Road Trip Texas 2: Preview

January 2, 2016

This second volume of the Road Trip takes texbearjoe from the hill country up through the panhandle of Texas, from music festivals to exploring the remains of “The Best Little Whorehouse”, military base, Turkish Farmers, Cowboys and Forest Rangers…

Nothing more American than a road trip, and this one takes texbearjoe on a giant vacation through the great state of Texas – meeting lonely ranchers, park rangers, trailer daddies, border guards, and in the southern beaches an unexpected reunion with muscle bear Sami from City View, DC. When you’re as friendly as texbearjoe, a lot of things come naturally, especially men of all ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. Everything really is bigger in Texas, in more ways than you expect!

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

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Chapter 10:

The thing about getting to bed early is that you get up early. I lay in bed at 5am thinking “I’m turning into an early riser!” like a lot of the guys I met in Texas, so I got up and started to get organized to drive down to Lubbock. For some crazy reason, I thought it was going to be a 3-hour drive down through the prairie, and I’d arrive around noon, but it was half the time, and I got in to the city in the morning because I started out so early. Lubbock is a peaceful small town in the middle of a million acres of cotton, and as I drove around I wondered what to do. I didn’t feel like farming cotton that day. In Lubbock, I came across a farmer’s market, and decided I’d be able to get stuff for lunch, and could find out about a park to eat it in. I wandered around the market, usual collection of cheeses (Austin), honey, backyard flowers, breads, cured meats, and then a tomato stand.

Not the usual tomatoes, but big juicy ripe tomatoes, red, orange, yellow, that looked like they were absolutely going to explode. A sort of listless guy was behind the stand, and I just kept looking a the tomato flesh, they were practically glowing. Then I saw the guy – clearly the owner, and one word popped into my head: husky. Really thick black beard, thick mat of hair on his arms, but somewhat bald. He could have been Mediterranean, Arabic, he could come from Brazil, Mexico, maybe Greek. His head was angular, blocky almost, Turkish maybe, big jaw. I was as hypnotized by him as the tomatoes bursting with juice. He glanced at me and we locked eyes, and I smiled, not even thinking at that point. He was almost a cartoon, “The Hun” and a hundred others rolled together. Then “Bluto” from Popeye popped in my mind, then Brian Blessed from “Flash Gordon”.

He grinned at me, a slight gap in his front teeth, and such a big mouth I could see him eating me, or at least a Tomato gushing into his mouth as he bit in. Husky, fractionally shorter than me, huge shoulders, and – sigh – curly hair up on his biceps. He disappeared for a moment, and then I felt something hard brush against my shoulder. He was leaning by me, starting to gather up tomatoes – the farmer’s market seemed to be closing up – and very directly accidentally brushed up against me again. He bit into a tomato, and the juice burst out on his beard, then he handed me one. I took a bite – not really a tomato fan to be honest – but it was amazingly sweet, not too acid, very firm, and delicious. He walked around back of me, brushing his thick chest against my back. I was going crazy! He was worse than I am, if that’s possible. I burst out laughing, and said “Am I in the way?”

He walked back behind the stand, huge thick ass in pants absolutely not big enough for his legs. He bustled tomatoes back into crates, “Sorry young man, just gotta get goin'” he said with a very distinct Texas/Oklahoma twang – I was expecting something more of an Arabic lilt. I didn’t know what to do, he was so sexy it hurt – my balls were throbbing and I realized I was rock hard, still biting into that big tomato eating it watching him eat. “Where you from?” he asked, staring at me hard, “Houston” I replied, “Just driving through sightseeing.” “Lubbock?” he said, bursting out with a big bass laugh. “I want to see a cotton farm.” I said, winking, “They, uh, must be fascinating,” I said, laughing. He looked at the guys working with him, and in rapid Spanish, and pointing to the remaining tomato crates, directing them around still eating the one tomato he had, wiping the juice on his hairy arm, walked back over, “Then drive me home.”

He bumped into me again, slowly, and I laughed and decided to put an arm around his burly shoulders, pointing him to my car as we walked across the emptying market. I couldn’t tell, but it felt like he relaxed a little against my chest as I we walked, and he asked me “Why cotton?” I told him a buddy of mine helped create engineered green cotton, and he asked me if I was an Aggie? “No, Caltech. How about you.” We got in the car and he looked at me, and said “TU Delft”. I was shocked. An American would say “Del-fttt” while a Dutch person would say something more like “Del-ufteh” as though there were extra vowels. My buddy “Izzy”, gave the Dutch pronunciation, and I immediately replied, “Ben jij Nederlands?” (are you Dutch?”) Izzy looked at me, shocked, and said (in Dutch) my Father is Turkish, but is Dutch. My Mother is from an old Spanish family from New Mexico.

He directed on the roads me as I drove off, and we chatted like old friends – have you ever met someone that it was like you had known them for years? Architecture school at TU Delft, then took over the family business in cotton, here in Texas. “Do you mind?” He asked, and unbuttoned his shirt, thick black fur spilling out in the wind, my convertible top down. I had to drive, but was staring at the black fur on his arms swirling around in the breeze. It was getting hot in the sun in July in Texas, and I couldn’t take much more, so as I drove Northwest of Lubbock into apparently nowhere, I stopped at a gas station. “Gott a take a pit stop Izzy.” I got out and got the key from the desk, went around to go in, and a moment later, Izzy banged on the door, “Joe buddy, I gotta go too!” I opened the door, curious, and he popped in, and very nonchalantly walked over to the can, shirt open, fur all over, and undid his trousers and hauled out his cock, as I did.

He had a big fat cock, what can I say. Fur bursting out of his underwear, bit fat cockhead with a deep split, and it reminded me of the tomato we ate – dark reddish brown. I hauled my cock out, and was pissing too, and he stared at my long pale cock, then aimed his piss stream at mine, and it splashed all over our feet. “Hey asswipe!” I said jumping and laughing, and we both finished a moment later, shaking our semi-hard cocks, and staring at each other. I thought I was going to burst, I was so excited. Dream bear. He was so furry, it was hard to see his body almost, but he was burly, thick, nice belly, and looked like he knew the inside of a gym. “Izzy?” I asked, looking at him. “What’s Izzy?” He grinned, and replied “İskender”. “Alexander”, got it, and his eyes grew big, “You speak Turkish too?” “No,” I continued, “but I have traveled a lot.” We got back in the car, and he put on a cap. ” İskender what?” ” İskender Luis Ramon Çağatay” he said, and I had to give a big “Wow!”

We chatted nonstop as I drove back into nowhere, miles of cotton around us, and Izzy directed me into increasingly small roads in the fields. “Where are you taking me?” I asked, and he laughed, and suddenly with a final turn, the road I was on stopped, with a huge water pump station in front of us – irrigation. It was blazing hot, and I wanted to put the top up and turn around, but Izzy said, “Come see my cotton.” We walked around the pump station, and Izzy shed his shirt. He had really massive shoulders, and fur almost as thick on back as front, then he undid his belt, sliding it out of his pants. He turned around, a massive sex machine, and said, “Come on Joe, I know you want it.” He kicked off his boots, then hopping a bit on one foot slid his jeans off, massive hairy legs sliding out. His white underwear was tendted out front with his fat cock. I was drooling.

I took my super-tight shirt off, and undoing my high-top shoes, hopped around trying to get my pants off as Izzy took a hold of my back. His hands were hot, and sweaty, I remember that feeling distinctly, and I thought I would crisp from the sun. I stood up and grabbed Izzy, kissing him for the first time, and felt his thick arms slide around me. “Fuck Joe, you are huge!” he said, holding his head back – I never feel big, but realized up against him – as big as he looked, I was thicker. He kissed me again, very smoothly, arms running over my back muscles, squeezing my shoulders, and his big thick cock pushing against mine. He kissed, and left his tongue in my mouth, not squeezing, pressing, trying to get in my throat, but simply we were locked together, and time stopped for a moment we were so tightly pressed. You ever kissed someone and they knew exactly what you liked, like they were reading your mind (or your mouth, or your tongue).

He slowly broke away, “My god, it’s like…” I continued, “I’ve known you all my life.” Izzy stripped off his white underwear, his heavy cock bouncing up, curved down slightly, and I stripped mine off. He stoked my pale skin with his heavy hands, and even thought I’m pretty hairy up on my shoulders and back, it’s pale blond, white – and he just ate me up with his eyes as I watched his dark furry hands work over me in the sun. “I worked in a greenhouse,” he began, stroking my muscles, getting closer to my cock, “Summers. But Dutch guy was the owner. Looked like you, if you were taller and skinny. Same cock.” With that he pulled on my cock, “Fuck he was hot. Married. Fucked he hell out of me. My god.” With that he grabbed me again, and we ground our hips against each other, too excited to know what to do. I could smell him, his deep body scent welling up in the heat, as he played with my cock and rubbed over my ass.

My hands were occupied working through all his fur, his broad back and shoulders, then feeling his hairy ass – so, so hairy guys. It was Texbearjoe dreamworld. As I touched his ass, he spread his legs, and matter-of-factly took my hand and rubbed it in the crack of his ass. I got the message, and spit in my hand, and then rubbed it against his asshole. His asscheeks flexed, and he pinched my hand! “FUCK! How did you do that!” I asked, and he laughed, holding my wrist and walking me closer to the pump station. He turned around, ass in my direction, and flexed his legs and ass. It was like granite, and he actually pinched my finger HARD. I stopped breathing for a moment, and squatted down. Izzy bent over, pressing his ass to my face, all that fur, and then squeezing it, began actually gripping my nose and mouth with his asscheeks, then reversed, relaxing and opening, and I felt his asshole on my lips as my tongue shot out.

He was hairy right up to the rim, and I lapped at it as he groaned, and I felt his heavy balls sway as he jacked off lightly. The sweaty ass smell, the really delicious juicy hole, I sucked at the lips and pulled it open with my hands and started sucking the thick edges and rim flicking my tongue in as far as I could go. I rubbed the asslips with a finger as Izzy put one arm on his knee flexing his back so his ass got higher, and said, “Fuck me Joe, I need fuck.” I stood up, arm on the hairy tuft in the small of his back, and spit on the hole – his asslips were literally sticking out – and I pushed the head of my cock against him. His asshole just opened right up, and my cock slid into an inferno – his asshole was so hot I couldn’t believe it, velvety, gripping, and as I fucked him, he fucked back, flexing his ass very gently, until it felt like his asshole was sucking and chewing on my cock.

He began tightening up, and I slapped his ass, “Loose baby, I like a loose hole,” and he laughed, bending over more and suddenly my cock just slide in a wide-open hole like melted butter. I hadn’t fucked for a while, and it was just what I needed, though I was melting in the sun. I held my cockhead to the rim, pushing just an inch in and out to make the asslips tingle, looking at the pool of sweat accumulating on his back, then shoved it in halfway, then back out sliding back and forth to mix his insides well. I slammed in, pushing back through his rectum all the way into his colon in one go, surprising him – he tensed suddenly, then exhaled in a burst, groaning, then backing up against me, wiggling his ass. “You hit it Joe, that’s it, fuck there hard.” He begged, now bobbing back against my cock as I slammed into him harder and harder.

My thrusts were shallower and shallower as I pulled him against me, literally jackhammering into his ass, feeling his balls now actually slapping against my legs as he jacked off. I reached around him, and held onto his cock at the base, squeezing it as he jacked off harder, so excited feeling his hairy back against my belly, and his thick belly against my arm. I continued battering his ass and pushing his hand away jacked him myself, his balls now bouncing against my hand. “Harder, Joe, fuck me Daddy,” he kept begging, and I let his cock go for a second, and snaked two fingers into his asshole along with my cock. He jumped, groaning as I slid them in, his ass relaxing more, and as I battered deep inside him, I managed to twist around, and pulling fingers out, got thumb in and started grinding against his prostate.

I felt his entire body shiver and shudder under me in the sun, and he almost fell over, and we kind of duck-walked, my cock in his ass, until he could grab a huge pipe coming out of the ground for balance. I pushed his shoulders down with my left hand, until he almost had his shoulders on the pipe, and then kicked one foot under his leg, getting his legs closer together. I then pushed my cock straight down, and put one up over his leg, and the other leg, then simply sat on his ass, my entire cock crammed vertically down in his ass which was sticking straight up, and began bouncing like I was on the back of a bull, fucking straight down (thank god my cock is curved to make it happen), bouncing on my feet feeling my cock drill straight into his prostate. He was grunting now, in a high-pitched voice, “Am I hurting Izzy” I said, and he whined, shaking his head no, and I felt it.

His ass started gripping and squeezing me, spasming, and I felt like I was going to cum suddenly. “Izzy,” I said urgently, “I, I never cum fucking like this, but I’m going to cum,” Izzy, began almost crying, “Uh, uh, aaaaaahhhhuuuuuu”, and I felt my cock get rock hard, uncomfortably in that position, and a jet of cum shot out of me. Izzy felt it. “Cum me Daddy, Cum CUM CUM” he barked, and I suddenly heard the slap of his own cum shooting on the dirt, as I shot and shot into his ass. His hairy legs under mine, his gripping ass, he was now milking my cock with each stroke I pulled out. I almost couldn’t take the sensation, shaking like a leaf on him, and I thought I would fall over as he began lifting me up on his ass, straightening his legs. “IZZY” I said, as he began almost twerking up against my cock, crying out with more cum bursting from his cock on the ground, and finally, his ass holding on to my cock HARD, I pulled my softened meat out, and slid onto my feet.

Izzy stood up, and turned to look at me with wet eyes. He grabbed me, squeezing the life out of me, “I needed that, I needed you so bad man.” We stood again kissing and hugging, until I finally had so say, “Izzy, I’m cooking sexy, I need to get out of the sun.” He suddenly rubbed me, looking at my reddened skin, and apologized, “God, I’m so sorry, hold on.” He walked to one side of the pump station, and brought out a really stupendous hose. It must have been five inches in diameter, and turning a valve, a gush of water looking like a firehouse came out – he held up the icy fresh water, and it splashed down on both of us, and it was fresh – taking my breath away. Izzy continued to hold the bucking hose in his hand, and kissing me, showered us with water in the dirt by the farm, until I was well cooled off, and most of his sweat and scent was washed away.

Izzy carefully wiped me with his hands, peeling the water off of me carefully, then I did him, his springy wet fur jumping back up as I pressed the sheets of water off his skin. It was so hot and dry there, we both were good to get dressed in a minute, as we kissed more. I missed kissing with the guys the last few days. It was wonderful. Izzy was so affectionate after fucking, kissing me, putting my clothes on, stroking my beard and my face, and telling me what beautiful blue eyes I had. We talked more and decided to go to his house for lunch, which had a huge long greenhouse nearby – hydroponic, very Dutch, with those tomatoes – now wonder they were so perfect and huge. Tomatoes (of course), cheese, chicken, almonds – Mediterranean, if you could bring that food to the center of the Texas panhandle. We then did Gold’s gym together in the city, then decided what to do for the evening.

He took pictures of me at the gym as we worked out – he did legs, as if he needed it, and I did shoulders, as if I did, and sent them to his ‘hubby’ in California. Izzy was trained as an architect so I asked if he designed the house. Nope, “It’s a Cody” he said, and I grinned – “Not a Neutra?” – Izzy wasn’t poor. It was one of those days when everything was fun, of course, because you did it with someone who was amazing – it was Izzy who kept touching me, rubbing against me in public, staring at me. And I stared at him. I never stayed in a motel in Lubbock, Izzy got me back to his plain white farmhouse, after the day in the “Big City”, and we got naked again. He liked heat, the air conditioning was off, windows open, and about 85 in the house. The sky was absolutely clear out of the bedroom window, and as the sun went down on one side of the view, you could faintly see stars come out the other side.

Izzy’s hands were all over me in the fading blue light, “Oh, Joe” he kept repeating, jacking off his nice juicy cock as he stroked my muscles and pale fur. I climbed up in the bed, lying beside him, his big furry bulk radiating heat next to me as I began kissing him all over, holding his hands down. His face, hairy cheeks, his neck, down to his pointed sensitive nipples. He twisted and protested very lightly as I let my teeth graze them, his furry thick chest rubbing my lips like sandpaper. I moved to his ribs, which were ticklish, then down along his thick legs, a forest of hair, up along the sensitive area where his thighs meet his trunk – almost no fur – then back to his groin. His cock was thick, I didn’t think I could get the broad flat head in my mouth. I licked the deep split in his cockhead, and he groaned and writhed as I pushed my pinkie entirely into the hole.

Licking around the rim, I ran my tongue just under the edge of the thick helmet, around and around, and was rewarded by a small jet of salty, bitter precum. I mouthed his big balls, licking up under his shaft, then opened my mouth wide to get his cockhead in my mouth. The head popped in, and squashing my tongue, I could get a fair amount of it in as Izzy groaned and stroked my ass. He was big and thick, but not long, and I sucked and enjoyed his cock until my jaw muscles cramped a little bit from being so open. I wanted Izzy’s cum, and the more I sucked, the more Izzy played with my cock, and asshole, rubbing his beard against the sensitive pink hole, then pressing his thick lips against my hole sucked and chewed lightly on the rim. I was dripping precum like crazy, rubbing against the fur on his chest and neck, and in heaven, having a massive cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Finally, I worked my arms around Izzy’s fat legs, pulling them back, and worked my mouth back down to the hole I practically raped this afternoon. I looked at it in the dim light – purple lips, very wide, and very muscular. I kissed it as it opened like a flower, licking the edges again, then sucking part of it in my mouth, chewed on it like he did mine as he moaned, his cock drooling more precum on my neck and chest. We sat rimming each other like that for what seemed like forever, his ass was just magnificent. I finally got my hands around, and pulled on the hairy cheeks to open it more, licking and sucking his swollen hold, and rubbed the edges with my fingers, pushing them in and out gently as I felt him work my hole too. He pushed my hips up then, and I felt my cock slide into his hot mouth. He held my hips as I continued to work his hole, and sucked my cock, sliding it further and further into his mouth, until I felt his throat.

I had two fingers of each hand in his asshole and pulled it wide open, licking now, as he started pushing my cock into his throat hole, surprisingly tight. I didn’t quite fit, but then with a pop feeling I slid in, and felt Izzy squeeze, holding his breath and gently pushing and pulling my hips with my cock deep in him. I slowly worked a third finger into each side of his huge ass, surprised at how open I could get him. Izzy and I were locked in that suck and rim, until Izzy, gently pushed my hips off his face, gasped for air for a moment, and then slowly rolled away from me. He backed up against the headboard, huge hairy ape, legs spread wide, and pulled me back on top of him. He took my right hand, and put it entirely in his mouth, his eyes twinkling. He took it out, and then rubbed it against his asshole then leaned back, pulling his arms behind his knees to pull his legs back, beautiful hairy asshole right there now.

He let one leg go, and then lunged for the night table, and got a big bottle of lube out squirting some on my cock and his hole, and some poppers, and cursed for a second trying to get the plastic off the cap. Open, finally, he held it out to me, and I took a sniff as he pulled his legs back, then he took a deep sniff and put it back on the bed. I was on my knees in front of him, and he leaned forward, grunting with the effort, and pulled my cock to his hole. I slid in, remembering the incredibly hot tunnel like that afternoon, and slide my cock all the way to the hilt in his hairy ass, holding it there for a moment as our eyes locked. I leaned forward, kissing him, then leaned back again, and thrust gently. I wasn’t fucking now, I leaned forwards, my arms around his hairy trunk, and we were locked together rocking and kissing, just so more than sex and fucking, just paradise.

He held me so tight, squeezing his ass to milk my cock as I touched deep inside him, slowly and then quickly thrusting, moving all around. I reared back, holding his ankles and slammed a few times into his ass, and he took hold of his cock, pushing it down, towards me. I was able to crouch down and suck the tip a little in my mouth, excited by more of the precum, and continued fucking him now as he jacked off. He took my right hand again, and slid it down by my cock, and said, “More, like this afternoon.” I had been fucking him for a quarter an hour already, he was even more open, and I pushed three fingers beside my cock in his hole to see how much he would be able to take. He just groaned and relaxed more, then took two deep hits of poppers. I wanted him to have the best experience of his life, fucking, kissing, holding then as I slid my fingers out in syncopation with my cock, and he closed his eyes, shaking his head, “Daddy, more!” he whispered.

I let his left leg go, and holding my hand down to his ass, slid a finger in the other side of my cock, as three were still in his ass. We looked at each other as he sighed, a stream of precum now pooling at his cockhead on his belly. We knew where this would go. I pushed three fingers of my left and right hand in his hole, beside my cock, and he begged more loudly, squeezing me now, then relaxing, driblets of precum drooling out of his cock with each squeeze. I began fucking harder than I had been, slamming more, my balls aching now from wanting to cum, but not wanting to quite yet. Izzy was holding onto the headboard, and managing to thrust down against me, as I fucked him, and I smelled him – the sweat and precum, in a huge sex cloud, moved up around me as he broke into a deep sweat. Izzy took four hits of poppers, two per nostril and made me take two at this point.

He slid even more deeply in bed, put his feet up on the headboard as he held it with his hands, curled up with his ass in the air as I slammed into him. We were both frantically fucking now, slightly dizzy and very horny from the poppers, and Izzy reached down to my right hand, and pulled insistently on the wrist. I took my left hand away, and slid four fingers in his ass beside my cock, and he pulled even harder. I felt his asshole tight around the middle of my hand, when with his amazing control, it relaxed even more and my hand felt free. I was sliding my hand around my cock, able to feel all of his rectum now, as Izzy thrust even harder against me, begging for even more from Daddy. I wasn’t sure how much more he wanted, but we continued fucking, as I was practically jacking off my cock inside his ass at this point my fingers completely around my cock, and thumb starting to worm into his hole alongside.

“Now, Joe” Izzy said, “It’s good. Now in.” he calmly stated, and freezing for a second, took hit after hit of poppers in either nostril, staring at me, until I think he had ten and I had four. His eyes were turning a burning demon-red with sex, and he flushed deeply under his black beard. “Fuck me like you’ve never done before Joe.” Izzy said through gritted teeth, and with that, he grabbed the headboard, feet firmly braced and squeezed and then opened his ass. I bore down, and amazingly, effortlessly, my hand slide completely in to the wrist beside my cock. Izzy yelled out “YES!” and squeezed gently on my wrist, as I took a hold of my cock, my hand bulging into a fist deep inside him. “YESYESYES” he was yelling, as I slid my hand completely out, and then completely back in, and began jacking myself off in his ass, slam fucking as I squeezed my cockhead.

It felt like my head was going to explode as Izzy bucked against me, his huge cock now spraying precum as he begged for more in his asshole, and my hand slid in and out as I fucked harder and harder, Izzy begging for more. It was the moment, and with my left hand I grabbed his cock, squeezing the head, jacking him, rotating my hand around it with my left pinky in his pisshole, while I watched anguished looks wash over him, every nerve ending of his cock and ass overstimulated. He furrowed his brow, looking at me, opened his mouth and began yelling “cumming, ahhhhHHHHH” and I felt his prostate become rock-hard against my hand. A spurt of cum pushed my pinky out his urethra, and I held his cock aimed at my face as a fountain of juice burst out, splashing on my beard and into my open mouth. “JOEEEEEEEE!” Izzy screamed, bellowing and yelling now, starting to squeeze my hand and cock inside him as another jet burst out of his cock, salty bitter cum in my mouth.

I lost it. I felt like I was floating as suddenly I felt myself cumming inside him, my own cock pulsing with cum in my hand in his ass, “IZZY, Filling YOUR ASS!” I yelled, jacking off in his ass like a jackhammer as I shot and thrust into him, another burst of hot jizz right in my face. “OHJOE OHJOE OHJOE” Izzy gasped, yelling for me to fuck him hard, as we both creamed burst after burst, my groin almost cramping with the excitement and exertion. Another burst of cum shot out of Izzy up over his hairy belly, then I aimed back at my face but it hit my chest, then a huge glob oozed out of that fat broad cock, covering my hand with more cum as he began twitching. His asshole began clamping down on my shooting cock, and wrist, and suddenly I realized how strong his ass and asshole were. My cock began going literally numb with the pressure as I still shot inside him, and more globs of thick white cum oozed out over my hand.

Izzy’s eyes rolled up, and began shuddering and shaking, squeezing my hand even harder with his ass, more cum drooling out of his cock, and he shook his head harder and harder. My hand was going numb, and I began to pull out, which caused his eyes to fly open, “YES JOE” and I pulled against his asshole muscle. “OHHHEEEAAUUGGG” he bellowed as I pulled out of his juicy hole, my own cum running out like a stream, until he clamped shut again, and his ass lips, which had been pulling out as I fucked in and out, sucked right back inside him, and he presented me with a tiny, purple asshole you’d never imagine had been brutally sucked, fucked and fisted. Izzy was panting, and let his feet off the headboard, slowly groaning and straightening out, and grabbed my wrists, pulling me up over him. He buried his furry face against my chest, in a bear hug, still shaking from the orgasm, “Joe, please,” Was all he could say.

I wrapped my arms, and big biceps around his head, flexing and squeezing him against my chest, groans with every popping of my pecs and biceps, as we rolled over on our sides, locked again against each other. Bliss. We fell asleep like that, sweating in each other’s arms all night, until I felt Izzy crawl up against me, kissing, and again letting his tongue lie in my mouth, relaxed, connected, curled up in my muscles like we were made for each other. Dawn light woke me, pale clear white-blue light coming now from the other side of the bedroom windows. Izzy’s cock was rock hard, and he was snoring like a freight train. My eyes roamed all over his thick, almost fat furry body, and thought of Sami, back in Washington. Izzy cracked an eye, and groaning, jacked his dick for a second “c’mere Joe.” He tried to pull my mouth to his cock, but instead I pulled his ankles to the edge of the bed as I hopped off.

“What, what?” He asked as I pulled him further, kneeling by the bed. His cock was a big purple bloated cum-filled delight, and I began sucking it now, facing him, with the curve a little more easy to manage. I got him in my mouth, feeling the hard flesh rubbing against my tongue, and roof of my mouth, and I brusquely pulled his hairy legs apart as I sucked and bobbed on his cock. I love a fat cock, really, it could be an inch long if it filled my mouth, and I gobbled and slobbered, slurping loudly over it, jaws aching from being so open. I pushed my left hand fingers together, and pushed up against his asshole, which surprised him for a second. I was horny for his cum, and was going to extract it NOW! I pushed my hand further, four fingers sliding in his hole, and he quickly woke up, hissing “YES MORE” at me. He squatted slightly in front of me, and relaxing, my hand popped right in again, no fuss no muss.

“OHFUCKYEAH!” He yelled out, shivering from the sensation as I sucked his precum-gushing cock now. I was jacking myself off now, feverishly, morning piss hardon almost unbearable as I clenched my hand inside him. “Not too fast JOE, Oh my GOD!” Izzy began, pinching his nipples and bobbing up and down on my hand slowly, “Uh, OHH, he cried, and tried grabbing for the poppers, but this was fast. I think we were at it five minutes when I felt his prostate began to harden against my fist, and I ground against it, Izzy bellowing instantly. He grabbed my head and holding it, pushed as hard as he could, my lips up around the base of his cock, his head at the back of my throat, and with one final thrust of my hand, I felt a firehose began gushing in my mouth. That triggered me instantly to cum, waves of horny orgasm washing over me as I practically lost my mind in the excrement of the moment. I could barely handle his cum four or five spurts filled my mouth when suddenly I had to piss BAD.

I bobbed, and sat down heavily on the floor, my legs straight out as I was cumming, but all sorts of sensations triggered in me, and thinking fast, I pulled my hand out of Izzy’s ass, and pulled him down against me as fast as I could. Holding my cock, I managed to get it in his wide-open asshole – an easy target frankly – and gasped, telling Izzy to squeeze hard. With that the dam burst, and I let go a huge piss stream into Izzy’s ass as he clamped down, not letting a drop out.. My god that was perfect, him squatting down on my gushing cock, the sensation of every drop of piss flowing out of me, Izzy kissing and laughing, fussing over me. He grabbed the edge of the bed and slowly stood up, not a drop getting out of his ass, his fat cock wiping over my face, rubbing against me like he had at the tomato stand, and he ran off to the bathroom. I sat there numb from the sex and excitement, and having had one huge fantasy – fisting a guy who was cumming into my mouth – just made true.

My head was spinning. I grabbed a towel, and wiped off noticing again it was like 6am – hell. I crawled back into bed as Izzy came back in the room, grinning, and climbed back into bed with me. We nodded off again, and it seemed like the phone rang a moment later – but it was 9am. He spoke briefly in the phone, and hung up, “SHIT”, he said, and ran off, as I heard a shower go off. A moment later he was back in, and struggling into clothes, and cramming things into a backpack. “I’m off, I’m flying in 90 minutes, my God, I hope I can make it.” I started dressing, and he said, “No worries, stay here, lock after you leave.” We talked very briefly, and Izzy’s face wrinkled up. “Joe, I don’t want to go like this. I don’t want you to go.” He hugged me, very emotionally, but business was business, family was family. I lay there an hour after he left, smelling him on the pillows. You know the smell. Bliss.