Road Trip Texas 3: Preview

January 2, 2016

This third volume of the Road Trip takes texbearjoe from West Texas down through the Gulf Coast, ending his massive vacation trip. He meets quite an underworld in El Paso, then an Artist with an unusual gift in Marfa, Bubbas and more then meets up again with Sami from the DC Series, and his family, in Corpus Christi before heading home…

Nothing more American than a road trip, and this one takes texbearjoe on a giant vacation through the great state of Texas – meeting lonely ranchers, park rangers, trailer daddies, border guards, and in the southern beaches an unexpected reunion with muscle bear Sami from City View, DC. When you’re as friendly as texbearjoe, a lot of things come naturally, especially men of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. Everything really is bigger in Texas, in more ways than you expect!

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

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Chapter 3
Del Rio

Staying off the main freeways at Marfa is easy – there aren’t really any. I kind of crept down in my driving along the Texas/Mexico border, enjoying the dusty landscape a bit, interspersed with beautiful small rivers. So much more water than up north in Texas! Every now and then a troop of SUVs would zoom by me on the small roads, like I was in some crazy version of CSI (Las Vegas). Also, seeing the fence along the border to Mexico at points was surreal – like a government version of the Christo “Running Fence” in California, only much, much more industrial. I’m glad I had a big breakfast with Sam that morning, because there really wasn’t food, and I was worried about gasoline! Again, SUV’s, black windows, and I was wondering if there was a secret “thing” going on that I wasn’t aware of in the area. At one point, there was actually a roadblock, which really surprised me.

The officers were very nice, and I suppose it was strange for a bodybuilder to driving a tiny convertible along the Mexico/Texas border in the middle of nowhere, but to be honest it absolutely didn’t occur to me that, for instance, they though I had drugs or something. I got a brief “20 Questions” by one of the officers, and I got an interesting vibe from him, after “Where had I been,” and “What had I been doing,” I showed him the artwork with me in the shower, naked of course. I then got, “How often do you work out,” and “How much do you lift,” questions, along with “How big,” and “Did anyone give me anything to carry.” (e.g. drugs) kind of stuff. I satisfied the officers I think, and I asked the one who gave me the fun vibe “Any gyms in the area on my way south.” Officer Mark told me his gym in Del Rio was called “The Gym” or something like that.

I remember when I lived in Ventura California in the 80’s for a summer or two I went to “The Gym” there, where a huge bearded IFBB Judge muscle daddy took the time to really tell me how to work out. I’ll never forget him. Mark was a tiny bit flustered for a second when I told him, but I didn’t think more of it. I continued to go south, and hit Del Rio proper. It is a small, neat and tidy border town, and I got there I think around 1pm. I found a barbecue place, and got a big bag of food, and went up to Lake Amistad, backtracking. It was kind of hot and deserted, so perfect. I had my barbecue, and put on some Brian Eno to relax by the lake, and taking my clothes off (to my underwear) ventured into the surprisingly warm water for a swim. A boat passed by in the distance as I got back on shore, and I lay down for a nap when I heard the boat come closer.

Three daddies were on the boat, which surprised me, and they asked if I was ok. Yes, yes, I was fine, of course, and we got to talking. They were from Uvalde, and invited me to stop if I was ever down that way – sort of out towards San Antonio – and then they zoomed back off, leaving me with a number. It was getting late in the afternoon, and I guess this was the outing. I napped a bit, thinking about how hot Sam was the prior evening, and getting horny again, which means I get predatory. I got my clothes back on, and headed back to Del Rio to find “The Gym”, and a hotel for the night, and see what I could do for food. I cruised around the older part of town and was surprised to see all the uniforms, and saw what looked like a nice restaurant. At “The Gym”, guess who I ran into – Officer Mark. I looked like he was finishing up his routine and I said hello. He stared at my chest in my tanktop, and kind of said Hi.

He was a bit rounder looking out of his bulletproof vest, but he had great shoulders and legs. He was tallish – maybe 6’2″, big thick chest too. He was bald, or shaved head, very light beard – for African-American guys, it was just enough of a beard to not get razor bumps, but not so long that it was a real beard. I stared at him off and on, he was just a big sexy dad. I was just starting – back day – and he came up to me and began talking to me about how I kept my chest so firm for my age – remember this guy had my driver’s license earlier, and had all sorts of info about me. I took him through some chest exercises, but emphasized that it wasn’t the weight you lift, but the reps that were going to make the biggest change for his tits. He finished, and disappeared as I kept on training, but to my surprise, he was waiting outside the main door, by his big SUV from earlier in the day, and asked if I had eaten anything.

He was almost tongue-tied, but I’m about the friendliest guy you’ve ever met, though I can look intimidating, and he settled down. I followed him and we ended up at a restaurant in the area exactly where I was earlier – Del Rio was not a big place. Lots of very easy-on-the-eyes military men and women, and not easy-on-the-eyes non-military people (I decided that military, Air Force, people have to keep in good shape for work reasons).  Mark and I sat down, and having ordered steak, I don’t know how I got on the subject – something about going to the beach – I began talking about “The Gym” in Ventura. I went there when I was about 19, living in Pasadena during the year to go to Caltech, but having a place in Ventura for the summer. I believe “Owen” was his name, and he was amazing. He was a powerlifter clearly from his build, and huge, maybe 6’5″, 300lbs.

He had a big “Fisherman’s” beard, which was a soft grey-brown, and other than that not a hair on his body. I talked with Mark about Owen’s kind of tips and guidance – he was the first guy to show me how to do shoulders correctly – pointing out how behind-the-neck shoulder presses can be bad for you because of basic anatomy, for instance. I had too much beer, unfortunately, and launched into a story about having a Sunburn at the gym, and Owen telling me to stop and putting some burn stuff on me. I had the amazing feeling of being in a slow-motion car wreck as I chattered away. Owen took me in his office at the gym, and I took my shirt off for him to see where I had been burned. I was 19, stocky, pumped a bit, sunburned, and very, very blond, California look. My muscles were just really starting to grow from bodybuilding.

Owen also got me to take off my shorts, so I was standing in my underwear with more sunburned spots on my thighs and legs, even my inner-thigh. Owen got some sort of sunburn cream, and he explained to me that the Hydrocortisone in it would stop the burning, and give my chance to heal without peeling. I think it also had a light numbing agent. He got me to lay down on a massage table – mind you, outside the door to his office, the gym was going full blast late afternoon around 1983 – and he first put the cream on his huge rough hands, and rubbed them to heat it up – he was quite an instructor in everything. He then started rubbing it gingerly on my shoulders and biceps, rubbing it in, then on my chest. He said he didn’t want to “rub too hard”, and very lightly rubbed over my chest, which was just starting to grow hair. He was actually tickling the tips of my burnt, sensitive nipples with his calloused palms and I remember gasping or something. 

He started further down, and by god you could have put the Ringling Brothers in my shorts, the tent was so huge at this point from my hardon. Owen pretended to pay no attention, and started rubbing cream into my inner thighs. He very carefully separated my legs, just a little bit too far I thought, and rubbed cream in my inner thighs just up to my shorts. At this point I noticed that Owen was sweating bullets, down his forehead (he was naturally bald), into his beard, and a drop of sweat dripped on my belly. Remember – I’m telling this to the Border Patrol Officer at the table with me, Mark, oblivious to how sexual it was getting. Anyway, Owen put some cream on my belly now, but my underwear was bigger than my swimsuit, and I told him I was burned under the waistband. He reached over and I watched as all the tendons and veins in his arms played as his fingers gently curved under the waistband of my shorts, and pulled them down, then off.

I was fixated on his arms now, huge vein-bulging biceps in his crappy polyester coach shirt, and I then looked at his thick chest and belly. Owen rubbed cream on my burn, and his fingers rubbed into my pubic hair, under the burn area. We were both dead silent, the 50-year-old and the 19-year-old bodybuilder, and he continued to rub as my cock bobbed, and I saw precum drip out. “Well hell,” Owen said, and then reached around and got a different bottle. He put some more stuff in his hands, and took my cock with his right hand, balls with his left, and stroked me slowly from stem to tip. I thought I was going to die on the table, and he leaned forward, and rubbed his crotch and cheap polyester shorts against my shoulder. Fuck the door wasn’t even locked. “Looks like you have a dangerous condition,” he laughed, “Better let coach get rid of this!” and he then began stroking my cock with his rough hand perfectly.

Slow, excruciating strokes, squeezing my cockhead with his greasy hand so it popped out between thumb and forefinger, I was just shaking there on the table. Owen went “Mmmf”, and walked over, locking the door, and then pulled his shirt off, dropping his trousers leaving him in just a jock with a massively thick cock and balls, white socks over the calf, and his Adidas still on. “Nobody knows about this, right?” He said, and I nodded, wondering how I was going to get his jockstrap off. Back in Del Rio, Mark sat there at this point, dead silent, but almost panting, and I noticed he was also sweating like crazy. “Unh, what, uh, happened to you?” He asked as I stopped talking to eat, wondering suddenly if this was a good idea. “Well, Owen tried to massage me a little bit, but I was too burned. He then continued to jack me off, still sweating, and he pulled my legs back apart further.

He squirted more lotion in his hands, and told me there was as button he had to press to make me empty. At that point, he started massaging my asshole with one of his fat fingers, just touching it lightly, then pushing in a tiny bit. I was startled, and he told me to not worry, just relax, press down a little. He continued jacking me off, and pushing against my asshole, until his finger popped in. It was like his finger was a red hot pepper, it burned, and I told him so – he played with my asshole a little more but it didn’t get more comfortable, still burned like hell. Finally he asked me stand up and lean against the table. He crouched in front of me, still jerking my cock with one hand, playing with my balls with the other, and to my surprise, licked the precum off the tip of my cock for a moment, squeezing the shaft to get more precum out. His thick moustache raked the sensitive head of my cock for a second, and I yelped, and he held a finger to his mouth “shhhh!” to keep me quiet.

He then looked up, this big bearded daddy, and sucked the head of my cock in his mouth, with a tremendous vacuum. My legs almost turned to jello, and I put a hand on his shoulder to keep from dropping on the floor, which only made it worse – his shoulders were like footballs or something, so massive. I couldn’t even squeeze them they were so hard, as well as his traps. Owen sucked my cock further in his mouth, then holding the shaft, licked the head, rubbing it in his moustache and thick beard, then slurping it in again. “You’ve got a big cock for a teenager, Joe” he said, sucking it in again watching me. He pushed his mouth down my cock, and I felt the head pushing against all sorts of tissue inside his mouth, completely new sensations. “See, when I push it against the roof of my mouth,” he began coaching, but his mouth was now occupied.

He pushed further and further in until I felt a kind of block, and then Owen kind of jerket and caught his breath, and my cock practically exploded from the sensation of sliding into his throat. He held me there, swallowing to massage my cockhead, moving in and out imperceptibly, and I felt his moustache and huge beard pressed completely to my groin. I thought I was in heaven! Owen continued to deepthroat me for a second, pulling back out and gasping, explaining further, and then slid in, and completely back out. “Damn Son you curve down perfectly, hitting my spot!” he grinned, and then slid me back in and began earnest sucking and jacking on my cock, popping me in and out of his throat like a metronome. He paused, and stood up, huge ass sticking out of that jock, thick muscular legs, nice big belly, smooth smooth smooth, and he said “Why don’t you try?” and skimmed off his jock.

His cock was a beautiful nice-sized cock, not too long, and curved just like mine. “I could be your papa!” He said, holding his cock against mine, which was a trick at his height, crouching slightly. I could tell he was measuring it, and with his cock on top of mine, they nestled together in perfect curves, but his only went about 6″ down along the shaft, but with a nice big head. “Damn, look at that,” and he took out a tape measure to verify, jacking our cocks against each other. He pushed on my shoulder, and I was faced with a fat head, it looked like it was so heavy it pulled his cock down. I carefully opened my mouth and got the head in, and he grunted, and flexed his hips, pushing his cock further in my mouth. Now at 19 I wasn’t a total newbie, and I loved sucking cock, and did him proud as he coached me on speed, pressure, all sorts of nuances of sucking big dad cock.

He put one foot up on the table, and then taking my hand in his greasy paws got me all oily, and pressed my index finger to his hole. It was very tight, but I didn’t push too hard. He held my hand and showed me how to tickle his hole, stroking it gently as I sucked his cock, feeling the thick mushroom head slide along my tongue and roof of my mouth. “Take a bit breath, Joe” Owen said, and then shoved my head down hard on his cock. I grabbed his huge meaty ass, as I struggled to handle the sensation of my throat being stretched open. It was strange! Finally, with an audible pop, his head got into my gullet, and I sat there, tears running down my eyes and my nose running, sucking on my bodybuilding coach’s daddy dick and in 7th heaven. Owen ran my finger back over his asshole, then awkwardly bent back to push the finger into his hole.

He grunted, and I suddenly felt his hole open up like a flower, and he instructed me to push up against his nut. I wasn’t sure what that was, then I felt a hard something like an olive, I don’t know, inside him, and pushed against it. He grunted, and shuddered, and suddenly I felt it get super hard, and before I knew it, Owen held my head and gushed cum into my mouth, straight down my throat in a big blast. I was about to pass out from not breathing, but Owen shot only one or two more shots into me, then pulled out, breathing hard, and dripping more sweat on me from his beard. “Oh fuck Joe, sorry man, that was too fast, fuck you’ve got a tight hot throat, man oh man!” He said. I stood back up, transfixed, in shock, hypnotized, not quite able to talk after such a session with my gym idol. “Get back on the table, and let me finish you,” Owen said, and a moment later, He was bent over jack-sucking me, stroking and pulling on my balls, and then spreading my legs again.

He put some of the sunburn cream on his middle finger, and started rubbing around my asshole, which was immediately slightly numb, and not burning at all. “Aha, that did the trick” he said, as I realized his finger was up inside me. “Now give me some teenage cum buddy!” He said, leaning his massive bulk over to suck on my cock and finger-fuck my asshole on the massage table. Owen really got at it, slurping and pushing my cock deeper into his throat, again his furry moustache and beard all over my groin and legs, until I couldn’t take it the final time his fur rubbed against me, and I gasped. Owen instantly put a hand over my mouth as I began bucking on the table, my cock feeling like it was connected to an erotic vacuum pump which was his mouth, and his finger grinding into my prostate. A wave of sensation ran from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, and I sat shivering and gibbering with his hand over my mouth, and shot after shot of cum running up into his waiting hot mouth.

And a lot of cum it was, I must have shot 10-15 gobs, it seemed like it went on forever as my body jumped on the table under his treatment. He gulped every bit of it down too, and even after I was finished cumming, he continued to finger my asshole and try to strip more and more cum out of my cock until I was reduced to the condition of a jellyfish. Owen laughed and rubbed the back of his hand over his cummy beard and moustache, and patting me on the shoulder paternally, told me to get dressed again, the sunburn treatment was over. I went back in the gym a moment later, and noticed, well, more than a few of the guys there, some of them pros, smiled and winked at me. As I finished with that, in Del Rio, in that restaurant, Mark burst out laughing, then caught himself.  “Interesting experience, Joe, and vivid description.” I apologized for being so detailed, but Mark laughed again, and the subject drifted to his job, immigration management, and his SUV – much to my relief.

Then he surprised me. “Why don’t we go back to your hotel and hang out?” He asked, winking at me, then looking around quietly at the Military guys around us. We exited, and he followed me in that big black SUV to “La Quinta”, and a moment later we were back in my room, surprisingly large one actually. We sat on the couch in the room, and talked awkwardly, but we were both staring at each other, and Mark brought up Owen from “The Gym.” “You know,” he began, “It sounded like you were describing yourself now.” I grinned, “Well, I’m not smooth, I’m not 6’5″, and I am not picking up teenage boys.” We laughed, and Mark stroked my beard gently, and said, “I’d love to feel that against me like you felt Mark’s beard.” Well, that was direct! A moment later we were necking and kissing on the couch, and I had this big sexy man in my arms.

His mass felt great, and a moment later, I had pulled him up on top of me, squashing me a bit into the couch, feeling a big hard mass in his crotch. “I don’t think you have a Sunburn today Mark,” I said, stroking his arms, and the top of his head. “You were covered to your wrists, and had a good sized-hat on!” I reached up and started unbuttoning his shirt, and played with his chest for a moment – “You are hard as a rock!” I said, surprised. “Gotcha” Mark said, grinning, and I got his shirt off and admired his huge barrel chest, and sprinkling of white-grey curly hair against his deep brown skin. I got his shoes, high brown socks and pants off, and told him it was time for his massage, and got him in bed. I started with his feet, a tiny bit of silicone lube goes a far way, and started in on his feet. He was startled, and jumped around a bit, until I got his toes in my mouth to suck as I worked on his arches, then groaning, he gave up and relaxed.

I worked my way up this thick legs, lightly sprinked with black hair curled into little peppercorns, and then worked around his thick crotch, cock and balls flopping around in his boxers. I worked on his chest, tiny brown nipples, and getting his arms, up, licked and chewed on more peppercorn hair in his pits, deeply scented from the sweating he did at the dinner over my crude history. Mark then wrapped his arms around me, and began repeating the same flow, from toe to head, kissing more than massaging, until he said, “Gotta see that sunburn under the waistband. To his surprise, when he pulled my waistband down my milk-white skin showed him exactly where I had been in the sun today, and he realized I was quite reddened up. He pulled me up, and standing beside me, got me to pull his shorts down along with mine. His had very little hair (I don’t either) around his pubes, more peppercorns, and a beautiful shiny black cock.

He laid my cock on top of his, “He coach, we’re the same size!” said, laughing, massaging my cock. Mark was quite playful, experienced, and when we resumed kissing, I realized was a fantastic lover. “What the hell are you doing in Del Rio?” I asked abruptly, “You’re a great kisser, you feel great, you know a man’s body. This isn’t new.” Mark blushed – I saw his cheeks redden to a sweet maroon color, “It’s a long story. Boyfriend, government moved here from DC, didn’t work out.” “DC, I was born in DC!” and that took the talking along another line as we slowly jacked each-other’s cocks. He couldn’t take it anymore after a moment, and dived into me, sucking my cock immediately to the base. Some guys have giant mouths – your cock slides into a deep hot wet cavern, and the tongue can move all around, slurp you up, do things you didn’t know were possible, and that was Mark’s mouth.

Fuck I grabbed onto his bald head and held on for dear life as he took my cock for a mouth ride that was out of this world. He loved popping my cock into his throat and holding it there, a hand reaching up to squeeze the shaft for the “delicious precum” he told me. Then back to his thick beautiful lips working up and down my cock, licking the underside, topside, all around the head. He rubbed his thumb along the edge, sensing immediately how I loved that, until the moment I said, “HOLD ON!” He was too good, but like I would, he laughed, and doubled down sucking and jacking. My hips were shuddering and twitching and I told him he was going to get creamed. He slowly wrapped his lips at the tip of my cock, and jacking the shaft pushed his head slowly down until I grunted and erupted shivering waves of cum out of my cock onto his tongue and into his throat.

Mark sat there sucking and working over my balls, alternating back and forth with my cock getting the last few drops out, then sat down in a chair by the bed. Legs straight out, cock laid out over the edge of the chair, he went and got a towel for me to sit on and told me he wanted to feel that beard. I was faced with Marks cock jutting straight out at me, and I began with a tongue-rim-roll around the edge of the helmet until it became too sensitive, while I massaged his inner thighs and pulled on his balls. Finally the head got deep in my mouth, and I rolled it around as he had mine, getting explosive “fuck” bursts out of him as he twitched, but after a while, did not cum. I lubed up a finger, and gave him the old coach prostate exam which he moaned and loved. Finally I got a small washcloth and soaked a corner in fresh-opened poppers.

I held it over his open mouth and left it draped there, as his cheeks and upper chest became maroon again from the blush, and as I did a nut and cock massage, Mark lost it. His eyes were bloody red, he was shaking, and a deep, growing groan started bellowing out just as I started brushing my moustache and beard along his cock and cockhead and all over his groin, scraping against hi until he bellowed out “JOE” and began shooting gobs of cum. I got my mouth to cap his fist-thick knob as he gracefully filled my mouth while I gulped him down. It was slightly trashy but very fun sex, and I continued to instruct him in the fine points of sucking as he lay there shuddering. We downed two beers again, cuddled up, and began talking about DC, and the leather scene there in the 80’s and 90′, where we had lived in the city, and mutual acquaintances.

It got from a conversation to sex to conversation back and forth, so naturally, and in such a horny manner, both of us I think were surprised. “How old are you?” finally I asked – 53 – and we were both born DC, some of the same growing up experiences in the south, and both mature experienced lovers. These are the experiences I love to travel for  – perfect man, perfect match… I told Mark “I can see why someone would want you to come across the country with them.” It was just like meeting a very old friend as they say. “Time to go home Mark” I said, tickling him. “You need a city with men you can enjoy in bed and out of bed.” We trailed back to sex conversation, and Mark had never had anal sex. Really! Top or Bottom? Neither. I pulled his bulky body around on the bed, and I propped his head up, and then bent his legs back near the edge of the bed.

His smooth brown-red asshole was very exposed and when I blew on it, he gasped and it twitched. He held onto his ankles as I began rimming his nice multi-colored hole, tongue running in circles over and over getting him desensitized. I then took my oiled pinky finger and pushed it in – already big relaxed from simulation earlier, but now I pushed two fingers up beside the first, until I could feel my fingers in his anal can touching the inner edges. Mark was moaning and rolling his head, pinching his nipples, big cock lolling around, then I pushed three fingers into his hole, until I met an obstacle. Mark gradually relaxed, and I had all four fingers in when he asked for poppers. I gave him some in a soaked rag, placed over his mouth waiting for him to redden with the rush. At that moment, I stood over him, flexed my abs, and chest and pushed my cock into his asshole just into the anal canal, holding it there while he squirmed and then pushed it to the hilt in one go when I sensed the poppers were peaking.

Mark let out a long drawn “aaaaaauuuuuuUUUUUGH”, but as time went past, he began grinning, and shivering, “O goddam fucking hold it in there, that’s the best monster daddy!” I slowly slid my cock in and out to get the opening used to it, and pushing back, got my the entire shaft down to the cock base into his wide-open asshole at this stage. It was a beautiful fuck for the two of us, legs spread and held, my cock gliding in and out perfectly from his hole, everything in rhythm. I wanted to see how tight he was, and tried to slide an index finger by my cock, but I realized Mark would faint. Mark grabbed his cock and started jacking off, squeezing his cock over and over from bottom to top making it even harder. After a half hour of beautifully relaxing fucking well-lubed with poppers, Mark grunted that he was going to cum soon. I took hold of his cock, and curved back again, like I had with Sam.

Losing it myself, I sucked the bright shiny maroon cockhead of his in my mouth, just as my hips jammed involuntarily hard against Mark. I totally lost it at that point, feeling red hot squirts of cum jet up out of my cock into his guts as Mark squeezed his cock hard. I continued to suck him as he squeezed harder and harder, but he was in no way ready to cum, and let his cock go as I continued to shoot cum into his empty guts, just absolutely enjoying his beautiful ass for all it was worth. I didn’t want to stop – I pulled out very slowly, pushing in again, then pulling further out, feeling his asshole literally milk cum out of my shaft. Finally, after a few minutes, just the head was in, with an excruciating sensation of his anal rim going round and round just under the rim of my cockhead. I popped out, some cum leaking, and letting his legs down, jumped up on the bed, holding his head against me.

His big cock lolled around still, dripping precum from the shiny plum-like head, and though I had just cum, I couldn’t resist it. I leaned down and licked a little bit off, very bitter, just right. Mark moaned, as he did when I sucked him while fucking, and I continued to lick his cockhead, lapping up from the base to the tip all the way around it. I nuzzled my beard into his inner thighs, and around his pubes and over his cock again. He grabbed the sheets in both hands, grimacing and groaning with the sensation, and finally pushed me back and slid to the edge of the bed. “Come here Daddy Joe.” he started, jacking his incredibly bloated cock, huge and not even rock hard. He pushed me to my knees, standing over me, pushing his cock down to aim it into my mouth. I let him push it into my throat, and sucking lightly, told him to hold on.

I got my ‘sex kit’, and pulled out a few rubber cockrings, and carefully holding it open, pushed it down along his shaft, over his balls, then let it snap snugly at the base of his cock. It bobbed and pulsed for a second with the increasing pressure as it got harder and shiner, and then veins started bulging obscenely all over it. If possible, it looked even bigger than earlier, and when I held my hand under it, pushing up to feel the heft and weight, it was like it had gained a half-pound. Beautiful dick. The cockring, and having cum earlier, made it very sensitive, so as I rubbed my fingertips around the tip, under the rim, Mark got visible goosebumps, groaning, and a little squirt of precum again came out. I squirted more lube on his cock, and taking the poppers, fed him some as I sat cross-legged on the floor in front of him, lowering his juicy cock into my mouth.

The sensitive brownish-red tissues of his cockhead and shaft slid along my flicking tongue and lips, beard now and then scraping his flesh. It slide back through my mouth, and surprisingly felt even bigger than earlier. When he got to my throat, it wouldn’t just pop in as it did earlier, even with a better angle. I pulled him out of my mouth, licking his cock a little bit more as I got my bottle of lube, and greased his cock up a lot – until it was literally dripping. He pushed forward a little bit at that point, his meat sliding back in my mouth, and I continued to let it glide in, now very well-lubricated as it hit my throat again. It was real- he was bigger than just before, and even well-lubed it was hard to push it through my throat hole, and I felt like he was expanding my throat just as my coach had done 20 years before.

It was incredibly satisfying as I felt his thick head pop my throat hole finally, and holding him, I shook my head to maximize the sensation as I continued to throat fuck on his thick dick. I realized I was getting my throat a major workout as he began jerking with each throat penetration, grunting and his cock throbbing, vein against the roof of my mouth, and my tongue lapping up the two cylinders on either side, bloated and over-tumescent with juice, feeling every millimeter of his bloated piss-tube slide into my mouth. He was panting, and grunting now, and I re-soaked my popper rag and held it up over his mouth, and he inhaled deeply as I continued bobbing and sucking as hard as I could on his hard rod, until his hands started patting me on the head, alternately pulling me closer and pushing away.

“Goddam,” he began, then with the popper overload began a “gu-gu-gu” kind of sound, gritting his teeth until he finally burst out, “Can’t. Believe. It.” And he began cumming, not a lot of load, but his whole body was shaking and shuddering in my hands, and my mouth was filled beautifull with all his bitter hot cum. I had the tip of his cock in my mouth, back out of my throat, and felt the pulses of cum continue to ooze out until he paused. I did not stimulate him at all at this point, and he held still, shaking, his hips thrusting. He paused a moment, then another few bursts came out as I let his cock lay on my tongue for almost a minute. Then, I began bobbing my head gently to continue stimulating the sensitive underside with my wet, cum-coated tongue, then he let out another yell, rolling his head back and forth, and more cum shot out of his big sensitive purple cock.

The cockrings really drove him over the edge, making his cock super-bloated, sensitive, and complimenting the craziness from the poppers. “J- J- Joe.” He gasped finally, looking at me, silent desperation and bliss. He reached down, and yowling, squeezed his cock from base to tip, milking more cum onto my tongue, then I crawled up over him and flipped him on top of me, kissing wildly. We rested a moment, and he sighed, this huge man curling up against me, and I stroked his bald head, and then his beautiful sweaty gleaming skin. We slowly went to sleep, him on top, then me, then side-by-side, jacking cocks, stopping, snoozing. I woke up again, I don’t know what time, and heard a shower running.

Then I woke up again, feeling very fuzzy, and there he was getting dressed, “I gotta go Joe,” he said, “I’m due in a few minutes. You killed me!” “What time is it?” I asked, and he responsed, walking over to kiss me, “4.30am Daddy.”  He kissed me from head to toe, then went out of the room, slowly closing the door. What is it with getting up before dawn in Texas! I woke up again, room bright with light, and I realized it was around 9am, normal time. I could still smell Mark, he had powerful sweat, and I loved it. I wondered what I should do – and I called the Dad Bears in Uvalde, from the lake the prior day. “Come by for lunch, we’ll have some friends over” Butch said on the phone. Done!