Descent: Chapter 4 Fresno

January 24, 2016

I got up the next morning, and still couldn’t quite believe the spectacle from that night at the Adult Theatre. Cleaning up, I got hard again thinking of the furry Granddad-Dad-Son event, and wondered how James’s ass felt – though if he could take his Dad’s thick long cock, the rest would be easy. I jacked off a little bit, hard thinking about it, but wanted to get on with driving up to Fresno, I was hoping I’d meet my old buddy Aram. I was out of clean black clothes unfortunately, and put on a grey skintight teeshirt, which left nothing of my physique to the imagination. As I exited the hotel, there were John, and James – James working in the office part of the hotel on something, and John, squeezing his crotch looking at me. He barreled out of the check-in area and gave me a big hug, wishing me the best, and John zoomed out, looking somewhat shocked. I leaned over to him, “Like the muscle Dad, buddy?”

He coughed, and squeezed my arm, then my crotch, squeezing his grandfather also. Grandpa James leaned over and backed up, “Not this early!” he laughed, and I chatted for a moment to find a restaurant for breakfast, one was only a few blocks away. James flashed me his fat cock for a moment from the office, staring at me, and I thought for a second, and walked back into the office. Grandpa shut the door from the outside, and James practically leapt up in my arms, kissing me wildly. I hugged and kissed him, squeezing his cock, and he practically ripped my pants off, trying to get at my cock. “Make me a muscle man Daddy!” John said, and I laughed, “I’d love to son, if there was time.” We played a little bit, and he began sucking me off, jacking himself.

He was a talented sucker – I missed that a bit last night – but it only took a few minutes and I hear him grunt and struggle, and cum shot all over the linoleum floor. “Time to Go!” I laughed, and, like his Grandfather John, leaned over and backed away from him, closing my trousers. I had a nice breakfast nearby, flirting with the waitress, a nice DILF with big round tits. She liked having a bodybuilding daddy there, and let me know it, leaning over a lot. I left her a 50% tip, and headed out to Fresno, texting Aram again. Driving on up, I took it easy, and drank practically a liter of water, it was DRY. I had to stop at a rest area just north of Visalia, and getting out to take a piss I realized I was a bit of a spectacle, as usual, and the usual suspects – 8 year old boys, and their dads.

Women and girls, muscles have no effect usually, but 8 year olds, I’ve decided, think I’m some superhero. Dads just stare at me, particularly if they are young Dads, I’m probably just at the same age as their father. I’m always friendly, but it’s a bit strange feeling to watch people watching me. Especially when the hot black-haired father walks in the bathroom, and washes his hands staring at me pissing. I felt so strange that I stood back from the urinal, and showed him my huge cock hanging down half-hard, as I flexed my biceps, rubbing it along the veins. He clearly felt so strange he couldn’t think as he continued to wash his hands after the water turned off automatically, mouth open. I unbuttoned my jeans elaborately, and pulled my shorts up over my cock, squeezing and adjusting it, then pulling my shirt down, and tucking everything in (now hard), and buttoning up.

I was still feeling strange, so I walked over to wash my hands, rubbing my crotch at the old-fashioned ceramic sink. Dad continued to feel strange too, rubbing his hands, and staring at my crotch, while I flexed a little in the crappy mirror, just a little side-pec posing. Daddy went “Unh”, unable to talk I guess, and I walked over to a stall, no door unfortunately, and sat down, still feeling strange as I pulled my pants down and started jacking off (my phone buzzed, but I let it). It was all too dangerous, to be honest, but the Dad walked over to another washstand, and pushing his crotch against the ceramic, pretended to wash his hands, clearly feeling strange from the big bulge in his trousers, and started at me as I jacked off.

He let out a gasp, and a sigh suddenly, and looked down as a wet spot started growing in his jeans, just to the lower right of his zipper. He gripped the sink, pressing against it as I leaned over and spit on the tip of my cock, squeezing it, and squeezing all my muscles to try to force an orgasm out. I had edged a bit, and the suck from James had done its work, and suddenly I shot a stream of cum straight up on my face. Daddy felt very strange, gasping now and crying out, still squeezing his wet crotch against the sink, and I leaned back and aimed the cum on the floor. I was feeling less strange, and wiped the cum from my face and licked it off my fingers as poor Dad’s face turned bright red. The piping high voice of his son suddenly was at the door, “Daddy, we’re all waiting!” and I carefully pulled up my pants, and walked over to the sink to wipe off my face.

“Daddy, your pants are all wet!” The poor boy said, and I turned to him, “These sinks splash badly.” Just to prove it, I turned the water on, and aimed my hand so I splashed my crotch too. “See!” The Dad was as white as a sheet of paper. “Let him dry off honey, he’ll be out.” The poor kid’s eyes were bugging out at my muscles. So I flexed for him, looking away. Dad gasped, and I knew I had, if the kid was gay, set in motion a wonderful fetish he’d play out in his mind forever. The kid was silent. “Jim, go to the car, I’ll be right out,” Dad said. I thought “How fun, James last night, and Jim this morning.” Jim walked out, looking in a daze, and I walked over to Dad, “Need help with that cumstain?” Dad jabbered and washed his hands, grabbing a paper towel and clumsily working the inside of his pants, almost in tears.

“Don’t worry stud, it’s all good.” I patted him on the back, and he looked at me, I had the strange urge to kiss him and tear him away from his family, he was so beautiful. But, alas, I walked out, my own pants a little wet. Before I drove on to Fresno, I checked my messages, and Aram was all excited to meet up again. I asked him where he was, and he sent me a kind of “location” message, so I put it in my map and started driving on. Aram and I met many years ago in LA. I was at some big bear disco party event having a great time, and was pushed up on a kind of stage platform by one of the organizers. I was dancing my usual odd gogo style – I learned to dance many years back in Washington DC when McPherson square area was very, very bad; I learned to dance from GoGo Dancer boys at around age 17, illegally in bars and theaters, but still had a great time. And ran into my Dad, but that’s another story entirely.

I was up on the platform Dancing with other guys, when I saw this really cute sort of proto-bear – beautiful black curly hair, slightly blocky mid-eastern, or Mediterranean face and head, young-ish, shy, and looking really out of place. When I say cute, I mean incredibly sexy, not handsome, but very masculine but unformed. He was staring at me on stage, so I waved him over, and he came up close. I put my hands up in the air, waving them, and he just looked, starry-eyed. I pointed at him again, and held my hands up, and he held his up. I leaned over, grabbed his wrists, to his complete shock, and lifted him up and put him on stage beside me, and at the same time, whipping his shirt up and off, and stuffed it in the back of his pants. As I thought, he was very furry, and slightly chubby – but big shoulders, nice thick build.

He was so furry I couldn’t really even see his nipples. He was in shock, standing stock still. I danced around him, sort of a belly dance, and he stared at me, open mouthed as I circled around and tweaked him, tickling him and then leaned over and kissed him. It took me some time, and more than a few beers to get him to loosen up in front of the crowd as he began dancing with me, hips gyrating and enjoying being in the middle of the bear thing. To be honest, like all groups, Bears can be just as unfriendly or friendly as they choose, there’s nothing specially open about bear groups I’ve found, especially to younger guys. I’m just immune to being rejected, having pursued big furry men since I was 18 (and not furry, though big muscled.) I’ve had searing rejections that you just have to learn to laugh at, and wonder what deep place such hurt comes from.

I always wanted some huge muscle Daddy to just pick me up and make me feel wonderful, but alas, it never happened. So I had to become the man I wanted to meet. And, when I can, pick up a young guy, and make him feel as wonderful as I wanted to feel. Around 1am, we both climbed down from the stage, and kissed and made out, hands down each other’s pants, to one side of the dance floor, like there weren’t 1000 other bears rubbing up against me or him to pull us apart. I literally picked Aram up, his legs around my waist, and walked out of the party and took him to my hotel. It was a wonderful week in LA, I worked all day, Aram was going to school, and we met in the evenings. I took him to a Gold’s gym Hollywood and showed him how to work out; we went to dinner after at “Versailles”, my favorite Cuban restaurant each night; then we went out to Silverlake bars one night, Santa Monica Boulevard another night, then one night the Valley.

Then, each night, I took him back to my hotel, my very own bear-cub. He was about 20 I believe back then, studying accounting. Aram was one of the first men I encountered whose sexual response was very different from mine. I’d take his clothes off, kissing him all over, and enjoying his fur, while he stood still, shivering and moaning, slightly tickled. He was a young guy with fur on his front, along the sides of his body, then fluffing out over his back, and it embarrassed him, but not with me, I loved it. I’d pick Aram up, and put him on the bed, his thick beautiful uncut cock rock hard, and take my clothes off while he watched, hypnotized. “I’m going to fuck you handsome!” I’d say, to see what he did, “You want this big hard cock?” Aram was somewhat new to sex, and it was a great pleasure to show him how to enjoy his asshole, which we spent a lot of time on.

He wasn’t big, maybe 5’5″, 110-120 pounds wet. I’d lie on the bed beside Aram, “I’m going to fuck youuuuu!” and begin by sucking his thick cock. Aram went after my cock, so we had a hot 69, while he struggled to try to suck mine as deep as I got his. My face was buried in his furry crotch, pulling back the foreskin on his cock, showing off his bright red shiny head. Aram slid my cock in his mouth, sucking on it tentatively, always gagging if I pushed it the least amount into his mouth. I’d be sucking his fat cock, pushing it deep enough to just get into my throat, but if I was too aggressive, Aram would cum. Big blasting load, but only a few shots, shivering and groaning in my arms. When I came, I’d always need a good break of 15 to 30 minutes to relax enough to get hard again, but Aram never quite went soft when he was with me. He would be overloaded on sensation, I could tell, after he came.

I’d continue sucking though, he never had enough guts to push me away or tell me to stop, so I didn’t, enjoying him struggling a little bit. Then, he’d start sucking me again, groaning and whining as I felt his small mouth wrap around my cock, tongue flicking like a feather over the cockhead, sucking on it so gently, just the way I like. I’d feel the roof of his mouth as I pushed in a little bit more, then feel him tense up and gag again. “Time to fuck Aram!” I announced, and would flip him over on his stomach, his huge hairy ass up in the air. I parted the cheeks to find the small red hole, immediately diving in to lick it, and chew on it slightly, sucking the asslips up in my mouth with some extra hair, sucking in deeply enough that I could get a hold on his hole. Aram would hold his face in a pillow as I licked and sucked his hole, pushing my tongue in and rolling around in the sensitive flesh.

“Daddy’s ready Aram!” I said, tickling him as I pushed fingers in his wet, puffy hole. “I, I’m not sure…” Aram would say, as I tickled him breathless now, 250lbs on top of his 120, squashing him in the bed and being a slightly aggressive Daddy, just a tiny bit uncomfortable, just fun enough… Aram would be gasping as I lay back, grabbing a bottle of something to slather on my cock, and then work in his hole while I stroked him. When his hands were on my biceps, or chest, or shoulders, jacking him was enough to get another load out, though if I didn’t get it quickly enough, I’d flip again, holding him down and force-jerking him to feed Daddy a load. I’d lay back, and then lift Aram on top of me, which blew his mind, lifting his legs, and pulling his hairy ass cheeks apart. I’d lower him down onto my cock. He strained.

My cockhead would slide in, and he’d grunt, leaning over to push down against me to lift his ass, but at that point, I’d be pulling. I could feel hair from his ass on my cockshaft as I pushed up inside him against his will, Aram begging me to go slow. Never beg me to go slow. I pushed him even harder, his well-lubed asshole stretching unmercifully on my cock, until I was halfway in, pushing now into his gut instead of his rectum – he was a small guy. Once I had Aram completely impaled on my cock, I’d start bouncing him up and down like a puppet, flexing my ass up, then dropping down so he’d drop down to, ramming my cock deep inside him. Aram was going wild by now, having accommodated my cock. “Like riding the horse baby?” I asked, and then pulled him down to me, squeezing him in my arms and whispering a lullaby:

Baby wants to ride the hor-sie

Baby wants to ride the hor-sie

When Daddy comes home

He’ll pick the baby up

And Baby will ride the Daddy Ho-or-sie

Aram would squirm in my arms as I reached between us, grabbing his cock and jacking him again as I fucked harder, when he would suddenly bury his bearded face against mine, kissing like crazy as I pulled another load out of him, glueing us together. But not stopping the fucking. I’d scoop him in my arms, and sliding off the bed, stand up, and let him flop back on the bed, holding his ankles up like I held his wrists at the party. I’d fuck him hard again, watching his beautiful cum-dripping cock flop back and forth as he grunted, slowly asking Daddy to fuck him harder; his asshole was wide-open and easy by now. Finally I’d lose it – fucking my beautiful hairy boy so hard, his loose hole and his juicy cock flopping around, “Daddy’s coming!’ I’d yell, and groan, yelling, and crying out as I filled his ass with a stream of hot sperm, gushing deep in his guts.

I had to have him cum again for me, cum spilling out of his hole as I jacked and sucked his cock again, thumb plugged in his hole to hold the sperm in tight while I got the final spunk of the evening. That’s what I meant, his response was so different from mine, he’d cum over and over all evening, the more aggressive I was, the faster he could come again, feeding daddy. We’d cuddle again, and I’d bite and suck on his ears, which drove him insane, then, getting up, I’d carry him to the couch, and turn on the TV to watch science fiction movies with him sitting between my legs, arms wrapped around him. I’d make popcorn in the hotel microwave, and we’d share a beer as I wrapped us up in the comforter from the bed, sometimes jacking him off and playing porn, sometimes the two of us falling asleep to a monster movie, wrapped up on the couch.

What a nice week, I had a fantastic time with Aram, and the nights with no movies, we talked together wrapped in blankets, he told me about his degree coming up in Accounting, living with his Aunt and Uncle and Sister, his Armenian family up north. He loved it when I showed his fur off at clubs, shy, but secretly proud now, and especially when I picked him up and carried him to bed to fuck him. Aram was so affectionate and sexy, it was like a honeymoon. I met him a few more times in subsequent trips to LA, but he was dating on one of the last ones, one of the muscle Dad dancers beside me at the party where we first met! He stayed in graduate school and got an MBA the last time we met, he didn’t want to move back home and take care of the family business, he was changing, more aggressive and assertive, he also was going to the gym now, not a bodybuilder, but not a twink.

He was going for a PhD finally, when last I heard, but now I was going to see him again in Fresno. I arrived at the location he gave, a big Armenian restaurant, good time for a late lunch. A nice woman, who reminded me of a tall Rhea Perlman (“Cheers”), got me a table, and a good looking bald daddy, blocky head, big-shouldered, and big-sideburned Daddy hustled a waiter over to me. I sat down and ordered some cucumber soup and a kabob of spicy lamb and eggplant, wondering where Aram was, and checked my phone again, texting him that I was there, having lunch. The French filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard said “Cinema is truth 24 frames-per-second”. What happened next was about 24 frames, which spread over many seconds. First, I saw Aram walk by me, he didn’t see me, but I jumped up to say hello.

As I jumped up, I knocked the table to one side, and my glass of ice tea – food not yet served – slid off the table and spectacularly arced and spilled on the floor, a orangish-brown arc of fluid flying across the room. I was oblivious to it as I grabbed Aram, and pulling his wrist a little bit, hugged him and gave him a big kiss, maybe overly dramatic. The tea glass – I’m sure you’ve had this happen – didn’t just hit the floor. It sort of exploded like a small tactical nuclear weapon with a loud bang. Everyone in the restaurant jumped to their feet, seeing me practically picking up Aram, big mouth kiss, and I jumped a foot with him, when the glass exploded. Talk about everything “up in the air.” Rhea Perlman ran over emitting a tiny scream, and then everyone stared at me holding Aram, and we were both looking down at the exploded glass.

Rhea and Daddy were gaping at me hugging Aram, the ditzy waiter who served me was staring at me hugging Aram, all the Armenian people in the restaurant were gaping at me hugging Aram. “Aram!” The Daddy cried. “Are you OK!” Aram pulled himself away from me, and I had to burst out laughing, apologizing as I bent down to pick up the shards of the glass. Rhea screamed again, “NO!” and a busboy ran out from somewhere with towels and a mop. Daddy and Rhea were now staring at Aram, then at me, like the pendulum on a clock, back and forth. “Do you know this strong man, Aram!” Daddy said. “Yes, he’s my good friend Joe.” Rhea said, “But he kissed you, so…” Then the last frame of the reel ran out, as Aram said “Yes, I’m Gay.”

Daddy and Rhea looked at each other, and all the other people started murmuring, when Daddy and apparently Mommy started a heated conversation in Armenian, which to my poor ears came out as “Salagadoola mechicka boola bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, Put ’em together and what have you got? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.” Mommy said, “Well at least it’s on the table.” I couldn’t help myself guys. I said “It’s on the table, on the floor, on my shoes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on the wall.” Daddy and Mommy glared at me for a moment, then a tiny smile flickered across her mouth, and she giggled, Aram giggled, and finally, Daddy said, “Finally you tell us! Your Uncle and Aunt already told us!” Aram looked stricken. “You told your sister and she told them!” The drama ended, the exploding glass missile had disappeared, and suddenly I was at the table again, food heaped up for me and Aram, and the entire café was buzzing.

“Aram, I’m sorry…” he smiled and said, “Good a time as any to tell, I guess Daddy Joe.” When he split up with the boyfriend from the dance (it’s all so complicated when he started dating daddy bears) and before the next hot daddy, he was depressed and told his Sister, and swore her to silence. “Well at least it’s all on the table,” I said grinning. Daddy came over and shook my hand, “So Strong Man Joe!” and he squeezed me, and pretended to arm wrestle. “Look!” and my bicep bulged. He laughed, and asked if I was from San Francisco, I “Looked like the men we see from there.” Daddy and I got to talking, after I told him I lived in Texas, and we were best friends. “Take care of my Aram!” and he ran off, chuckling, “Don’t hurt him!” Aram pretty much ran the family business now, after his Bachelors, Masters and PhD that he used to keep away from Fresno for the better part of a decade.

Aram was his father’s son, same blocky masculine head, his hair was quite thinning from when I first met him years ago. He was in his 30’s now I supposed. We continued catching up, when Aram wanted me to come visit his home for dinner, “You took me out so many times, now I can show you my home Daddy Joe!” so we promised to meet at the gym, like old times. He still had to work that afternoon. Then I’d go with him and he’d treat me at home. After lunch I drove around Fresno to see more of the city, but to be honest, it was a lot like Bakersfield, and all the interior cities of California – nice, slightly boring, slightly run-down feeling, and all business. I walked through a farmer’s market and a total stranger came up to me and shook hands, “Be nice to Aram!” he said. I began to be unnerved, the community there must be incredibly small, and very fast on the phone.

Eventually I ended up at a huge “GB3” Gym with Aram, and we changed and started doing a back workout together. He was really so sexy now, he’d put on considerable weight, and filled out the big-shouldered frame quite a bit. He knew his way better around the gym, and had loads of guys high-fiving him, and then warning me to be good to Aram. “Fuck!” I said to him eventually, “Does everyone in Fresno know I’m here to see you?” Aram blushed, “Now you know how I felt here Joe…” We talked for a bit about being Armenian in between exercises. “I’m going to expand our restaurants, opening three in Los Angeles.” And finally get away from the small town. And search for hot daddies again. We finished up, but skipped the shower, going straight to his house, a very comfortable bungalow, and once inside the door, Aram practically tackled me, getting me on the floor and kissing and squeezing me.

“Joe, you look so much better, you’re bigger!” He exclaimed, and I laughed “You’re so aggressive, I love it!” I dropped my bag, and we had each other’s clothes off in a minute, and I got all hot and excited again over Aram’s furry body – he definitely was older, furrier, and I saw a glint of silver in his chest fur. “You got pierced!” I said, and Aram laughed – “Now you can find them.” I scooped him up, and carried him to the bedroom, swooping around for directions, his legs around my waist, head on my shoulder. I put him down on the bed, but he didn’t let my waist go, rubbing his ass against my hard cock. “Fuck me like you used to Daddy!” he begged, then flipped a little bit, grabbing his legs, and pulling them back. He rubbed his furry asshole, stretching it for me. He was all sweaty, and smelled very strongly from the gym, which was like poppers.

I buried my face in his furry ass, licking his pink hole and sucking on it like the first time. Aram moaned, and pulled his cheeks wider, and I felt his hole wrap around my tongue almost as I rimmed and sucked him. Aram was moaning, jacking off his cock now a little, the thick beautiful meet rock hard and pointing up over his belly. Changing position, I was curious if he still came over and over and over for me, I put one hand on his chest, holding him down as I began sucking his cock, and crammed four fingers in his asshole. He wailed for as second, then as I slurped the exposed head, letting it slide in my mouth, I rolled my tongue around and around it, bathing it in saliva as I sucked the furry root. Aram struggled a tiny bit, but I pushed harder, and then let his hard cock slide along my tongue to the back of my mouth, just able to hit my throat but not go in.

I then clamped down hard, pulling back for a deep suction stroke, and began working my mouth up and down with that hard deep suction that I remember got him crazy. Still did! I felt his nut get harder in my hand as I worked his cock, and it wasn’t 5 minutes of sucking before I felt like he was going to cum. Then I stopped. “Wha!?” Aram said, and I pulled him back to me, cuddling up as I crawled up on him, pushing my cock towards his mouth. His beard was very hard and curly, rubbing my thighs almost painfully as I pushed my cock in his struggling mouth. I began fucking his mouth now, and he no longer gagged when I pushed near the back of his throat, he’d clearly had a lot of cock the last 10 years.

I gripped his face with my thighs, then thrust deep into his mouth, and throat, and he turned slightly red, eyes watering as I began fucking his throathole. He started sucking, but I put a thumb in his mouth to pry it open, “Let me just fuck, son!” I said, and then timed my throat fucking so he could breathe as I enjoyed the silky smoothness of his relaxed tongue while I slid in and out. “Daddy’s going to fuck you tonight, you know that!” I said, and Aram nodded. I fucked him harder now, making it more difficult to time breathing as I plunged in and out of his throat. “And you’re going to fuck Daddy!” Aram wriggled underneath me, excited suddenly. I pulled out of this throat, and released his head, his hand pulling my thighs wide as I rolled off. I came up behind him on the bed, wrapping my arms around him – fuck, he was much wider than before!

I slid my cock between his hairy ass cheeks, and hummed into his ear, licking and sucking it again until he was squirming and begging me to stop, when I spoke the lullaby again:

Baby wants to ride the hor-sie

Baby wants to ride the hor-sie

When Daddy comes home

He’ll pick the baby up

And Baby will ride the Daddy Ho-or-sie

I reached down to push my cockhead in his ass, just the head, moving it in and out to bang against his prostate as he tried to arch his back to get more cock inside him. I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand, stroking it and pulling the foreskin back and forth, feeling the light snap as it ringed his cockhead. Reaching down with my other hands, I felt his thick balls, getting tighter, so I stopped jacking him. “I want you to blow a huge nut for Daddy, Son, Will you do that for me?” Aram nodded, and I said “Now Daddy’s hungry, what’s for dinner?”

We kissed and played for another few minutes, then Aram got up, and we walked to the kitchen hand in hand. I never noticed how big his ass was really, wider hips than I remember, very sexy with his thick chest of fur now and wide furry shoulders. He reminded me of a smaller Sami. Aram got together some yogurt and spices, chopping away naked. He began fumbling in the refrigerator got out some meats for grilling in the oven, when I squatted behind him and started fingering and sucking his asshole, buried in the fragrant fur again. That was it, I picked him up and put him on the counter, pulling his legs apart, and really started going to town on his hole and balls, while he protested he had to get dinner going. With three fingers in his ass, and licking the lips, I stroked his cock more, until his balls disappeared in all the fur, then let him back down on the floor, panting.

He seemed in a daze now as he gave me a glass of wine, and preparing a salad of radishes and greens, he set the table. I sat there as he brought the dishes, and grabbed him again, stroking his cock – it never got soft the whole time he was cooking – and leaned over to suck the head, licking my tongue up under the foreskin. I could taste the precum that had accumulated, he was really worked up, and I pushed my middle finger back up his asshole as I continued to suck his wet cock, until I felt his prostate getting hard again. Aram groaned when I stopped, looking down at his cock for a second, the foreskin gradually rolling back up over the head. I told Aram about the California trip over dinner, and where I had been so far, he was amazed at the event at Bakersfield, and wanted to know all about the Dads and Sons.

We had finished dinner, and a few glasses of wine, when I began to tell more detail about fucking the son in the theatre. I slid the table setting to one side of the large dining table, and picking Aram up again, lay him on the table as he sighed, and spit in my hand, sliding it in his open hole as I egged him on. I got my cock wet, and began sliding it in his hole. The table was just at the perfect height. First the head popped in, and I felt the familiar bristly hairs slide in along the shaft, and I fucked him gently for a moment, feeling the inside of his rectum and anal canal. I pushed slightly further, feeling the opening to his guts, and pushed on in that as he grimaced for a second. He really was all scaled down slightly – some guys I never can get in their guts, most guys I can only get an inch or so deep inside them, but Aram, it was half my cock it felt like.

Once he was relaxed, I was fucking easily, stimulating him as much I could inside, and stroking his painfully hard cock now and then on the table as he rolled his head from side to side. I took a drink from my wine, then leaned over him, just able to meet his lips and feed him wine from my mouth as I fucked him even more slowly, feeling his cock crushed against my belly into the curly fur of his own belly. I began thrusting harder in him, but was worried I’d upset the dishes and glasses on the table in a repeat of that afternoon’s excitement, so I lifted him up and carried him again to the bedroom, my cock now deep inside him. But before I could get there, Aram grabbed me tight, his legs locking around my waist, and I felt him begin cumming against me, gushing a few huge pulses of cum as he cried out, beard rubbing against my neck.

I squeezed him tight, and thrust as I could in the hallway, walking more slowly now and feeling the hot fluid up against us start to drain down. Back in the bedroom I set the beautiful man on the bed, and peeling back, saw the puddle of cum. I didn’t stop fucking though, I knew this was the part Aram liked the best. He was writhing from the over-stimulation he was getting, and I began jacking his semi-soft cock, running fingers around and around inside his foreskin as he gasped, begging me frantically to stop. That was a change! I continued jacking him as he kept trying to catch his breath, and suddenly he grabbed my wrists, pulling me away. I twisted my hand quickly, grabbing his wrists, and then held him to the bed, fucking him hard now, long power slams in his ass, as we kissed and pushed against each other.

I hummed in his ear, and pulled my cock out, letting his wrists go as I climbed up in the bed. I wanted to see Aram climb up on me and fuck me. I looked around for mirrors, and saw a dressing mirror against the wall. I rolled off the bed, setting the mirror on the floor, and straddled it, arching my ass up. “Time to fuck Daddy Aram.” Aram was there in a flash, wet cock rampant, not sure what to do. “Get that cock and ass wet son!” I said, and he ran off, and started lubing up his cock from a bottle, and working my asshole gently. “Shove some fingers in there, son, twist them around, not going to open up that easy!” Aram did as I said, and looking down at the reflection, I had a perfect view of my asshole and his small hairy fingers pushing in and out. “Now fuck Daddy!” I said, and watched Aram, shaking with excitement, come up behind me.

His cock had a nice upward curve to it, and straddling the mirror with me, he hunched forward, his cock stabbing around to find my hole, bouncing up against my balls and cock. “Put an arm around Daddy’s belly, and then use your hand to find his hole son!” I said, and he did just that, resting his weight on my back for a moment, and I felt his small hand move around with his meaty cock, and the head popped right in my hole. Aram grunted, and I gave out a long growling sigh as the head slid in my hole deeper, Aram holding onto me with both hands, beard against my back. He hunched forward again, cock sliding deeper in my hold, when I felt him shaking. I looked around, worried for a second, “You ok Honey?” “Daddy I’m cumming!” he said, and at that, I felt his cock pulsing in my asshole, shooting his second load up inside me.

He was digging into my ass, his cock shooting more and more cum, until he yelped and pulled it out, cum dripping from my hole and shooting from his cock in wet plops on the mirror. He started to let go, but I grabbed his hands awkwardly, “Put it back in boy!” Aram kind of sat there for a moment, then worked his cock, pushing up in my hole as I watched. It was still rock hard, and he pushed further this time, cum all worked out of him, and gradually I felt it slide all along my anal canal until he was fully inside me, the deep fur of his crotch against my asscheeks. “Now fuck Daddy!” I said, and Aram started fucking up in my, and I watched the thick beautiful dark hairy cock slide in and out of my hole, a little too fast and eager, but exciting nonetheless. It was a perfect position to get fucked in.

I looked around beside me, and caught sight of another mirror on his closet door, and saw the small furry muscleman literally crawled up on my ass, fucking as hard a he could, ass flexing and face frowning as he played out all sorts of fantasies. I started jacking myself off, watching the fuck now from two perspectives, and growled out, “You’re a man now Aram, you’re a Daddy too aren’t you.” Aram was slamming into me, a sweet involuntary grunt coming from him each time he got deep inside, until he was almost a blur fucking in me. I was ready to cum now, my prostate battered by the fat ram inside me, and I told Aram to reach around, and pull my cum out. Aram leaned forward again, his ass crunching hard against me as he struggled to jack me and fuck, until I said in a high-pitched grunt, “Here it is!” and burst with a huge glob of cum in Aram’s hand.

Another and another burst out as Aram frantically jacked me off, he himself grunting again until he climbed on my legs, squeezing my ass between his thighs, literally riding up on me and began cumming again, thrusting so hard he was simply vibrating after a moment, both of us now cumming together, cum gushing out of my ass until the lower half of the mirror was covered with both our white puddles. Aram didn’t let go of me, he worked his arms up around my chest, and legs squeezing me like riding a saddle horse, and he shivered and I thought I heard a sob. “Hold on, partner!” I said, and crawled forward little to get off the mirror, and then slowly stood up, Aram’s cocks still in my ass, Aram squeezing the life out of me. I walked back over to the bed, pulled the covers off, and then getting in, leaned for Aram to fall off my back. “Go on!” I said, and he reluctantly let go, then lay there as I got comfortable, head on the pillow, and pulled him back up to lay on me.

We kissed and held each other, as I told Aram how great he felt up inside me, and slowly we fell asleep, Aram my big furry blanket. I was surprised when I woke up, Aram was still on me, we were practically glued with cum. “OW!” he said, as I pulled away, and yanked at the fur on his belly that was glued to me. We laughed and kissed again, and my stomach growled. It was already 9am, and Aram suddenly realized he was due at work. We took a shower together, and I washed him inside and out, playing with his beautiful ass for the last time before I had to go, and he ended up leaving me at his house with a quick breakfast as he zoomed off. I knew the next time I saw him, it would be in LA, and he’d be all married, and happy away from the small town. I left the house happy that Aram would get what he wanted, and deserved. Sweet!

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