Free: Bear Convergence (IBC)

January 16, 2016

I loved going to International Bear Convergence several years ago in Palm Springs, and I put together a quick book of men (and Dads, and Sons, and Groups of Men) that I encountered there over a long weekend in Palm Springs. I’ve put it up here for you to download for free to enjoy as an eBook.

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A sample chapter follows below:

Chapter 2

The International Bear Convergence (IBC) event in Palm Sprints was at the Marriott Renaissance there, a great hotel setup – huge swimming pool, not too deep, and literally hundreds of chairs to lounge around in 90-degree weather with half-naked furry bears wandering around pausing to say hello, and clearly, to enjoy watching each other. Lots of kinds of bodies, big & small, furry & smooth, and a fair number of the rare species ‘muscle bear’, and as well ‘muscle daddy bear’. What more could you want! Well, privacy… my friend Andy, who has a house in Palm Springs, came to the first event day for his Harvesting. He sorted through the crowd and invited guys over for a ‘private’ pool party Saturday, and inviting about 100, I believe he’d probably get around 50 to show up.

A bunch of us went over Saturday, and it was entertaining, to say the least. Andy lives up in Cathedral City, up up up I have to say, right in the foothills of the mountains in a kind of cove, at the end of a cul-de-sac, and his back yard is completely private, but open – nobody can see in, and it is open up to the mountain itself. A beautiful multi-tiered pool was there, hottub, outdoor kitchen, and lots of places to sit and enjoy the sun, and when we arrived there were all ready a few dozen bears. This event was clearly ‘daddy bear’ and ‘cub’ event, lots of daddy bear types, really beautiful men, and a few dozen ‘cubs’, younger smoother bears, many of them looking entirely too nervous and excited. Andy’s a great host, and very impressive looking – about 6′, broad shoulders, dirty blond hair in huge whorls all over his body, a linebacker body that’s been away from the gym for a while. Huge muscle ass, legs, giant calves, and as oversexed as they come.

And not a stitch on. That’s probably what made a lot of guys nervous as they walked in, but gradually everyone relaxed. Time helps, and of course, lots of beer, and for those who enjoyed, magic brownies. A lot of guys couldn’t eat them because of random drug testing back in the states where they were from, but Andy was retired, and a lot of the dads were too, so a high time was had by many, and a few hours into the pool party, there was a lot of laughter. And a lot of sex. The house had 5 rooms, and the master bedroom opened directly onto the pool. Andy had set up an amazing bed, suspended on four cables and winches, like you’d have on a tow truck. You could raise and lower the entire bed, from the ground up high. The reason why comes later.

Huge bathroom and open shower for five, then some other guest rooms, and the ‘media room’ which played nonstop bear porn. Andy liked to entertain. The beer was flowing, brownies half gone, a lot of guys were in the pool talking, on lounges talking, and wandering around. One hot daddy was set up in a round lounger, with a couple of furry cubs cuddled up to him, a striking visual – Dad’s skin was a beautiful black, some fur, and what he had was going a little grey, and he had a deep black beard. His cubs were milk white – one pale freckled redhead (I hope had on a lot of screen) and a couple of pale-skinned black-furred muscle cubs. And this was the first dad I noticed that had a hardon, he was sitting there while his cubs gently stroked his massive cock, and because they were all cuddled, you didn’t quite notice it, until you did.

Nearby there were other dad/cub couples sitting together in chaise lounges, cub cuddled up in dad’s arms, and you also wouldn’t notice until you looked carefully that the cubs were all sweating slightly, dad was squeezing them in a hug, cubs were hard, and, well, apparently sitting at just an angle to have dad’s cock in their asses. The more you looked, the more you realized that a hell of a lot of guys at the event were having sex, but in a subtle, not-in-your-face way. I chatted with everyone, and a huge number of guys knew me, so I had a great time saying ‘hi it’s really me’ kind of thing, when the Daddy with all the cubs – Don – came over and asked me if I wanted some cub ass, his boys would like to try me out. We walked over to the master bedroom, and the redheaded cub crawled up on the bed, hands and knees, ass in the air at the edge.

Don stood up near the bed, stroking his big cock, and then with a remote control, adjusted the bed height slightly lower so the cubs asshole was directly in line with his big purple cockhead. Perfect! The other cubs squirted some lube from the nightstand on Dad’s cock, greasing it up even more, and as well their buddy’s pink hole, and Daddy started fucking his cub there on the spot, as some of the guys from the party slowly drifted over to watch. One of the furry muscle cubs got on the bed beside daddy, and looked around back at me winking, so I stood beside Dad, greasing up my own long cock, and I pushed slowly against his hole. I’m not that thick in the cock department compared to their Daddy, so as I pushed against his sphincter, my head popped right in. I love loose ass! I felt the warm sucking wet sensation of his ass opening up to my cock as I slowly slid further in, feeling the muscular ring of his anus squeeze slightly as he groaned.

The bed swayed slightly and I stroked dad’s hard ass next to me feeling him flex as he drove his meat into his boy’s asshole. He leaned over and kissed me, and I was enveloped by his scent, and he put his arm around me as I drove my cock further into his cub’s ass. I slid fully into his rectum which felt like a hot sleeve around my cock, and then pushing slightly more, felt the innermost spot, the opening to his colon, push against my cockhead. Daddy and I were now kissing, and my brownie was coming online as I felt goosebumps and shivers over my body as I became more and more buzzed. Daddy lifted a leg and put it on a stool nearby, and slid my hand towards his asshole. I thrust hard against the cub and felt my cock pop into his colon finally, his inner sphincter squeezing my cockhead like hell as I hear him grunt and white a little bit.

I loved feeling the wiry hair of his muscle ass against my groin, and simultaneously feeling warm daddy hole surround a finger I pressed into his bunghole, and he opened up wide – daddy knew big cock too, if not fist! I pushed more fingers into his asshole as my fucking pace increased, and out of nowhere the third cub fed me some poppers suddenly! Shit! I hot red sheet of sex slid over my nerves from head to toe as I continued fucking and grinding into that muscle ass, feeling the smooth body of dad next too me, and he groaned out loud with his hit of poppers. I felt my ass played with by the cub, so I lifted my leg also, somewhat awkwardly, and I had a delicious rim job starting, suckling and licking at my sensitive hole.

We were well into this five-way fuck session, when I became aware of lots of bears in the room, and more than a couple of cubs on their knees being fucked by daddy beside us – beyond porn, having not just the visual but the smell and the sound, and the feeling of being brushed up against by all these fuckers. I leaned over to Daddy and said “switch?” and he grinned. We both pulled out and switched boys, I was fucking the redhead and he had the furry musclecub, and we both enjoyed the change of pace and variety of asshole depth, let us say. The rimcub now reached up between us and started milking both cubs together on the bed. This was not a good idea! Those cubs had been fucked for some time now, and it wasn’t but a minute later that they both started moaning, and squealing like pigs.

I felt my redhead’s asshole squeeze like iron on my cock, and I felt pulsing as he shot cum all over the bed, and continuing to fuck him he realized and almost collapsed on the bed. My head was buzzing as I slowly pulled out, and Daddy next to me did so also. I began drooling. His shiny long cock looked delicious, and I was getting cock munchies from the brownie. I leaned over and licked it from tip to bush, and on my knees told hold of it with both hands. I pushed the big head in my mouth, sucking on it like crazy, tasting ass juices and precum, and again fed by the furry cub with poppers, just lost control and pushed the cock into my mouth. I stroked the shaft as I gobbled it up, pushing deeper and deeper into my mouth as my body became further enveloped in a total-sex cloud, and feeling him push, then pop in my throat I relaxed and expanded my throat to accommodate.

Daddy faced fucked me for minutes now, as I felt no urgent need to breathe, and my furry muscle cub began sucking on my own cock, on his hands and knees on the floor. I heard the rustle of voices “texbearjoe sucking” and continued to enjoy feeling the slick thick cock slide back and forth in my mouth while an intense sex pressure began building up in my groin, like a literal balloon of fuck sensation deep inside me. Daddy held onto the bed cables, and started shaking, feeding himself poppers and suddenly I felt spurts of juicy sweet cum shoot in my throat. I pulled back as my mouth became flooded with cum, and I swallowed and drooled gobs of it, groaning as I felt the sex bubble burst in my groin and my little muscle cub became drowned in my own pools of semen. I was swallowing and groaning, then thrusting the gushing fuck muscle back into my cum slick throat again and again as I kept extending the fantastic sex feelings washing over me.

Dad was incoherent, shaking his head, holding on for life as wave after wave of sex washed over him and it seemed like an hour later I slowly pulled his still-hard cock from my throat, mouth, lips, and pulling mine out of the cub, I gasped for air finally. Whew! What a fuck session, and looking around, more and more guys having sex on the floor, on chairs, by the pool – Andy was in fuck heaven watching it all! I stumbled back out to the pool area, and walked a little ways towards the mountain, in the sun and air, and breathed a bit! Sheesh. It was wonderful outside, warm sun on my skin, and I still was tingling from the orgasm, so I sat down on a bench to take a breather. Whoops! A half dozen guys were drifting towards me, and sitting on the bench, I was at perfect height to enjoy a session of buzz sucking.

First, I had a tall skinny bearded guy, beautiful defined body who stood in front of me dangling a beautiful uncut cock. I skinned it back to look a the shiny pink head in the sunshine, and stuck my tongue out to flick on the opening, which was wide enough to get my tongue in slightly. I opened my mouth wide, and simply slid the cock in my mouth without sucking until he hit my throat, then felt him pop into the throat opening as my face pushed into his untrimmed grey bush. Fuck it was wonderful, feeling him throat fuck me, pausing every few moments to take a breath while surrounded by a group of big furry bears jacking off, again murmuring ‘texbearjoe’ as my suck job man continued to ream me. He took hold of my head, crouching slightly and began jackhammering his cock into me like a demon, which I was able to keep up with in my relaxed state until after a few minutes he began grunting and whining.

I felt the taste of cum as he began oozing rather than shooting in my mouth, and he must have been incredibly sensitive because he tried to pull right back out. My arms swung around his hips, locking hands, and locking his cock in my mouth as he slowly filled me with cum while I sucked and he screamed in sex sensitivity struggling and laughing. I let him go as a short furry cub came up to me, rock hard cock flat against his belly, begging me to suck him. I was jacking off at this point, my cock so sensitive that each stroke was like an orgasm – I touched myself very lightly and slowly – and pushing the head of his cock in my mouth, the little guy started crying out, and it wasn’t more than 10-15 strokes that he began gushing hot cum, feeding Daddy from his fountain as he groaned “I can’t believe it!” and backed off.

This open-air suck session was getting crazy with another few bears from the United Nations – Chinese, African, Arab who were going crazy to have a long suck job from me, and I decided that my back was going to get burned, I needed water, and wanted to see the rest of the party. I took the cocks of the guys I hadn’t sucked and pulled them along with me as we walked back to the main party when I saw Andy had really gone for broke. He was up on the patio table, legs held back by a few bears and baring his enormous furry ass to the world. I have to admit, it was beautiful. His short cock was rock hard and drooling cum, engulfed in his furry crotch, and had a cub to one side jacking him. Andy was looking down while a jolly fat bear reached in a cooler and – shit! He took out a popsicle.

Everyone got quiet for a moment, and we watched in surprise as big furry daddy licked and slurped on the red popsicle, then looking closely he started pushing the wet frozen bar into Andy’s asshole. Andy’s eyes were bugging out. The confection slid into his asshole and we saw a pool of fluid build up as Andy got popsicle-fucked. I’m sure his asshole was becoming numb at this point, and daddy bear kept licking the popsicle and shoving it back in. Andy had a dozen hands on his big furry body at this point, stroking, pinching his nipples and some hands were massaging his balls, but more were pulling his asshole wide open as we all watched the spectacle. Big daddy bear continued to popsicle fuck Andy, but fumbled with his cock and got a big rubber cockring around it. Fuck, I would swear that it was pumped it was so fat and swollen, but with the length of his foreskin – it literally hung down over the tip of the cock – and that it wasn’t swollen and puffy like you see with pumped cocks.

I realized that Andy had “Harvested” some of the biggest cocks at the IBC party to fuck him. Big fat hung daddy bear went up to Andy, and instead of pushing the ice-cold popsicle in his ass, skinned back the foreskin until it bunched up like a turtleneck around his fat cockhead, and pushed the head into the hole. It popped right in, and he shoved the full length of his 10″ cock in in one go. I expected Andy to scream or faint, but the popsicle had done it’s job and Andy groaned and screamed for more. Fat Bear Daddy fucked Andy now, both their bodies throbbing and swaying with the intensity of the fuck, wet smacking sounds at each slam of their bodies together. I continued to jack off watching the lurid scene in the sun, enjoying not being in the center for a moment. After minutes, Andy burst out “I need cock, someone feed me for fuck sake!” and I obliged, pushing up to his mouth.

I pulled him around slightly on the table so his head would hang back, and shoved my cock, edged for almost half an hour now, into his open mouth, and like Fat Bear Daddy, shoved it in to the hilt in one go, gagging and stopping up Andy completely. The two of us used Andy like a fuck hole, slamming cocks in both ends nonstop. The party around us was alive with electric sex feeling, and now and them hot streams of cum would arc up over Andy from an onlooker too excited to contain himself. I continued to fuck Andy’s throat, feeling the edging come to a bubble of sex again in my groin, when Andy himself began shooting a huge stream of cum over his hairy belly. I looked at Fat Bear Daddy and he looked back, nodding, and we both kept on fucking Andy nonstop, and Andy thrashed and shuddered under us.

I kept pausing for him to breathe, an just as he would start to say something, I shoved my cock back in his throat. Cub hands continued to jack Andy even after cumming and he began wildly pushing and grabbing, but the beer, the marijuana, the situation was too much, and Andy became our fuck rag for the next half hour – throat fucking him, that loose hole, while his ass was raped by that giant Fat Bear Cock, until I decided it was time to unload again. I pulled out and stroked a little bit, getting that cum bubble ready to explode, looking at Fat Bear Daddy, and then all over Andy’s face I began painting him with cum before shoving back into his throat. Fat Bear Daddy pinched his nipples a bit, when we both noticed Andy oozing cum from his soft cock.

Dad shoved his cock in with bruising intensity, and then unloaded with a deep bass yell into Andy, as more of the men around us got off together. I was in heaven floating in the situation, high on the sex and the cum and the bear men, and stepping back slowly, helping Andy get his bearings again, watching him continue to drip cum as he pulled off of Fat Bear Daddy, I started to feel the gnawing of… Munchies! My buzz was slowly dwindling, and my hunger was growing, and even with all the food all over the place, I was famished. But I wanted cock. And Food. What to do? I sat next to Andy on a lounger, looking at his furry body, head thrown back, and still moaning and smiling, and whispered in his ear – “you asked big hung didn’t you”. Andy grinned, not opening his eyes, and nodded. “I want to eat them all.” Andy grinned again, and grunted, “I know you Joe.”

I stood up, and decided to become more of my usual pushy self. I wandered around all the hot, sweaty, sunburnt bears, some snoozing, some eating, and all smelling of rank sweat and sex. Amazing. First I asked Fat Bear Daddy to come to the media room, he agreed. Then I found a few skinny big-boned cubs with big boners. They would come. I wandered a bit more and saw a hot Asian muscleman with a spectacularly fat cock. He would come. I found a few more of Andy’s choice hung bears, and then off to the media room. I found an old DVD I’d made for Andy, a compilation of Xtube, Hot Older Male, Hot Desert Knights, machofucker.com, some great old Joe Gage film clips, and a very old favorite “Black Velvet” with a never-ending succession of huge 11″ dicks – including John Holmes and Bill Harrison.

The guys were resting, slightly stoned, on the couches, big bear dongs flopped out, several wet, most still greasy from sex, when the video came on, and we all started jacking off. What a great way to end the afternoon, a roomful of huge hung bears enjoying monster cock video. We all sat there eating, buzz slowly ebbing, passing poppers, and enjoying the group jackoff… slowly sliding forward in chairs, getting a bit harder, more excited, and looking more closely at each other and the huge video screen with giant cocks sliding around. We got closer, and reached out to each other’s cocks, feeling the heft and thickness, when I had an epiphany. I went to the kitchen quickly, and digging through Andy’s spice drawer, got a few bottles out.

Back in the media room, I got on my knees in front of Fat Bear Daddy, and the guys drew a bit closer, and jacking him off now with both hands I told some of the cubs to feed him poppers. I didn’t realize it but we were a half hour into the massive meat circle jerk, and Daddy didn’t take much more than poppers to cum. I saw his hairy balls pull up tight, and still stroking him, I grabbed his long foreskin, and pulled it tight over his cockhead. He stared in disbelief as he began cumming and groaning out loud, and his foreskin ballooned with the hot sperm it was accumulating. The men all drew closer and I smelled as much as I felt their slick boners near me, and holding Fat Dad’s fire-hydrant straight up, I let the foreskin go and a huge smear of cum shot out and drained down his shaft like melting candle wax. One of the guys groaned out loud and leaned over to taste it, but I held him for a moment, and taking one of the bottles in my kit, I dropped a few drops of almond oil on his cock, and then a drop of vanilla.

The smell of hot spicy cum along with the oils bloomed up, and I began literally dripping drool out of my mouth as two of us leaned over and slowly licked up the flavored cum off the horsecock. If you are horny and have the munchies, you will have only an inkling of the sensation that ran through me holding the arm-thick base of his cock as we licked it clean of his fresh oiled cum, enjoying every bit of it. And as did the other men who were clearly on edge to cum too. Settling them back in chairs, I looked at what oils I had left, and every cock got, pre-cum, its own flavoring – clove, lemon, sesame, anise, amaretto, orange.

The room started to smell like a candy factory, and as each guy came, and we all dove in to lick his cock mixed with the flavors, the entire event became a free-for-all. I hesitated with cinnamon and mint oils, asking if anyone would like an intense feeling. My Asian muscle guy, volunteered, and with a drop of cinnamon on each beautiful thick brown nipple, and just a hint of mint on his cockhead (I can imagine how it set him on fire), guys crowded around to suck his thick pecs which drove him crazy.

His cock exploded in mint sensation as he was jacked furiously – and we all held our faces up to his huge crown as he oozed cum mixed with flavors feeding all of us. It was obscene. The huge cocks on TV – incredibly long black, white, brown cocks jerking and plunging into assholes, licking and slurping on hard and soft cum-lubed flavored cocks, all of us enjoying hung buddy sex, when two beautiful cubs walked in the room. The spectacle must have been overwhelming, we were all beginning to relax, and several of us with oils on our cocks, even after cumming the sensation was intense enough to keep us half hard. The two cubs gaped and got instant boners, and I enjoyed watching them eat in the scene with their eyes. Like I was earlier, they were literally drooling, open-mouthed, and jacking off then both kneeled and looked around, bug-eyed.

They were very sexy – both with lightly furred bodies and shoulders, perfectly groomed close-cropped beards, side-fade haircuts that looked like they were just done hours before. Big hairy bubble ass. And stubby beautiful cocks they couldn’t jack off hard enough. I stood up, close to their face, jacking myself off, beard smeared with cum and flavored oils, smelling of a food factory and they whined and jacked as more of the other men stood up, close to them, long cocks they swung back and forth in front of their mouths.

We pressed slightly closer and the two cubs were surrounded by a dozen cocks that slid over their hairy shoulders and faces, against their necks and shoulders, and occasionally poked into their panting mouths. The poor boys tried to talk, to beg for cock, but to no avail – total sex overload, having walked into a real live extension of the super-hung porn movie on the screen, daddies, cubs, big-boned tall guys, short stocky musclemen, huge cocks dripping with cum and juices to feed them.

Both the cubs lost it finally as we watched, twitching and jerking with the intensity of their excitement and finally looking down to watch their cumming all over their bellies and legs. They were whining and crying out as they continued to pant, and not even stopping jerking off after they came, just jerking and jerking sometimes soft, sometimes hard, reaching out to feel the big hairy meat. Not even able to get one hand around some of the fat cocks, they stroked and tried to suck cock, still jacking off as we all began jacking each other again, the scent of the oils all blending together with bitter and sweet cum, tangy sweat until the whole heady sexual mixture was overloading all of us.

I closed my eyes, feeling my cockhead, and licking my beard slightly I found I had to cum again. I coated one cub’s hand with hot white juice as one or two other guys began cumming, squirting a few final globs of cum over the frantic cubs, and we passed the poppers as they relentlessly beat their cocks to get another cum out, to prolong the fantasy, to enjoy the hung bear session in the media room. One by one we settled back into the chairs until only one beautiful bear – a rangy tall hairy hiker by the look of him, and his steel-band like legs, at least 60, grey-bearded and white-furred, who beating his thick bright red meat shot a final load on the cubs, across their open mouths as they shot their final wad of the day.

Fuck, I almost wish I had been completely alert, no magic brownie for the scene so I could remember it in even more detail, but it was just magic the way it was. We all settled back, the cubs resting on each other, and what I thought was a moment turned into a nap, and suddenly I woke up to a room of snoring bears, and walking outside, saw most of the party asleep as the sun descended behind the Palm Springs mountains. The time was around 6pm, and I suddenly realized – I had to go to the gym before it closed, to get pumped. After all, tonight was the levi/gear/fetish night of the IBC, and I couldn’t miss that! My only hope was that the rest of the guys would wake up in time. My buzz was gone, and I decided to get to the gym without rinsing off, hoping nobody would notice. So on to the evening’s festivities later!