Image: Chapter 4 Milked

January 22, 2016

Sami was sleepy after lunch at Muscle Ranch to be expected. He gathered what the daily routine could be like, and he pointed out that it was like a big “On-land cruise ship!” and I had to agree, and then wonder what would it be like to actually have the next Muscle Ranch on a cruise ship. Hmm. We headed out to the pool, and settling in the shade, I kept turning over the idea of 2000 guys on a Muscle Ranch cruise in the ocean. And stormy seas, and a huge weight room full of loose equipment being thrown around. Where would you get 2000 bodybuilders, much less 200 But as I fell asleep, I had strange dreams of bodybuilders in navy uniforms deploying life rafts, and put it all out of my mind. I woke up to hot feet.

Specifically, the sun had moved, and my feet were in the sun but nothing else. I quickly checked, and no burn, and I woke Sami up. I took him to the media center, with its huge TV and snack bar, and we watched Bodybuilding Inspiration videos while we had coffee to rev up our system. It occurred to me that I used Cialis on my CumCub from growlr in the past, maybe I should get some for Tim and Berry. I realized I was going to compete with Sami that evening but, it was more of a for-fun contest than anything serious. We were milking guys for a few hours after all! Sami and I headed back to the gym, “God, I love being able to work out twice a day!” Sami said, practically hopping up and down. “Time to work out, and food, those are my big stumbling blocks!” he declared, and we decided it was going to be triceps blowout day.

We started with a simple set of pushdowns as a fair number of guys came in for the afternoon workout, and Denver’s Dad came over, “I hope you guys have found a fountain, because my cub is going to literally blow you away.” I was surprised, for the first time in my life being faced with trash talk! “Daddy, when it comes to milk and honey, I’m afraid your cub is all “oh honey” and not enough milk. Dad laughed, and another enormous guy came over, shiny sweat-slick chocolate skin, thick, black beard shot with grey, and pointed at a pale redhead, “Bring a garden hose men, because when my son gets going, it’s a faucet that doesn’t stop!” Sami and I looked at each other as a few more Dads came over, pointing at their cumcubs and saying outlandish things, then slapping hands and laughing, gradually disappearing off.

The hot black daddy was very sexy, and I couldn’t help but to stare along with Sami. We got back into our triceps groove, and finished with some dual triceps posing, feeling good, and grabbed a protein drink heading back to our cabin to rendezvous with Barry and Tim. They were already there, waiting on the porch talking with each other. I found my blue bottle from Doc, and another bottle of creamy-colored liquid Cialis. Each guy got three droppers of Cabergoline, and two droppers of Cialis, and they smacked their lips. “Bitter,” they said, and I invited them to sit on the couch. “We need to get your juices flowing, so bear with me.” Both sat down, and I pulled Tim’s hips to the edge of the couch, and got him to put his feet up on the couch, giving me full access to his cock and asshole.

Sami did the same with Barry, watching me. I lubed up Tim’s hole carefully, as Sami did with Barry but Tim was enjoying the stimulation, Barry simply said “That fields weird!” Sami was gently pushing a pulpy finger into his pink hole as mine disappeared into Tim’s brown hole, and I slowly got Barry accommodated to his asshole being stretched. Tim’s cock was at full attention, laying hard against his belly, dripping faintly. I put my hand under it, sliding a little to stimulate the head, getting it wet with his precum. Barry surprised me nice length cock with a curve to it, which got hard as Sami continued to play with his hole. Sami and I were both getting hard, and I wondered should we put buttplugs in as is, or fuck them a little bit to open them up more.

Barry’s hardon kept coming and going depending on the degree of “weirdness” having his asshole played with. “I’m a pussy guy,” he declared, “this is all new to me!” as we talked about his anus, and opening it up. Sami pressed against his prostate, and some clear fluid shot out of his cock as Barry gasped “Oh, fuck!” and I saw a red flush on his cheeks. I let Tim’s cock go and pushed two fingers into his asshole, which was relaxing well. I decided to fuck Tim a little bit, and oiled my hard cock. Barry’s eyes were wide open, watching my push my cock in his buddy’s asshole while Tim whimpered. “Fuck, I’ve seen girls take it, but, whoa!” he said, leaning over to see my cockhead disappear in the hole. “You OK buddy,” he said to Tim, who gasped and nodded, very happy. “Man, that’s a lot in your hole,” then he looked down at Sami’s erection, the big brown head, and became silent.

“Uh, that’s feeling good man, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea! You’ll rip me!” I slid my cock deep into Tim, rationalizing that I was preparing him for the contest, fucking but no jacking, getting his balls and his seminal fluid all churning inside. Besides that, he was handsome, and had a hot tight asshole. Sami pushed two fingers into Barry whose cheeks flushed again, and he moaned, more fluid coming out of his cock. He began to jack off, but I reached over, “No no no!” I said. I pulled out of Tim, and pushed fingers back in his asshole holding him open. He was much more silent than earlier, but clearly enjoying the attention. I pushed a finger in beside Sami who was finger fucking harder, and I whispered to Barry, “push like you’re taking a shit.”

Barry laughed, which tightened his hole “Ow!” he said, then gritted his teeth. His muscles popped up, and he became rigid, grunting and I had the feeling he actually was going to take a shit. Then, I felt it. His asshole relaxed enormously, and Barry sucked in his breath, “OH!” as Sami’s fingers slide in to his hand. I pushed mine in to the 2nd knuckle, massaging Barry’s prostate as he breathed deeply, precum flowing in big honey like globs from his cock. It was a strange feeling, between Tim and Barry hand in both their assholes, and I asked Sami to open Tim up a little bit more while I worked on Barry. Sami positioned his cockhead now against Tim’s hole as Tim stroked Sami’s fur, and I watched the huge brown head disappear.

“I’m not as wide as him stud,” I said to Barry, positioning my cock against his hole. I pushed it in before he could talk or think, and he grunted and pushed back for a second. Then, again, straining, I felt his hole open up, and as I slid my cock in to the base, his eyes rolled up and a deep red flush came again over his cheeks and chest. “Unggggggg!” was all he could say, reaching for his cock again, but I slapped his hands away. Sami and I both soaked our cocks in their holes, then after a few minutes and more sighs moved in and out very gently. Tim rolled his head side to side, “Fuck ME Daddy!” and Barry just kept grunting, and trying to jack off, then stopping himself. I pulled out of Barry after a few minutes, then went to get my toy kit, and some poppers.

Sami was really slamming into Tim when I got back, and Barry was feeling around in his own asshole, trying to find his prostate again. I got two small butt plugs, and some poppers, and told Barry, we were going to try to see if he liked them. He looked hesitant, and then leaned forward, taking a brief sniff. Bang! His face and chest flushed red as he cried out, “Fuck I’m dizzy!” and I pushed the butt plug against his hole. It slide right in of course, and when lodged in his rectum, Barry let out a long “FuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUK!” and grabbed his cock to jack off, but then dropped it, rolling his head. “What the fuck was THAT!” he said after a minute, laughing, “That was a roller coaster, MAN!” His cock and pubes now were a soaking mess from all his precum, and he felt down at the butt plug, “Whoa dude!” he said, and pulled on it a tiny bit, gasping and laughing.

“That fucker is touching everything up in my shithole!” he said grinning, “Awesome!” I moved over to Tim as Sami pulled his big cock out, and Tim looked down at the butt plug bigger than Sami’s cockhead. I held the poppers up, and Tim looked at Barry, “Is it OK dude?” he asked and Barry grinned, “Oh yeah! It’s like, I dunno, fireworks!” and Tim cautiously took a sniff. It didn’t take but a few seconds but he rolled his head around, and I pushed the 2nd buttplug in his ass to be honest, it was bigger than Barry’s but Tim seemed like he could take it. He started panting, his cock streaming more precum, then he calmed down after a moment of moaning, and reached down to feel it also. Sami reached out to Tim’s crinkled brown nipples and stroked them watching Tim gasp and a wave of goosepimples and fur standing up on his surprisingly hairy body.

Barry watched with wide eyes, “You’re nipples are like that!” he said, and I reached over and scratched his with a fingernail, very gently. It hardened up like a small cock as Barry tried to look down, “Oh OH!” and I then tugged it lightly, twirling it between my fingers and squeezing it. Barry grabbed my wrist suddenly, “MAN!” he said, “You’re doing things I didn’t know about Daddy!” and took my hand away, gingerly touching his own nipples and gasping. My balls were hurting at this point, and I watched Sami continue to play with Tim’s nipples as Tim played with his fur, and I got all four of us a glass of water, telling Barry to put his feet back on the floor. We sat there, Barry excited and confused about the sensations, and his dripping hardon. “Man when does this come out!” he said, excited.

“It’s shaped to stay in you as long as you want,” I said, “You should wear it through dinner up to the contest.” Barry flushed again and I took a mental note he’d be fun to play poker with and said, “Uh, I don’t know, what if it falls out?” I assured him it wouldn’t “trust Dad”, and Tim and Barry finally settled down, cocks dripping slightly, and I told them to go back to their cabin, enjoy dinner, don’t take the plug out, and we’d see them an hour after dinner at the media room. Barry and Tim got up very cautiously, Tim embarrassed by his hardon pointing straight up, and Barry trying to cover his longer curved meat with a hand, but they did as they were told, and walked off, talking to each other as Sami and I watched them from the doorway. “You’re bad!” Sami said, grinning, “That guy is straight!” “I know, but he’s cool.

He’s not going to like kiss a guy and fall in love is he,” and Sami and I entered into a complicated conversation about what straight means anyway. This went on and on until we walked to dinner a little early, and met the trash-talking Dads again, having dinner with their cumcubs. The handsome Dad from earlier was named “Earl”, and I ended up talking to him the most. Tim and Barry sat with us, very carefully, looking nervous, but it was OK as Dad and Sami chatted with them. Earl was fascinating not just that he was a handsome Dad, but we ended up having a complex conversation about religion and politics he grew up in Germany, an army brat, and he found the whole American political system so non-religious but loud compared with Germany, and I had to agree.

He was a retired lawyer, and owned a chain of gyms in the South, and had his own stable of bodybuilders he promoted but, in occasions like Muscle Ranch, enjoyed the company of men, quite a bit. You’ve ever talked with someone who was like an old friend, well that was me and Earl that evening, very fast. We all gradually got up from dinner, and Sami and I went back to the cabin, wondering how to “prepare” for the event. I told him about Earl, who reminded me of Sami’s husband a little bit, and Sami confided he’d been ogling Earl since the contest the prior evening. I rolled up some poppers, and Sami with his popper sippy cup, as well as a vibrator, cockrings, anything I could think of to use with our cumcubs. We walked over through the camp to the media center, and the video was still playing muscle inspiration videos of huge men straining and yelling as they worked out.

There were eight Dads there well, Dads meaning kind of “tops”- Denver, Dad, Sami, me, Earl, Chad, and two new Muscle Dads, Allen and Henry. Allen was one of the older of the group, superb muscle body, and a beard whiter than mine along with a huge ruff of white fur front and back on his tan body. Henry had very tightly curly black hair all over, a very thick well-juiced body, flattop, and I couldn’t get a take on his skin, it just glowed sort of gold-brown in the evening light. “What are the rules,” Earl asked, and Dad looked nonplussed for a moment. “Well, the one who cums the most wins.” Earl said, “Volume, number of times cumming, shooting blanks counts?” and I thought, he really is a lawyer, and had to suppress a giggle. Dad frowned, “Well, number of times. Shooting blanks counts.” “Number of time per hour, or within a time limit.” Dad looked more perplexed.

“We’re just here to have fun, uh, let’s put a two hour limit on it. You ok with that guys,” he said, speaking to the cubs, who looked nervous. “Two hours cumming! One guys said, looking a little frightened.” Earl spoke up. “Let’s do one hour elimination round, then take the top four into the second round, and we canal regroup (he looked at me), and lend helping hand for the second hour. I saw Denver’s cock twitch, he looked happy with that. Earl continued, “Jacking, sucking ok, but you have to see the cum, and anal stimulation of any sort ok.” Dad nodded, and Denver licked his lips. We put chairs around in a row facing the muscle inspiration video, when Denver marched over to the DVD player and put in his own disk, and the word “Cumpilation” flashed on the screen.

I wondered about how much Barry would like gay porn, be he looked curious and interested as the cubs sat down. I noticed that all but Tim and Barry had cockrings on, their cocks distended and hard, ready to be milked, and I was surprised Chad hadn’t brought Cody, but had another young muscle guy. “No rings guys?” Dad and Earl asked, laughing. “None needed yet, big guys,” and I got on the floor by Tim, whose cock was up on his belly again, leaking. Barry’s curved cock was up on his leg, and I got an inspiration. “This is a team event, right?” I asked, and everyone nodded. “I propose that every ten minutes we rotate Dads, and the combined score of Dad making their cub, or any cub cum along with the cub makes the winner.”

Everyone looked stunned. Dad said, “You mean if my cub cums five times, and I make five other cubs cum, we get 10 points.” “Yeah.” That put a lot of uncertainty in everyone’s mind, but I saw Earl calculating. “I like it,” he said, “I’m in if we make round one 80 minutes and round two 40 minutes.” The other guys, who were so horny now they couldn’t think, all agreed, and the Dads were all staring at the hard cocks in the row. “Five minutes and we start,” Denver said, crouching beside his cub, a tasty smooth guy with a short fat cock and big balls. He set a timer on his iPhone, “ten minutes, really?” and I nodded. Sami and I crouched down by Barry and Tim, and we carefully pulled the buttplug out. Both guys gasped, and looked shocked, “Man, I forgot what felt normal!” Barry said, Tim nodding, but their cocks were so hard now, dripping, it was amusing.

Denver called time, and Barry and I lubed up our hands and started stroking Barry and Tim. Tim’s cock felt like steel cable it was so hard, and as I squeezed the head, stroking the shaft, I watched Sami squeezing Barry’s cockhead, and pushing fingers back in his hole, which Barry begged for. Dad had his son, kneeling in front of him stroking with his hands together, Earl was hammering away at his redhead, and all the other Dads were busy milking. I heard a noise, and looking over, the young-looking guy that Dad had brought with him was shooting a lusty fountain of cum on his belly already quick trigger. Dad was grinning at us, the cum running down his weathered hand as the guy writhed, and kept up the gobs running out. Then I realized Dad was over-milking him, and it would leave the guy to take some time to recover.

I turned and looked at the video, pleased to see the “Cumpilation” also had thick cocks pulling out of pussies and drowning them in cream pies as Barry stared, happy. I pulled out the secret weapon poppers, and as Barry and Tim both were whining, I felt them a very light two sniffs of poppers each. Tim looked dizzy for a second, but his hips started twitching, and Barry started flushing and moaning. The other Dad’s looked at us then Tim cried out and shot a spectacular arc of cum over his chest on his face. That did something for Barry who growled, and bucked in the chair, shooting a stream of cum all over Sami’s furry arm. I hissed at Sami, “Stop touching him now!” and we both let the guys go, their orgasms not quite finished, cum still leaking. I let the guys rest, and counting to 100 seconds in my mind, I started massaging Tim’s hole, and his hard cock again.

Tim looked at me surprised, and shivered whispering, “Fuck, I’m feeling close again,” and looked at Barry. “Me too!” he said, “Like I never came!” Sami touched Barry’s nipples, and his cock bounced up and down as he stared, and we both began jacking them again, massaging their holes, long deep strokes on their cocks. A moment later, the alarm went off, and Denver directed us to move down one cub, and the last person moved around to the first cub. Sami moved off to Denver’s cub, Dad had Tim, and I worked on Barry. Dad had a great technique for his jacking as I watched, and Tim was writhing, but not cumming that fast. Barry was staring at the screen, just saying “Fuck fuck fuck” over and over while I jacked him, and not able to resist temptation, I sucked his cockhead in my mouth.

Barry jumped, and moaned “Oh MAN!” and I suddenly felt him shooting again. I pulled off quickly, and Dad saw Barry shooting cum up all over his thick muscle chest as I jacked his cock, when I heard Earl’s redhead shout out and begin shooting also. I let Barry’s cock go as he gushed and pulsed more cum, and slapped his legs, “You’re going to rest a minute buddy.” I heard more noises, and Allen’s guy began shooting, the guy Cody originally brought in, and I noticed what a long cock he had Allen was stroking him hand-over-hand, cum dripping down the head, he was an oozer. All the cumming in the last few minutes seemed to do the deal, and the three other muscle cubs were jerking and shooting their streams up on their belly as their respective “New” Dads milked them.

I then looked back at Barry, who was staring at the screen I turned around and two huge cocks were in a woman’s asshole, and you could see cum gushing out as they fucked her while shooting. I stroked Barry’s cock, and began sucking again, and heard a noise to my left. Denver had grunted, seeing the first sucking starting. His guy, more of a physique model than a bodybuilder, was still hard cockrings will do that and Denver licked the shaft as the guy jerked, and then started aggressively deepthroating him, pausing with his face buried in his crotch again and again. Tim began wailing and shuddering, and began shooting a second time in Dad’s hands beside me, but I leaned and sucked Barry’s cock deep in my mouth, tasting the cummy flavor.

He did have a funny curve, and to get him in my throat, I kind of had to turn my head sideways, and as his cockhead slipped in Barry gasped, “I’m fucking cumming again!” I had to pull back, and just as the alarm rang, Barry began shooting cum up over his chest, to the surprise of Dad, who had dropped Tim’s dripping cock. So that was 3 for Joe, 3 for Barry, 2 for Tim, 2 for Dad, 2 for Sami and 1 for everyone else. I switched to the furry cub Denver had brought in, a very sexy guy, long eyelashes and brown eyes, big thick body, and nice average cocksucker cock I could see why Denver liked him. I started jerking him and massaging his big balls as he sighed, and felt under his balls to his asshole. He jumped, surprised, and I had my in.

I spread his legs, pulling him roughly forward as his mouth flew open in surprise, and leaning down, continued to stroke his cock as I licked his puckered asshole. “Faah,” was all he could say, shivering as I licked the brown tissue, rolling my tongue around and pressing it gently to the hole as I held his cock, jacking as I rubbed my thumb over the cum-crusted head. Brownie was reacting strongly to me, but he had cum not 5 minutes ago and I knew he probably didn’t have any Cab. I continued to rim and stroke him, feeling his cock tight and hot with the cockring on. I heard a cry, and looking over, saw Earl working Tim, who was shooting all over Earls face, Earl with mouth wide open shaking his head “Yes yes!” Dad was jacking off Barry, who had pressed Dad’s rough fingers to his hole that was a new one on me, one Straight guy being gotten off by another Straight or Bi guy, who happened to like jacking and milking his boys.

I returned my attention to Brownie, and changing tactics, began sucking him, working the head of his cock intently as I stroked his balls with my thumb, starting to push my forefinger in his asshole. I got just the tip in when he begged me to pull back, so I got my secret weapon out, and held poppers in my fist, bottle not visible, and held it under his nose. He was surprised, and began breathing hard, his asshole opening right up as I pushed my finger in and rubbed his prostate, sucking his thick dick hard in my mouth not able to swallow, but able to work my tongue all around it. He pushed on my hand, looking confused, and feeling his prostate I realized he was nowhere ready to cum yet, but it was a nice suck. Barry cried out, begging Dad to cram more fingers in his asshole, as he hissed “Sh-sh-shooting!” and everyone looked surprised.

I think they expected to cum two, maybe three times that evening, but Tim and Barry had already cum three, and four times in less than thirty minutes. Barry was shaking his head back and forth, gritting his teeth, and I knew how he felt the orgasm just at the edge of triggering even just after he came, his cock now almost sore but needing more stimulation. The timer rang, and I pulled my finger out of Brownie, and moved on to the young hung guy that Cody had brought. He was very nervous, and his cock even with a cockring on was slightly less than rock-hard. I stroked him as he stared at the movie screen, and decided he needed sucking to relax. I pushed the head of his cock in my mouth, and he jumped, looking at me in the eye as he groaned out loud, and I sucked and licked the smallish head pulling it deeper into my mouth.

His cock had a slight upward curve to it, but he was flexible, so I pulled on it a little, pushing the cockhead deeper in my mouth, sucking hard. I got a good vacuum as my tongue rotated around the head, and slowly I was able to push him in my throat he was maybe 9″ or longer, but with a skinny cock, you can’t tell. I felt him go deeper in, and pulling on his balls, he started bucking his hips up in my throat, fucking quite hard. “I, I can’t, uh!” he said, mysteriously, and a moment later, he started shooting. I pulled back quickly to show everyone, and looked at Cody winking. Cody began jacking his cock as he worked on the Earl’s redhead, watching the long skinny cock spurt its load. I let Slim rest for a moment as he breathed in and out, and he finally said “I can’t usually cum getting sucked. Wow, that was, uh, perfect!”

I squeezed the base of his cock, and stroked his balls for a moment watching the handsome cub next to us getting worked by Sami, who was both sucking him and plowing his hole with his fingers. His face was full of all sort of emotions when he looked surprised, and yelled “Cumming!” loudly, and Sami pulled back, continuing to drill his ass as he spurted and oozed cum all Sami’s hand. Tim and Barry both started yelling out, and I watched Allen looking surprised as he held Tim’s balls, Tim oozing a small load on his hands, and Barry, similarly shooting then a moment later Earl clamping his mouth on the spurting cock while Barry shook hard under him, yelling “Suck Daddy!” An alarm rang, and we all switched again, Allen looking like he didn’t know what to do with Barry, and Henry the same with Tim. Red began shooting into Denver’s mouth the moment he began sucking him getting more sensitive as time went on.

It was fun and sexy, and my balls really hurt, but it was clear to me about forty minutes into the game, that Tim, Barry, probably Slim, Red, and Allen’s cub should probably make it to round 2. I had completely lost “score” for everyone. I worked on Henry’s cub, but even with the cockring, he was soft, and it was clear he was kind of a “once per night guy.” I still enjoyed playing with him, and working his soft cock, which was sensitive, as well as his nice smooth ball sack. Slim was beginning to wail with Dad, who was aggressively working his ass, and he came again, not much at all really, but with the pounding Dad was giving his prostate, who wouldn’t cum. The alarm rang, and I said out loud, “Maybe a break!” Everyone sighed and agreed, and four of the cubs bowed out Henry, Allen, Denver’s and Dad’s cub immediately pulled their cockrings off, and sighed, settling back in their chairs.

We reorganized, and a moment later Earl and Dad were on Red, Allen and Cody on Slim, Denver and Sami on Barry, and myself and Henry on Tim. Tim and Barry’s cock were very slightly soft, so I put a rubber cockring on both of them- not entirely needed. We waited another five minutes and Denver called time, and then we started. I simply lifted Tim’s legs up and sliding my cock to his asshole, pushed it in, surprising Henry a little, who was jacking Tim’s cock. His asshole was perfect loose, hot, and I could feel light fur as I pushed in, his anal lips then pulling back out on the other stroke. I squirted more lube in Henry’s hand, putting Tim’s feet on the chair, and Henry went after Tim’s cock with gusto. I knew Tim was on the border of cumming anyway, so I fisted poppers, and fed him a few sniffs while Henry was doing a hand-over-hand stroke, tip to base, when Tim started shaking and came again, very quickly.

I passed the poppers to Sami, who was working on Barry. I pulled Henry’s hands off Tim’s cock and then lubed up Henry’s fat shaft he looked middle-eastern with that black curly hair, and I noticed some grey in it as he lined his cock up to Tim’s hole. Barry began groaning, and I looked over. Sami was fucking Barry, which surprised me, and Denver was clamped onto Barry’s cock as he shot and Denver didn’t even pull back to show everyone Barry was cumming, we knew it. I began sucking on Tim’s cummy cock, tasting the bitter creamy spunk from all the times he came, and started working to clean it, licking all over the shaft and around the head. “Tim, you’re going to cum a few more times, you doing ok?” I said, and then fed him poppers again.

Tim was almost delirious from sex at this point, and almost tried to push me away, but it was all he needed 5 minutes of fat-dick fucking and sucking and he came again. I heard noises and Red was shooting it looked like Earl had his entire hand in Red’s ass while Dad squeezed and milked his shooting cock with both hands. I liked red, he looked like a huge muscle baby there, worked over by his two dads. Slim, I heard nothing but groaning as both guys worked his long shaft with four hands, but I think it may have been over for him for the evening. Denver called time, and Tim pushed Henry away, “I gotta stop”, and at that, he stood up, and staggered over to get a drink. Slim saw Tim, and begged off, I need to hold off too guys, and gradually stood up, his half-hard cock dandling way down his leg. Barry and Red were still going strong, and I moved over to Red while Henry took a break, and only Cody came over to play with Barry, Sami and Denver.

I looked and saw that Earl didn’t have his hand in Red’s ass, just a thumb and Dad had let Red rest for a moment. I moved the last chair and stared. Barry was amazing, he started jacking his cock as Denver pulled back, but did so gingerly. I squirted lube on his cock, and he looked over and mouthed “Thank you!” and felt Sami’s cock pushing in his asshole. He rolled his eyes back up in his head, and sighed. Cody just stood there jacking off, watching the amazing scene in front of him, and finally I saw two of the other cubs come over and hold Barry’s legs back for him, asshole almost straight up with Sami’s furry cock plunging in and out. I danced with disaster, but fed Sami a few hits of poppers, and in a moment, Sami turned red, and gasped, fucking jerkily into Barry. “I’m, I’m shooting!” he yelled, and Barry begged for him to cream his ass, and put his legs around Sami’s waist pulling him in as he jerked off, and I saw another half-dozen squirts of cum shooting out.

Barry was reaching the point where almost anything he did with his cock would make him cum. Tim stood there, cock soft, but when I touched it, he gasped, and a few drops of fluid ran out, Tim staring wide-eyed. I came back, and pulling Earl’s thumb out of Red’s ass, grinned at him, and positioned my cock at the tiny pink hole. Earl pushed Red’s feet back, and I looked at his thick beautiful cock, and as I began fucking Red, who was very enthusiastic, I leaned over to suck Earl what I could get in my mouth. The other guys were clustered around Barry, who now, each time someone touched his cock, he shot out some clear fluid and just went limper and limper, enjoying the non-stop cumming stage. Red was getting worked over by Dad, nipples and cock, when I tag-teamed Earl, and pulled back out.

Earl moved around, and squatting slightly, pushed his very thick cock in Red’s hole, sliding to the hilt immediately and started fucking. Dad worked Red’s nipples, and I bent over, thinking of Denver, and got his short beautiful cock in my mouth. The foreskin was long, and I could work my tongue inside it as he yelled out to be fucked harder, and I pushed it back, finally pulling it with my hands, so I could suck the fat head. He was very sensitive, and started pushing back when Dad grabbed his arms and held him back. I sucked hard, too hard, and he began yelling, shooting cum into my mouth begging me to stop. I let him go as he shook in Dad’s arms, Earl with his eyes closed pounding away. Barry was now limp in the chair, and all the guys were stroking him like a game, one or two strokes and then Barry groaning and shooting a drop of cum.

I felt around Earl’s huge meaty ass, and as he had with Red, started working my thumb in his hole. He grunted, and then opened his hole for me, practically sucking my thumb in, and I started working his rock-hard prostate he was close anyway, and began roaring as I felt his cum pump into Red’s sweet muscle ass. Enough! I pulled out and whispered to Earl, “Time to declare victory!” and at that, Dad let red go, who was slumped in the chair. I shooed guys away from Barry, who winked at me, groaning, his cock now half-soft. I whispered to Denver, who declared Barry and Sami winners, and Red and Earl second place. I could see relief on everyone’s face as we settled back down and pulling chairs around into random patterns.

Earl and Red got up and left, shaking hands first, then Barry and Tim exited together, legs slightly apart and groaning at each sweep of their cocks against their legs. Finally after fifteen minutes, it was just Denver and Dad along with me and Sami, staring at the “cumpilation” which had to finally be over. Sami and I walked back to the cabin, wrecked from literally all-day sex, and he laughed, “You take me places I’ve never imagined.” We got in bed, and I said, “Let me take you to dreamland sexy fucker,” and we curled up, Sami with his arms around Uncle Joe, his furry chest on my back, and there we were as the sun came up and woke us the next day.

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