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January 13, 2016

Hot sunny days, the smell of resinous shrubs in the evenings, and the mouth-filling tastes of man sweat and more at night experienced in the hills of Ojai. This remarkable collection of stories document what happens over a few weeks at an invite-only retreat for offseason male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros, amateurs, and powerlifters, as they get back to nature by giving up clothes, shaving, and eventually inhibitions to pursue the body beautiful.

The first book of the long awaited publication of the “Muscle Ranch Ojai” series, brings us along with texbearjoe from the introduction to the Ranch, and meeting the first batch of bodybuilder bears along the way.

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

Chapter 6
Fur Heaven

You know, given the opportunity, and without itching, most guys I know would be totally happy not to scrape their face each and every day to shave, and then with bodybuilders it’s multiple times worse. They shave most of their body. It was wonderful going into the second week at The Muscle Ranch and seeing all the guys become more natural all over, and being a bear lover, it was nice to start to see muscle bears emerging. It was also very distracting. I noticed at second lunch, when I was sitting with my friend Denver and his Dad, and two guys sat next to me at the food area. I don’t know if they had worked out or not, but I could smell their hair – not in a bad sense, but I was just suddenly very aware how furry they were, and the kind of light scent they had. Denver and Dad looked at me funny since I must have stumbled over some words, and seeing my glances at the two gorillas next to me, they quickly put two and two together and smirked.

We continued talking, and one of the big guys brushed up against me. His fur was slightly wiry, and while not scraping my skin, felt alive and wonderful and… warm. I got goosepimples, and Denver and Dad told me to calm down or I’d shoot off! One of the guys, I’ll call Igor, was 5’10” or so, dark haired but pale skin, and had tufts of hair coming out all over. His upper arms were furry, up to his very furry shoulders, and fur ran down his back to just above his waist, which was smooth. He was balding, and not had a trim for a while so his fur ran up his back, over his neck to his head, like a kind of Faun or Satyr. He had a short trim beard, high up on his cheeks. Thick hair covered his arms, and his very furry chest and belly, legs with a whole forest. He also had ice blue eyes, which penetrated me when he looked at me and smiled. His buddy I’ll call Bjorn, was about 6′, also had dark hair, but instead of a short trim beard, he had a long sweeping beard.

His hair was also quite curly, like cut-pile carpeting, which made him look, if anything, more furry than Igor, even his knuckles. You now have to combine these images with gigantic Muscle Ranch muscles, and you can understand why I was slightly breathless. “But you’re as big as they are, if not bigger…” I’d hear Denver and Dad say later, but it doesn’t matter. I was just overwhelmed, and both Igor and Bjorn noticed. After second lunch, both men got up, and stood to either side of behind me, and intentionally brushing and pressing their fur against me, leaned over and introduced themselves and shook hands with Dad and Denver. My cock was so hard it actually hurt! The guys took off their shorts like everyone, and put them over their head/around neck like a kerchief, rubbing against me as they did so, and mingling with their fresh masculine hairy scent was a sharp note of precum.

Their pubes, which had stuck out above and below their shorts, were so thick and hairy, their cocks (soft) were almost disappearing, and had soaked their pubes somewhat in precum. Bjorn leaned down, and in a beautiful Baritone told me I was very sweet and handsome, and that I should join them sometime, maybe now! I turned into a sex zombie. My mind, not functioning, I got up like a robot from second lunch, almost ignoring Denver and Dad who were laughing out loud, and followed my gorillas to their bungalow, my own cock bobbing and weaving in front of me as I walked along, mesmerized by their hairiness. Once in their place, Igor came behind me, pressing his body against mine in the most sensational full-body fur press I’ve ever felt, while Bjorn hugged me from the front, kissing me deeply, my face buried in his amazing beard.

Words can hardly describe the sensations I had from my lips and face in Bjorn’s beard, feeling it against my neck and chest, his hairy belly against mine, thighs, and then from the back, Igor’s thick cock, his hard chest and bristly fur on my back. My ass was against his hairy groin, his thick short cock pressed up under my ass, and my hams against his thighs. I must have been shaking slightly, since Igor asked if I was nervous. Nervous! I was in fur heaven! The men pressed against me more tightly, Igor kissing exactly the spot on my back to create goosebumps, Bjorn exploring my mouth with his hot tongue… Now I felt their rock-hard muscle under the fur coat, as they hugged and squeezed my muscles, groaning slightly as I flexed, and then breaking away, we went onto an open patio with a huge outdoor daybed. Igor came behind me, and putting his immense arms around me, lifted me slightly, then Bjorn quickly grabbed my legs, and they started swinging me slightly and threw me on the daybed.

My poor cock at this point was still painfully hard, and Bjorn growled playfully, and crawled on the bed, between my legs, stroking them with his beard as his mouth neared my cock. His mouth – he had beautiful lips, very full and red, but they were so buried in the beard it really looked almost cartoonlike. Igor came around the other side, and then standing over me, started jacking his rapidly hardening cock with his fat fist, and squatted slowly, his immense hairy muscle ass flexing and lowering onto my face, and mouth. He grabbed his cheeks for a second, spreading them and flashing a tiny red hole as he squatted further, and looking down positioned it directly over my lips and sat slowly. My face was now deeply embedded in ass fur, surrounded by scent and sensation of his body as though I was buried in a mound of body hair. I started licking his hole, which opened up like a mouth!

I was able to suck a tiny ring of anal muscle that he could control pretty well, as my lips met ass-wet fur that I could lick and suck on. Igor moaned and rubbed his ass back and forth as Bjorn went to town on my cock. He sucked it almost painfully hard at first, then backing off the vacuum he created, licked and stroked the shaft with his mouth and tongue, ticking my with his beard from top to bottom. He loved to cram my cock deep in his throat, and then gag retch and cough, pulling back out for just a second to breathe, then plunging down again, then licking and stroking the shaft. He really couldn’t get enough of my cock, and I couldn’t get enough of his face and beard in my crotch. I was riding waves of pleasure from these two men, and Igor’s asshole kept getting more and more open as I sucked and licked. He stood back up, and turning around, pointed his cock down, and sat again on my face.

Now with his cock sliding down my throat, hairy thighs on either side of my face, and his hairy belly on my forehead – I was buried again in fur, but with a cock gagging me this time. Bjorn reached across my body as my hips started flexing uncontrollably to fuck his mouth, and Igor groaned as apparently Bjorn crammed a couple of unlubed fingers in his asshole. He arched his back slightly leaning forward, and Bjorn put another finger or two in his ass and I could feel him being rough finger fucked. The three of us began rocking slightly in rhythm to the finger (four-finger actually) fucking that Igor was getting, and I was reveling in the sensation of being completely used by these giant muscle men. I could feel Igor’s abs contracting against my face, deep ridges from his disciplined eating and training, and wrapping my arms around his legs and quads for stability, I was amazed at how big and how hard he really was.

Bjorn now adjusted so he was on his knees, ass in the hair, and I felt that he had reached underneath himself and was jacking off like crazy as he choked and gagged on my long cock. I loved it! You have to imagine now that when I opened my eyes, what was in front of them was an enormous hairy ass, that as he flexed and fucked my throat, Igor showed me over and over the wet asshole I had been sucking – flashing on and off, all the fir around it wet and in patterns from my saliva. I wasn’t so much sucking Igor at this point as I was simply trying to keep my mouth wide open, and tongue stroking his shaft as he kept sliding in and out of my throat, his cock was not enormous so it was comfortable for me to breathe, though since it was thick I couldn’t move my tongue at all when it was fully in my mouth. His balls nestled against my nose, and I inhaled more of his scent, sweaty now mixed with his basic masculine fur smell.

Bjorn was sucking me like a pro; I felt my crotch entirely saturated with his saliva, and he would suck a long stroke in, pause, gag, then on the way out slurp with a heavy vacuum, twisting his head and moaning, his beard stroking me with his head twist and the moan sending vibrations through the shaft. I couldn’t help it; I lifted my legs over his hairy shoulders so I had more and more touching against his furry body, which was just wonderful. You have to imagine what it felt like, my big thighs and calves resting on his huge traps and deltoids, feeling his back heave and flex as he sucked and gagged – so alive and wild! I felt his hand stroke my ass, and then pausing a moment to lube his finger, he started playing with my asshole, tickling and circling it, then very very slowly pushing it in.

I flexed my legs and bucked my cock up into his mouth, which suddenly forced his finger in my asshole, and he took the cue and started a fairly aggressive prostate massage as he sucked me. My ass began vibrating from the sensation, and though I can usually control my orgasm, the incredible fur sensation against me drove me quickly over the edge. I tried to make sounds, or to signal, touching Bjorn’s head to hold it, but before I could do anything, I felt a stream of hot cum start shooting out of my cock into Bjorn’s throat. He groaned and squealed, and sucked harder, his head slamming against my crotch like a hairy demon as I shook and filled his mouth and throat over and over with hot cum, both of us thrashing. Igor was getting an inkling of what was going on, and in a few minutes, Bjorn pulled back as Igor rearranged himself. Suddenly he was standing, holding Bjorn’s head as I wiggled out from underneath, and was fucking Bjorn like crazy.

Bjorn had drooled some of my cum in his beard, and was jacking off his own fat hairy cock on his knees, submitting to the throat ramming of Igor like a pro. I got on my knees behind Igor, and grabbing his hairy huge muscular cheeks, stretched them open, and he bent over slightly as he continued fucking Bjorn’s throat without missing a beat, and I was able to continue my anal assault, licking and sucking his flashing red hole. He seemed to want so much more, so I licked my hand, and pushed a few fingers in the hole while it magically expanded, and then giving him the vigorous prostate massage that I just had received from Bjorn, I felt his fucking rhythm get off the beat, and he started groaning and yelling out loud, when I felt his prostate contract like an amazing small muscle. I felt wave after wave of his cum feed Bjorn who was gasping and slurping on Igor’s cock, when suddenly Igor squeezed his asshole shut like a door!

Igor jumped off the bed, and Bjorn, who still hadn’t cum, was sitting with a beard full of jism, so I crawled up to him, and kissed him as Igor started working Bjorn’s asshole. Throwing one arm around him, I reveled in the furry back again, and one hand found tiny nipples in all the fur on his chest, and stroking and pinching them lightly, my tongue deep in his mouth, I did my best to stimulate Bjorn every way possible from the front. Igor was rubbing his short bristly beard against Igor’s asshole, then cramming fingers into it and forcefully fucking it while Bjorn’s hand became a blur of jacking off against his crotch. His hips started twitching, and he started himself the familiar groan, and then grabbing me and kissing me tightly, his cock shot out a fantastic stream of cum all over my belly and legs on the bed, over and over and over as he bucked and moaned, kissing me, pressing his tongue deeply in my mouth and whimpering.

I reached to grab his cock and milk it, but he grabbed my wrist when I touched it – uncut, he was incredibly sensitive, did not like! Finally we all paused, and Igor collapsed on the bed beside me, and Bjorn on the other side, and both men nestled their heads on my chest, tongues poking out of their beards to flick my nipples occasionally as we all slowly drifted to sleep after very intense sex. I was so content, arms full of wonderful furry muscle, beards against my chest, and my cock and ass still warm from all the sex. What an afternoon!