Cascade: Chapter 1 Redding
/ January 24, 2016

I left with him instead of waiting at the house, and followed him back in the city and had a nice breakfast, again near the Capitol. Felix called me at breakfast, and we talked some more about my plans up North. I went on to the car rental place at the airport, and got a new car – a Mini cooper Convertible, which jumped when I touched the accelerator – I love my own Mini Roadster at home, but I wasn’t going to be able to rent one. Felix called me again, and thanked me for the evening, it wasn’t what he expected, and something he really wanted to try, that he never imagined that sex with a man could be like that. We talked for a bit as I drove up towards Redding, and I had the sense that he was nervous about what sex would be like when his girlfriend came back after a week. Eventually I told him I’d send some pictures of my friend’s California landscapes when I got down to Santa Rosa, and he sounded calmer. I didn’t want to leave him in the lurch with some new feelings, and we spoke on and off…

Steam: Chapter 1 – Steam
/ January 22, 2016

Sami and I woke up in Muscle Ranch with piss hardons again, glued to each other with my cum. “OW!” he said, pulling back, the hairs on his belly and crotch pulled slightly. We lay there apart on the bed for a moment, kind of still overwhelmed with the amazing sex from the prior night, unexpected – Sami was much more of a bottom, and I rarely got fucked, but the emotional connection was what amazed me, completely tuned to each other and exploring. My prostate felt back to normal, and I hopped out of bed to piss, looking at my balls. Normally when you take juice (test and other stuff), your balls shrink slightly, but my balls looked bigger than ever, and swollen. Sami came in and pissed with me, crossing our piss streams and playing a bit as our hardons went down, and I looked at his balls – they were huge anyway, low-hangers, but I asked, “Do your balls seem bigger?” Sami stared at me. “I had been wondering!” he said, “They aren’t usually big globes but… well,” he said, pulling them up, and squeezing his scrotum so you could see the outline. They were usually kind…