City View DC 1: eBook Preview

January 2, 2016

Perhaps what goes on in DC stays in DC, perhaps not. From the gym to museums, cops to preachers, this collection explores the lives and loves of men who work hard in DC, but after business hours play even harder. In this melting pot of a city, you will also follow along the evolving young furry bear Sami, who Texbearjoe meets, teases, plays with, mentors, and coaches into a bodybuilder while changing forever the life of his family and friends in entirely unexpected, and exciting ways.

This 1st Volume introduces the Persian muscle cub Sami, who spans many of texbearjoe’s stories, Tyler the black night guard, the “Military Party” with Ron, Professors, Businessmen and Politicians.

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Read this excerpt to enjoy some of what awaits:

Chapter 12


I was in DC by myself, in Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse sitting reading my iPad and nibbling at Salad, New York Strip, and loaded baked potato, noticing a handsome man staring at me. I was in a good mood (as usual when eating), and winked at him. He winked back, and smiled and we flirted for a second. He hadn’t started eating, so I spoke to my waiter, and invited him over. His name was “Gerry with a G”, worked in management at the US Postal Service, and was, well, hot. He had pale brown hair, a beautiful thick beard, high on his cheeks, deep brown eyes, and to my professional eyes a #3.5 clip, with a light widow’s peak. His shoulders were amazing in his polo shirt, big thick arms, fur cascading out of the little buttons at the neck, and an overall thick, blocky body.

We chatted for a moment, and his dinner came, and it was, well, let say ‘not high in carbs’. We both were eating and talking about our families in DC area, and somehow food came up. He looked at me, and kind of sighed, about having a body like mine at my age, how he was surprised I talked to him. He was on yet another diet, trying to look more ‘marketable’, which made me feel a little odd. “You do know, you’re incredibly sexy, don’t you?” Gerry with a ‘G’ was startled. “But I thought…” he began, and I finished “Bodybuilders only liked others with outrageous muscles.” He was briefly silent, slightly unhappy looking, and I continued. “I can talk about astrology, crystals, and how awful vaccinations are.” I grinned. “The Global Warming Hoax?”

We both began laughing as I continued becoming sillier. He felt, well, felt that he had been rejected by muscle guys in the past, and became tongue-tied. “Don’t worry.” But Gerry was so, heavy. “Gerry, my feeling is that as men get more masculine and mature, they thicken all over… it’s sexy to me when it’s healthy.” Our conversation swayed off to diet, appetite, and I began calculating how to get him out of weight obsession into sex obsession. I held out my hand and took his, and I actually gasped. Have you ever put you hand in another man’s hand and it was so big, you felt like a kid? Gerry had huge thick hands, broad fingers, short nail bed, and they were wide enough that my hand could almost wrap in them. My turn to be tongue-tied, I couldn’t believe that I was getting turned on by thick-fingered hands. “If you were a Lesbian,” I joked, “I’d call you well-hung!”

He laughed. “Joe, I don’t need to be a Lesbian for you to call me that.” His eyes twinkled. I wrapped my head around it and got a boner. He was flirting finally! I leaned over, and in a confidential air, said “Gerry, you know, I love a huge guy on me with a heavy hung cock down my throat, and an enormous hairy belly on my face. Fucking my throat, belly slapping me, completely engulfed in him.” Gerry smiled, “Well, that’s direct.” “Gerry,” I continued, “The only think I like nearly as much is a big wide ass slowly lowered over my trembling mouth, hole poised on my lips, my face buried in the furry ass as I suck and strain to enjoy deep rimming.” Gerry leaned over, and was more aggressive. “Joe, if we did that, I might bruise your throat with my fat balls bouncing off you while I’m jacking off. Being sucked, or rimmed!”

We both continued on, more outrageous statements and flirting until I was aware I was about to wet my pants. “Pardon me, I have to do something.” I said, and quickly excused myself to the bathroom. Not a moment later, Gerry came in after me, grinning. We stood side by side at the urinal, and I saw Gerry’s arm making a jacking motion as I pissed like a horse, then Gerry stood back slightly from the urinal. My mouth went dry. As big as his hands were, his cock was too big to get his hand around, and he stood there pulling the foreskin back and forth over the head, snapping over the wide flange as he did so. “Can you smell it Joe, you’ve got me excited!” he said, and I saw that the head of his cock was dripping wet, and I could actually smell the precum even from a few feet away.

He continued to jack off, saying “It’s going to get longer now.” Now usually, when I flirt with guys and am outrageous with my cock or muscles, they turn into Zombies and I can tell them anything I want to do, and they do it. I’ve practically patented it. But, I have to say, at that point, Gerry had me hypnotized. He must have been 6’3″ or more, probably almost 270-300 lbs, big belly, huge ass, broad shoulders, and that cock! Fuck! I walked back to the table in a daze, and when Gerry returned, grinning like a kid, I said, “That’s not fair. I can barely function now. You’re my fantasy man!” Gerry leaned over, “You like heft, Joe, all over huh?” I nodded, and it was like a dream – a moment later we were outside the restaurant walking to Gerry’s townhouse nearby.

Before we walked in, I grabbed Gerry and hugged him, squeezing him tight, and Gerry rubbed his cock against my belly – he had long legs. It felt like a vacuum cleaner hose was in his pants. Gerry took my hand and walked me in his house, and from the moment we got inside, we were kissing and pawing at each other. I felt completely outclassed, and I didn’t know why. Gerry pulled my clothes off with zero resistance, or even help from me – I was like big toy. When he saw my muscles, he immediately groaned, and squeezed and kissed me all over. We were at the bottom of some stairs groping each other, and Gerry kneeled, looking up and stroking all my muscles as he begged me to flex and turn. I did my standard contest poses as Gerry, open-mouthed watched, “You are a god!” as I thought about his huge hefty naked body waiting for me.

It seemed like we were there a half hour, my playing to his muscle worship to the maximum, only shirtless! What happens when we get naked! Gerry finally took my hand again, and dragged me up the stairs – two rooms, turned left and then into a front bedroom. I started taking his shirt off, and he suddenly lunged at the light to dim the room, and he started becoming shy. “Don’t look!” he said, “I’m too fat, you are out of my class!” I poked him in the belly and said “Shut the fuck up!” which startled him. Before he knew it I had whipped his baggy polo off, and exposed his big torso – his shoulders were wide like a wrestler, big meaty arms, and light brown fur all over. He had the magic big belly, and big thick chest. The classic look is “Barrel Chested” and I kissed him all over while he stroked my back and muscles with his thick hands.

His nipples were sensitive, so I suckled on them for moments as he grunted, gently sucking and grinding them between my teeth. His chest was thick enough that I could take one of his pecs with both hands, squeeze it, and then put the nipple and half the pec in my mouth. That way I could suck and circle the nipple with my tongue, and pulling on his pec released some sexy sensations to his chest muscle and upper body. He was so happy and I slowly pulled him over to the bed. I pushed him back playfully, and he sat back. I immediately turned around, his legs between mine, and grabbed his loafers, throwing them to one side, peeling off his socks, and then turning around, grabbed his belt. Immediately then again, he was shy, “wait, wait” he said, putting his hands on mine, but I already had his jeans belt undone, and popping the buttons open, slid them off quickly over his big chunky ass, leaving him in a shapeless pair of strange boxers. Or was it.

He was completely mortified, and explained it was a kind of “hernia prevention” setup. I immediately unvelcroed part of it and trying to peel it off, it was impossible. We both paused, and he looked distinctly unhappy. “Please don’t be weird Joe.” He begged, and then proceeded to undo the setup. He undid one side, and one big ball fell down, then the other side, and another big ball came down. If I hadn’t thought he was too conservative to do saline on his balls, I’d swear he had, but his balls were simply too big for my mouth even. Had he not had a kind of truss, I can see where the heft of his balls would have possible pulled and caused some sort of inguinal hernia. At this point, picture Joe, still in his jeans, shivering even in a hot room. I just had never seen balls that big. The truss opened, he then pulled a final flap off, and out came his soft cock.

It looked like a funnel. A big funnel. He was uncut, had a long foreskin, but the base and his head were so wide it looked like a kitchen funnel made out of flesh. There he was. Big roly-poly furry belly, deeply furry chest, thick pecs, huge shoulders, unusually long arms, big-funnel-shaped cock, monster balls, thick legs, huge spread ass, big feet. I took Gerry’s hands, and said that this was the best and most surprising sexy fucking dessert I had ever had – ever ever! I lost all my superlatives. Again, his huge hands made mine feel small. I got on my knees and massaged his feet – big guys love it I’ve found – and kissed and kneaded them, popping all his toes. I moved to his massive calves, up his huge thighs, peeled back his foreskin to kiss the wet cockhead, cupped the balls one after the other, then ran my hands all over his belly kneading the thick skin.

Back up to his chest, until I was crawling up on him, literally, and then began kissing moving around until we were side-by-side kissing like crazy as I stroked his huge thick body. I wasn’t aware but I hadn’t even taken my own pants off. Gerry pushed me off him, then standing, so I could truly see his big body, pulled my own shoes off, pants, and underwear. I was stiff as a board, and said “I feel so outclassed, I’m big but you are Biiiiig.” Gerry laughed and stroked my cock with his big hand, and leaning over, slurped it in his mouth. What a sensation – there is nothing like a big wide mouth sucking on your cock, and he knew what he was doing – up and down the shaft, sucking the shaft like a corncob, playing with the tip with his tongue, rolling all around the sensitive parts, but above all setting up a huge vacuum with his hot wet cavernous mouth and pushing it into his throat effortlessly. Fuck, it was magnificent watching this big man work me over.

Gerry gently spread my legs and continued sucking me, fingering and pulling on my balls, then further opening my legs and wetting a finger, rotating it around my asshole, not pushing in but stimulating it wonderfully, tickling almost. He continued on, feeling my muscles with his other hand, groaning and squeezing all over – wonderful! It was a fantastic sensation, but I wanted more of Gerry. I pushed him off and then reversing positions with him, he was sitting on the bed as I stood before him. His cock was getting hard, the head not pushing out quite, but definitely it was a thick long piece of meat. I kneeled before him, and pushed my tongue into his foreskin, as though I was rimming him. I licked inside it, and around gently, then outside, stroking his balls with one hand as I started squeezing the resilient shaft. It really felt like a rubber tire, so hard!

He got longer and longer, but his foreskin didn’t really pull back, so I wanted to stroke him more, so I pushed a finger in his foreskin. More and more, his cock head was so broad, until like I was stroking an asshole, I had a finger inside, rolling around while Gerry groaned. I patted his broad belly with my other hand, and then pushed another finger in his foreskin. It really was like an asshole! It opened slightly, and Gerry took my hand suddenly, and with his other hand, stretched the foreskin out. He pushed all four fingers inside his foreskin, and then he pushed at my thumb, which popped in also. I was about to faint. I had half my hand inside his foreskin, fingers stroking in a circle around his cockhead as he groaned and pushed against me. I was riveted, the sensation of my hand docking his cock (the first time I thanked my parents for giving me small hands) and playing with the handful of fat cockhead.

I stroked his cockhead as he continued to pull on his foreskin, until I decided to go a step further. His cock was almost 9 inches long by now I guessed, about half my forearm as I held his balls and enjoyed the heft of his meat. Standing now, my hand back inside his foreskin, I took my circumcised cock and pushed my cockhead inside his foreskin at the top, my fingers now stroking both of our head, when to my utter surprise, there was a huge rush in my groin. I bucked instantly, and before I knew it, my cock was gushing cum all over his cockhead inside his foreskin. Spurt after spurt filled his foreskin, which I used to jack off only his head as Gerry laughed, and pulled his foreskin out further over my hand as I shivered and bucked, still coming almost purely from the excitement. I NEVER cum that fast! My mind was just completely overloaded with his hefty fat body, fat cock, everything…

Gasping, I pulled my dripping cock out of his foreskin, and Gerry put his thick hands on my shoulders, and pushed me back to my knees. I knew what was going to happen – I told it to Gerry – but I was facing the moment. He put a hand on the back of my head, and pushed my mouth to his huge cock. Even 10″ long now, his foreskin still was over the head, and as I touched it with my lips, he pulled it back to release a gush of my own cum in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed it, and opening my mouth as wide as I could, took more and more of his meat into my mouth, feeling the pressure in my mouth cavity. My tongue was not going to roll around this cockhead, there was nothing subtle. Gerry continued to push as I valiantly tried to suck the meat, but finally the moment arrived when his cockhead was at my throat opening. He simply continued to push, bearing down hard on my head.

I was afraid of hurting him, but he popped my throat open without getting overly squeezed or scratched by my teeth, and simply pushed in one stroke all the way into my throat until my face was in the fat bush at the base of his meat. He had been leaning back in the bed, and as I was impaled on his cock, he now stood up, and holding his belly, teased me. He controlled my head completely fucking me down on his cock, but no belly until finally, face buried again to the hilt, he let his belly drop and smacked me right on the head. I was literally buried in him, mouth and throat stretched to the maximum as he slowly bent over and began fucking my face – hard! I finally reached and tapped his massive ass, I had to breathe! He let me slowly gasp and catch some breath, then promptly shoved my mouth back on his huge cock and continued now fucking me, holding my shoulders as he pounded my face, his balls banging into my throat, his belly on my face.

What can I say at this point, I was almost unconscious with excitement, completely overwhelmed and used by this fucker. Gerry began talking to me as he fucked my throat – “like that fat daddy dick muscleman? Like choking on it don’t you. Muscleman wants fat daddy to use him and fuck him senseless. Love that muscledaddy. Choke on my fucking cock now, feel my fat belly stud.” I was gasping and, indeed, gagging on his cock – thought I was trained! I had to stop jacking myself off because it was so exciting and I was so close to cumming. He continued with the onslaught, holding my head as he pummeled me – “you’re going to eat my cock until I force feed you a big load of protein fucker, you’re going to get it in your mouth and in your throat. Want that? Bet you do but can’t talk fucker.”

With that he had a few particularly hard jabs into my mouth, and I found that I was really completely at the mercy of this fat fucker. I gradually relaxed as he used my mouth and throat the way most guys would use a ‘fleshlight’, fucking me with a fury. He was definitely completely getting off on using a giant bodybuilder as a toy, one who was clearly turned on and frantic to have his big furry body – feel it, feel the fur, the big thick layers of flesh, and enjoy the masculinity surrounding him. We paused for a moment as I gasped, my throat zinging with the feeling of the cock that just pulled out, and we both laughed as I kind of opened and closed my mouth like a fish. “Fuck Gerry, I, I…” I croaked, just in awe of his huge thick body and fantastic fuck hose. His balls were still dangling, huge and fleshy, and I stroked them lovingly as I licked the sensitive tip of his cockhead.

He asked “ready?” and without waiting for a reply, pushed my head back on his beautifully responsive long cock, and I swallowed and sucked at the meaty head as he slid it back into my throat again. I wrapped my arms around his huge thighs, and held on as he fucked the hell out of my throat, and I felt him lean over and try to reach my cock to jack me off. He paused for a moment in an awkward position, then I felt him pull out of my throat again. I began to talk, but only kind of clicks or cracks came out, I had ruined my vocal cords – again! I took a swig of water, and Gerry said, “Need a break on that throat, come here big man!” and stood on the bed, a magnificent piece of daddy beef. I got on the bed to his direction, and he grabbed the headboard to balance, and slowly lowered his huge furry ass to my mouth.

For his size, he was agile, and he was able to squat and tickle his asshole on my mouth, where I struggled to reach my tongue out to lick and push into his hairy hole. He paused, and then slowly sat down and I knew what was coming. His asshole was only my lips, and my face was engulfed by his hairy asscheeks as he began jerking off – his balls banging on my forehead. He began a slow sleazy grind on my mouth, and since I couldn’t breathe he kept having to bob up so I could gasp. He took time to drop balls into my mouth occasionally, and I realized that in a moment, I would be coming from all this activity. I whispered “gonna cum fucker” to him, and he turned his thick bulky body around, and on his hands and knees lowered his cock back to my mouth, and in this position, slid it perfectly back in.

I bobbed my head, but it didn’t matter. He slid forward and started pistoning his cock all the way in, and out of my throat. At the same time he grabbed my cock with one hand, and as his belly flopped over my mouth and chest, he began sucking on my cock. He was an expert. I was shaking in no time as all the meat of my cockhead was lasciviously slurped and squeezed around his mouth, and he began deepthroating me as much as I was him. I was literally vibrating now and thrusting my hips up uncontrollably, I screamed (or tried to) and my cum began bubbling up through my own faucet straight into his mouth. He didn’t flinch or turn away, but redoubled his suck effort on me, burying my cock deep in his mouth, furry beard pressed to my groin, and suddenly I felt his own cock get steel hard in my mouth.

It was exciting, feeling him begin to thrust in short jerks, and then a tiny gush of cum. I was still groaning and thrusting my cock into his mouth as he continued sucking spurts out of me, when the next gush of cum came out of his cock which seemed to get even thicker and harder – I didn’t see how I could take my throat expanding any more. He then thrust violently hard into me, and gushing wave after wave of cum in my throat, he seized my cock with even more force, sucking harder until I couldn’t take it! I was thrashing under him, but I couldn’t get leverage – almost 300lbs of beef on top of me cock down my throat, and I realized I was going to lose it in a moment. I thrashed more and more weakly as I got tired and lost my breathing, until he slowly pulled his steel-like rod from my throat, letting a few more huge gushes of cum come out while I inhaled through my nose, frantic for air.

I swallowed the last of his bitter cum, my own cock almost numb from the sucking and stimulation, until we both rolled over on our sides, still in a 69, and Gerry rolled around to face me. If I thought he was a hot fucker, it was nothing compared to his cuddling – huge body wrapped around mine, holding and squeezing me. He continued to kiss me all over – from eyebrows and Adam’s apple to my bellybutton and licked and chewed my feet. I still could only whisper, no matter how much water I took. I laughed quite hard as we cuddled and I thought about my poor destroyed throat. Cuddling for a half hour, Gerry then begged to get away because he was due to meet friends for drinks. I winked and whispered “they will enjoy the ‘cum-eating’ grin on your face baby.”

He got me another glass of water, and was slightly worried about my voice. He then looked at me and began apologizing. I was completely nonplussed! “What about?” I whispered, and he looked so unhappy. He had not had great experiences talking to men like me – “Bodybuilders…” I interjected – and he almost thought I was making fun of him, even up to when we were naked. But I was not snide, or one-sided, but affectionate, comfortable, and genuinely turned on by him, and he felt he took out his aggressions too much. “Not at all!” I whispered, thinking about how he had destroyed my larynx, but in a nice way. He looked distinctly unhappy, and I went over, put my arms around him, gave him a big juicy kiss and tickled him until he had to grab my hands, laughing. “You only get one ‘oh poor me’ per meeting Gerry!” I said, kissing him again.

We hugged again, and I felt him relax in my arms and squeeze me like he’d never let me go. Wonderful. To this day, I’ve not had such a fat sexy fucker – not just thick and beautiful, but affectionate and thoughtful. What a dream catch. Gerry is still on my hotlist for visits to DC, and we’ve had many amazing times. And I have to admit – if I thought his cock was great to suck on, getting fucked was an entirely new mindblowing realm with the stretching he did while focusing so intensely on kissing and really making love. What a man!