Descent: Chapter 4 Fresno
/ January 24, 2016

I got up the next morning, and still couldn’t quite believe the spectacle from that night at the Adult Theatre. Cleaning up, I got hard again thinking of the furry Granddad-Dad-Son event, and wondered how James’s ass felt – though if he could take his Dad’s thick long cock, the rest would be easy. I jacked off a little bit, hard thinking about it, but wanted to get on with driving up to Fresno, I was hoping I’d meet my old buddy Aram. I was out of clean black clothes unfortunately, and put on a grey skintight teeshirt, which left nothing of my physique to the imagination. As I exited the hotel, there were John, and James – James working in the office part of the hotel on something, and John, squeezing his crotch looking at me. He barreled out of the check-in area and gave me a big hug, wishing me the best, and John zoomed out, looking somewhat shocked. I leaned over to him, “Like the muscle Dad, buddy?” He coughed, and squeezed my arm, then my crotch, squeezing his grandfather also. Grandpa James leaned over and backed up, “Not this early!” he laughed, and I chatted for…

Beach: Chapter 2 – Ventura
/ January 21, 2016

I began the hour drive from Santa Barbara to Ventura, enjoying the beautiful California coastline along the way, and trying to talk with Felix, his normal morning call, in a convertible. I stopped in Carpinteria, and chatted, Felix wanted to know what my cultural insight of the day was. “Well,” I began “You know the phrase ‘All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music’?” “Sure, from Pater, the art critic,” Felix answered. “You know you look a little like him,” I said, seeing what response I’d get. “I’ll have to get back to you on that one!” Felix laughed. “Well, if art is the expression of all human thought…” I continued, pausing. Felix said, “Ok, I’m where this is going…”. I continued: “And music is the food of love…” Felix responded instantly, “You’ve proven that all we think about is sex.” I laughed, and said “I love talking to a quick study.” And at that, Felix said, “I’m nervous about asking how the day went.” “So,” I began, “I ended up picking up a musician, then some bikers at a reggae concert, and smoking pot later and having free love at a hundred-acre estate in Montecito before playing Prokofiev…