Examination: Chapter 3 Skinny
/ January 21, 2016

Early in the morning I heard an alarm, and a curse, and Doc got up and I felt a kiss as he left. It was still dark at Muscle Ranch – I was used to people getting up early in Texas but this seemed Very early. I fell back asleep immediately, and as dawn light came in, I woke again, and smelled cum. Well, no surprise! I burped and smiled to myself, and cleaned up in the bathroom. It was Saturday, and I expected to see quite a few more people at breakfast that morning, it was Buddy Weekend after all. I looked in at Idris who was playing away on his keyboard that morning, in his own word with his headphones on. I tapped on the keyboard, and pointed at my wrist indicating time, and Idris nodded and said too loudly “I’ll come along soon Joe.” I walked out and along the trails to the main chow place, and sure enough, lots of guys. More than a few guys walked along with me, asking if I was ok. “Absolutely” I said, but I did note my voice was deeper than usual. Abuse. I got a big breakfast tray, and…

Volume: Chapter 5 Limit
/ January 21, 2016

I was ravenous at lunch at Muscle Ranch, and found myself sitting with a bunch of Muscle Otters. At Muscle Ranch, mostly for bodybuilders who are not dieting – off season they call it – they let go, no shaving, no body shaving, and enjoying all the food they can pack in. Some guys are hard gainers, and with their bodies starting to fill in with fur, and their physiques, you’d have to call them otters. My mind was still rattled by Dick and his cock for the moment, and his Dad who was bigger, but we all got involved in talk about posing – my weak spot. A couple of the guys volunteered to have a posing class the next day, which I looked forward to. I felt a tiny bit sunburnt, and headed back to my cabin for a mid-afternoon nap before my workout, looking around realizing it was really pretty there. I think most of the guys who were going to be at Muscle Ranch had arrived, some newcomers still shy about going commando around the camp, you’d see them walking in shorts, but I think within a day they didn’t give a shit. I got being…

Begin Again: Chapter 6 Furball
/ January 21, 2016

I actually rested after lunch, though my balls were sore from all the sex – without cumming – that morning. I was happy for Eddy, who hummed and talked a mile a minute through lunch, and then disappeared off with the other muscle Dads as I walked through Muscle Ranch to my room. I was going to clean up a bit, but the barracks cabin was already cleaned up and a new supply of towels set out. I tried out some mandatory poses, wondering how much I should practice them to get the transitions smooth and normal looking, but I felt pretty inept. It’s that walking and chewing gum problem I guess. I sat down to catch up on some reading and… well you know how reading with your eyes closed works! I woke up in the afternoon, and decided it was abs afternoon, and got my kit and walked back to the gym, high-fiving buddies along the way. It was only a few days into Muscle Ranch, and guys were already sprouting hair all over their faces and bodies, not having to keep everything shaved. Abs are one muscle you can work and work and work, so I did…