Image: Chapter 4 Milked
/ January 22, 2016

Sami was sleepy after lunch at Muscle Ranch – to be expected. He gathered what the daily routine could be like, and he pointed out that it was like a big “On-land cruise ship!” and I had to agree, and then wonder – what would it be like to actually have the next Muscle Ranch on a cruise ship. Hmm. We headed out to the pool, and settling in the shade, I kept turning over the idea of 2000 guys on a Muscle Ranch cruise in the ocean. And stormy seas, and a huge weight room full of loose equipment being thrown around. Where would you get 2000 bodybuilders, much less 200… But as I fell asleep, I had strange dreams of bodybuilders in navy uniforms deploying life rafts, and put it all out of my mind. I woke up to hot feet. Specifically, the sun had moved, and my feet were in the sun but nothing else. I quickly checked, and no burn, and I woke Sami up. I took him to the media center, with its huge TV and snack bar, and we watched Bodybuilding Inspiration videos while we had coffee to rev up our system. It occurred…

Releaser: Chapter 3 Tag Team
/ January 21, 2016

I left Yusuf to sleep as I went off to the Muscle Ranch gym, I decided if he was so crazy about my arms, I’d do my biceps for that evening. Aziz followed me around the gym, making sure Dad was happy, and I hinted about the nice session, and Aziz was incredibly relieved. He spotted me for my whole workout, which helped me get enormously pumped – doing negatives, reverse pyramids, my arms felt swollen an extra inch or two it felt like. I ran into the two guys from breakfast, Don and Owen, who wearing do-rags, yelling at each other to work harder, and having a great time a the gym. I’ve never really had a workout buddy, that’s kind of the downside of a lot of travel I suppose, and when I have, usually younger guys I’m herding through workouts, it’s been a great feeling. Aziz and I were due for dinner with his father, and I kicked myself for not getting the full story on the valet Bassem. In the shower, Owen said “OH LORD, I HOPE MY TAN’S OK”, laughing along with Don, and I punched him and said “Drop dead fucker,” when Don said,…

Volume: Chapter 5 Limit
/ January 21, 2016

I was ravenous at lunch at Muscle Ranch, and found myself sitting with a bunch of Muscle Otters. At Muscle Ranch, mostly for bodybuilders who are not dieting – off season they call it – they let go, no shaving, no body shaving, and enjoying all the food they can pack in. Some guys are hard gainers, and with their bodies starting to fill in with fur, and their physiques, you’d have to call them otters. My mind was still rattled by Dick and his cock for the moment, and his Dad who was bigger, but we all got involved in talk about posing – my weak spot. A couple of the guys volunteered to have a posing class the next day, which I looked forward to. I felt a tiny bit sunburnt, and headed back to my cabin for a mid-afternoon nap before my workout, looking around realizing it was really pretty there. I think most of the guys who were going to be at Muscle Ranch had arrived, some newcomers still shy about going commando around the camp, you’d see them walking in shorts, but I think within a day they didn’t give a shit. I got being…