Muscle Ranch Austin

January 3, 2016

End-January, I will start publishing the Muscle Ranch Austin books, a combined 1000-page series of my time at the private, invite-only offseason Muscle Ranch, the year they were hosted just outside of Austin, Texas. This trip, I’veĀ been selected as a “in-kind” sponsor for future events, and enjoyed special privileges along with being a judge at the new annual bodybuilding contest. Aziz’s Dad makes a surprise visit, along with my Persian muscle cub Sami. Dad and Denver are back also, along with an entire crew of new bodybuilders, and my new roommate Idris, with his special upbringing. Over 20,000 men have enjoyed these stories in serial form, now collected for the first time. Over the next month I’ll be updating the website with pages for individual books and chapters, which I know will be enjoyed. Stay tuned!

MuscleRanchAustin-1-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-2-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-3-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-4-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-5-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-6-01-01 MuscleRanchAustin-7-01-01