Cycle: Look Inside eBook

January 13, 2016

The final book of the long awaited publication of the “Muscle Ranch Ojai” series, texbearjoe meets Aziz’s Dad … and family, along with powerlifters, thick meaty men, and the infamous bootcamp full of powerlifters enjoying man-to-man action.

Hot sunny days, the smell of resinous shrubs in the evenings, and the mouth-filling tastes of man sweat and more at night experienced in the hills of Ojai. This remarkable collection of stories document what happens over a few weeks at an invite-only retreat for offseason male bodybuilders, coaches, dads, sons, pros, amateurs, and powerlifters, as they get back to nature by giving up clothes, shaving, and eventually inhibitions to pursue the body beautiful.

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

Chapter 6

I found out the camp wasn’t just for pro bodybuilders, but for high-potentials.

I noticed a lot of muscle guys had gone, the month of Muscle Ranch was over I guess, but I found out I had another week to go – I was very pleased. I had a talk with Doc this morning about “post cycle therapy” for when I went home and stopped his ‘vitamins’, and fed Tex this morning like usual before breakfast, and had my own breakfast with Dad and Bo – Bo really likes me a lot, and though he doesn’t talk a lot, he’s actually startlingly smart. I enjoyed being with him a lot, and would miss him – I think he was going back to Ohio sometime in the next few days. As I walked with Dad by the lake for our morning talk, I did notice that there were a lot of guys being dropped off at the main lodge, and we both noticed that there no guys in the woods at the edge of the lake fucking around as usual. We sat on some comfortable springy wooden seats near the lake, and talked about the last four weeks and what a good time we had had.

Dad told me he hadn’t had as much fun as he could remember since we were both fucking his local girlfriend with his son involved. I noticed that as he was talking about it, his big cock popped up, and so did mine. Then, to my surprise, Dad got on his knees by me, and started very gently stroking my cock. He seemed intently curious, and using both hands, stroked the shaft, then one hand stroked while the other, very lightly, played with my cockhead. I’m cut, but still very sensitive, and especially so dry. He kept it up, looking up at me in my eyes and smiling, and then spitting in his hand, started a wet jacking off that was sensational. He told me he had wanted to service my cock since we met, but 1:1, not in a group or with his son.

He then leaned over and stroking my cock more firmly, opened his bearded mouth and popped the head in. He licked the eye of my cock, then up and down the back side – frenulum – and kissed the shaft while stroking. Feeling his long Dad beard in my crotch was wonderful – somewhere between a tickle and a scratch, and he loved rubbing the tip of my cock in his beard, smelling it up with my precum. I wanted his cock bad at this point, but he would have none of it. He was totally focused on me! Stroking more now and with his lips pursed, and very tight, he started popping the head of my cock in and out between his lips, which sent fantastic electrical feelings through my whole groin. He paused now and then to lick the head and suckle it while holding and squeezing the shaft, then he resumed his suck and stroke, getting longer and longer strokes.

He finally put his hands on my knees, and Dad pushed my cock slowly into his mouth as I felt his tongue rolling around the shaft. He pushed an inch in, sucking hard now, and backing off slightly, then pushed another inch in. The incredible slowness along with his tongue and vacuum action was excruciating. He pushed another inch in his mouth now, my cockhead squashed against the hard palate of his upper mouth. He pushed harder and sucked more firmly, and another inch slid back, until I felt his tongue along more than half my shaft. He grunted, setting up a vibration in my cock and pushed further, another inch and I was about 2/3 of the way in, starting to press against the opening of his throat.

He took a deep breath, growling and vibrating my cock, and then pushed another inch in up to the moment when I plugged his throat and the groaning stopped. He immediately swallowed, his throat muscles massaging the tip of my cock, and he forced another inch in, beard now against my groin. Finally he went all the way, mouth flat against my crotch, cock deep in his throat, and he held it there swallowing. He had superhuman breath control! He suddenly pulled back almost all the way, and took another deep breath, and then slid slowly forward my 8″ pushing back deep in his throat. He was growling and grunting on the outstroke, and swallowing on the down stroke, and I had to feel. I put my hands on his throat, and felt it expand as my cock pushed into it, and then felt it hollow slightly as he pulled out, an amazingly erotic sensation.

He now was throat fucking me with power strokes, beard in my crotch, saliva creaming out all over my crotch, and as well his eyes were watering, and nose running. He had to stop a few times to wipe his face off. He was giving me an amazingly hot wet blowjob by the lake, and I loved every minute of it. He lifted his right hand and started stroking and pulling my balls gently, which almost triggered me to cum after 10 minutes of deep throating. Dad pulled back gasping, and stroking my shaft with one hand and pulling on my balls, looked up at me grinning, beard soaked with spit, “Goddam, I do love sucking cock. Ever since I was a teenager. No pussy can match that feeling!” and he plunged back down again. This time, he held his mouth wide open, and pushed my cock into his throat while, with his wide-open mouth, his tongue worked the shaft. He almost gagged for a second, but now was bobbing his head fast on my cock, and changed position.

He was crouched in front of me but now lifted his legs up, ass in the air, legs spread, balanced with his hands on my knees. He was sucking harder and harder, mouth closed sometimes, sometimes open, and I said “Mr. Dad, you’re going to swallow a big load in a minute!” and my hips began twitching involuntarily. Dad started a low groan and was visibly shaking, and almost barking out grunts, I heard the sound of squirts on the ground, and Dad was cumming, handsfree, on the ground as he violently fucked his throat on my cock. That was it. I grabbed his head, and holding it like a vise, shoved my cock into his mouth and started cumming hard. I lost control over my voice and started yelling from the sensation of his throat milking my shaft, and finally after I came back to reality, he was slapping my hands, and I let him go as he gasped, rearing back, and grinning and laughing, burping up my cum.

His own cock stuck out straight, a long greasy thread of cum still slowly dripping out, and he walked forward pointing it to my mouth. I couldn’t resist, and slurped his cum out, and felt the thick congealed fluid slide out of his shaft into my mouth as he shuddered. “Fuck!” he yelled, and coughed, and sat by me laughing. We cleaned up wiping cum off with our hands in the grass, and I sat on Dad’s lap briefly kissing and nuzzling him, then we headed back to the main set of houses for 2nd breakfast. On the way we passed a lot of guys – in clothes! If there’s one thing which is funny, is to be stark naked (and just cum) around guys with clothes on. It’s not the naked person, of course, who is jittery – it’s the guy with clothes! And to top it off, both of us were Dads, almost twice the age of some of the guys, and with our beards, we looked like some crazy Roman statues come to life.

The poor guys were tongue-tied ‘be bub be bub’ trying to talk with us. The guys were all well built, looking like any nice guy you’d meet on the street – just not giant bodybuilder types but they were here for the bodybuilding boot camp to take them to the next level. Finally, one 20-something walked up to me, thick guy with a little belly, but very nice looking, and said, “You know, can I tell you something?” I said “Sure.” He said “When I’m you’re age, I hope to hell I’ll look like you. Awesome. Can I get a picture with you for my girlfriend?” – and a moment later, one of his buddies took a (waist up) picture of the two of us together. I was really flattered. I had lunch with Dad and Bo and buddies, and then later that afternoon we finally saw the bootcamp guys at the gym. We all had our shorts on, so much less embarrassment all the way around, and poor Aziz and the other trainers were really going crazy trying to work bunches of the guys.

You could tell they had been to the gym – they were really comfortable with the equipment – but they weren’t working it right. They were either trying to do very high weights and then simply overcompensating with the wrong muscles, or they were in strained positions, or whatever. I had the benefit of 35+ years in a gym and great trainers from men like Aziz to IFBB pros, so I kept my mouth shut and let the guys learn their own way. But I loved the shower after – I have to tell you, these were the saddest puppies you had ever seen. They were of course a tiny bit nervous about open naked showers, and some guys tried to take a shower with towels on, but the rest of us teased them so they relented. But mostly, they were absolutely in pain – deep lactic acid burn from an intense workout, and heavy muscles so they had a hard time lifting arms overhead, walking, and lots of nonsexual groaning.

Out of the shower, drying off, the guys all were feeling ‘warm’. Like they were sweating. All of us that had been using doc’s Testosterone ‘vitamins’ laughed, since these guys were clearly new to supplements, and we knew what was next. We all shuffled off to the steam room and some guys simply lay down in lounge chairs to try to get over the pain. In the steam room, the guys were groaning, and kept dousing themselves with cold water from an overflowing basin and ladle. As they sat there, one by one they got hardons. Welcome to Testosterone! They all tried to hide their big hardons different ways – hands over their crotches, or lying down with legs up, or anything they could do. A couple of us big boys winked at each other, and I said “Damn, working out makes me so horny, you guys getting hard for no reason? Look at this fucker!” and I spread my legs, my long cock hard and waving slightly up from my crotch.

Bo got the message and said “Look at my tallywhacker!” and gave his big balls some tugs, and his own cock bounced up against his hairy belly and lay there. A couple more of the big boys gently pulled on their cocks, and looked around, and I said “Damn, I’m going to get blue balls! I hope nobody minds, but I’ve gotta get a load out Fucking pronto.” And with that I grasped my shaft, and slowly stroked, leaning my head back and closing my eyes. “If any buddy’s want to help me, go for it! I said” and Bo said the same. A few of the new guys relaxed and with huge eyes, looked over the massive bodybuilders jerking off in their own world in the steam room. To my right was a very nervous guy, a skinny hairy otter who couldn’t take his eyes off my muscles and cock now. His own cock had sprung up – uncut, thick and short. I reached over and to his everlasting shock, gave his cock a stroke and said “Buddy looks like you need some help!”

The poor guy grunted and looked down at his cock like it was an alien animal, and spitting in my hand, I wrapped it around his shaft and gave him a few strokes. Huge Bo was pinching his nipples with his right hand and stroking with his left, and the guys on either side of him were trying to figure out where to look. The other big boys there, a few black guys and one very hairy Latino, were stroking and grinning, looking around. My otter was gasping and breathing rapidly, and I rubbed my thumb hard over the tip of his fat cock, spreading his precum around. I held my hand to my mouth, looking straight at him, and sucking my thumb, said “your precum tastes great! Bet your girlfriend loves it…” He stuttered a bit, and I leaned over and sucked in the head of his cock, pulling on his balls. He yelped, and before I knew it, I had capped the first cum fountain of the day with my mouth.

It was a big juicy load, and he groaned/barked all the way through it. I let him go when I was finished, and he just sat there, dazed look on his face, closed eyes. A smart-alecky guy near me said “Wish you could help me, but I’m probably too big!” and I looked at him smiling. He had a beard starting, receding hairline, middle aged, and incredibly sexy. His cock was big – an uncut snake that lay up, draped over his leg, and I watched it slowly swell as the guys on either side of him jacked off staring at their own cocks. At this stage there were a couple of us big boys in the room, Bo the biggest, and a bunch of Straight/Bi/Gay or generally nervous guys who were hyperventilating in the steam heat. In other words, perfect. I got off my bench, my own cock bouncing up in front of me and walked over to the hot middle-aged guy, and got a good look at him. I’ll call him Jake the Snake.

He had very curly black hair, lightly furred over his body, up on shoulders. He had a very close-saved curly black/grey beard, a receding hairline – very high – big nose, soft brown eyes, and a bit of a belly. He had been working out clearly – big round shoulders, beautiful meaty legs, and good arms, big thick chest. But he was not a bodybuilder per se, no bulging veins, no wildly massive arms. Just that long uncut cock. And an amazing body smell – even after the shower, now in the steam room, the Testosterone was really zipping through him, and he was really borderline amazing in the body man spell department. He lifted his arms, his pits dripping sweat off the long hairs, and put his hands behind his head, spreading his legs. His cock raised up and bobbed a little bit as he flexed. It was probably 9 or 10 inches long, not thick – about the same as mine, and uncut.

Some of the bodybuilders came over, and I took a hold of his cock, and felt the meatiness, and stroked it a bit. The nervous guys on either side were jacking faster and faster, and the poor otter I made cum was standing beside me. Now, Jake was flexing his cock in my hands, making it feel alive, and I spit on both hands and making a fist with them, squeezed his cock in-between and slid it way up and way down. Jake groaned a bit, but had the presence to say “If I wanted to jack off, I’d do it myself guy. See if you can get it down.” I love a challenge. I held on to his cock hand-over-hand, one pressed to the base, and noticed that it was three hands long, and the fat head was getting fatter. The shaft was dark brown, though the rest of his furry body was more of an ivory-olive color. He looked very Italian/Mediterranean, or Greek.

I pointed the tip at my mouth, and then licked under the skin, rolling my tongue around the rim under the foreskin, which he loved. I poked my tongue in the split, and then gently sucked out a few gobs of precum as I smelled his man scent drift up from his uncut pubes. I stuck his cockhead in my mouth, now very fat, and sucked and leg go, sucked, and let go over and over a few times, sensitizing him a bit, then thinking about Dad this morning, slowly, slowly pushed his cock into my mouth entirely. Like Dad did, I rolled my tongue around his cock, but I made sure to skin it back before it went in my mouth. I was cut, but he was uncut so it was extra sensitive. He groaned and said that was “too sensitive” and I said “I guess I can’t get it down because you’re such a sensitive flower.” A few guys laughed and I continued sucking, pushing an inch in my mouth, which was half the head.

I continued pushing another inch, vacuuming very hard, when I felt a mouth on my asshole! I turned, and there was Bo, licking me like a pet dog. I spread my legs a little bit, and felt that wonderful bearded mouth against my tiny tight hole, and pushed another inch of Jake into my mouth, flicking my tongue along the lower edge of his cock. It felt like velvet pressed against my tongue and inside of my mouth, and closing my eyes, I concentrated on the sensation of his cockhead pulsing slightly and drooling, as Bo continued to suck and finger my asshole. The poor guys on either side of us were now blatantly open-mouth gasping at the scene, jacking off hard, and the Otter was jacking off too by my side. I heard other sounds, and knew that I had started an orgy, like usual. Another inch in my mouth from Jake, and his cockhead was now grooved into the roof of my mouth while my tongue continued to massage the underside of his cock, then I pushed another inch in slowly.

I pushed on my ass and opened it up a bit, and Bo immediately shoved his tongue in, which felt wonderful. I hoped his mouth would get on my dripping cock soon. I pushed another inch from Jake in my mouth and felt his head pressed to my throat, and with both hands started stroking his shaft as I sucked hard and shook my head from side to side hard, giving full shaft stimulation. I tapped on his massive balls – they were quite large, hidden in a huge hunk of public hair, and as I stroked them one beside the other, waves and waves of hot scent wafted up to my nose. I pushed the head of Jake’s cock into my throat, and like Dad began swallowing as fast as I could Jake groaned loudly, and put his hands down to his sides, gritting his teeth. The poor chubby guy to the right of us, as Jake groaned, shot a huge wad of cum out of his beautiful cock all over Jake’s pubes, and apologized immediately.

He lay there gasping as I pushed more of Jakes cock into my throat, groaning a deep bass (deep as I could) to vibrate the tip of his cock, then pushing a few more inches in he closed off my vocal cords. Jake whispered “fuck no!” and I continued pushing the full 10″ of cock in my mouth until my lips were pressed hard to the base of his cock, then I proceeded to swallow hard, holding his cock in my throat, as the poor guy started shaking. “My wife can’t do that without throwing up!” he groaned, and then with a few swift strokes of my head, I began pulling back and pushing in, synchronizing my breathing. I didn’t expect it but the guy’s balls pulled in, a wave of scent erupted in my nose and mouth and he began cumming with a roar. I squeezed his cock and sucked very hard, slurping every jet of cum he could give down my throat, and enjoying every bit of it.

Bo had reached for my cock at this point, and having pulled it back under my legs was slurping the head as he licked my asshole. Jake finished cumming, and relaxed completely, not even bothering to move as I pulled my mouth off his cock, whimpering as I licked the sensitive tip. I couldn’t resist, and buried my nose under his cock, against his balls, and inhaled that rank smell, just wonderful. I felt some electricity in my groin, and I said out loud “Bo, Bo here you go,” and Bo clamped his big rubbery lips on my cockhead, and slurped down a full load from me as he crammed his thumb in my ass, and squashed my prostate like a beetle, sending me into shaking spasms in the steam room, screaming. The second nervous guy came, the first was jacking again, and the Otter shot all over my back while I filled Bo’s mouth over and over again.

Jake watched, eyes popping out at the scene around him, and was immediately hard again, and jacking off. “Your wife couldn’t suck you like that Mister?” I asked, “Like that, Like that hot throbbing throat?” I became incredibly verbal as he shook and jacked in front of me, and I ordered him to stand on the floor. Behind him was the giant Bo, who put his arms around the defenseless man, and I then stepped up to him – about 5’9″, my height – and kissed him deeply on the lips as Bo squeezed and thrust his own cock against the man’s hot furry ass. “You want more?” I whispered to him, as he grunted and try to evade my kiss, but gave in. “More?” I asked, and kneeled in front of him, “More?” and I started jacking him off. A moment later I reached to either side, and I had the two other hot guys in my hand, the poor Otter jacking himself again, Bo clamped on Jake’s asshole, and Jake, radiating hot roid stink, was fucking my throat to the base of his cock with each thrust like there was no tomorrow.

“Bo, thumb!” I said after another 10 minutes of delirious sucking on that snake, absolutely no subtlety to taking the full length of his cock in my gullet, and Bo shoved in his thumb again, squashing the man’s prostate. Jake yelled out loud, bloody murder, and grabbed Jake’s ham-like forearm to pull out, but forget that. Bo was jerking off a cumload all over the floor grunting as he tortured the guy with his huge thumb, and Jake then began cumming a second time, thrashing dangerously on the wet floor to get away. I felt spurts come like little bullets out of his cock this time, and I told Jake “Not so hard!” and Jake, adjusted, and suddenly the bullet like spurts from the squashed prostate came as big thick pudding like gobs of hot cum in my mouth.

Jake relaxed, like a puppet, and I thought he was going to pass out from the heat and sex, and as the men in either hand came and coated my hand, I backed off a little bit, and Jake sat down on the floor of the steam room, and I held onto him. He came to gradually just a fraction of a second later, and looked at me, and I kissed him, lips full-on, and he kissed back. “I, I…” he started, and I touched his lips. “No. Relax.” And he did.

Bo and the other guys who had finished left us in the room, as I kissed and hugged, full reciprocation, from my hairy Jake. “I must be bi…” he finally said, “I’ve never had anything so hot in my life.” And then pitching forward in my arms, “Don’t let me go. Hold me for a minute whoever you are.” And we sat there rocking and holding, kissing and talking, and exploring things that had never even occurred to him. I took Earl – that was his name – to dinner, showed him a little of the ropes, and said yes when he begged to sleep with me. He had a lot to explore… Guess it was more of a gay sex bootcamp today!