About texbearjoe


texbearjoe began his notorious writing on usenet via soc.motss in the ‘80’s and evolved with internet through the subsequent decades with twists and turns on websites, blogs, published books, private and public social networks, and virtually every avenue possible for new media. He’s visible with photos and videos, and very chatty on bigmusclebears.com/texbearjoe as well as texbearjoe.tumblr.com, and you may contact him directly through this site, “texbearjoe at gmail.com” or through texbearjoe on the growlr app, and you can follow him @texbearjoe on twitter.

These stories are quite literally diaries of his experiences, though per disclaimer, names, places, and events may have been changed to protect the innocent (or the guilty). He is, indeed, co-incident and identical to the main protagonist in his writing, which perhaps gives them their unique flavor. One day, when you will least expect it, you will meet him in his travels.