Ascent: Chapter 5 Lone Pine
/ January 24, 2016

My ears popped. As I drove from Lee Vining south, I realized the elevation was changing, a bit of a relief. My throat was still raw from a combination of Joshua’s cock, probably snoring, the dryness, and I had been drinking water like crazy and sucking on lemon candy to keep my mouth and throat wet, and it felt much better. I heading south with a tiny bit of dread, and some anticipation. Along the 395 was Manzanar, which has some connections to my family which doesn’t need to be elaborated here, but seeing an interment camp for US citizens who happened to be of Japanese ancestry, well it’s enough give me a sick feeling, but needs to be seen. Not everything in California is fluffy, golden, beautiful and magic. I was on my way to Lone Pine, and planned on a visit with an old friend from Los Angeles, Daddy Ray. Ray had retired from film decades before, and bought an old hotel in Lone Pine where he could be surrounded by all the settings from all the old Western movies, TV shows, and even current movies – he had a big cowboy thing going. I got to the…

Cascade: Chapter 1 Redding
/ January 24, 2016

I left with him instead of waiting at the house, and followed him back in the city and had a nice breakfast, again near the Capitol. Felix called me at breakfast, and we talked some more about my plans up North. I went on to the car rental place at the airport, and got a new car – a Mini cooper Convertible, which jumped when I touched the accelerator – I love my own Mini Roadster at home, but I wasn’t going to be able to rent one. Felix called me again, and thanked me for the evening, it wasn’t what he expected, and something he really wanted to try, that he never imagined that sex with a man could be like that. We talked for a bit as I drove up towards Redding, and I had the sense that he was nervous about what sex would be like when his girlfriend came back after a week. Eventually I told him I’d send some pictures of my friend’s California landscapes when I got down to Santa Rosa, and he sounded calmer. I didn’t want to leave him in the lurch with some new feelings, and we spoke on and off…