that, Felix said, “I’m nervous about asking how the day went.”

“So,” I began, “I ended up picking up a musician, then some bikers at a reggae concert, and smoking pot later and having free love at a hundred-acre estate in Montecito before playing Prokofiev while having sex, or something like that.” Silence. “You’re slacking off!” He laughed, “No, I’m taking it easy today. Ventura, and some old stomping grounds. Memory Lane. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, when are you in? Are you ready? Have you been holding back lots of cum for me? I have a surprise for you.” Felix told me it was all he thought about the last few days, and gave me his flight details, arriving around 7pm. “I’ve not been saving up Joe,” he continued “I’ve beat off every day thinking of you. You’re driving me crazy, and you’re not even here.” I told him we would have wonderful time, but I had to drive now, and at that he said “Until tomorrow.”

I called Aziz, and reconfirmed I’d be in Malibu in the morning, and pick him up to take to lunch, then we could go work out at Gold’s in Venice, and pick up my guest. I felt very organized, and called “Inn of the Seventh Ray” in Topanga Canyon for lunch reservations, and then “Moonshadows” for Dinner. I was in shock a few minutes later when I found that “Seaside Banana Gardens” was gone! It was a fantastic place in La Conchita, but when I asked locals, there had been a mudslide some time ago and a lot changed, and I thought “How long has it been since I lived in California!” I went back to Carpinteria and found the same Banana Guys at a market on Santa Clause Lane (I kid you not). An hour later after my detour, I was in Ventura, and went down to Pierpont Boulevard and Nathan Lane, and saw my old house, and walked down to the beach.

It was such a beautiful day, as always in California. I took my shoes off and watched the surfers for a while, wandering along the sand until I got another blob of tar on my feet. Beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and blobs of tar along all the beaches from Port Hueneme to above Santa Barbara, unfortunate. I felt hungry, and decided to drive up into Ventura and see part of the old city, but as I drove, I smelled strawberries. I was going crazy suddenly, my stomach grumbling. Delicious strawberries. I don’t know where I was, but I smelled strawberries like crazy and started driving on all the little streets here and there, slowly moving southeast, trying to figure out where the strawberries were! I had a railroad to my right, and what looked like endless strawberry fields to my left finally.

I wanted one, and as I drove along, I saw a dirt road, some buildings, farm equipment under a big roofed area, and a huge truck parked up behind the building, so someone was there. Maybe it was a pick-your-own kind of farm. I went in and parked, and walked towards the truck. The it was like walking at the beach, sandy loamy soil, incredibly soft under foot. Then I heard the sound, someone grunting, someone slurping, and now and then “un huh huh” kind of gasping. I was on the passenger slide of the truck, and looked through the window, and a guy was sitting there with a huge fat cock sitting up, door open and legs half out, with another guy standing there jacking him off and obviously sucking. The trucker guy was hot – big and meaty, thick hairy legs, and a short fat cock with a big head, his crotch hair slightly red. They were completely unaware I was there.

I stood watching for a moment, and the guy in the truck started laying back, and I was aware he had absolutely no pants on, and was rearing up to give the other guy his asshole. The truck had to have come around the house, and kind of back up into this spot, which was protected on three sides from view unless, like me you walked up. And unless, like me, you drove and parked at the entrance because it all looked like dirt and farm equipment. The younger guy looked around the truck, oblivious to me staring through the window, and shucked off his overalls. He was a meaty bear, scruffy fur, and hot as hell. He had the look of a highschool linebacker gone to fat a little bit, thick meaty chest and arms, big legs, and with almost a pale brown glow, tan all over. As I looked at him, another intense wave of Strawberry smell wafted over me, distracting.

He bent over and started rimming the truck guy, making all sorts of slurping hungry sounds, really digging into his hole, rooting his face around. I squeezed my cock in my jeans, wondering if there would be a bad explosion if I walked around and saw them. Truck guy slid forward a little more, and Scruff, spitting on his thick cock, got close, and actually looked like he was getting into Truck’s hole. He pulled out and jacked a bit more, spitting on his cock again, and truck massaged his hole. Scruff pushed forward again, and I heard Truck yelp, and instantly I had to pull my cock out. It was too fucking hot. I stood there beating off, but the way the guys were going at it, I couldn’t really see much more in the truck. I slowly moved around the back of the vehicle, as Truck whined and begged for more, then looking around the side, realized that now I really couldn’t see anything, but then nobody could see me.

Scruff was bent over Truck, hunching his thick ass forward fucking the truck guy. I thought, “What the hell,” and moved forward, my long cock dangling in front of me, and stood to one side of Scruff, beating off watching his beautiful ass clenching and fucking into Truck. He was really good at it, moving his ass kind of in a big circle as he fucked in, and I listened to Truck whine each time he got it fully up in him. Then I heard a sharp “Hey!” and then “Fuck!” as Truck noticed me standing there. Scruff turned around suddenly, flaming red, but then they both saw me stroking my cock. Scruff’s dick was hanging there, dripping a little bit, and Truck’s cock was still in his hand. “C’mere” Scruff said. More strawberry smell came by on a light breeze, as scruff squeezed my cock, and stroked me. I undid my pants, letting them drop, and Scruff crouched down, stroking himself as he slurped in my cock, his free hand up under my shirt.

I took it off, dropping it in my pants, and Scruff looked up, his eyes telling me how much he appreciated my huge muscle tits in his hand. Truck was jacking off watching the two of us, the muscle dad getting good mouth service from his buddy. Not as good as Fred from Solvang, but that was one-of-a-kind. Scruff liked to hold my ass, pressing my cock into his mouth to deepthroat as he gagged and retched, spitting up liquid as he pulled back suddenly to breathe. I wiped some of the mucous off his face, and reached over to Truck’s ass, which he happily bared at me, and wiped it in the hole. I pulled on one of his boots, to slide him out of the truck. He was a chunky man, beautiful cock and ass, and got him to turn around for me and Scruff, bent over the truck seat. Scruff was first, holding his cock and pushing it up into Truck, fucking him again, and I got to kick my damn shoes off and then get under Truck, and begin sucking his fat cock while his belly pressed in my face.

I smelled strawberries again from the breeze, mixed with crotch and sweat smells, pretty heady stuff suddenly. I got a good suck on, his fat cockhead sliding with each fuck poke into my mouth, pressing into my tongue and back of my throat, Scruff literally fucking him in and out of my mouth while I stroked my spit-wet cock. I wanted to fuck again, and climbed back out, and held up my hand. Scruff grinned, and slapped it, and pulled out of Truck, letting me push my cock in his hole – extremely tight hole. I’m not a fan of super-tight, but the whole public sex situation was working in my mind, and I began fucking him hard, holding his hips and listening to him whine and complain as I slammed my cock deep into his massive fat ass. It was so sweet, feeling my cockhead pop into his insides over and over, his gripping rectum like some sort of crazy rubber innertube gripping and sliding over my cock.

Scruff was down on the ground sitting, getting his mouth full of fat trucker dick, jacking his own beauty all the while. “Get up over him,” I growled, “I want to suck that hog.” Scruff backed out from under Truck, and stepped up trying to get his boots over Truck, practically sitting on his back as he stood on the step up to the door, and I leaned over. I licked the tip of his cock, which had a pretty tight wrapper of flesh around it, and tried to suck it out of the foreskin, but didn’t get far. I sucked it in hard, getting his juicy hard cock in my mouth, but didn’t really get a grip on the cockhead. “Peel it for me, stud” I whispered, and Scruff pulled on his cock, but the foreskin didn’t go all the way back. No matter, I slurped on the wet cockhead I could see, and slowly pulled it out of it’s skin, until the fat head bulged out with a skinny collar at the base.

I licked it all around, kissing it to not get too intense for Scruff, but he pulled back, and held his hand up. I tag-team slapped his hand, and pulled out of Truck, and Scruff pushed his skin back and slid his cock into Truck’s hole beside me. He looked at me with a funny expression, then slammed into truck’s fat as hard, and gave a high whine, slamming a few more times. I reached up to his balls, and felt him gut pumping cum into Truck, the fat tube under his cock swelling and then releasing over and over. He staggered back a little bit, and a long thread of semen pulled from Truck’s asshole out to the tip of his cock as he stepped back, “Look at that!” he said, laughing, pulling further until the viscous goo stretched and then dipped down, snapping and dropping to the ground. Truck backed up, and turned around, and said “You came!”

He began jacking his beautiful cock, spreading his legs and working it hard. His balls were bouncing with each stroke of his fat hand, and I got on my knees to watch and lick. The moment I licked his hand, he dropped it away, letting me work on his balls and shaft, as Scruff groaned, and got beside me. We both sucked and worked on that trucker cock, balls in my mouth over and over, then trading with Scruff as I worked up the shaft and slurped he head in my mouth, tasting all his juices. Then the damn strawberry odor filled my nose in, like a 12-year-old girl was putting lip gloss on an inch away from my face. I looked up at the older hairy Truck, getting the lip gloss image out of my mind, as he reached down and jacked off just the tip of his cock, like screwing in a lightbulb. Scruff and I were going wild licking, and occasionally licking each other’s tongues, then kissing with his cock, as Truck groaned out, “Here it is gentlemen.”

He continued jacking, thrusting his hips now, and then with one finger, stroked his wet cockhead and a glob of white juice oozed out the tip. I licked it up instantly, and sucked more cum out of his urethra like a straw, then licked the shaft as another helping globbed out for Scruff to slurp at and swallow. More smell of that fucking strawberry came by as I got my share of his cum down again, tasting the bland slightly salty flavor, then mouthing his balls, I watched as Scruff got his taste. I paused waiting for another appearance of the fluid, staring at his cockhead – huge, red, faintly heart-shaped, and it looked just like a fucking strawberry to me, one with a hole at the tip oozing another tasty load of cum to suck out. “Man,” I said, as Truck coughed, his orgasm finished. “If I smell any more fucking strawberries, I’m going to lose it.” Scruff and Truck burst out laughing, as more smell wafted by.

Scruff started pulling at overalls, getting some clothes on as Truck reached in the cab, and got some baggy trousers to pull up over his boots. I got my clothes back on slowly, watching Truck and Scruff pass an intimate kiss together, and I held up my hand, slapping Scruff, and then I kissed Truck’s ass, “That’s a beauty” I grinned, and walked back to my car, then started running to get out of that area before the Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever” started becoming an earworm and really drive me insane. I found my way back to Harbor Boulevard and drove up north again, passing my old house,  and came up on some funky beach restaurants and stopped for some food. Counter to my wishes, a few globs of cum doesn’t really make a full lunch, and I had to get the strawberry smell out of my nose.

I sat with my avocado-sprout-tuna-something-organic sandwich on sprouted-wheatberry-grain-goodness bread – it was a California beach – and read through the local papers, curious about housing prices. Sheesh! 950 square feet like my old place near the beach would go for a cool $1.3 million now. Ugh. I did see that there was a carnival at the Fairgrounds, I thought I saw something as I drove past earlier. Finished up and went to visit my old gym nearby when but discovered that my very first trainer, Dan Mackey, had died a few years back. He was an old school California bodybuilder, IFBB Judge, and the first real muscle daddy that I had ever laid eyes on. Big bushy beard, huge build, and incredibly kind to a 19-year-old that was ready to start getting more serious about bodybuilding. He was also one of the first guys I met who was a completely hands-on trainer, moving arms, legs, everything through a movement correctly.

I looked around the gym – you have to imagine, it was around 30 years prior I went there, and they gym hadn’t changed. At the time it was a secret club with huge guys, Dan the biggest, and I got let in, don’t know how. Dan designed machines, routines, and arbitrated what was good style in muscle, and what wasn’t. Now, the gym was small, cramped-feeling. As Thomas Wolfe wrote, “You Can’t Go Home Again.” I headed into the city to get a place to crash for a nap, Ventura is such a classic California town, cute City Hall, all palm trees and wide streets. I found a place just down from it on the beach, also within walking distance of the county fairgrounds, where the carnival was for that evening. I took a well-deserved nap, too many late nights last few nights of a ‘restful’ vacation, and then headed to “Hollywood Fitness”, also a few blocks away.

Was much better than it sounds, everything you needed and good eye candy for the afternoon, lots of middle-aged surfer dads keeping their bodies up, no real hardcore types. I wandered around downtown in the waning light, and found a nice steak restaurant, and ate catching up with messages on my phone. I walked back to my hotel, and could see the carnival midway lights in the distance, so gradually walked over to the fairgrounds. It wasn’t too expensive to go in, and absolutely filled chockablock with kids running around with Moms and Dads around. As always, Dads kind of stared at me with 250lbs of muscle, big beard, and clearly as old as their own Dad. I love the effect as they goggle and stare, Mom and the Kids (except for the son) completely oblivious.

I hadn’t really been in a midway style Carnival for a long time, so I was curious if anything had changed since I was a kid, but we were in some sort of weird cycle where they tried to make the Carnival even older looking than when I was a kid – old-style rides, games, and in one part a kind of “curiosities show”, along with the “haunted house” and “house of mirrors” type rides. I got into a spinning kind of ride which was a huge drum that rotated around, and the centrifugal acceleration glued you to the drum as the floor lowered, and everyone was laughing as they tried to peel themselves off the wall. I walked past a big old-fashioned carousel, and the guy operating it yelled “Come on Ride Muscle Man,” and I suddenly realized why they called them “Carnival Barkers”.

I had some cotton candy, and ended up drinking a quart of water to get rid of that taste. I was just happy it didn’t take like Strawberry, that would have been too much. After the Carousel, where the barker congratulated me on great taste, I went onto the Ferris wheel, and gradually felt I was going to do all the rides. I had to piss badly, the damn guy running the wheel thought it was fun to not let me off, but go round and round “Extra”. I wandered off to the back of the midway trying to find a bathroom, and ended up in a maze of trailers where the Carnies lived, and was shooed away by security. I got the bathroom finally, and then back on the midway, walked past barkers for a jungle ride, a wrestling show, different freaks – smallest woman, bearded woman, woman with three breasts, strongman, fat man, wolfman, tattoo man – and went into the Haunted Forest ride.

“Hey Muscle Man!” the guy running that attraction said, “Enjoy the Wheel Daddy?” I thought for a moment, how the hell did they communicate back and forth so fast. Got in the ride with fun spooky scares, the slowly rotating “Vortex Tunnel” you walk through is always great, making me feel completely lean over until I almost fell on my ass. I went over and watched the wrestling show, two big pro-wrestler size bodybuilders with beards, slicked-back hair 1920’s hair, and lots of yelling and jumping in the ring until “The Red Saint” was able to overtake “The Blue Demon” in a very stylized match, the audience loving it. A tout came up to me yelling “Will any real men here take on Red tonight? Real men? You’re a real man Muscle Dad!” I couldn’t figure out how to duck out quickly, and everyone nearby yelled, “Muscle Dad Muscle Dad!” and I told the guy, “no way.”

He leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “It’s safe, all a show big guy.” The crowd cheered, and I thought quickly. “Whatta I have to do guy, promise you a blow job?” he finally asked, and I looked at him leering at me. “Him,” I said, pointing at “The Blue Demon”. “Carlos?” he said, “Hell, that’s a no-brainer! He’d suck my wife’s cock!” and he yelled “He’s on! One hour, Muscle Dad and The Red Saint!” I went back behind the tent with the tout into another tent, single lightbulb and big sort of cloth bales around the room to sit on, and there were Referee, Red Saint, and Blue Devil, and I had my bigorexia moment. When they were on the mat, they looked fucking monstrous, but when I stood beside them, I was bigger – those two guys were maybe 5’6″, thick muscle builds, but not my size, I probably had 50lbs on The Red Saint –  but he had a few years of technique on me.

Tout announced “Carlos, Daddy wants a blowjob to wrestle tonight, you OK with that?” and everyone laughed. Carlos looked startled, and pleased, barking out in a rough, gravelly voice ”In. One Word. HELL YEAH!” I thought for a second that that was two words. I had to strip, and they gave me some pale grey wrestling tights, but Demon said “Looks. Like. SHIT” in a huffy voice flexing and posing. I smiled at him, and in front of the group, stripped naked, and put on the tights again. My cock which is pretty big when still soft, looked enormous in the pale lycra, and the men whooped. “FUCK DEVIL YOUR THROATS GONNA HURT!” Saint said, and Demon came over and squeezed my cock, “FUCK. ITS. REAL!” he yelled, and I got a hand in my pants and tried to roll it up a little bit and make sure it was not dangling down my leg.

The Referee came over, and started coaching me, and we had an hour to try out some moves on the mat. It all went so fast I didn’t know what was happening. They taught me a quick simple half-dozen moves with Saint (Carlos was stomping around, hovering by me), and a fifteen-minute sequence we would go through. I had wrestled years back, and this had nothing to do with wrestling, which is pretty hard, so I was relieved. I told Referee to call me “Daddy Joe” and suddenly, people were coming in, faces I saw last time, and I heard “Muscle Dad, Muscle Dad!” going on. Referee got in the ring, and started walking around announcing the match, and I saw some of the Carny guys from a few rides come in also. “Last Match of the Night!” Referee said, “And on my right is Muscle Daddy Joe!” and Demon (I gave up on Carlos) suddenly appeared, lifting my hand up. “And on my left…” and the rest of the match was announced, and crowd started “Daddy Joe” chants. I felt butterflies in my stomach.

I’m a crazy exhibitionist, but this was extra crazy. Referee got us together, My face next to Saint, and I must have looked super-nervous. He winked, leaned over and gave me a huge kiss, which shocked me. The crowd screamed and Referee said “Did you see that? Saint Kissed Muscle Dad, was that the Kiss of Death?” Referee whispered the first move, and a bell hit, Saint started circling the ring. Somehow he was going to jump on my shoulders in an “Electric Chair”, and then flop me down, head wrapped in his legs. He’d break the fall, still holding me, and the Ref would count, but I’d wriggle free. It all went OK, and Ref whispered to me the next move. Demon was going to do something to Ref, and I’d get Saint to Fall, holding his legs, and then do a “Stink Face” by sitting on his face while Ref argued with the Demon. I was supposed to be wiggling my ass too. Well, this was familiar, too bad I had lycra on protecting him from my bare asshole.

The match went on and on like this, Ref announcing “My Boyfriend” was to stay out of the ring, Demon. Finally I was to somehow get on Saint, another chair move, his face in my crotch, he’d fall back, I’d get his leg, and then holding him like that, I’d win. Poor Saint, having his mouth on my cock with an extremely thin layer of yellow lycra while I sat on him, I couldn’t resist flexing it a little bit. He growled, “If you fucking do that again, I’ll suck you instead of Carlos.” The match was over, and I had to jump up and down, then get out of the ring, with Carlos helping me out. It felt like I had been in a dryer drum bouncing around for an hour, I was a wreck. Tout thanked me with a handshake, and a tip of his hat, and said “Have fun buddy.” Saint, Demon, and Ref came back, and we all sat panting for a moment, and Saint shook my hand, “Good deal Daddy.”

The haunted house Carny came back, and sat down, taking out a bottle of Whisky or something, and passed it around to us. Then it got stranger. Another midway guy came in, and said to nobody in particular, “I heard Carlos is sucking tonight?” Ref said “Yeah, This Dad wouldn’t wrestle unless he got a suckjob,” pointing his thumb at me. “Cheaper than his usual,” the guy said, and darted out of the tent. “Sucking tonight?” I said, looking at Carlos. Ref was unbuttoning his striped shirt, under it he was in a greasy tanktop. I took a swig from the bottle, which burned like hell, so I had two. The guys were shooting the bull for a minute, when Saint peeled off his red tights, and he was in a jock, and started unlacing his boots. Devil did the same, and I had to look at those guys – great wrestle-muscle bodies, meaning fleshy and juiced. Saint had a big smooth as, Devil’s was furry, matching his light chest hair.

The Carny came back, and with him came two Dad-looking guys, who looked startled. “So many people, how long is this going to take?” I heard one whisper to the other, sounding hesitant. The Carny gave them the bottle of whisky, but holding it said, “Depends on how fast you blow, guys,” then let them take it, and I saw them hand him a $20 each. They were nervous and excited, when I saw Devil put on a pair of kneepads. The room got noisier, and he got on his knees in front of Ref, and proceeded to open his pants. He pulled out a nice uncut cock, and began sucking Ref, who was smoking a cigarette and talking to Saint like nothing was going on.

A few younger Carny guys came in and sat down, one beside Saint, and I heard a ‘Hey Dad’. Saint introduced me to his “son” with a wink, while devil was going to town sucking Ref, who leaned back a little bit, opening his legs. The two dads were open-mouthed in shock watching this, and the Carny said, “pull your cocks out guys, get ’em ready”, and walked off with the whisky, handing it to the new guys. “Fuck, look at that!” Saint said, poking at my cock – I was rock hard watching the evolving setup, and my pants were bulging like crazy. Saint’s son looked at it mesmerized. I looked over at Devil who was doing a jack-suck with Ref, who groaned. He stood up slowly as Devil sucked hard, and grunting harder, Devil instantly stopped jacking, and sat there with his mouth wrapped around Ref’s cock, sucking and swallowing, the muscles in his back twitching gently.

The two Dads had pulled out their cocks, and were stroking them, in shock, and a few of the young guys pulled their pants down sitting on the bales, and were jacking each other watching. “Dad”, the Saint’s son said, and pointed to my cock with his chin. I looked at him more closely in the dim light, he wasn’t big, and if you glanced at him he’d look young, but he could have been 30, a bit worn and beaten around the edges like all the people here, and I had the feeling Saint was kind of taking care of him. Maybe that’s why he was the “Saint”, when anyone I’d expect to find in red tights would be a Devil. “ME. NEED. SUCK.” Devil growled comically, and a couple of the younger guys waved him over with their long thin cocks sticking out. Devil crawled over on his knees, sucked one, then growled, and sucked the other, and then back and forth as conversation resumed.

The dads were jacking off, one with cock maybe half the length of the other, but I didn’t have the sense that they were together, the tout that brought them in was just harvesting. “Dad?” the Boy said, and Saint said, “OK”, and his son sidled up to me, and put his hands on my grey tights, and pulled them off. He seemed surprised for a second that I wasn’t wearing underwear or a jock, and then pulled them off over my boots, and came forward carefully, and cupped my hard cock, then put his hand around it, starting to stroke. “FUCK. OFF.” Devil said, and stood up, walking over angrily at the boy, who immediately backed off from my cock. “MY. COCK.” I wasn’t sure if he was kind of acting with the gruff slow talking, or if that was him. His slicked-back hair was messed up, all greasy and crazy, and with his beard, he looked like the sleaziest man you’d ever seen, skin dirty, greasy hairy, dirty jock, and bulging muscles. I wanted to fuck him.

He stomped back to the younger guys, sucking them, when son started playing with Saint’s jockstrap, and wormed his thick cock out. He started stroking it, playing with the balls carefully as Saint sat back and spread his legs. Another guy came in the tent at that point, looking, I thought, Argentine somehow – very long black hair, slicked back with pomade, beard trimmed to a point, quite a bit of grey. He was about my height, in a shiny black shirt and jeans, and when he talked, with a gruff abrupt voice, “DID. GOOD.” It was too much like Devil. He slicked back his hair, and sat down, looking at me. The two boys getting sucked were making noises, and I walked over as Saint was starting to get sucked. I watched Devil work on the two guys, but I had a feeling it was in poor taste to get involved like that, I was interrupting their conversation somehow. I walked back and sat by the Man in Black, who stared at me with incredibly black eyes, slowly leaning back and opening his pants.

He fished around and pulled out a beautiful uncut cock, and looked down at it, then me. I couldn’t resist. I got on my knees in the dirt of the tent, and licked the head, and he sighed, and it changed the conversation in the room, it got much quieter. I heard someone whisper “Muscle Dad sucks!” Blacky undid his belt, and pulled his pants down, and I was pleasantly surprised – beautiful big furry bush, big long balls, and now the full length of his lean cock came out. I licked inside the skin, and started to jack suck him, but he pushed at my hands, “NO. HANDS.” he said, and so, “OK” I thought, and started licking around inside his foreskin.

I did put my hands on his smooth legs, and looked at his cock for a second, very smooth and veiny, no fur at all on him actually except for his bush and his beard, he had unbuttoned his shirt. I heard noises, and behind me the two young guys were standing up, and Devil was sucking them fast as he could, alternating between one and the other, jacking and sucking and whining when the first guy started shooting. Devil yelped and immediately capped the cock with his mouth, sucking in a frenzy as I saw his belly pop up and down, his diaphragm desperately getting a suck going. Then the second guy was shooting on his beard, and he cried out in disappointment, and quickly changed to sucking him. Then more cum shot in his beard as he went back and forth, ’til he was a nasty mess of oily hair and cum-clotted beard.

I continued sucking Blacky’s cock, slowly savoring the full length of his meat, hard but giving just a little as I worked it in my mouth, pressing lips together and stroking the length, slowly getting the head closer and closer to my throat. Blacky grinned and talked to the Dads, “BEST. SUCK.” He declared, and pulled it back. I licked the head again, and mouthed the shaft, feeling the thick rubbery brown skin that covered his cock, not the almost transparent skin that was on mine. It felt good in my mouth as I continued sucking, bobbing up and down now to press my face against his crotch, the cock sliding along my tongue and mouth. I stopped to suckle the tip, kissing and sucking together as I worked on his pisshole. He grunted, and whispered a rough “Fuck. Good.” as I continued sucking the head.

I was able to get my tongue up under his foreskin, and then letting a leg go, started stroking his balls, covered with more of the thick rubbery skin. He didn’t object to that hand motion, and actually slid forward a little bit, legs spread wider, giving me good access. I was enjoying his cock, when he pushed my head back, and said. “TOO. SOON.” I moved away from him and saw that Saint had his “son” sitting on his lap, and was getting a nice fuck, bouncing up and down. And I was surprised, he had a long thick cock on his skinny body bouncing with him. I love hung bottoms. Devil was sucking the Haunted House Carny, who had his pants down to his ankles, and was chatting with Saint, taking from sips from the Whisky bottle. I sat near one of the Dads, and reached up to pull him over – his beautifully made short cock sticking out.

I kissed it, then started a nice suck, getting a good vacuum suck with my mouth clamped on it, licking him all over inside my mouth. “Shit man, oh fffuck!” He stammered, starting to shove his cock in my mouth, holding my head. He jerked his cock out of my mouth a minute later, panting, then yelled out an “Oh God!” and shoved his cock back in my mouth, spurting thick gobs of cum as he tried to fuck my face, but lost all rhythm. Devil pulled back from Haunted, and moved over to Blackie, who stroked his face. “SUCK. GOOD.” He said tenderly rubbing Devil’s beard. Shorty disappeared out of the tent, leaving khaki cargo dad there, stroking his nice cock. Devil came up with me, licking the cock, and then began sucking the head as I sucked the Dad’s shaft. He was gasping “Uh uh uh” rapidly as the two musclemen licked and worked on his meat, then Devil said “YOU. TURN.” And began mouthing the shaft as I licked the cut head, working on the flanges either side.

Dad was too excited, and as Devil tried to dig in the pants for his balls, Dad started shaking. I tapped Devil, and we both quickly started licking and sucking the head, mouths almost touching, when Dad started shooting cum in big spurts. Devil capped the cock, grunting and just calmly swallowing all the juice, eyes closed, in pure zen pleasure. I appreciated that, and backed away as he drained the dad, and I sat on one of the low bales, spreading my legs. Devil finished with dad, who disappeared, then came over to me, gently rubbing the insides of my legs with his beard. “LIKE. YOU.” He growled, and I recalled where I had heard that voice, on the radio, on NPR. He had dysphonia, to the point where he could only really bark out words. Blacky had the same thing. His vocal cords just spasmed when he tried to talk, and it was an effort to speak.

He licked and sucked my cock, and held up his hand, and I nodded. He began stroking my cockshaft in a nice jack-suck, making a beautifully smooth tube to slide into with his tongue and lips, perfectly working every inch of my shaft. I heard Saint groan loudly, and looking over, his boy was not moving, his a bit aged face smiling, eyes closed. Blacky came over and stood on one knee beside me on the bale, presenting me his cock. I leaned over to suck, and enjoyed the taste and feeling of his rubbery cock sliding in my mouth. Blacky sighed, and I looked up to see him grinning, his slightly greasy black hair in his face, scraggly black beard, smooth body, sleazy and sexy at the same time. “SOON. DADDY.” He said as I bobbed my head, sucking him from root to tip, enjoying every sensation.

I knew when he came, Devil would get a mouthful that had been building up all day, then I would give Saint a kiss, and make my way to the hotel. My mind wasn’t entirely in this unbelievable scene, I was thinking about Felix Friday. I snapped back to where I was as Blacky growled hoarsely, then “CUM DADDY” he said quickly, and incredibly bitter yogurt-thick cum started flowing and filling my mouth as I gulped. He pushed hard, steam-shoveling his cum into my throat with the head of his cock as I gulped harder. Squeezing all the muscles in my groin, he drove me completely over the top as he oozed more thick jizz, and I began shooting into Devil’s mouth, not even standing up. Devil was gargling my cum practically, cock deep in his throat by that point as he gasped, then got another mouthwashing of cum from my cock.

He got 7 or 8 spurts, and at that, I began licking and cleaning up Blacky’s cock, Devil moving back slightly, then getting up.  His jockstrap was pushed way out with his meat, and standing beside Blacky, I wasn’t sure if it was Son and Father, but they had the same peculiar dysphonic voice. I relaxed for a moment, then getting up, kissed Devil, stroking his head and beard. I found my clothes bundled together carefully, and got dressed again as Devil looked at me, huge smile on his face. “KISS. DEVIL.” I kissed him again, and said “Kiss Carlos.” I went over to Saint who was sitting with a big soft cock lolling around, and kissed him, then disappeared as the Dad’s had, walking back to my hotel, through the dark and silent carnival.