Releaser: Chapter 3 Tag Team

January 21, 2016

I left Yusuf to sleep as I went off to the Muscle Ranch gym, I decided if he was so crazy about my arms, I’d do my biceps for that evening. Aziz followed me around the gym, making sure Dad was happy, and I hinted about the nice session, and Aziz was incredibly relieved. He spotted me for my whole workout, which helped me get enormously pumped doing negatives, reverse pyramids, my arms felt swollen an extra inch or two it felt like. I ran into the two guys from breakfast, Don and Owen, who wearing do-rags, yelling at each other to work harder, and having a great time a the gym. I’ve never really had a workout buddy, that’s kind of the downside of a lot of travel I suppose, and when I have, usually younger guys I’m herding through workouts, it’s been a great feeling.

Aziz and I were due for dinner with his father, and I kicked myself for not getting the full story on the valet Bassem. In the shower, Owen said “OH LORD, I HOPE MY TAN’S OK”, laughing along with Don, and I punched him and said “Drop dead fucker,” when Don said, “OH, AM I PEELING YET” rubbing his skin they both had very deep black complexions, and kept rubbing, “IT AIN’T COMING OFF,” they they broke out in “Hee hee” peals of laugher, and I felt so ridiculous I had to laugh along with them. They slapped hands with each other, and then with me, continuing to wash. I was mesmerized by their bubble butts, they both had enormous bodies, probably 270, and just massive asses to go with it. They looked like brothers in the genetic sense, even kind of dressed alike to work out, but Don had a beard, and Owen didn’t.

Don, grabbed me pinning my arms behind my back, “You know we love you Daddy!” and let me go, washing their heads and faces now, tag teaming back and forth under one shower, soaping each other. “mmm MMM”, Owen said watching me wash, actually making me blush with his frankess, and playfulness. I turned, “I’m shy,” I said, looking down. The two of them burst out laughing, “About as shy as you are straight.” They both stroked their soapy cocks for a second, mimic my “shy turn,” then laughing and jacking off more. Rinsing, they grabbed me on either side, held me under water, and then dragged me to the Steamroom. “This is good for your color baby, get nice and pinky.” Owen grinned, and we all sat down, semi-hardons, and the heat felt good.

Owen and Don didn’t really jack off, but they kept touching around their cocks, as more guys filtered in and out of the steamroom, until Owen said, “See anything you like?” I looked at him, then Don, and said “Uh, I see two big scoops of brown sugar that I wanna have melt in my mouth!” “OWEEE!” instantly they both laughed, holding their hands up doubling over, “Mr. Joe’s HUNGRY! He’s got a SWEET TOOTH!” and then Don leaned over. “Why don’t we go to the brown sugar cabin before we melt in here, Honey Daddy,” and at that, the two of them got out, and marched out of the steamroom. I don’t need to be told twice. I followed them out, and we walked to a very nicely positioned cabin with a view of the river, and inside, I immediately got a glass of ice tea, seated on a thick towel on the couch as the two guys sat naked with me.

Owen was the more aggressive of the two, and he stroked his cock very lightly, then my leg, as Don kissed my shoulder. Owen disappeared for a moment, then brought back a bottle of baby oil, and got his cock oily and shiny, then Don’s then both of them, hand over hand started working on my cock. “Daddy, you know we’s both like more of the, you know, ACTIVE POSITION,” Owen said, leaning back to show me his hard, oiled cock. I leaned up, and grabbed it, stroking while Don stroked mine, “Look at this Mr. Owen,” Don said, pressing his hand at the base of my cock, making it jut out more. “He ain’t hung like a white guy!” and they both laughed, Don stroking my cock harder, “I like!” he said. I was jacking Owen now, his cock throbbing as he flexed his groin muscles, and I pulled on his smallish balls, stroking all around his ball sack, then up to the black tip, rubbing hard with both my thumbs around the edge.

“Daddy,” Owen said, “I’d like a little, you know, suck action too.” He had a mesmerizing voice, what I call an ice-cream voice. Slightly high-pitched, but with a deep core, very musical and rich, resonant. I just wanted to hear him talk, but I leaned forward, and sucked the head in my mouth, and part of the shaft. Owen grunted, sliding forward, and I pushed more of his shaft in my mouth, the baby oil somewhat tasteless, but it didn’t stop my tastebuds from sensing his syrupy precum. I started bobbing up and down slightly, jack-sucking him as I got more and more of the wide head deeper in my mouth, and to my surprise, with the lube, he popped right into my throat, Owen giving a yelp. “Damn Daddy!” he whispered, as Don started massaging my asshole with a oil-wet finger, still jacking me off.

I pushed harder and got Owen in my mouth, perfect with his slightly curved cock, and I held him, swallowing and working my tongue and mouth, milking his cock. Pulling back, I saw Owen stroking his nipples lightly with the tips of his fingers, but I lost sight as I pushed back down, his wiry pubic fur scratching my lips. Don at that point pushed a finger cautiously in my ass, “Oh,” I heard, “His ass his hot, hot and juicy Daddy ass.” Owen said, “Well, I’ve got hot and juicy Daddy mouth and throat,” “Really,” Don asked, and I heard a hand slap. Owen pulled away, so I sat back upright, and a moment later, there was Don. He stroked his cock, and thrust his hips up to me, as I felt Owen lift one of my legs, and whistle, starting to rub my asshole.

Don’s cock was bigger than Owen’s, and rubberier-feeling, harder. I stroked it wrapping my lips around the head, shaking my head slightly to stimulate all the tissues, my tongue flicking back and forth on the piss slit, which stuck out very slightly, like a nipple. Don gasped, and thrust his hips forward, pushing more of his cock in my mouth, sucking in air loudly. He put his hands on his hips, gently pushing more and more forward, letting me suck on his cock at my own pace, he was a cocksucker’s dream. I got the head in and a few inches of the shaft, soaking in my mouth as I waited to taste his precum, but got nothing, nothing until I reached up and pulled on his balls. I stroked right behind his testicles, pressing up slightly and got rewarded with a groan as I pushed on the swelling and a taste of precum on my tongue.

I resumed sucking as he swayed his hips gently, feeling more and more pressure on my asshole, fingers dipping in and listening to the men talk to each other, goading each other on. “That’s a mouth, uh huh!” Don said, “I believe he’s gonna take it all.” I backed off, looking up at his thick muscular body, sweating slightly, gleaming like metal, then dipped down, lifting my leg higher as I impaled my mouth now further, pushing his cockhead against my throat. Sucking that way, I felt a twinge of pain briefly at my ass, and Own had pushed four thick fingers in me, still rotating around and stretching me open, “He tight!” he said, and the two men laughed, “but not for long.” I was in heaven sucking that cock, feeling it slid in my throat, choking me slightly with each millimeter, then I pulled back quickly, exhaling and taking another breath to prime myself to deepthroat him.

Owen reached around for my cock suddenly, releasing the pressure in my ass, and jacked me a little, and I felt his hand go away, then come back wet. I heard another “slap” sound, then Don pulled out, holding my head, and Owen came back around to me with that curved cock. He started pulling and pinching his nipples, wiping his wet cock across my face when I felt the pressure on my ass again. It was intense, and not letting up, a sliding pushing sensation against my hole, I gasped, groaning out loud as I felt my hole stretched to the limit, my prostate pushed flat and Don’s massive meat tunneling into my ass as I had so many other guys myself. One big push. I froze, trying to accommodate it, when Owen distracted me (in a good way), pushing his meat into my throat.

I was overloaded, and as happens, my sense of time slows down tremendously. I pushed back experimentally, suddenly feeling more cock in me, pressure in my groin, and a rough hand on my cock. The hand rubbed around, sliding along the shaft without a silky-smooth glide, but a harsh pull that I thought would send me over the edge. Don’s other hand was on my hip, pulling me back, and I felt his wiry pubes suddenly against my ass, my asshole even. A long push out, my throat now distended with Owen’s cock going in, and all I could think of was that cock in my throat, and that cock in my ass, one pushing one pulling each moment. My chest convulsed slightly, and I pushed on Owen, gasping for some air as the two grunted, completely focused in their own fucking.

Owen stroked his shaft as he pulled out of my mouth and throat, then holding his cock pushed right back in, stroke and push, pull, when I started feeling my cock feeling very hot and excited, from all of Don’s stroking. He would hold the tip of my cock, slowly moving his rough hand over the sensitive head, then down the shaft to the base, holding it there for a few seconds as he kept pushing his fat cock into my ass, getting leverage to move his hips from side to side, stretching my asshole as much as he could. He’d pull out the, stroking back to the tip of my cock, sending waves of hot cum feeling through my cock and groin, fused with the feeling from Owen as he kept plunging in my throat. I realized his hand was rough too, sliding along his staff but then pressing against my mouth as he pushed his long cock to its base. I was caught between the two beautiful cocks, and musclemen fucking me, another slide from Owen, more and more stroking from Don until I couldn’t separate the feelings.

I was completely getting overwhelmed with being like a pig on a spit, sliding sensations like waterfalls going over my body, ass, mouth, throat, lips, cock. I descended further into feeling like I was going to cum, when I heard a slap again, and Don, to my surprise, pulled out of my ass, and I heard him stroking his cock wetly. Owen grunted, “You ready big White Daddy!” and started slamming harder into my mouth, Don reaching around and stroking my cock some more, fingering my balls along with it. “He’s about ready to shoot too!” Don said, and I felt him stand beside me. I looked over, his big wet cock was there dripping, and it looked like his precum was milking with some cum. He stroked it very lightly, a quick touch, then hands back on hips, his balls tight up against his groin.

He reached over and started stroking Owen’s balls, and I heard Owen gurgle, sucking in his breath, and then suddenly my mouth was flooded with cum, for a second. Owen pushed deep into my throat, still gushing, then bending over, slamming hard into my mouth while he globbed a few more gushes of cum into me gasping. I couldn’t take it for a second, and coughed, cum gushing out, then when his cock pulled back, I swallowed all I could, Don making appropriate comments, about “Filling up Daddy.” Don pulled back suddenly, just a few spurts of cum for me when Don, with his fat cockhead, filled my mouth pushing relentlessly, almost painfully into my throat. He fucked a few strokes as I saw Owen close his eyes, his cock still dripping now, when Don grabbed my head. He held it in an iron grip as he sucked in hair, his big cockhead just inside my lips I could feel the thick edge on my lips.

He began pulsing cum into my mouth, I swallowed and gulped it, very bitter matching the smell from his groin, his rank sweat and sucked on the the head of his cock, almost getting a scream out of him. “Daaaaaaaaamn Daddy!” he cried out, and I sucked harder, feeling globs of cum jetting out of his wide head as I clamped my lips along the sensitive edge. Don actually began shaking, jittery from the overloaded tissues of his cockhead as he flooded my mouth again and again with cum I was grateful he wasn’t in my throat, I could never swallow with that big wide meat. Don and Owen talked rapidly with each other as Don tapered off from the cum, and I let his cock out of my mouth with a big “Pop!” “I ain’t cum like, Daddy, that felt, Oh my GAWD!” Don said, and Owen laughed.

“I felt like I could pass out. That cock was connected to my BRAIN!” Don said, as I stood back up, my cock dripping a good stream of precum on the floor. Owen was already sitting, wiping his wet cock off, and threw a towel to Don, “Daddy, anytime you want, you come back now, hear?” Don said, a southern accent creeping out. Don sat beside Own, and they kissed, throwing their heads back on the couch, their wet sweaty muscles gleaming. “I need another shower!” Don said, laughing, and I cleaned up in the front bathroom to go meet Yusuf and Aziz for dinner, I only had a vague feeling for time, but the sun had not set, so it was early.

I arrived and saw a beautiful table set up in front of the cabin, and inside, there I found Yusuf and Aziz, sitting nude on the couch together talking. We all kissed politely, and I sat down, when suddenly a kind of transformed Bassem appeared younger, in the white linen uniform that Bassem had earlier. I was a little surprised, but Yusuf addressed him as “Rami”, and he set down drinks for us more iced teas. I wondered what happened to Bassem. We had a great dinner together, and I had stories of living in Borneo but listened to Aziz’s stories of his clients in LA, and Aziz hinted at stories of his construction deals I finally began to understand where he came from, and why he seemed so wealthy. After dinner we went back into the cabin and Rami cleared the outdoor table, but first he brought a tray of small glasses a dozen or more and an old bottle.

Into each glass went a little ice, and then a little drink which smelled strongly or liquorice, so I guessed it was Arak. The Arak turned instantly into what looked like cum, cloudy and white, slightly thickened like honey. Yusuf, Aziz and I clinked glasses again standing, then Yusuf put me on the couch between himself and Aziz, and proceeded to curl up against me. His light furry body was wonderful to feel on one side, with Aziz’s heavy muscular furry body on the other side. We sat quietly, enjoying the warm full feeling from dinner, and Yusuf began to stroke my body as Aziz looked on. He eventually put one leg over mine, squeezing my chest, then sliding his hand to my cock, and feeling my balls. I couldn’t help it, and let my hand explore his thick furry chest, sliding down to his enormous balls, and the slowly thickening cock.

Aziz began kissing me, and I got pulled more and more horizontally between the two men, when Rami came in the room, looking startled. As in the morning, Yusuf spoke a rapid, commanding Arabic, and Rami went to the back of the room, and came forward with bottle of oil. Looking somewhat unsettled, he put them on the table as Yusuf talked to him, and Rami slowly took off his jacket, then his trousers. He was somewhat skinny, narrow shoulders and big hips, a youngish body, fur starting on his shoulders, chest and belly, very hairy legs. His cock was quite thick, or rather wide, and as he stared at us on the couch, he started to get hard. He got on his knees in front of us, and with shaking hands, poured oil on them and began massaging Yusuf’s cock.

Yusuf said, “Like father like son soon,” which sounded cryptic. Aziz grinned, and coughed, masking  a laugh. Yusuf said something, and Rami nodded, and then rubbed his hands together to heat the oil first, then began rubbing it into Yusuf’s semi-hard cock. Rami then worked on me, staring at me in the eye in no way as impassive as Bassem and worked a little bit too long as my cock got harder and harder. He moved on his knees over to Aziz, who spread his legs, thrusting his hips forward. Aziz hissed with pleasure when Rami massaged his cock, and took Rami’s hand, forcing him to massage his asshole too. Yusuf watched, and looking at me watching Aziz, “You like fucking my son, do you not?” I nodded, cock aching with hardness, “You will fuck him tonight with his father,” Yusuf finished.

When Rami stood up, he was very hard cock a fair bit longer than Bassem though, same huge balls. Yusuf and Aziz came closer to me again, and my hand were occupied now stroking their cocks Yusuf with the 10″ monster, Aziz a little big more than half the size. Both men started kissing me, kissing father and son, and we slowly locked into a trio of jacking off and kissing, the smell of anise liquorice on both their breaths. I hadn’t cum in my session with Don and Owen, and after a quarter hour of necking and kissing with Dad and Son here, my balls were almost painful, needing to cum! Yusuf was practically in my lap slowly one leg over mine, rubbing against me with his furry chest as Aziz with his massage technique worked over my shoulders and chest slowly. “This is such a nice one Aziz,” Yusuf whispered, with a resonant voice. “I like much.”

We broke apart to drink more Arak. Some alcohols made men talk a lot, for Aziz and Rami, it made them quieter. Yusuf called to Rami again, who appeared with the oil. His cock was literally dripping with precum, a sight to see, as he kneeled again. Yusuf sat upright on the couch, then slid forward, baring his asshole as he lifted his legs. Rami stared at me as he began to oil Yusuf’s hole, then moved to Aziz’s hole rubbing it carefully again. I thought Rami must have blue balls too at that point. When he stood back up Yusuf commented on his cock, and his balls, fingering the huge orbs in front of me. “See, more like father and son. But Rami is not the biggest, no not by far.” Yusuf said, “His brother Hassam, between his legs swing large heavy bags of sand, but he has his Uncle’s rod.” Yusuf smiled, “Sometimes we don’t know if his father made him, or his uncle, or both.”

I shivered, it was getting very kinky. “You will meet Bassem and his sons, but I think you will drown in their milk.” He smiled enigmatically. He pulled a testicle forward, and nodded at me to fondle it. I had to stroke and fondle it, pulling them slightly watching Rami tremble, then cupped each one, feeling the weight. I stroked Rami’s girthy cock, wondering if I was going to suck a load from him too, as I had from Bassem that morning. At that point, Yusuf actually sat on my knee, rubbing his oily hole on me as Aziz guided one of my hands to his own. I didn’t quite what to do, I had Dad and Son who both loved to be fucked intensely, but it wasn’t in the cards for Rami to do any more work oiling it up, fuck them, I was confused for a second.

I had an epiphany, and ran off to my room, and grabbed my bag of toys. Back at the couch, I sat down, and pulled out the double-headed dildo. Aziz grinned, and Yusuf looked nonplussed. I arranged him on the couch, arms on the cushions, and then behind him, facing the other way, Aziz on the floor, father and son ass-to-ass. I got the dildo very wet on one end, and noticed Rami staring off from one side. Carefully, I pushed the head against Yusuf’s hole, teasing it a little bit, and waved Rami to come over, and oil the other end. Yusuf groaned and arched his back, his hole opening up a little bit, and I pulled on his massive cock and balls to relax him. I pushed four fingers into his wide-open asshole, pausing with the dildo, as I got Rami to do the same with Aziz, who spread his legs, and lowered his shoulders to the floor.

Rami was working fingers into Aziz, not quite sure what to do with the dildo, and Yusuf started murmuring to me. I pulled my fingers out, and pushed the head of the dildo against his ass again, slowly pushing it forward, and Rami did the same for Aziz. I met less and less resistance, then suddenly I felt the head slide into Yusuf’s anal canal, then popping into his rectum. “YOU KILL ME WITH LUST!” Yusuf barked out a groan, hissing for a second, shuddering with the massive toy in his asshole. Aziz, pushed up, and looked around, and Rami stared at Yusuf’s hole, so I took the dildo from him and started pushing it against Aziz’s hole. Aziz was much more relaxed than his father, and not a moment later it slid right in, and he immediately grunted, clamping down on the bulbous head as it filled his rectum too.

I pushed the two men slowly together, the dildo starting to tunnel into father and son ass, moving in slowly. Rami was sweating. Stinking sweating, and trembling. Yusuf cried out again, and backed off the couch, pushing against Aziz who was rocking back and forth on the dildo, until I saw that the entire length basically had disappeared into both men, who were grinding against it, gasping and thrusting their hips backwards faster and faster. Rami’s cock dripped precum on my shoulder for a second, I turned and sucked just the tip, getting a squirt of precum as he froze, in shock. Yusuf looked back at Aziz, but he didn’t look entirely happy, “Joe” he finally said, “I need you kiss, this not working so good.” I understood. A moment later, he pulled forward as Aziz backed up, but I held the dildo, and slowly pulled it out of Yusuf’s ass, leaving it wide-open and gaping for a second.

He relaxed, then turned on the couch, asshole to the edge of the cushion, but leaned forward. He slowly pulled the dildo out of Aziz, who gasped, then slowly stood up, feeling his asshole. I stood up trying to assess the situation, and went to get a towel to wrap the dildo in and got a huge shock. It looked like a body on the floor to one side, on a mat, but it was Bassem, patiently sleeping. With all the noise and activity. Beside Bassem was also a mat, I supposed for Rami, and I was surprised. This wasn’t going to work in my mind. I went back to Aziz and Yusuf, who was back on the couch. I pulled Rami forward near Aziz, and holding onto his big meat, slid the young guy up next to the hairy hole, and Aziz stared as the fist-like head neared the hole not any bigger than the dildo tho.

Yusuf was very interested, and got on the other side of Aziz, and pulled and stroked Rami’s balls. He pulled Aziz’s ass on one side opening his hole more, as I did on the other, and pulled Rami’s cock closer to the hole, pushing the massive head right in. Yusuf whispered something to Rami, peppered with the word “Fuck.” Aziz tightened up a little, grunting, his abs flexing as he pulled his legs back more. Rami couldn’t help himself, and immediately cried out, and pushed his meat right into the hilt in Aziz. Yusuf laughed and shouted out, as Aziz grunted and sucked in air, then Rami’s hips started thrusting uncontrollably, his cock popping out and flailing wildly. I helped Rami put his hands on Aziz’s bent knees for leverage, and pulled his cock into the hole again, but now he started thrusting more effectively, slamming into the hairy hole hard, the thick meat stretching the hole wide open.

Yusuf was fascinated, and stroking his massive cock as he watched, face getting closer to his son’s hole, the asslips pushing in, then bulging out with each nervous stroke of Rami. He continued to fondle Rami’s balls, pulling them now, then exclaimed as Rami started shouting out in a high piping voice, slamming very hard. He was shooting cum into Aziz as Yusuf stroked his balls, pulling them harder and jacking himself faster and faster. I was absolutely aching, one hand holding Aziz, and one hand on Rami’s huge cock, and Rami basically started to collapse on Aziz as I felt his cock stop pulsing, pumping hot juice into his ass. I looked up and Bassem was standing there, the noise, and his son’s voice too much, and he stared at us, his cock hardening and extending out at a 90-degree angle, fat and medium-length.

Rami pulled back, panting, and sat back on the floor, as Yusuf, completely over-excited, crowded up to Aziz’s hole, and shoved his massive cock in. Aziz called out “Papa” suddenly, and Yusuf started slamming into him, 10″ of thick meat relentlessly mixing everything up in Aziz’s ass. I felt around Yusuf’s hairy ass, creeping a finger into his hole which opened right up, then more fingers going in until I had four again, feeling his pumping into his son. “Joe, it’s the dream, fuck me while I fuck my son! PLEASE!” I stood up carefully, the hairy monkey of a dad pounding his bodybuilder son in front of me, and got behind Yusuf, holding my long cock at his hole. I slid it in in one greasy stroke, all the way into Yusuf’s guts, and he began fucking even more energetically, impaling on me as he slammed into Aziz.

Bassem came over, stroking his cock, and stood beside the three of us, Rami now having disappeared off somewhere. I reached felt his balls as I fucked Yusuf, they were just superb, as was his thick rubbery meat. I felt odd, and putting my hand behind Bassem’s neck, pulled him towards me, “Kiss me Bassem!” He pressed his lips against mine, hard at first, then suddenly, like a dam breaking, passionately kissing me. Yusuf was sweating, his hairy falling into tight small curls on his back, and a scent of pure testosterone musk coming out of him as suddenly, I felt him tense, his asshole tighten up. “Joe, I DO IT, I FUCK HIM!” I couldn’t take the sensation, and over-the-top situation, I immediately began gushing cum into Yusuf’s hole, kissing Bassem, hours of sex and loading with cum focused into his asshole, wave after wave of hot semen flowing endlessly.

Yusuf himself began filling Aziz’s hole, I felt every pulse of sperm inside him as he had a half-dozen blasts, gasping then bending to kiss Aziz, poised perfectly in his asshole, with his own asshole filled by me. Slowly, slowly I pulled back out, and Yusuf pulled from Aziz, immediately wiping his cock and ass with silk napkins nearby, saying something to Bassem and Rami, standing there again with a hardon, laughing. I was exhausted, and still horny from the cabergoline. We fell onto the couch as Bassem walked away, and I bent over to suck Aziz, Rami heading towards Aziz again. “Yes, YES!” Yusuf said, delighted to see his son fucked over and over. I pulled a leg up, and Rami shoved himself in Aziz immediately, sawing in and out of his hole recklessly as Aziz pushed my head onto his cock.

I licked and sucked the delicious head, well-covered with a half-hour of precum, then slowly slid the shaft in until my mouth was full, getting a huge vacuum feeling on his shaft. Aziz’s voice got higher and higher suddenly, and I felt a tiny spurt of cum, that stopped immediately. Aziz started speaking rapidly, stroking his shaft as I sucked and another big spurt of cum came out, and then a floodgate opened, Aziz feeding me a huge load of cum. I was stroking my hard cock, thinking I might cum again soon from the Cabergoline, but a moment later, Aziz groaned, pulling my mouth off his sensitive cock, and slowly pushed a still-hard Rami from his asshole. He sighed, throwing his head back and massive muscled legs down, Yusuf saying something and laughing again, as we all sat there, dazed slightly from the intense sex.

Yusuf spoke again and Rami left the area, just the three of us left snuggling as Aziz wiped himself off, then whispered to me that he must go now, “It is so late Habibi!” A moment later, he kissed his father, and exited the cabin leaving me with Yusuf, who pulled me into his bedroom. We cuddled up together in bed, Yusuf unable to take his hands off me, squeezing my muscles and kissing me all over. I for one couldn’t get enough of his furry body, like a big-dicked monkey in my arms, but as our necking and playing tapered off, Yusuf ended up rolled over on his side, sweaty and snoring, dead to the world. I walked out, closing the room door, and there were Bassem and Rami, lying on those uncomfortable mats. Very gently, I stroked both of the men on their shoulders, waking them, and they stirred, Bassem asking quietly if everything was OK?

I shhh’d him, and asked them to get up and follow me. I took them to my bedroom, turning down the king-sized bed, and told them they had to sleep there tonight, not on the floor. Bassem looked completely shocked, as did Rami. “Is Ok to sleep together?” I asked, “I’m sorry!” Bassem apologized, “no no no,” he said, embracing me, “You are, you are so kind Mr Joe.” His naked firm body against mine, I got a damn boner in seconds, but I also felt Bassem pop one. “Please, Mr. Joe, you want?” Bassem said, holding his half-hard cock up, then pulled Rami’s cock towards me, “You like my son?” I didn’t know what to say, but Bassem put a hand on my shoulder, and pushed me on the floor, “Mr Joe, my cock for you.”

He was rock-hard now, the fat wide head at my lips, rubbing. Bassem was slowly jacking off Rami, as I felt Rami’s and his balls, and pulled his cock towards my mouth. I opened wide, since his cock seemed, in the twilight, even bigger than it had been this morning. I got the head in my mouth again, and tasted precum from the piss slit as I felt some drip on my wrist from Rami. I felt Bassem’s huge balls, the size and weight along almost drove me to cum. Letting the younger guys cock and balls alone, I started jacking off, pushing Bassem’s cock into my mouth as far in as I could get, the hard rubbery head pressing, but not able to enter my throat as my face pressed against his hairy groin, but lips against the shaved base of his shaft. It was just so fat, and delicious, and Bassem was excited to be jacking his son off I saw them kissing intimately as I looked up.

I continued sucking and jacking myself, starting to jack Bassem’s shaft, my hand not able to get around it completely. With a cock that wide, it’s hard to suck without making slurping sounds, and I filled the room with wet sucking as I bounced my mouth harder and harder on the beautiful short meat. I felt Bassem’s balls tighten up slightly and immediately stopped sucking him, and switched to his son. Rami was so thin as I put my hand on his side, mouthing the tip of his cock, sucking the precum out again. He wasn’t as wide as his father, but much longer, almost as long as mine. I pushed the head into my mouth, and realized I could get a lot of my tongue in his deep-cut pisshole. Rami grabbed my head, but I took his wrist as Bassem said something, and continued sucking slowly and comfortably, enjoying every square inch of his thick veiny cock.

There’s something just so shocking about a skinny 20-something with thick horsecock, visually, and when you’re sucking, the contradiction. I ended up making loud sucking noises too jacking myself off, feeling his balls, then back to Bassem. I spent time there alternating between the two men, as each one got close to cumming, I would stop and switch, until my mouth felt like it was going to cramp open, having had to be so wide for such a time. I looked at Bassem, “Are you ready?” He grinned, his white teeth glinting in the dim light as he nodded, and I began sucking forcefully on him, pulling and massaging his balls as Bassem gasped, and they suddenly began pulling up, becoming a huge mass at the base of his cock as he sucked I his breath, hands on his hips, and began pumping cum into my mouth.

That’s what I needed, as bolts of fuck feeling jolted through my cock, stroking extremely slowly from base to top, squeezing the head as spurts of semen shot out on the floor in front of me. I almost lost balance from the sensation, gushing bitter cum in my mouth practically in lockjaw, while my mouth and tongue felt connected electrically to my own cock and balls. Bassem gushed, and I mean gushed semen, at first 10 big fat spurts, then a pause, and another 10 I understood what Yusuf meant about drowning in milk. Pulling back, I took hold of Rami, my own orgasm halting as I let my cock go. Rami and his father spoke quickly, and Bassem pulled on Rami’s balls along with me, stroking and cupping them as I pushed Rami as hard as I could into my throat.

His hips started vibrating and pounding against my mouth, his balls pulling tight, and to my surprise, I started jacking off and feeling like cum again this was a magic drug Doc gave me! I sucked like a demon, feeling the veiny length of his horsecock tunnel into my throat, and Rami cried out, silenced by his Father kissing him, when a gusher of cum shot into my throat, like another non-stop full-pressure faucet. I swallowed what I could as my own orgasm took over, but even gulping I had cum running down my mouth into my beard. I lost it again, my cock feeling like it never really stopped cumming as I orgasmed again and again, blank shots of cum as I jacked my over-sensitive cock. I lost all sense of time waiting for Rami to stop shooting, not wanting to end my own state, but not wanting to prolong the sexual agony. Rami finally whimpered, and pulled semi-soft from my mouth, and I was in the state where any slight touch of my cock made me feel like I was cumming again.

I put my hand on Bassem, and staggered to get up Bassem immediately helping me get steady. He grabbed my cock good-naturedly and I gasped, a bit of clear fluid shooting on his hand as he looked at me in astonishment. I pulled his arm away, smiling, and pushed them towards the bed. “Sleep, sleep!” I said, walking back out of my room, and into Yusuf’s room. As I crawled back in the bed, he rolled over, “You put them in your bed Joe, no?” he asked. I said yes, and my furry bald daddy grabbed me, “You are too kind sometimes, but that’s not a fault.” He stroked my cock as I felt a strange orgasm again, and he watched me shudder and gasp. At that, he rolled back over, and pushed his hairy loose hole on my cock, and I lay there as he fell back asleep, and waves of orgasm kept coming over me from his hot rectum, slowly diminishing as I fell asleep jerking slightly. Overwhelming.

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