Road Trip Texas: Paperback

January 2, 2016

Enjoy 570 pages of the Road Trip Texas experience, first time out in paperback, soon to be followed by the eBook set.

Nothing more American than a road trip, and this one takes texbearjoe on a giant vacation through the great state of Texas – meeting lonely ranchers, park rangers, trailer daddies, border guards, and in the southern beaches an unexpected reunion with muscle bear Sami from City View, DC. When you’re as friendly as texbearjoe, a lot of things come naturally, especially men of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. Everything really is bigger in Texas, in more ways than you expect!

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

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Chapter 1

Several years back, I had to make a weekly drive from Houston to Austin to Dallas several times for meetings, and though it was a bit long (3-4 hours at a stretch), it was nice in a xway to see that central part of Texas change – spring with Bluebells and Indian Paintbrush by the road, Summer with gold/brown grass everywhere, and then fall with roadside pumpkins and fields of hay rolled up. Usually I just set my GPS on my car/phone to destination, and it would talk with me while I could listen to old radio – Eddie Rabbit (“I Love a Rainy Night”) and “You and Me and Dog Named Boo”, perfect… until the GPS does something strange. I have no idea, perhaps a software upgrade on my mini (Yes, I’m addicted to Mini Coopers. My current is a two-seater Roadster) set something odd, and on the way from Austin to Dallas, I suddenly wasn’t on the main road.

There I am barreling along in a strange looking car (I had the full package and all the fun doodads – a girl magnet if there ever was one), and getting sleepy and pissed off, I stopped at a huge roadhouse. In Texas you have these remnants of German beerhalls, big outdoor style beer stop, with benches, usually a small restaurant, and lots of truckers and bikers. Well, as usual, everyone was staring at this strange black car, and out I popped, muscles popping, and go over, sit down and ask for a diet coke, and then, not able to resist, a full platter of sausage, ribs, and chopped ham slathered with barbecue sauce, with pickles, onions, and huge slabs of Texas Toast with healthy dollops of mayonnaise. The magic of bodybuilding – eat all you want all the time.

I then gave up, and had a beer with it. My god I was hungry. Looking around, I noticed that there were very few (maybe one) women at this place, a lot of guys, and it also looked like the place had all sorts of stuff for truckers (I was on a Farm-to-Market road in Texas, so fall cattle, and other produce were being picked up) – shower, shop, and if I wasn’t mistaken, maybe a gym or something. I was eating my plate of heart attack food, when my waitress came back, and smiled and chatted with me. Where was I from, what kind of car was that, on and on, and I think I gave out some clue that I was gay, and she jumped and smiled, and a few minutes later she moved on. After a few moments, I saw her talking with some guys, a few truckers came over and also chatted with me, along with bikers.

They thought I was angry when I came in (I was, that GPS was irritating), but I seemed to be a nice guy. I have to tell you – sometimes when you meet guys in Texas, you’re looking for your guy, but other times, the people are wonderful. There’s a kind of Texas and Southern politeness which I really love. We were talking about the Texas drought, and a hundred things, when one of the guys yawned, and said he was going to shower and head back to his truck. Time had passed quickly but it all seemed, I don’t know, to be a signal of some sort. I was suddenly intensely curious to see this huge trucker daddy in a shower (I’ll have to write about summer camp when I was a kid sometime). He was maybe 5’9”, my height, furry arms, fur over his collar, but none on his head.

He also reeked with masculinity. Carhartt jeans, big boots, and big wide ass. He told me “Ginny” knew I’d like a shower too and the guys laughed. Ginny had decided to set me up with this group of men! Fuck! So off I went a few minutes later with Ed, Steve, Henry, and you-name-it guys to take a shower and relax. You have to picture this though, I’m in the middle of nowhere, about to walk into the equivalent of an outdoor bathhouse, I thought, with a bunch of hairy trucker dads. “Wait ‘til he meets Boss!” one said and grinned. “Boss?” I asked, “or Hoss” he said, and all the men laughed. “He runs the place. Keeps it comfortable for guys.” The shower was a real contraption. Talk about solar energy. There was a big steel drum straight off a farm painted black up high. I don’t know if anyone remembers “Petticoat Junction”, but there it was.

I whistled the theme song, and one of the older guys laughed an came over, “Hey Uncle Joe, you’re a-moving kind of slow…” In an open area about 20×20 there was a wooden fence with a pipe running around the edge, with spouts. Real easy. You opened a knob and the hot water from the tower rinsed you off. There was an area in front you took off your stuff, and nobody paid the least attention to wallets and money. We were out waaaay in the country. In the Texas twilight, beautiful sunset off in the distance, and in the other direction the roadhouse with its dangling incandescent bulbs, I stripped off, burping from the remains of my dinner, and marched into the shower wondering what the hell was going to happen. The other truckers and bike guys were a bit shy, some still in their jockeys, when a shorter bearded bear guy appeared, and I heard “Boss” or “Hoss” whispered around, and he also shucked off his clothes.

I’ve never seen such a hairy guy, swirls all over front and back, curling into little peppercorns. Hairy ass, and as he shucked off his shorts, he unrolled a beautiful uncut fat cock.  Now shorter, I mean maybe 5’6” or so, and just breathtaking, bit fat thick but muscular – true muscle bear. His cock, in proportion to his body was amazing – even soft, it looked like a big horsecock hanging most of the ways to his knees. I know why he was “Hoss”. I heard the water start on the other side, no real pressure, but calm jets from the pipe as guys started washing up, watching each other, fumbling inside their shorts with fat hardons visible. I wondered how long it was going to take to break down inhibitions further, maybe it was that we didn’t have enough beer.

I was completely naked and being stared at, and Hoss came over to ask me about my car. We chatted a bit as I distractedly soaped myself up with a big cake that passed around, and Hoss asked me if I needed my backside done. I heard some snickers. I told him I’d do his backside first. He laughed, and then turned around. Facing a wet, furry back and furry ass, I started soaping him up, trying at least to be professional about it somehow, while the guys watched, some shucking off their shorts, and openly “washing” their cocks with handsful of soap. I crouched down, my hardon now dragging the ground, and washed his furry legs, feeling the lush hair in my hands and soap, up, and down. I got further and further up towards his crotch and ass, wondering how far I could go.

Suddenly, he turned around. He had a massive hardon – got to be 10” or so, veiny, uncut, big fat balls, and huge uncut bush. “Go on son, wash the frontside” he grinned. “Son”, I said, “OK, Uncle Joe.” He smirked and spread his legs a little bit. His cock bounced and he hummed Petticoat Junction, and flexed his cock muscles. I don’t know if you do it – make your cock bounce up and down, but it was crazy, humming along. I started on the front of his legs, and rubbed my bearded cheeks “accidentally” against his cock tip, which made him jump. My hands went up along his body, and I have to tell you, my hands were practically having orgasms touching all his fur and short solid muscle. “Uncle Joe, be careful! That sandpaper you’ve got for a face, I’m tender in my manly spots!” he groaned, and with that sound, a few guys started wandering closer.

I kept accidentally banging against the tip of his cock working his crotch, belly, then reaching up to his pecs, where I couldn’t even find his nipples. I looked up, and he reached down and held my head, and we locked eyes as the men watched. I opened wide, and instead of rubbing his cock tip on my beard, I licked the precum from his cock, just a tiny taste of soap in it. “Let me make it feel better Boss.” I said, and pursing my lips, pressed to the tip of his cock. I rolled my tongue around his cock quickly, then I sucked in the thick tip, and then opening wide again, pushed his cock hard, back, sliding the hard rubbery flesh along my tongue, pressing against my mouth roof, hitting my throat opening, and then straight in and down in one shocked motion that had poor Hoss yelling out loud from surprise and sensation.

I love deepthroating, and my eyes began watering and nose running in an instant. I grabbed his hairy ass and held him in my throat, swallowing hard, kneading his cock, my tongue flattened a bit, then as I felt my need for air grow, slowly pulled out, stroking his shaft with my tongue, and then finally gasping with it out, told him I thought his “frontside was clean now”. My own cock was now dangling in the slimy mud under us, and I reached down to give it a fresh wipe, and realized I had to suck him off NOW. We were surrounded by jacking truckers and bikers who seemed to be made up of several furry dads, couple of hairless guys holding onto hairy dads, and at least one who was getting his backside cleaned with deep cock fucking.

I was in heaven. The furry guy who awas at my table leaned down as I began more forceful deep-dish sucking on Hoss, holding is ass and cramming his cock into my throat over and over – he was just perfect, slight downward curve (like me) and very reactive to sucking and licking. I felt the furry guy shove a finger in my ass, and slowly he began massaging my nut while jacking me off, crouched beside me. My mouth hole was all filled up, and my throat stretched out – this was contentment. I felt like this should last for hours! Boss was holding my shoulders, as I fucked my head onto his cock, shamelessly gobbling up as much as I could, my face in his wet bush on the downswing, and sucking on the tip on the outswing. I heard more and more grunts around us, guys watching, and occasionally a hand to reach out and touch Boss’s cock, feeling if it was real, fingers pushing in my mouth to see how tight it was.

It was a perfect cock to suck, really, and I just couldn’t get enough of his fur. I finally got on my knees, spread my legs and arched my back for better asshole access, and the fur dad started rimming me. You should have your face buried in a huge mound of fur while a big mouth is sucking your asshole hard, and stroking and scratching it with a beard, fur heaven in both ends. I felt my backside dad, after 5-10 minutes of opening my hole with rimming and four fingers in it, crouch down in what I like to think of as a frog squat, and put his own fat cock in my hole. I groaned and shook, and he rested his furry belly and chest on my back, arms wrapped around my belly, and fucked my hole slowly, letting me feel every bit of his fur against my skin from hole to neck as he kissed me and rubbed his thick beard on my neck.

I sucked harder now, my whole body feeling like it penetrated stem to stern on a cock – I think this is what it must feel like to be a pig on a spit being roasted. I felt fur dad’s hand move down again, and jack me off while fucking. His thick fingers felt my balls, and squeezed my shaft, and as he stroked I felt the calloused farmer hands rub me roughly, pulling skin back and forth, then he licked his hand, and stroked my cockhead. Poor Hoss himself had an asshole buddy licking him from behind, and he spread his legs even a bit more, as I continued to squeeze his ass, thrusting in my mouth, my hands now enveloped by some big paws from his asslicker. My bear dad was a quick cummer. He kept pausing and leaning on my back, grinding my knees in the mud, breathing hard, and moaning out “Uncle Joe”, then he’d start fucking into me again, slowly.

Then pausing – just the feeling of all that fur around me, his sexy arms, and my cock plugged by his thick short meat, I thought I would be cumming soon myself. He began fucking again, and even with going slowly, as I squeezed and teased his cock with my hole, I heard him gasp and cry out, and suddenly he slammed in my and I knew from his trembling he was filling up my rectum with hot ropy cum. His cock was short enough to be jammed right onto my prostate, and the sensation was somewhere between fantastic and painful. He rested there, his cock going quietly soft, still jacking me off while Hoss began to grunt and bellow, and call out “Uncle Joe, careful!” Fur Dad pulled out, and I felt a hundred hands on my body from the other bikers, and poor Hoss suddenly couldn’t hold back anymore.

He groaned and tensed, and held my head, and whimpering started tiny spurts of cum in my mouth as he bucked, then bigger spurts, and then hot big jets of cum more and more as I swallowed and sucked. I felt hot whips of cum on my arms, and probably on my fur dad, still hunched up over my back. Hoss got a VERY sensitive tip, and stumbled back and fell on his ass. Everyone laughed, and I started to stand back up, my own hardon unserviced, cum dripping down my legs. Surrounded now by truckers, farmers, and biker dads jerking off, I did what came naturally. I reached around and had a man in each hand, nice sized cocks on guys who were shyer earlier, but couldn’t resist all the fuck fun going on. I love the feelings of fat cocks throbbing and bobbing as I jacked them, my own cock now with a tall sucker on hands and knees servicing, one of these Texas guys with incredibly long legs (and a cock to match) – sunburnt arms up to his biceps, brown neck, and pale white hairy body.

Each of my hands got it’s own cumload, and then more guys came forward, enjoying now the cum lubed hand job I was able to deliver as I delivered to my own personal biker sucker. Hoss came back over, and kissed me while I continued jacking off guys, and whispered in my ear, “Is that backside a one time only?” “No” I whispered. I slowly disengaged from the guys around me, and then walking over to the towel table, I lay on my back, asshole on edge, and braced myself. The guys promptly came right over, and lopped cocks back in my hands, and my tall sucker crawled on the table to continue to choke on my cock. Hoss put his fat cockhead at the edge of my hole, and rubbed it around a little bit, and as I relaxed the hole, a bit more cum dripping out, he coated the head of his cock with cum and spit on it. “I’ll take it slow, Uncle Joe” he grinned, humming “Petticoat Junction” again, I felt him press against my hole again.

Slowly, slowly he moved forward and I felt the big head of his cock stretching me a bit unnaturally. Men murmured as I shivered and groaned, watching the big plum-purple knob pressing against my little pink hole, and then a moment later it popped inside. Even after the prior fucking, I felt how big he was – that head was like a big hard-boiled egg, and popping inside my assring, I begged him to hold still for a moment. Everyone got still, I heard a whispering “He could take Boss!” and I tried to relax. It wasn’t that he was super long, it was just that the head going inside me was rearranging my asshole from the inside a bit. Jesus was it fat, and now flattening my prostate. The pain gradually subsided, and with the distraction of my long Texas guy licking my cock from bottom to top, and twisting the head to make he shake, I let out a deep groan of satisfaction, “Boss, fuck it!”

He did, calling me his muscle honey, and kissing my knees, and stroking my belly and huge chest, then ever so gently he slid a bit more cock in me. My own cock, just recently milked was rock hard again, but I couldn’t jack off – I had the insane sensation of having to have my asshole completely and obscenely filled, all I could think of as I stared at the half-starred, half-sunset sky. Closing my eyes, and feeling more and more cock stretch my hole, I heard the water trickling, and crickets chirping as the men continued to fuck and suck in the outdoor room with complete abandon, and even in the distance some honky-tonk music from the roadhouse. Boss (or was it Hoss) was a fantastic fucker. He was very gentle, pushing and pulling just the tiniest bits, his calloused hands rubbing all over my body as he said filthy things to me, pushing my cocksucker’s head deep on my own shaft.

He started tiny, tiny thrusts, then pulled back a bit, then pushed in my muscle ass again, this time I felt extra full, like needing to go to the bathroom badly, then in a flush, it all became amazing as I relaxed. He began a slow sleazy fuck into my hole, holding my legs over his shoulders while guys watched and commented. My tall sucker started swaying suddenly, and bucking against me, I heard a MMMF sound as cum from him jacking off splashed against the table. He slid back immediately, leaving me looking up at the sky, and the circle of Texas men around me. My bear dad reached now with two hands to jack me off slowly as he spit on my cock. He pressed his hand down hard at the base of my cock as he stroked the length up and down, so my poor bladder was pushed from outside by his furry hand, and inside by that furry cock that was pushing even further inside.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain that faded, as Hoss got beyond my rectum all the way into my colon with his meat, and he then started longer, more steady strokes as I got the full ass-filling treatment. I swear I couldn’t help it but leaked a little piss with my bladder under stress from fucking and beer – I hadn’t taken a piss I realized! It only helped to make my cock more wet and slippery as my bear man jacked me off with a very, very firm hand. So firm, at the head of my cock, that he hit the spot that made my leg shake involuntarily, and I gasped at that sensation along with my asshole and inner asshole stretched by Hoss’s log, and in a strange twitching dance, I grunted and cried out from all the sensation. More piss leaked out while I was being jacked off, and guys laughed at me.

I felt more cocks pressed in to my hands, to jack off, and I wanted, but knew, if I had a cock in my mouth I’d pass out. Daddy pulled my balls down, stretching them, and the sensation on my cock head from the full length stretching and jacking was too much. I started shaking as my legs trembled, and Hoss, excited by all of this and a quarter hour of deep dish fucking, pushed deeper than ever, his bush tickling my ass and then with short jabs started, just like he did in my mouth, crying out while I began shooting, and I knew he was going from little squirts to big squirts to big gushes of cum deep in my guts. I don’t know if I was pissing or cumming at the end, or both, but I just exploded all over, fountains of cum with guys around me yelling out and adding to.

Oh how I wanted it to go on forever! Hoss pulled out, I thought I was stretched inside out, and climbed up on me, and incredibly to me, started kissing all over my face and neck, calling me all sorts of names as he curled up on my big muscle chest, holding onto my arms, feeling all of his fur against me it just seemed so perfect. My own cock was slowly drooping, and with that furry sex machine lying on me, my trucker Dad planted a big kiss on my lips, and disappeared, and I took a mini nap nestled in the towels with Hoss on me for warmth. I suddenly jumped, realizing it was late, with nothing but stars overhead and music in the distance, katydids and crickets, and Hoss snoring gently in my ear.

I kissed him, and we uncurled, finished off the last of the hot water washing each other and finishing up with another jack-off, and I promised to be back. I rinsed, and put clothes on, and walked back to the dark roadhouse, and Ginny grinned at me. “Had a good shower honey? You cleared the place out!” she laughed. I paid my bill with a generous tip, and crawled back in my car to try to get to Dallas that night. Sometimes it’s great the GPS gets you off the beaten track. As for me? I won’t use it anymore between Austin and Dallas. I know exactly how to get to a certain trucker roadhouse along the way…