Ascent: Look Inside eBook

January 20, 2016

The first part of my California Road Trip, I move west-to-east to go into the high Sierras and enjoy the fresh air and sun, or what I can. I meet my old Colt Model photographer in Brisbane, and accompany him to Folsom Prison for a photoshoot. From there it get crazier, with a retired movie cowboy in Lone Pine, a photographer at Mono Lake, and a porn shoot in Olancha, and double that for in-between events. A bit of something for everybody, from bears and bikes, dads and boys, to rough trade and porn models.

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Who am I? Texbearjoe. From travel a few years back, I took a few weeks to explore California I had come to know and love through the years. From a visit in Folsom Prison to hikes in Yosemite to a private party at Hearst Castle to my Caveman at the Madonna Inn, some of the oddest, most beautiful, and most entertaining days, afternoons, and evenings I’ve had on a vacation. My crew of new and old friends – lumberjacks, lawyers, musicians, prison inmates, gas station attendants, masseurs, rock collectors and university deans – and Aziz is back from Muscle Ranch, meet me at naked beaches, pool parties, movie-house orgies, hiking, luxury hotels, and bargain tents. You’ll never see California quite the same way again.

Chapter 5
Lone Pine

My ears popped. As I drove from Lee Vining south, I realized the elevation was changing, a bit of a relief. My throat was still raw from a combination of Joshua’s cock, probably snoring, the dryness, and I had been drinking water like crazy and sucking on lemon candy to keep my mouth and throat wet, and it felt much better. I heading south with a tiny bit of dread, and some anticipation. Along the 395 was Manzanar, which has some connections to my family which doesn’t need to be elaborated here, but seeing an interment camp for US citizens who happened to be of Japanese ancestry, well it’s enough give me a sick feeling, but needs to be seen. Not everything in California is fluffy, golden, beautiful and magic. I was on my way to Lone Pine, and planned on a visit with an old friend from Los Angeles, Daddy Ray.

Ray had retired from film decades before, and bought an old hotel in Lone Pine where he could be surrounded by all the settings from all the old Western movies, TV shows, and even current movies – he had a big cowboy thing going. I got to the hotel, and Ray was there, all big bear daddy hugs and kisses, and wanting to look at me. I forgot how handsome he was – big and spectacular, maybe 6’2″, very handsome with his silver hair, photogenic, deep voice like a Lorne Greene; he was thicker from the years, which took him from quarterback to linebacker in size, only better from my view. I was always surprised he never did more than stunt doubles, but movies are a business I’ve never quite figured out.

Maybe it was because he was gay and absolutely no bones about it when he shouldn’t have been – probably hard to build a “Product” around him. Ray was absolutely crazy for Daddies, I never could understand why we sort of got together decades before, in my 30’s, but there was something even then that was very “Daddy Joe” that he loved. I had a cup of coffee with him, trying a fast catch-up on slow times in Lone Pine – some things really don’t change. “Sure was busy, Joe” he said, “Last night you’d a had to shack up with Daddy Ray,” he said, elbowing me as he gave me a hotel tour. “I’d suffer!” I said, my voice a tad hoarse still, and we both laughed, big Daddy Ray kissing me on my forehead. He was so excited at my being there, he talked a mile a minute in a fun, flat drawl.

You can take the man out of Oklahoma, but you can’t take the Oklahoma out of the man. “Come here, honey” he said, dragging me along by the hand, my small hand in his big paw. He had a room for me, but he winked, “You ain’t gonna stay here tonight!” and after I dropped my bag off, he pulled me on more to his office. “You need somethin’ for the sun Joe,” and in a closet, pulled out some cowboy hats. Trying them on me, said “Shoo, you got a big head Joe.” Finally, one fit, and he then pulled on me again. He dragged me off to an old beaten-up truck, looked like it had two paint jobs sandblasted off and on its last legs, but it worked perfectly as he drove off to show me Alabama Hills. The moment we were in the truck, he leaned over again, “Joe, I’m just so plum happy to see you again,” and gave me a big kiss, pushing his tongue in my mouth.

Though we had been exchanging very trashy emails for years, you kind of forget sometimes what horndog people are! I reached over and squeezed his cock, half-hard in his pants as he gave a big belly laugh, put the truck in gear and worked up a dust storm pulling out towards the desert. It’s an amazing area, I constantly had the most bizarre deja-vu feelings as we walked hand-in hand through the rock formations, you could absolutely visualize cowboys on horses zooming through the narrow passages and amazing arches. I’m surprised it’s as well preserved as it was. Finally, in one narrow box canyon, Daddy Ray hugged me again, kissing and fondling my cock, as I did his, and we kissed and squeezed each other for what seemed like a quarter hour, cowboy hats on the ground.

He pulled and tugged at my teeshirt, and got it off, whistling at my muscles, “You’re packing some meat, look at those guns!” he said, squeezing my arms. “Jesus Joe!” he said, and at that, simply jerked at my pants, pulling them open and down, grabbing my cock with his big hand. “Ohhh,” he said, “Lookie here, it’s all hard!” and immediately bent over, slurping my cock in his mouth. He was an amazing cocksucker, all I need to say. He slurped on the head of my cock for a moment, licking around holding onto my knees, then sucked it deeper and deeper in his mouth until he pushed it completely in his throat. From the thick tongue I pushed against, to the swallowing throat, the entire suck-chute was fantastic, and I could just sit there against the rock and be sucked for hours.

Daddy Ray moaned and slurped away, sometimes mouth open as he deepthroated, bouncing off my cock, sometimes mouth closed as he sucked hard, reaching up and stroking the shaft as my legs grew shaky. “Damn Joe, I missed my meat!” he said, laughing and slurping on the head and squeezing the shaft, looking up with his sky-blue eyes. He pawed at my pants, pulling them down to my feet, and looked around again, then held them, pulling my feet out so I was completely naked there. “Now you put this on,” he said, handing me my cowboy hat, and on his knees again, sucked me, looking up with indescribably happy eyes. He began deep-dish sucking, holding my hips as he rammed my cock in his mouth and throat like a metronome.

It was fantastic, and I watched and felt him, measured breathing and sucking and swallowing in each stroke, polished by decades of practice and enjoyment. He began stroking my ass and legs, feeling the muscle, slurping even harder and finally reaching down to his own crotch and squeezing. “Come on Daddy Ray, show me that cowboy dick!” I whispered, and he was in a frenzy of motion, getting his pants open. His big dick bobbed out – not long, but very thick, like his body, and delicious. He spat in his hand, and started jacking it, rubbing his hand over the fat head in a round motion like polishing an apple. His other hand was occupied holding my shaft now, sucking even harder, drool spilling on my legs occasionally as he suckled my cock like he was starving.

“Daddy Ray, want some cowboy cum?” I asked, and he whined a yes, jacking off more frantically. “Cowboy cum is gonna shoot, you ready to swallow?” and he nodded his head, staring at me almost with tears in his eyes. “Daddy Ray, here it comes, COMES NOW!” I yelled, and I felt a hot jet of sperm shoot out – not even shooting, sucked out of my cock like a drink through a straw, as he gulped and whined. He opened his mouth and brayed for a second, I thought he was in pain, but he was just yelling as his own thick meat shot, “JOE!” he growled and bellowed, glugging again as he sucked more cum out, swallowing my cock, bearded face pressed to my crotch. My orgasm slowly passed on, but he continued sucking as I softened, then backed off slowly, holding my cock and staring at it, then up at my face.

He got up, and groaned, “Damn, that gets harder every year,” he chuckled, hand on my shoulder. His fat cock was still hanging out of his pants, along with his big meaty balls. “I need some of that too, you know,” I said, “Need my cowboy cum,” and Ray chuckled, but with a different tone. “We’ll see,” and I looked at him. “Had a round with the big C a few years back.” My stomach squeezed, “You ok?” I said, in shock. “Oh honey, Daddy Ray’s fine, just the plumbing’s a little changed.” I hugged him and I felt him squeeze me, “We’ll get you some cowboy cum, buddy.” We stood there for a moment, and I looked around. Ray rested on a rock, and I leaned over and picked up a drop of cum from the tip of his cock.

He looked startled. I rubbed my tongue with it, and he perked up for a moment, and spanked my ass, “Get your clothes on, hell, you’re gonna get me in a heap a trouble!” On his hands and knees, he held my trousers and pushed my feet in, pulling them up and literally dressing me as I held my hands out. Then came the teeshirt, like I was 5 years old. That was always part of his charm, whether you were 5, 35, or 55, Ray held your hand, pulled you and pushed you around, and was just a big rumbling daddy. We walked along the trail for a moment, until I pointed out to him that his fat cock was hanging out, “Oh Shit!” he said, and I realized who he sounded like, Slim Pickens from “Dr. Strangelove.” We got back to the car and then to the hotel, when Ray kind of “suggested” I take a dip in the pool. “It ain’t cold, we got heat in my hotel,” he said, and at that, cruised by his office again, and grabbed a bathing suit.

In my room, I changed into my suit, along with Ray but the moment I was naked again, his hands were all over me. And I was all over him, what a magnificent body he had, just the most incredibly furry bear daddy you had ever seen. We went out to the pool, and Ray jumped right in even with all the people swarming around, and swam some laps as I lay for a minute in the sun. “It’s the best exercise,” he said, and then walked around officiously saying hello to the guests by name, which always blows my mind, making sure everyone was happy. An hour later, he fussed at me for being out in the sun, and dragged me back into the hotel as more than a few startled people looked on. In my room, he kneeled down and began sucking me again, both of us naked this time, and I just sat back on the bed enjoying him and all the pleasure he got.

My stomach growled slightly, but I think he wasn’t aware, just sucking away, head bobbing and now and then squeezing my cock, staring at it, then suddenly lunging and devouring it again. He was whining quietly and jacking himself, stopping now and then to say “Joe, you’ve got the perfect cocksucker cock, I jess want ya to know,” then wiping his nose and eyes on his arm. You can’t deepthroat all the time without part of your body reacting. I played with his beard and stroked his head, and put my legs up on his shoulders so his head was completely buried in my groin, cock down his throat and he could barely move to take a breath. I wasn’t going to cum again quickly, and when paused he stood up, his beautiful uncut cock was jutting straight out, not completely hard, but perfect to suckle on.

I grabbed his hips and slurped him in my mouth, feeling him completely fill me, especially his thick head. I sucked on him with difficulty, as always, making huge slurping sounds since it was hard to completely clamp my mouth around the shaft. It got louder and louder the more I worked on him, and finally he got so nervous he pulled back, “Dang, it ain’t private enough for that noise right now,” he giggled. “Get your clothes back on, honey, I done heard you guts growling.” He had his clothes on in a flash, and not quite fast enough, he kneeled down and tied my shoes, and tugged my shirt on again, and we went back out to the truck. I’m pushy, and energetic, but he was dizzying! We drove out of the hotel again, and passed a cute rustic restaurant, “Bonanza”, and I said, “That looks good!” but Ray sighed, “Ain’t good enough for you Joe,” and he headed into another low-slung restaurant on main street, and parked, jumping out.

I followed him in, and the staff seemed to jump seeing him, and not 10 minutes later I had a huge juicy steak, loaded baked potato, and a huge garden salad. Ray wanted to know how my trip had been, who I had met, whose cock I had sucked – but in the restaurant, he looked around craftily and said something like, “Did you visit any package stores,” and wanted to know what the “delivery was like,” and “did I get my fill, or was it too much.” I had a fun time trying to try to make up phrases for what happened, but eventually I had to say “I’ll tell you back at the hotel.” He grinned at me, and when dinner was over, he hopped up, and hustled me out of the restaurant back to the truck, then passed the hotel heading off to the mountains.

“Where are we going now!” I asked, and he said, “You’re a-coming home with Daddy Ray tonight!” he said excitedly. “Wait, wait, can I get my bag? I asked, actually wanting to get him a cock ring for later. “Sure Honey, but make it quick, I wanna get naked!” I ran in and out of the crowded hotel, and we zipped off in the old truck in the twilight, and I noticed for the first time that a crescent moon was starting – it had been so dark the last couple of nights. We went down the dusty road towards the mountains, Ray going on and on about the fun times we had back in LA, and then I saw it – the mansion. We passed some sort of “Hunt club” sign, and then up a dirt track we headed towards the house, which was beautiful – not at all what I imagined of Ray. Sort of Frank Lloyd Wright for California – low slung across a hill, lots of local desert cactus and Joshua trees, compound partly enclosed with a wall with what looked like a small solar farm behind it.

We walked in, and I saw the view, of the sierra’s, stunning. Big chunky wood furniture, immaculately put together, the house was a compound of three sections around a central swimming pool courtyard. Ray went off to the kitchen, and came out with two glasses and a bottle of Champagne, “It’s a special occasion Joe,” he said, and we sat drinking, looking at the landscape for a moment. He had a second glass, and I turned, “Ray, tell me about the big ‘C'”. He grinned, and then drawled, “Weeeel, you know. Men get these things. The prostrate.” I had an irresistible urge to say “prostate”, but didn’t. “I had some nukyuler posts put in, and the docs got the sucker.” I again had an irresistible urge to say “nuclear”. Ray got incredibly homsey when he got relaxed. “But, weeeel, I’m OK. Plumbin’ needs some adjustment.” He laughed again, and I walked over and cuddled up with him.

He pulled my head around, kissing and pulling me to rest on his lap while he put his hand under my shirt and played with my chest. “Damn you are a Daddy Joe now,” he said, squeezing and looking away. I felt his cock throb a little bit. “Feels like Daddy Ray’s getting hard.” He looked, “You do something for me, Joe?” He looked intently. “Anything, you know that Ray.” He eased up, and went to the refrigerator, and came back with a small vial. “This works the best for me. You gotta, well, squirt it in my dick. It’s too hard for me.” “Trimix,” I said, and Ray looked visibly relieved, and hugged me. We went to the bedroom, same stunning view, and a bed just slightly to high for me, and in the master bath, he undid his trousers, and gave me the vial, a syringe, an alcohol swab, and 5 minutes later he had Trimix in his cock, and I massaged the thick mass getting the medicine to spread all through his cock, which was getting rock hard.

Ray looked proudly at his famous big cock in the mirror – I, and his other lovers, used to call it the Pig, it had a big blunt snout and a fat body. “Come here little Joe,” he said, and kicked off his pants, running out to the bedroom. I found him sitting on a couch to one side of the bed legs spread, and oiling up his cock. “Well get your clothes off!” he shouted, “The Pig don’t last forever!” I got my clothes off, and came over to him – he immediately pulled my hand so I was on my knees, and pushed my face into his cock. It was a beautiful fat cock, and stroking and sucking it, Ray leaned back, putting one leg up on the couch, giving me more and more access to his cock and balls. “Suck it little Joe,” he said, “Daddy wants to feed you some gravy!” I put both hands around his cock, making a tube as I slid up and down, sucking that fat head into my mouth, stroking the now prominently veiny shaft, light fur at the base.

He adjusted again – constantly really – pulling his balls and telling me to stroke them a little, now and then “Will ya?” and so I pulled on them, sucking that fat meat, cramming all I could in my mouth. “Choke on it Joe, I want you so happy with my cock!” and pushed my head down until I was afraid I would bite his cock somehow. He let go, and I was now easing almost the whole cock in my mouth until my lips were pressed up against him, his big balls pulled down a little hard. Daddy Ray sighed and moved again, sliding deeper in the couch, when he jumped up again and pushed me head-back on the couch, and squatted in front of me, pushing his cock in my mouth. He grabbed hold of the back of the couch and started fucking, making piggy sounds as he rammed the huge meat in. I thought my jaw was going to dislocate, but it was exciting – I had been stroking my cock the moment I got able to reach it easily, and Ray stood there quietly thrusting his hips, happy as I had ever seen him.

He looked down for a moment and saw my cock, “Jesus little Joe,” and pulled me up on the couch suddenly, getting on his knees. He restarted the expert blowjob he had been giving me at the hotel, gobbling and suckling me like crazy as he jacked his cock, and I felt the satisfying “pop” each time he shoved me in his throat. “God, I love throating you,” Ray said, pausing to stroke my cock as he squeezed his own. He immediately buried his face on my cock again, suckling like crazy, tickling my inner thighs now and then with his beard. “Jesus H FUCKING CHRIST” he said, standing up suddenly and stepping on the couch. He squatted down and grabbing my head, shoved it on his cock, “DADDYS CUMMING” he shouted at the top of his lungs. I jacked my cock hard as Ray started shooting a sort of watery spunk, very bitter, filling my mouth with spurts.

“I’m SHOOTING!” he declared triumphantly, “SWALLOW THAT JOE!” and holding my head, jabbed hard, groaning and shouting until I slowly felt him relax, and breathing hard, he stepped back from the couch, shaking his head. “Oh Joe, Oh yes Joe!” he finally said, throwing himself on the couch beside me, and removing my hand from my cock, started stroking me, hard at first, then more slowly. He leaned over and started sucking my cock again, and I pulled him back. “Ray,” I said, “I’d love to fuck you Daddy.” Ray looked nervous for a second, “I don’t know, uh…” I had fucked him many times in the past, he liked it all. “Joe, I’ve not been fucked since the big ‘C'”. I nodded, “I understand,” I said, stroking my cock again. Ray looked at it, and then at me, and I could see wheels turning. He looked at my cock and groaned, and stood up, going over to a chest of drawers.

He fussed around, talking to himself, and then yelled at me, “Get in bed Joe, I’m going to try a ride that Pony.” I went over and laid down, and Ray came over, then greasing up my cock, paused for a moment and started working his own hole. “Wait a minute!” I laughed, and pulled him back, then pulled him into the bed. I pulled his legs up, and Ray was shy for a moment, but he looked at me, quiet and trusting, and I stroked his hole and he sighed, melting like he usually did. I pushed a finger in, and Ray looked overjoyed, “It don’t hurt!” He said, “Well, do hurt the right way,” and he had a big belly laugh. “Uhhhhh MORE!” Ray said, pulling his legs back. I pushed a second finger in, moving around, stretching his hole and getting a lot more sighs, groans, until I had his hole open and hungry, ready for the Pony.

I moved up next to him, and staring Daddy Ray in the face, took hold of his still hard cock, and stroked it. I rubbed my cockhead against his hole, and he frowned. “Don’t just tickle it honey, shove it in!” he growled, and I pushed the head in, sliding right in the hole like it was at home. “Oh GOD I needed that!” Ray yelled, pulling on his ass more. I pushed in slowly, two inches in, an inch out, until I felt his asslips at the base of my cock, squeezing and chewing on it. Ray was rolling his head, and moved his hands further up, holding his legs near the knee, apart, and hungry. I pulled back, and slammed in, getting a howl from Ray, and the loud yell I used to know well, “Fuck Daddy!” So I started a deep power fuck, Ray loosening and squeezing against my cock, and I continued to jack “The Pig”.

Ray was incoherent, babbling about “Fuck my Fucking Fuckhole” over and over as I continued to plow him, the fucking just getting better and better as he was happier and more relaxed, and feeling my cock deep inside him, working all the nooks and crannies I knew from such a long time ago. “Joe honey, don’t ever STOP! Unh!” he started gushing, in a growling whisper. We were a pair, beautiful fuck rhythm going with his hole, and holding his cock with one hand, I took an ankle, closed my eyes, and just focused on the feeling of his fuckhole grabbing and massaging my cock. I paused with my head just at the opening, and started a rapid in-out of just my cockhead, popping his asshole over and over as he whined, alternating with a deep slam now and then, and slowly I moved my hand down his cock, grabbing the base.

I pulled upwards, pulling his balls tight against his cockshaft in their own bag until he whimpered. Scrotum stretched, balls near his cockhead, I let his ankle go and simply rubbed on the trio with my open hand. I was fucking him with a mixer, which pivoted the base of my cock at his anus, my cock revolving around and around his rectum, stretching it out. He was going crazy now with the ball-and-cockhead stroke, his asshole and rectum now stretched and vibrating, and I slowly felt my own cum build up. “Daddy want gravy?” I said, and Ray suddenly stared at me, “Yes Daddy, feed me some gravy, fill Daddy up!” He shivered, and I tapped his balls lightly with the palm of my hand, his eyes wide suddenly with the surprise. “Daddy gravy’s comin’ up for dessert Ray,” I grunted, now slam-fucking him harder.

I now pushed down hard on his blunt cockhead and balls, squeezing them just the way I knew he loved and rubbing hard with my palm as I felt him twitch and jerk under me, “Daddy Gravy’s going to be hot!” I increased the tempo of my fuck, getting my whole shaft stroked now by his gripping anus, the feeling rising more and more in me until I saw Ray whimper, looking like he was in shock. “DADDYS HERE!” I yelled at him, and I felt spurts of my cum start shooting in him, squeezed out by his ass as I sawed in and out of him. Ray looked even more in shock, and I felt no sensitivity or need to stop as I continued to fuck him, my cum winding down after a moment, when Ray gasped, and started grunting loudly. I fucked him with some slams, then Ray bucked under me, and to my surprise, my hand felt wet, not a big shoot, but definitely I got him over the top.

His face turned red, his lips puckered, and I felt more wet on the palm of my hand, and I realized he was holding his breath, squeezing his ass like a vise on my cock, going through waves of anal orgasm. “Ray, RAY!” I said, “Breathe!” and Ray exhaled, gasping for air for a second, waving his head again. “Uh, FUFUFUCK Daddy,” he bawled, and as my cock slowly got softer in him, I gently lowered the hand squeezing his cock and ball sack, releasing the tension, then reached forward, and rubbed his small cum burst on his mouth, “Lick the Pig juice!” I said, and Ray lolled his tongue out, still breathing hard. “Woof!’ I said, pulling out with a pop, and I rolled over beside Ray, pulling his big furry body up to me. Ray grabbed me, “Hold ON!” he said grinning, “That last bit, Sheee-it! Damn!” Ray grabbed and kissed me then, pulling me back on top of him as I squashed him in the bed.

“Oh HONEY, you did that JUST RIGHT!” and we grappled for a moment, and I still felt Ray’s Trimixed cock still hard underneath me. I was wiped out for a moment, and gradually felt Ray relax, he grabbed at me again as I rolled off him, but we both nodded off for a nap. Otherwise known as an “all-night” nap. I woke up to the sound of a shower, dim light glimmering now over the stunning landscape, and Ray came over, drying of his big furry body and pulled me off the bed, “Coffee’s made slowpoke!” and dragged me off to the kitchen. Coffee, bacon, hardboiled eggs, and hash-brown potatoes – a lot for me to digest mentally and physically so suddenly. Ray zipped around the kitchen whistling to himself,  and I noticed he’d already eaten. He kept stopping to kiss me, then zoomed off to the bedroom, and I took my coffee into the living area, and saw the table.

It was massive, with dozens of picture frames of Ray with men… who looked alike. Blond, buzz-cut or flattop, blue-eyed. Big shoulders. Thick with muscles, younger. I found the picture of me from a few decades back, shirtless by a pool with a big basket in Speedos, beard pale blond shot through with brown and red, white-gold moustache, Big Daddy Ray with his arms around me, front center on the trophy table. There was only one picture of someone with dark hair. Ray came back out, with a towel, and he came over, pointing out his lovers over the years, and then ran off again, and taking my hand, pulled me back out to the pool in the center of the compound. The sun was out more now, the sky a bright pink starting to have blue suffused. Ray had his phone, and holding me like he trophy picture, took a selfie of us – though I was naked this time.

“Joe honey,” he said, and I knew that quiet voice. He put out a basket of pecan twirls. “Oh, that’s not fair!” I said, and he laughed. Of all the really bad foods I like, I can eat them by the bushel. I started untwirling one, “Joe Honey, why don’t you just spend the rest of the week here. You don’t need to drive all over hell and gone.” I groaned and untwirled another muffin. “No, really honey, I’ll take time off.” I looked at him as my big Cowboy Dad pouted. “Ray, I KNOW you’d have to break some dates,” I said, “I KNOW you. What’s his name.” Ray sighed. I thought of Sami for an instant. He’d go crazy over Ray’s “Pig”, that big thick daddy cock. I untwirled another muffin, and Ray sighed again. “Kyle. He comes in from San Francisco,” he said, “But I know you’d like him.” I laughed, “Ray, you like him, that’s good enough for me.”

Ray brightened up, “So you’ll stay!” “Nope,” I said, untwirling another muffin. “I don’t want to cut into quality Kyle time.” Ray stared at me as I untwirled another muffin immediately. “You ate those damn pecan twirls in 1 minute, you’re gonna be a fat pig!” He growled, and I slowly untwirled the last one. “Only one Pig I know here Daddy Ray,” I said, and hopping off my stool, grabbed his cock and squeezed it hard, getting a yelp and a laugh from him. “Oh JOE,” he said, hugging me. “I truly enjoyed last night…. Did it feel…?” he said hesitantly. “Totally hot Daddy!” I laughed, and he pulled away, “GODDAM YES!” and grabbed the plates from the table, fussing around again.

“Well if you’re not going to fuck me day and night, I’m gonna throw you out!” and at that, we laughed, and kissed. Big Daddy Ray pushed me into the shower, and then carefully dressed me while laughing as I protested, hurrying me so we could get back to the hotel. At the hotel, he gave me a big hug and a kiss, and put the cowboy hat on me from the day before. “You don’t wait twenty years to see me again, you hear!” and slapped me on the ass. I watched him fussing over the hotel guests, running around with his Daddy Motor turned on high, and threw the big sexy worn-out Stetson hat in the trunk with my bag, and headed on out for a quick trip to Olancha, before Death Valley.