Releaser: Chapter 3 Tag Team
/ January 21, 2016

I left Yusuf to sleep as I went off to the Muscle Ranch gym, I decided if he was so crazy about my arms, I’d do my biceps for that evening. Aziz followed me around the gym, making sure Dad was happy, and I hinted about the nice session, and Aziz was incredibly relieved. He spotted me for my whole workout, which helped me get enormously pumped – doing negatives, reverse pyramids, my arms felt swollen an extra inch or two it felt like. I ran into the two guys from breakfast, Don and Owen, who wearing do-rags, yelling at each other to work harder, and having a great time a the gym. I’ve never really had a workout buddy, that’s kind of the downside of a lot of travel I suppose, and when I have, usually younger guys I’m herding through workouts, it’s been a great feeling. Aziz and I were due for dinner with his father, and I kicked myself for not getting the full story on the valet Bassem. In the shower, Owen said “OH LORD, I HOPE MY TAN’S OK”, laughing along with Don, and I punched him and said “Drop dead fucker,” when Don said,…

Examination: Chapter 3 Skinny
/ January 21, 2016

Early in the morning I heard an alarm, and a curse, and Doc got up and I felt a kiss as he left. It was still dark at Muscle Ranch – I was used to people getting up early in Texas but this seemed Very early. I fell back asleep immediately, and as dawn light came in, I woke again, and smelled cum. Well, no surprise! I burped and smiled to myself, and cleaned up in the bathroom. It was Saturday, and I expected to see quite a few more people at breakfast that morning, it was Buddy Weekend after all. I looked in at Idris who was playing away on his keyboard that morning, in his own word with his headphones on. I tapped on the keyboard, and pointed at my wrist indicating time, and Idris nodded and said too loudly “I’ll come along soon Joe.” I walked out and along the trails to the main chow place, and sure enough, lots of guys. More than a few guys walked along with me, asking if I was ok. “Absolutely” I said, but I did note my voice was deeper than usual. Abuse. I got a big breakfast tray, and…