Descent: Chapter 4 Fresno
/ January 24, 2016

I got up the next morning, and still couldn’t quite believe the spectacle from that night at the Adult Theatre. Cleaning up, I got hard again thinking of the furry Granddad-Dad-Son event, and wondered how James’s ass felt – though if he could take his Dad’s thick long cock, the rest would be easy. I jacked off a little bit, hard thinking about it, but wanted to get on with driving up to Fresno, I was hoping I’d meet my old buddy Aram. I was out of clean black clothes unfortunately, and put on a grey skintight teeshirt, which left nothing of my physique to the imagination. As I exited the hotel, there were John, and James – James working in the office part of the hotel on something, and John, squeezing his crotch looking at me. He barreled out of the check-in area and gave me a big hug, wishing me the best, and John zoomed out, looking somewhat shocked. I leaned over to him, “Like the muscle Dad, buddy?” He coughed, and squeezed my arm, then my crotch, squeezing his grandfather also. Grandpa James leaned over and backed up, “Not this early!” he laughed, and I chatted for…

Coast: Chapter 4 San Simeon
/ January 24, 2016

Today was San Simeon Day. Ahead of me I had a few hour drive south along the spectacular Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, then some sort of tour through Hearst Castle. This morning however, I had some work to do. I sent a message to Aziz (from Muscle Ranch – see the stories) down in LA, hoping he would be in, to talk for a bit today. I also sent a note to an old friend of mine in San Luis Obispo saying I would be driving through in a few days, and could I take him out to dinner. I called Felix, who I knew would call me anyway, and found I had woken him up! I told him I wouldn’t bother him, but he told me he had woken up hard – he’s evil. There was a  good wireless network in the hotel, so I put him on faceTime, and to the sounds of his grunting, I took a shower for him, then carefully dried off and put on body lotion while slowly jacking off. I flexed my muscles carefully on camera, showing Felix all parts of my deltoids, then from the side, I flexed my traps,…

Begin Again: Chapter 6 Furball
/ January 21, 2016

I actually rested after lunch, though my balls were sore from all the sex – without cumming – that morning. I was happy for Eddy, who hummed and talked a mile a minute through lunch, and then disappeared off with the other muscle Dads as I walked through Muscle Ranch to my room. I was going to clean up a bit, but the barracks cabin was already cleaned up and a new supply of towels set out. I tried out some mandatory poses, wondering how much I should practice them to get the transitions smooth and normal looking, but I felt pretty inept. It’s that walking and chewing gum problem I guess. I sat down to catch up on some reading and… well you know how reading with your eyes closed works! I woke up in the afternoon, and decided it was abs afternoon, and got my kit and walked back to the gym, high-fiving buddies along the way. It was only a few days into Muscle Ranch, and guys were already sprouting hair all over their faces and bodies, not having to keep everything shaved. Abs are one muscle you can work and work and work, so I did…