Descent: Chapter 4 Fresno
/ January 24, 2016

I got up the next morning, and still couldn’t quite believe the spectacle from that night at the Adult Theatre. Cleaning up, I got hard again thinking of the furry Granddad-Dad-Son event, and wondered how James’s ass felt – though if he could take his Dad’s thick long cock, the rest would be easy. I jacked off a little bit, hard thinking about it, but wanted to get on with driving up to Fresno, I was hoping I’d meet my old buddy Aram. I was out of clean black clothes unfortunately, and put on a grey skintight teeshirt, which left nothing of my physique to the imagination. As I exited the hotel, there were John, and James – James working in the office part of the hotel on something, and John, squeezing his crotch looking at me. He barreled out of the check-in area and gave me a big hug, wishing me the best, and John zoomed out, looking somewhat shocked. I leaned over to him, “Like the muscle Dad, buddy?” He coughed, and squeezed my arm, then my crotch, squeezing his grandfather also. Grandpa James leaned over and backed up, “Not this early!” he laughed, and I chatted for…

Road Trip Texas 2: Chapter 10 Lubbock
/ January 22, 2016

The thing about getting to bed early is that you get up early. I lay in bed at 5am thinking “I’m turning into an early riser!” like a lot of the guys I met in Texas, so I got up and started to get organized to drive down to Lubbock. For some crazy reason, I thought it was going to be a 3-hour drive down through the prairie, and I’d arrive around noon, but it was half the time, and I got in to the city in the morning because I started out so early. Lubbock is a peaceful small town in the middle of a million acres of cotton, and as I drove around I wondered what to do. I didn’t feel like farming cotton that day. In Lubbock, I came across a farmer’s market, and decided I’d be able to get stuff for lunch, and could find out about a park to eat it in. I wandered around the market, usual collection of cheeses (Austin), honey, backyard flowers, breads, cured meats, and then a tomato stand. Not the usual tomatoes, but big juicy ripe tomatoes, red, orange, yellow, that looked like they were absolutely going to explode. A…

Road Trip Texas 1: Chapter 11 Chappel Hill
/ January 22, 2016

I was exhilarated and slightly numb from the gym AND wrestling I had in Port Arthur, and content to tune my radio to Sirius XM 70’s music and glide along the 10 Freeway which stretches from Florida to California. It was late afternoon in East Texas, so of course it poured rain for a half hour at some point, but I was determined to make it to a wonderful ranch up north of Houston, and have a five-star dinner; I called ahead, but being summer, it was absolutely no problem to get a seating, not a lot of people want to wander around in 90-degree evening weather. I was sore! Wrestling isn’t bodybuilding, and I had muscles hurting I didn’t even know I had. I had been to the ranch resort a few years back for a business dinner, and the head of the dining wing of the place was a very sexy bear, and we stared at each other like crazy, but I was not in the situation where anything could happen. I ended up arriving kind of at sunset, passed by farmer pickups and truckers as I pulled off the main road, which was beautiful in the Hill…