Releaser: Chapter 3 Tag Team
/ January 21, 2016

I left Yusuf to sleep as I went off to the Muscle Ranch gym, I decided if he was so crazy about my arms, I’d do my biceps for that evening. Aziz followed me around the gym, making sure Dad was happy, and I hinted about the nice session, and Aziz was incredibly relieved. He spotted me for my whole workout, which helped me get enormously pumped – doing negatives, reverse pyramids, my arms felt swollen an extra inch or two it felt like. I ran into the two guys from breakfast, Don and Owen, who wearing do-rags, yelling at each other to work harder, and having a great time a the gym. I’ve never really had a workout buddy, that’s kind of the downside of a lot of travel I suppose, and when I have, usually younger guys I’m herding through workouts, it’s been a great feeling. Aziz and I were due for dinner with his father, and I kicked myself for not getting the full story on the valet Bassem. In the shower, Owen said “OH LORD, I HOPE MY TAN’S OK”, laughing along with Don, and I punched him and said “Drop dead fucker,” when Don said,…

Begin Again: Chapter 6 Furball
/ January 21, 2016

I actually rested after lunch, though my balls were sore from all the sex – without cumming – that morning. I was happy for Eddy, who hummed and talked a mile a minute through lunch, and then disappeared off with the other muscle Dads as I walked through Muscle Ranch to my room. I was going to clean up a bit, but the barracks cabin was already cleaned up and a new supply of towels set out. I tried out some mandatory poses, wondering how much I should practice them to get the transitions smooth and normal looking, but I felt pretty inept. It’s that walking and chewing gum problem I guess. I sat down to catch up on some reading and… well you know how reading with your eyes closed works! I woke up in the afternoon, and decided it was abs afternoon, and got my kit and walked back to the gym, high-fiving buddies along the way. It was only a few days into Muscle Ranch, and guys were already sprouting hair all over their faces and bodies, not having to keep everything shaved. Abs are one muscle you can work and work and work, so I did…